Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Nov 05, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Dr. Light, Dinosaurs, a Caveman and a girl who can turn into crystal. Sounds good? Well, it's actually pretty dull.

    This was a pretty boring episode. The Titans fall through the ice at the arctic circle along with Dr. Light. There they meet up with a girl named Kole, who can turn herself into crystal and a caveman called Gnarrk. The dinosaurs only appear near the beginning, and then don't show up again for the rest of the episode. Kole, I wanted to know more about her, I don't read the comics, so I needed more information, why is she down there? How did she get her powers? Until the very end, it doesn't even seem she can move while in her crystal state. For the majority she just turns into a petrified stick for Gnarrk to hit dinosaurs with. Come on.

    The comedy elements didn't really work. Beast Boy wasn't funny once, the moment where Cyborg's mouth turns into an elephant snout, it was just weird, not in a good way. The Titans don't do much here either. Dr. Light was fun, but some of the light puns where just bad. The action is dull, the final battle was marginally decent, nothing more. I didn't really like this episode, there's nothing majorly wrong with it, it's just boring and uninteresting. I liked Kole, but I wanted more information about her.
  • The Titans meet up with Kole, and her caveman sidekick Gnarkk, and they attempt to take down the menacing Dr. Light.

    This episode is I'd say one of my absolute favorite episodes of Teen Titans. Kole is a very cool character, and this episode is very decent. Kole is actually kind of cute, too. The fact the live down beneath the ice in an "underworld" where dinosaurs still exist is pretty cool, especially when they have Jurassic Park references in this episode. You get to see our everyday Titans recruit a few new allies to the Titan roster, also, we see Dr. Light put up a bigger fight than usual, which I guess is good for him. But for the record, this episode is actually probably one of the best in Season 5.
  • Had its share of plotholes

    It was good introducing two new characters to the series, but like the above says it did have plotholes.

    One of the biggest plotholes was the fact that Raven seemed to totally neglect her powers.

    In Nevermore and Birthmark, she brought Dr. Light to her knees when she turned into that giant evil thing with tentacles coming out of her cloak. In this episode, she didn't even bother trying that.

    When the Titans got stuck in the quicksand, she couldn't use her powers to get her friends out and got stuck herself.

    It's possible that the death of Trigon may have caused her to lose some of her power because she really didn't shine much in this last season. And BB/Rae-rae never got together in this series either.

    If this new series coming up is based on the comix, I want it to have references to #30. THE MORGUE SCENE. Appologize if a straight dude like me is getting off topic, but I'm just a little over myself. Anyway I give this episode a 6.9/10
  • Kole was cool but was not very creative.

    This episode is about the Titans finding a place underground that is like the prehistoric times. There they meet a girl called Kole and her friend (who is like a caveman). Dr light, the villain in this episode, tries to capture Kole and use her powers to harness energy for himself.

    I thought that Kole was a very cool and intresting character, i liked her powers. Her friend, the caveman guy, just annoyed me and i didnt really like him.

    This episode lacked creativity and i did not find it exciting at times. However it still is a cool episode that you should watch but dont expect a lot.
  • After an awesome episode before, we get another good one.

    Summary: While in the Arctic Circle, the Titans once again take on Dr. Light. And when an accident sends the Titans through the ice, they discover a new exotic Underworld - and two new superheroes, Kole and her caveman sidekick, Gnarrk. Unfortunately, Dr. Light has plans for Kole.

    Final Thoughts: Wow. Loved this episode. It had humor, friendship, action and all you can ever want in a Teen Titans episode. Kole and Gnarrk are definitely an addition to one of my favorite superhero's list. They have great teamwork. And Gnarrk uses Kole as a sword! Holy crap! I thought that was awesome!

    Excellent animations. And the music. WOW. Music is always a few of the best things in shows. And the music in this episode fit every scene. This is definitely a must-see episode.
  • Ahh the infamous Dr. Light....

    It was not a great episode for the TT but a good one (I suppose) for the main villain - Dr. Light.

    Anybody thats reading the DC comics nowadays will know what kind of villain Dr. Light is (now) and seeing him portrayed as a goofy idiot is, I sort of understand how he could've been in the comics before being one of the main hitter in the DCU.

    Raven: You are sad little man.

    Very funny line. If only they knew. :)

    Plus point is that his coustume look better than the comics version.

    This episode is also like another reference to Savage Land from Marvel. (Why are there episodes that are similar to the Marvel U?)

  • Land of the Lost??? Oh no!!! But wait it's not a bad episode.

    Land of the Lost??? Oh no!!! But wait it's not a bad episode.

    When I first saw they found a dinosaur filled jungle in the ice I was immediately turned off. This has been done so many times before and often done poorly. Typically the residence of such a location are too abstract and vague to be interesting.

    Still the battles with Dr. Light and the introduction of a very original super hero (not the cave man) really save this episode.

    It was fun to see how Kole's power worked and the dynamic needed to make it useful (she generally needs someone else). This isn't your stereotype hero girl.

    I'm glad this episode wasn't "Land of the Lost" as much as the villain and the new character

    Edit for Clarification: What's original about Kole?

    Indestructibility and Turning into some non-organic material has been done before, [b]but[/b] add the fact that Kole can't move when she is crystal. What other super hero can't move? This makes combat very original compared to your standard super powers.
  • Two New titans, Dr. Light, and an underground City. Interesting, No?

    Why many I am sure say that this episode was pathetic, I kindly disagree. Many people I believe are looking at these SINGLE episodes and hating them, such as "The WORLDS FINEST" website. I think that the writers of teen titans have a larger picture in mind and they are DEFINTIELY going to give us a reason for inroducing almost 12 new characters. This season is about hunting the titans down. In a few episodes we will see this and go back to watching these episodes and thinking things like, "I totally forgot about that", (Cough Cough...Red Star dying). We will have to wait and see but I am sure that all will be explained soon. Oh yeah this episode was really something
  • A great way to waste thirty minutes of you life.

    Kole is one of the dullest episodes of the series, second only to Deep Six. The whole time I was scratching my head, wondering why I hadn't changed the channel.

    A lot of the story was pretty generic. The Titans and Dr. Light fall through a cavern, after a pretty decent battle. They land in a land that is prehistoric. They meet up with Kole and Gnark. Kole is friendly with them, but Gnark is pretty freaked out by them (partically Cyborg). Gnark get's jealous of how friend Kole is with the titans so he runs away. Kole follows and get's kidnapped by Dr. Light (becuase of her crystal powers). Gnark and Titans team up and save Kole. Happily ever after the end (except for the BoE part at the end).

    Gnark and Kole were pretty boring characters. Gnark is a caveman who's creeped out by technology. You'd think it would lead to an interesting story with Cyborg but it only half way does. Kole get's friendly with the Titans, and Gnark get's jealous, thinking Kole will go back to the top world with them. Kole was pretty dull. There wasn't much emotion in her character.

    As stated before, Dr. Light returns in this episode. This time however, he's the main villian. Up til now, his only major appearances were in the beginning of Nevermore and Birthmark. He does show some good display of powers, but he lacks the originality that makes a fantastic villian.

    I really did not like this episode. The whole point for the episode was just to point out that Gnark and Kole will be some of the heros to fall.
  • While not terrible, this episode was just off.

    The team of Kole and Gnnark were enjoyable, but many of the elements that make Teen Titans feel like Teen Titans were askew.

    For the most part, Teen Titans features outstanding voice characterizations from the cast, even in the weaker episodes. This episode seemed flat for most of it's length. During this episode I couldn't help but also notice that the art, animation and direction didn't seem to be nearly as crisp and dynamic as usual. Looking at the strangely heavy, rough looking art and bland frame compositions, I was wondering at first if this wasn't some kind of 'lost episode' from before the first season, but the bit at the end revealed that to not be the case. Also, the dialogue seemed forced, although it could be that because it wasn't delivered with the same pace as usual and wasn't accompanied by the same excellent animation, an average quality script seemed to be more flawed than it actually was.

    I did get one huge laugh out of Beast Boy. When the team is trapped in a tar pit, Beast Boy keeps transforming in an attempt to find a form that will let him pull free. If memory serves, he tried at least three forms known to have been found, dead needless to say, in tar pits: sabretooth tiger, giant sloth and mammoth.

    For the most part, the worst Teen Titans is better than the best of most animated programs on the air, but I'm hoping this was just a one time misstep since it was clearly weaker than any other episode I can think of.
  • It\'s been done.

    In Justice League Unlimited, they\'ve already went to a lost world under the artic circle and met people and dinos there. It\'s called \"Chaos at the Earth\'s Core.\" Or something pretty close to that. Look under Season 5. Both episodes have someone who came from the surface and decided to stay at the end of the episodes.
  • The Titans find an underworld ful of mystery. Oooooo....

    Dr. Light is trying to take energy form the northern lights and use it as a weapon. While firghting hm, the Titans fll through the ice into a strange prehistoric world below. Here they find cute little Kole and her friend Gnarrk. After Kole is kidnapped by Dr. Light, the Titans and Gnarrk go looking for her. Dr. Light is of course deafeated in the end and Kole is rescued. There were many funny lines by Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy throughout the eopisode, but the added "Brotherhood of Evil" part in the end really made me mad, bringing the rating of this episode from and 8.5 to just an 8. (In case you didnt know, I despise this whole "Brotherhood of evil" plot. I like the Slade and Tirgon one wayyyyy better. All in all though, a great episode.

  • Wonderful episode, it really seemed to give Dr. Light that extra ego boost he needed.

    Once again, the appearance of Dr. Light. I would have to say that next to Control Freak he is my favorite worst villain. Though his powers were intensified with the northern lights he couldn't outmatch the Titans nor Gnarrk and Kole. This episode was full of small but funny jokes that I couldn't seem to go for two minutes without laughing or smiling. Though it would not be one of my favorite episodes it was a full of humor that the season was beginning to need. One of my favorite parts was the quote by Raven in the end regarding Dr. Light being a sad, little man. That was sure to get laughs from everyone watching. All around it was a wonderful episode that I am looking forward to seeing again.
  • This episode could've been better.

    "Kole" reveals two new heroes - Gnarrk and Kole. Gnarrk is a caveman who only speaks his name numerous times in order to communicate. For some reason, Kole understands him, like Mac understanding CoCo in "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends." Albeit I think that this is unusually silly, at least Kole can talk tactics to her big partner. Kole has the ability to turn into a crystal-like material that can withstand even a velociraptor's most powerful bite. I think her power is really important because it can magnify the energy of beams, such as Starfire's balls of green energy. Whenever they have a big villian to knock down, Star can shoot her rays at Kole and wham, the villian gets knocked unconscious.

    I have a hunch, though, that horny guys who watch the show will draw random hentai that revolves around Kole. Since she's the newest babe to appear on the show, she's gonna get pictures portraying herself getting raped in the ass. She's gonna be the next queen of Teen Titans hentai, I tell ya! What? I'm no fan of hentai, but I'm having thoughts that she will end up in it.

    Anyways, "Kole" is a good episode that needs a bit of improvement in its script, as well as some inside information on how Kole and Gnarrk met eachother. But I'm having a hunch that all that will be cleared up in future episodes, but damnit, I wanna know now! Whatever, at the end of the episode we see the Brotherhood of Evil and the widescreen monitor behind them showing the whole world, with a red dot indicating the current location of Kole and Gnarrk. This looks like trouble...

    The environment in this episode is somewhat the same as "Snowblind", only that it also features a jungle-like setting with dinosaurs, waterfalls, and such in the underground. Speaking of dinos, where the hell in this episode explains about the dinosaurs and where did they came from? Looks like I have yet another question left unanswered in this episode.

    The action in "Kole" is okay. Dr. Light's moves are visually astounding. But I can't help to notice that the camera doesn't move like it does in the show's "The End" chapters. Camera movements like that really polishes the action.

    "Kole" lacks explanation of various things in its script, but visually it's a good episode with a decent story and, it's scientifically educational. We've learned that light rays can be magnified into much more powerful beams by crystals, glass, and other substances that have a transparent structure. Whatever way you see it, "Kole" has what it needs to become a good addition of the season.
  • I loved this episode. Best one yet next to for real.

    Loved this episode. It is an awsome and funny eppisode. I liked it when B.B. was trying to comunicate to the dinosours. It was so funny. And when Raven asked for the results, B.B. sayed there going to eat us. And then Kole and Gnark saves them. It was also really funny when cyborg was always pronouncing Gnarks name wrong too. And the part when Kole says that Dr. Light is pathetic and Dr. light says shes heavy. Loved it Loved it Loved it. And also the BOTE(brother hood of evil) was shown. Very good episode. Plenty of Comedy and Action is just how I like my Teen Titans episodes. Thats why I became a T.T. finatic. When WB showed that little sneak peak in 2002 I was like whoah I have to see this show.
  • This episode is awesome

    I think Kole is cool and Gnanak too. I think Kole\'s power is cool. I can\'t believe the Brother Hood of Evil is spying on them. That\'s just malevalent. I\'ve also made a lot of posts on this episode and my sis thinks is cool. I really like this season!
  • I missed "Snowblind", but I saw this one. Finally, some Teen Titans action to the X-Treme! (spoilers). Please read.(unless you don't want to be spoiled.)

    Well, a 9.2 is a good rating for this. Dr. Light finally was a pretty good threat to the Titans here instead of lame. Okay, I'll summarize it:
    The Titans are fighting DL(which 'll be Dr. Light's abbreviation) and his new machine, when they all fall through the ice into an underworld. They meet Kole and Gnarrk, a caveman and a super-powered girl, who save them from dinosaurs. They(K and G) take the Titans and give them food. Meanwhile, DL sets his sights on Kole and her powers. Cyborg and Gnarrk have an eating contest, and Cyborg wins. Gnarrk runs off and Kole goes to get him. DL grabs Kole (although they put up a good fight.) and takes her to the upper world. DL leaves a mirror force to keep Gnarrk and the Titans from reaching him. He uses Kole to power his machine, and begins to wreak havoc with his suit and machine. The Titans get to the upper world to stop him, but the Titans get whooped by DL. Gnarrk is the one, in the end, who stops DL's machine and frees Kole, and Kole and Starfire defeat DL. The Titans give them a Titans communicator and trap DL in dark energy.(courtesy of Raven.) The Brotherhood of Evil hear and locate Kole, which may be in a new episode. Done.

    This was a Superb episode, IMO, though still not a 10. Some things were out of character and some characters acted weird. I didn't like that Cyborg was wearing a coat and looking stupid. They should at least show his face! But, overall, some great action and quotes. Quotes like:
    Kole: You know, for a villain, you're kinda weak.
    DL: You know, for a little girl, you sure are heavy!

    I don't wanna spoil it all, so watch for yourself and decide about the episode. If anyone knows when "Snowblind" airs again, PM me, okay? Please?.

    Well, this episode focuses on the Titans, a big plus. That is all.
    It isn't the best review, so don't get snippy.
  • While the titans are in the Artic circle they meet Dr Light and get in battle and end up meeting caveman Gnarrk and Kole

    This episode was okay. It wasn't as great as the previous one with Red Star but it was better than other eps. We got to see the titans winter gear again which was cool to see. Gnarrk was a cool new character and Kole i felt was kinda lame. She didn't really have an excellent power like the rest of the titans (including honorary members).
    Dr light was cool in this ep but the only point of him being there was so they had a way of them meeting KOle and Gnarrk. Otherwise this ep was average and they could have done better.
  • In the Artic, The Teen Titans find a De-Frozen Cave Man with A fear of Technology and A modern girl with the power to change to crystials either at Will or in Defence. But, With Dr. Light Hangfing around the corner, will the usual simple butt kicking do?

    Season after season, the show has changed it's focus slightly. It has become more srious (with the end of the world), more emotional (with Starfire/Robin and Terra/Beast Boy), and More Personal (with Cyborg and Robin); But, this episode for me was like watching the First Season....with the focus on comedy and Action.

    Good Job.
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