Teen Titans

Season 2 Episode 1

How Long Is Forever?

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 10, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

A super-thief from the future named Warp travels back in time to steal a priceless antique. But when the Titans show up to stop him, the villain tries to escape. In a last-ditch effort to catch the crook, Starfire is pulled into his time vortex, and accidentally hurled 20 years into the future.moreless

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  • Crying

    This was such a serious and sentimental episode, I loved it! The portrayal of the titans' drifting apart was heartbreaking but well-handled. Starfire's resolve to unite them again and the ultimately uplifting ending were satisfying and had that perfect Teen Titans touch.
  • A good episode for Starfire

    PLOT: It starts off with Starfire wanting to celebrate a holiday of friendship from her planet, but the other titans aren't really in the mood. I felt a little sympathetic for Starfire when the fighting destroyed her necklaces. Robin explains to her that all roommates/friends fight occasionally, and that they'll never drift apart (which, as the episode progresses, turns out to be false). The Teen Titans are called to a robbery.

    A man from the future is trying to steal a priceless artifact, but is put on hold when the group tries to stop him. He defeats them with ease and opens a time portal to leave with the artifact, when Starfire goes after him into the future. Robin tries to stop her, but to no prevail.

    Starfire enters an altered future where the Tower is worn down and broken, supposedly vacant. She then discovers an old and useless Cyborg. He explains that the titans broke up after she disappeared, and that he's obsolete (thus he can't leave the Tower). Cyborg informs her where the others are, starting with Beast Boy (who's a circus performer, living in a cage). I'd lie if I said that Beast Boy's future life wasn't depressing. She tries to get him out of the cage, but he assures her that he never wants to come out.

    Starfire visits Raven (wait.. Didn't she destroy the world with Trigon in the future? What happened? Did the Titans splitting up effect her destiny?) to learn that she has lost her mind and demands for Starfire to leave.

    Starfire leaves, but is immediately attacked by Warp, the villain that sent her there in the first place. Warp is about to shoot Starfire when he's knocked down by a shady figure. It was pretty predictable that the man was Robin, by the way. He reveals that his name is now Nightwing and that he went solo after the Titans split. He reunites the rest of the team by sending out a message through the communicator.

    Starfire and Nightwing fight with Warp, and are soon joined by Beast Boy, Cyborg, and even Raven.

    Warp finishes his time-travelling device and proceeds to travel to his time period once again, but looses in a final struggle with Nightwing and is turned into an infant.

    The portal starts to close, but Cyborg finds a way to make it last a little longer, as Starfire says her good-byes to Nightwing. She returns to the present where they left off.

    She explains the whole story to her friends, then afterward engaging in the holiday of her people.

    Overall, a nice little episode with a few flaws here and there.moreless
  • Sad but good.

    The obligatory future episode is a good one, though it is tremendously downbeat, the sad piano music really hits you over the head. But I liked it, Starfire is the one who gets to see the future, which makes sense, probably only Beast Boy would be another possible contender, seeing as the future is everything but a happy one. Starfire, the naive, goodhearted character is a perfect choice. The Titans have broke up, without Starfire perhaps, maybe it was her good nature and cheerful personality who kept the group together?

    This is not an episode with silly, fun moments, only the opening goes for a few laughs, and some Beast Boy comments towards the end. But as we've seen again and again, Teen Titans can do seriousness and silliness perfectly. The villain, Warp wasn't very good, but it wasn't a villain of the week type episode, so that's fine. The action was top notch as usual. The only thing I didn't like was that it indulged itself in sentimentality a bit too much. And that piano music, good, but eventually it becomes a bit grating. The ending was sweet and I really liked it.

    "How Long is Forever" is a sad but good episode, that is a bit more serious than usual.moreless
  • Starfire is about to celebrate Blorthog,but her friends argue,ruining the day of friendship.Yet a new villian,Warp appears and sends Starfire 20 years in time.But the future is bleak:the Titans have split up.Can Starfire ever return?moreless

    I enjoyed this episode becaused it showed the future.Beast Boy became a sideshow freak{he was defeated a lot},Raven went insane{maybe she never caused doomsday?},Cyborg became rusty and Robin is Nightwing.But did Warp's interference cause the rotten future?He may have said history is set in stone,just like the clock of Eternity.But when Starfire came back with it,history was wrong!I think that because Starfire dissaperred,the Titans dissolved.Plus what does the Clock of Eternity even do?And couldn't Cyborg get a new battery?And how could the Titans defeat someone 80 years ahead?Perplexing.I also wonder what history may have changed thanks to Starfire reappearing.Will BeastBoy still be bald?moreless
  • It's Blorthog and the Titans are fighting. They soon battle Warp and Starfire travels 20 years into the future. She soon discovers that her friends have spilt up.

    The episode starts out with Starfire waking up and taking a lot of stuff and finally goes into the living room. She discovers Beast Boy and Cyborg fighting, Raven reading a book, and Robin listening to music. She tries to reunite them but they all keep fighting until Starfire tells what would happen to their friendship if they keep fighting. They soon get an alarm and they decide to go. Warp comes to a museum and steals the Clock of Eternity but the Titans come and stop him. They fight and Warp ends up getting the clock and Starfire flys and pushes Warp and herself into the blackhole. Starfire is still fighting Warp until she pulls off his technology, causing her to travel 20 years into the future. She discovers that is snow and finds the Tower destroyed. She goes through the Tower and finds robots. She destroys them and Cyborg comes in screaming. He cannot believe that she hasn't aged. He tells her about what happened to the Titans and she tries to find the other Titans. First she goes to a carnival and finds Beast Boy. He tells after the Titans spilt, he tried to go solo but he got his butt kicked a lot. Starfire then goes to the Tower and finds Raven in white room (Raven's cloak is also white). Starfire comes and Raven has lost her mind. Raven then blocks Starfire before she could put her hand on. Starfire walks through the city and she gets blasted by Warp and they start to battle. Warp comes up and tells her that her future could not be change but Nightwing (Robin) comes and saves Starfire. He takes her to a his lair and she tells him that the future could not be changed. Nightwing then convinces her that it could and the Titans get the call. They go to Warp and Nightwing and Starfire stop him. Before Warp could attack, a sonic cannon attacks Warp. Nightwing and Starfire turn around and find Cyborg. Beast Boy then comes and Raven throws Warp into the wall. They are reunited and Warp is about to travel to his future. Nightwing stops Warp, causing Warp to turn into baby. Cyborg stops the vortex and Starfire doesn't want to leave after what happened. Nightwing convinces her and she then travels back to her time. It shows the first battle with Warp and Starfire pushing him in. They show the Titans' reactions and Starfire comes back. She tells them what happened and they are shocked. Raven then asks Starfire to celebrate and Starfire is very happy. Starfire puts a necklace on Robin and he asks her "So, Nightwing, huh?" One of the best episodes in the series.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • Apparently, Cyborgs age faster than everyone else. Cyborg would have only been 30-something, but looks like he's 60.

    • Beast Boy's transformations: Frog, turtle, bear, lion, seal, pig, chicken, meerkat.

    • 20 years in the future, everyone has gotten either fatter or taller, though Raven stayed relatively unchanged.

    • Since Robin in the Teen Titans follows the same path as the Robin in Batman Gotham Knights, eventually becoming Nightwing in the future, Robin is actually Richard "Dick" Grayson (which is confirmed in #47 of Teen Titans Go).

    • The helmets on the guards frozen by Warp alternate appearances from the time where they are frozen to the shot of them twenty yearts later; the guards frozen by Warp clearly have full face helmets on, but in the future, the mouths of the frozen guards are visible through entirely different helmets.

    • Nightwing's lair has a display stand of old former costumes, just like the Batcave. In the establishing scene, we see grinding gears, just like in Slade's hideout.

    • After the future Teen Titans defeated Warp, why didn't any of them thaw out the policemen that were frozen in time? They were completely forgotten both by the present and future gang.

    • When Warp freezes the Jump City police, they are wearing the same helmets in "Divide and Conquer." When it shows Warp 20 years later attempting to fix his vortex regulator, the policemen are wearing different helmets.

    • Throughout the entire part of the episode where Starfire is in the future, Raven's eyes are always glowing, except after the scene where Starfire is asking if this was really their future.

    • Raven's age, accent, or size hasn't changed at all in this episode.

    • The cave where Nightwing takes Starfire looks almost exactly like Slade's old hideout from "Apprentice" pt. 1 and 2.

    • If Starfire wasn't in the past to help stop the end of the world ("The End (1)," "The End (2)," & "The End (3)"), there is a very high chance there wouldn't be a future to go to! Really, when you think about it, the powers they got from Raven would be most likely less powerful, and there would be a big difference in the way they'd have to do it.

    • Without his time machine, Warp gets older. Shouldn't he be getting younger, as he went BACK in time, not forward?

    • When Raven touches her beeper, her clothes are white. When she appears to fight Warp, her cloak is white, and her clothes are black.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Future Cyborg: I can tell you where to find BB and Raven.
      Starfire: And Robin?
      Future Cyborg: We lost touch a long time ago. If you're looking for him, you're on your own.

    • Future Raven: (Slowly, menacingly) Nobody hurts my friends!

    • Future Beast Boy: (To Starfire) Look, after the Titans broke up, I tried the whole solo-hero thing, but I got my butt kicked, a lot. So, now, well... I am in show-biz now...

    • Warp: Valuable in the past, priceless in the future!
      Robin: But for the present: keep your filthy hands off it!

    • Warp: You cannot defeat Warp! I am from the future!

    • Cyborg: (After he shoots Warp) Boo-ya! (Warp is unharmed) ...Huh?

    • Beast Boy: Well, Raven's not giving me back my nail clippers!
      Raven: How ELSE am I supposed to keep your toenails off the coffee table?

    • Starfire: In my world, Rekmas means "The Drifting," the point in which close friends begin to drift apart... and their friendship begins to die...
      Robin: We're not going to drift apart, Star. I promise. We'll all be friends forever.
      Starfire: Forever?

    • Future Beast Boy: (Looks at Nightwing's long hair) Dude, that is SO not fair.

    • Starfire: (To Warp) You have also become old.
      Warp: (Annoyed) That's what happens when someone steals my vortex regulator!

    • Cyborg: (Arguing with Beast Boy over the GameStation) Come on, Beast Boy! Gimme that thing!
      Beast Boy: DUDE! I'm in the middle of a game, Cyborg!
      Cyborg: Yeah, my game 'cause it's my turn!
      Beast Boy: Give me the controller!
      Cyborg: NO! Give it to me!
      Beast Boy: IT IS MY TURN!

    • Beast Boy: You mean I'm going to be bald?! (Tears some of his hair out)

    • Future Beast Boy: (Looks at a baby Warp crying) Okay, I am NOT changing any diapers.

    • Robin: So, Nightwing, huh?

    • Robin: (To Cyborg & Beast Boy) KNOCK IT OFF! I can't work with you two acting like idiots!
      Raven: Great, Robin. More yelling will definitely stop all the yelling.

    • Nightwing: It's good to see you again.
      Starfire: Robin?
      Nightwing: I haven't used that name in a long time, they call me Nightwing.

    • Future Cyborg: Yo! Who's up here blasting my - Star? (Drops his weapon) Starfire, I don't believe it. You - you haven't aged a day.
      Starfire: Cyborg, what has happened? Why are you -
      Future Cyborg: Old? Well, that's what happens to folks when they go away for 20 years.

    • Cyborg: (To Beast Boy) You're gonna pay for that you little grass stain!!!

    • Raven: So, is it too late for this festival of friendship thing?

    • Cyborg: HAPPY BLORTHOG!
      Beast Boy: I thought it was Blort-hog.
      Raven: (Getting blown by Cyborg's shouting) I feel like a wind chime.

    • Starfire: Raven? Raven, it is I, Starfire, your friend!
      Future Raven: (Slowly) No such thing.
      Starfire: Please, Raven, I -
      Future Raven: Just another figment. Don't even look.
      Starfire: You must listen! I am here because I'm -
      Future Raven: I'm never coming back! Go away! (Moves away from Starfire) It has to go away. Just like before. Just like all the others.
      Starfire: Your mind... without friends you must've - (Starfire tries to touch her, but Raven blocks it)

    • Future Beast Boy: Wait... these bars aren't to keep me in, they're to keep those maniacs out!

    • Raven: Robin? Could the music be any louder? I can still hear myself think.

    • Starfire: (Holding the Clock of Eternity) History said it disappeared... but history was WRONG.

  • NOTES (19)