Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Nov 05, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

While in the Arctic Circle, the Titans once again take on Dr. Light. And when an accident sends the Titans through the ice, they discover a new exotic Underworld - and two new superheroes, Kole and her caveman sidekick, Gnarrk. Unfortunately, Dr. Light has plans for Kole.moreless

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  • Dr. Light, Dinosaurs, a Caveman and a girl who can turn into crystal. Sounds good? Well, it's actually pretty dull.

    This was a pretty boring episode. The Titans fall through the ice at the arctic circle along with Dr. Light. There they meet up with a girl named Kole, who can turn herself into crystal and a caveman called Gnarrk. The dinosaurs only appear near the beginning, and then don't show up again for the rest of the episode. Kole, I wanted to know more about her, I don't read the comics, so I needed more information, why is she down there? How did she get her powers? Until the very end, it doesn't even seem she can move while in her crystal state. For the majority she just turns into a petrified stick for Gnarrk to hit dinosaurs with. Come on.

    The comedy elements didn't really work. Beast Boy wasn't funny once, the moment where Cyborg's mouth turns into an elephant snout, it was just weird, not in a good way. The Titans don't do much here either. Dr. Light was fun, but some of the light puns where just bad. The action is dull, the final battle was marginally decent, nothing more. I didn't really like this episode, there's nothing majorly wrong with it, it's just boring and uninteresting. I liked Kole, but I wanted more information about her.moreless
  • The Titans meet up with Kole, and her caveman sidekick Gnarkk, and they attempt to take down the menacing Dr. Light.

    This episode is I'd say one of my absolute favorite episodes of Teen Titans. Kole is a very cool character, and this episode is very decent. Kole is actually kind of cute, too. The fact the live down beneath the ice in an "underworld" where dinosaurs still exist is pretty cool, especially when they have Jurassic Park references in this episode. You get to see our everyday Titans recruit a few new allies to the Titan roster, also, we see Dr. Light put up a bigger fight than usual, which I guess is good for him. But for the record, this episode is actually probably one of the best in Season 5.moreless
  • Had its share of plotholes

    It was good introducing two new characters to the series, but like the above says it did have plotholes.

    One of the biggest plotholes was the fact that Raven seemed to totally neglect her powers.

    In Nevermore and Birthmark, she brought Dr. Light to her knees when she turned into that giant evil thing with tentacles coming out of her cloak. In this episode, she didn't even bother trying that.

    When the Titans got stuck in the quicksand, she couldn't use her powers to get her friends out and got stuck herself.

    It's possible that the death of Trigon may have caused her to lose some of her power because she really didn't shine much in this last season. And BB/Rae-rae never got together in this series either.

    If this new series coming up is based on the comix, I want it to have references to #30. THE MORGUE SCENE. Appologize if a straight dude like me is getting off topic, but I'm just a little over myself. Anyway I give this episode a 6.9/10moreless
  • Kole was cool but was not very creative.

    This episode is about the Titans finding a place underground that is like the prehistoric times. There they meet a girl called Kole and her friend (who is like a caveman). Dr light, the villain in this episode, tries to capture Kole and use her powers to harness energy for himself.

    I thought that Kole was a very cool and intresting character, i liked her powers. Her friend, the caveman guy, just annoyed me and i didnt really like him.

    This episode lacked creativity and i did not find it exciting at times. However it still is a cool episode that you should watch but dont expect a lot.moreless
  • After an awesome episode before, we get another good one.

    Summary: While in the Arctic Circle, the Titans once again take on Dr. Light. And when an accident sends the Titans through the ice, they discover a new exotic Underworld - and two new superheroes, Kole and her caveman sidekick, Gnarrk. Unfortunately, Dr. Light has plans for Kole.

    Final Thoughts: Wow. Loved this episode. It had humor, friendship, action and all you can ever want in a Teen Titans episode. Kole and Gnarrk are definitely an addition to one of my favorite superhero's list. They have great teamwork. And Gnarrk uses Kole as a sword! Holy crap! I thought that was awesome!

    Excellent animations. And the music. WOW. Music is always a few of the best things in shows. And the music in this episode fit every scene. This is definitely a must-see episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • When the Brotherhood of Evil detect Kole speaking on the transmitter, her location shown on the map is just north of the Caspian Sea. That spot is too far south to have the Arctic landscape and Northern Lights featuring so prominently.

    • When Gnarrk finally frees Kole, the spanner he is holding is much larger than it was previously.

    • When Dr. Light monologues at the start of the episode, Robin responds to him right after the Titans arrive. How could he have heard what Dr. Light was saying if the team was miles away from him?

    • Dr. Light's suit resembles that of Batman Beyond villain Shriek, who used sound rather than light as a weapon.

    • After his suit's powers are amplified by the Northern Lights and he is able to hold his own against the Titans, Dr. Light is so confident that he'll win, he proclaims that "At long last, I will finally deafeat the Teen Titans." Light has every reason to say this, he first battled and was defeated by the Titans in episode 6: "Nevermore," and since then he hasn't gotten any closer to being able to beat them, unlike other villains like say, Slade or even Mumbo. Battles with villains like those two usually take the most part of an episode, whereas battles with him only last a few seconds or so and are usually ended abruptly by Raven. The point is that even though he appeared fifty-two episodes ago, he has battled the Teen Titans on a least three occasions, and has constantly upgraded his suit, he hasn't gotten any closer to beating them until this episode.

    • When they all first meet Gnarrk and Kole, and Kole says something about dinner, Starfire looks abnormally skinny for herself.

      Raven seemed to have forgotten how to use her powers in this episode. When Dr. Light puts up the wall of light or whatever, she could have easily taken them through it. Starfire and her could have taken them above it, for that matter. Also, when they all fall inot the tarpit, why doesn't Raven just pull them out with telekinesis? She lets herself be dragged in. She also could have pulled the things that held Kole in place away with telekinesis.

      At first Gnarrk couldn't move the things holding Kole and needed the wrench. He starts to open one, then loses the wrench. He is then able to pull away all three -- even the two he hadn't loosened up yet.

    • When Cyborg had talked to Gnarrk, he repaired himself and tightened a bolt counter-clockwise instead of clockwise.

    • When the ice cracks, why doesn't Starfire simply fly rather than bounce/fall down with the rest of the Titans? For that matter, why didn't Raven or Beast Boy? And why did Beast Boy turn himself into a penguin? Penguins can't fly.

    • When the Titans get out of the water that they fall in when they go through the ice and throw the snow clothes into a pile, Beast Boy's gloves are in the pile of clothes, yet he is still wearing them.

    • When Kole got captured, she went from normal to a crystal to normal again.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Kole: So, what brings you down here?
      Beast Boy: Uh, gravity!

    • Beast Boy: That was close.
      (Ice cracks beneath them)
      Raven: You had to say something.

    • Cyborg: I can't believe a little girl like you is so tough.
      Kole: What, you think only big guys can be strong?
      (Raven & Starfire glare)
      Starfire: Well?
      Cyborg: Uh, no.

    • Kole: We can help, but do you have time for dinner first? Just picked a lovely bunch of cocopolinos.
      Cyborg: (To his stomach, which is growling) The girl said "dinner."
      Starfire: It would be rude of us not to partake in the bounty of this land.
      Beast Boy: As long as it's vegetarian, I'm in!

    • Kole: Starfire, shoot me.
      Starfire: What?
      Kole: I need you to shoot your starbolts through me.
      Starfire: I do not wish to hurt you.
      Kole: You couldn't if you tried.

    • Cyborg: (After being saved from the tar pit) Aw, man, I got goo in my gears.

    • (After Beast Boy talked to the dinosaurs)
      Robin: What did they say?
      Beast Boy: Well, they want to eat us.

    • Starfire: (About the dinosaurs) Beast Boy, perhaps you can communicate with them.
      Beast Boy: (To dinosaurs) Uh, nice dinos?
      (Dinosaurs growl)
      Raven: Hey, genius, I think she means try it in their language.

    • Robin: Your machine can't take any more.
      Dr. Light: Illuminating theory, but I have the definite advantage.
      (Machine begins to shut down)
      Dr. Light: Or not.

    • Raven: Dr. Light, why do you even keep trying?

    • Dr. Light: Soon, I'll have all the power of the Northern Lights at my fingertips. And up here at the Arctic Circle, no one will ever come to stop me.
      Robin: Wanna bet?

    • Kole: For a supervillain, you're kind of a weakling, huh?
      Dr. Light: Yeah, well, for a little girl, you sure are heavy.

    • Kole: Sorry, Gnarkk isn't very good with people from the upper world.
      Beast Boy: Neither is Raven.
      (Raven glares at Beast Boy, eyes glowing; Beast Boy laughs weakly)

    • (After the Titans defeat Dr. Light)
      Raven: You're a sad little man, aren't you?
      Dr. Light: Uh-huh. (Cries and whimpers)

    • Beast Boy: Looks like we've got an eating contest. My money's on Cyborg.
      (Other Titans stare at him)
      Beast Boy: Well, if I had any money, it would be.
      (After the contest ends)
      Beast Boy: Dudes and dudettes, the new underworld eating champ! (Raises Cyborg's hand)

    • Beast Boy: (About Dr. Light) Don't we normally beat his butt by now?

  • NOTES (21)


    • When the Titans land among the dinosaurs, Cyborg checks his chronometer and that they are "not in the Stone Age". The Stone Age is relatively recent, starting 2.5 million years ago, whereas the dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago. No dinosaurs lived in the Stone Age.

    • Animation: Jurassic Park
      When Beast Boy turns into a T-Rex, while fighting the raptors and the raptors jump on him.

    • Dr. Light's Stealth: Predator...
      The stealth ability that Dr. Light had is the same as Predator's stealth in the Predator movies.