Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Dec 03, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Wonderful Episode!

    One of my favorites. Kid Flash and Jinx are a great couple. I'm glad he helped Jinx see the light. It was funny how the main titans didn't appear and how the Hive Five interrupted the theme song. KF eating so much was hilarious too. Jinx and See-mure would have been great, as it was pretty obvious he liked Jinx. Madame Rogue continues to be an annoying wench. In the end she got her can kicked along with all the other evils.

    Gizmo continues to be awesome! To bad he was frozen. Kid Flash's powers are great. The graphics made it look awesome!

    Overall, a great episode that stars a new path for Jinx.
  • Kid Flash and Jinx? Interesting.

    This was one of the best episodes. This season is pretty hit and miss, it has some amazing episodes such as this and "Hide and Seek", and there are mediocre ones such as "Trust" and "Kole", then there are the truly awful ones such as "Things Change" and "Go!". Okay about that last one, I know I'm in the minority. Anyway, this is a fantastic episode, I loved it. The regular Titans are nowhere to be seen, even the intro is hijacked by the H.I.V.E. Five. Jinx is one of my favorite villains on the show, and she is actually the focus here, not Kid Flash, that's just terrific. But Kid Flash gets plenty of screentime and gets to show off his skills in a couple of abslutely amazing action scenes, both in the museum and the fight with Madame Rouge.

    This episode kind of sets up a potential romance between Kid Flash and Jinx, which is really interesting, look the Starfire/Robin relationship is a bit dull since we know it's going to happen and it's so heavy handed. This episode was brilliantly written, Rob Hoegee, excellent job, I almost forgive you for "Transformation". One distracting element was that that SeeMore apparently also has feelings for Jinx. Why throw that in here? Still, this is a most entertaining, awesome episode and this and "Hide and Seek" really both stand out as truly excellent episodes that are among the best in the series. I know certain websites have slammed this season, almost wishng it was never made. Well, with episodes like these, I can gladly endure the lousy ones.
  • 8D

    My favorite episode *u*
    eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee eeee ( Yes, without anything else to write here e.e )
  • There is a very fine line between exploring darker themes in a kids' show with sensitivity, and simply using those themes to preach at the audience.

    There is a very fine line between exploring darker themes in a kids' show with sensitivity, and simply using those themes to preach at the audience. "Lightspeed" is one of the best examples I can think of, because it takes a relatively stale idea - the redemption of a villain - gives it a twist, avoids all the potential pitfalls, and executes it flawlessly. The episode is a break from form for "Teen Titans," featuring none of the regular cast, but it clearly takes place during the fifth season. Front and center are the Hive Five, a gang of junior baddies who have been featured as antagonists in earlier episodes. We see them happily wreaking havoc in the city while the Titans are away. Unfortunately for the Hive kids, a new hero in town is set on spoiling their fun: Kid Flash (Michael Rosenbaum). However, the gang's leader, Jinx (Lauren Tom), sees the arrival of the speedster as the perfect opportunity to prove herself to the big dogs - the Brotherhood of Evil.

    The story turns on Jinx, who Kid Flash rightly pegs as too smart for the rest of the Hive Five. She had been featured before as a two-dimensional bad-girl, with only hints of depth, filling out the Hive Five's numbers as the only female member. In "Lightspeed," Jinx is fully fleshed out, portrayed as the only member of her team who wants to move on to bigger things, and who is constantly exasperated with the juvenile antics of teammates Mammoth, Gizmo, Billy Numerous, Kyd Wykkyd, and See-More. There are no pains taken to hide that she really is a villain, who steals without a qualm and enjoys making her enemies squirm. Capable, smart, and showing off plenty of attitude, she understands right away that Kid Flash wants to redeem her - and uses that to her advantage.

    As for Kid Flash, this is his introduction to the "Teen Titans" universe, and he's a great addition. Like his counterpart in "Justice League," Kid Flash is a lot of fun to watch, because he has a cocky, playful personality and uses his powers to literally run circles around the Hive Five (who he's quick to point out actually has six members). He also uses that speed to tease and flirt with Jinx, but he does the most damage by simply talking to her, and trying to appeal to her better nature. We get the idea that Jinx hasn't had anyone really talk to her on her own level in a long time. And in the end, he does get her to admit to herself that she's only being a bad girl because she thinks it's the only path available to someone whose powers are "bad luck."

    However, the decision belongs to Jinx. The rest of the story is spent disabusing her of the notion that The Brotherhood of Evil is really as admirable as she thinks it is. After the Hive Five manages to catch Kid Flash, Jinx summons The Brotherhood's imposing Madame Rouge, who she has long idolized. However, Rouge turns out to be both powerful and arrogant. She's alternately dismissive and abusive of Jinx, belittles her admiration, and refuses to recognize her efforts. The rest of the Hive Five are intimidated by Rouge, but Jinx doesn't take this lying down. At the end of the episode, she lets Kid Flash escape, shows Madame Rouge that her power is nothing to be trifled with, and walks away by herself, future unclear.

    The writing is very smart, making the situation so personal to the characters, and keeping the plot exciting. There are fight scenes and jokes and snazzy visuals galore, but they're all made to serve the story rather than the other way around. There's a little light romance, to add some extra kick to Jinx and Kid Flash's banter. And most importantly, it doesn't push its resolution. Jinx is not going to become one of the "good guys" right away, but she's clearly on the right path. We're shown her motivations and her circumstances, which help to make the decision feel genuine and unforced. During her arguments with Kid Flash, she's quick to point out all the bad consequences that would result from leaving the Hive Five, and is alone at the end of the story, despite the blatant hints of impending romance. Compare "Lightspeed" to "X-men Evolution," a similar teens with superpowers show that also had a female character come over to the good side. Rogue's change of heart in "Turn of the Rogue" also takes place in the space of a single episode, but happens very quickly and without the benefit of much contemplation. She's welcomed with open arms by the "good guys" at the end of the story, and there's no reaction at all from her former "bad guy" teammates in subsequent episodes. The choice feels very arbitrary and lacks meaning, but happens because the story needs it to happen. Throughout "Evolution," there is often very little difference in the behavior of the bad and good kids, and no one ever explains, the way Kid Flash does, why being on one side is preferrable to the other.

    "Lightspeed" turned out to be a great little animated drama, with a good balance of fun and serious material. The storyline also had a coda in the climax of the season, "Titans Together." When Kid Flash shows up at the final battle with the Brotherhood of Evil, he apologizes for being late because he had to go pick up a friend - who's ready to show she's got more attitude than ever.
  • It seems that Kid Flash likes to gett his butt kicked by Jinx in this episode.

    This episode is DEFINITELY one of the best episodes of Teen Titans for two reasons: 1) Jinx is the BEST and she deserves to be the main character for once. 2)Jinx finally turns good, which means she won't get her butt kicked anymore!!! Jinx is the best! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is! Yes she is!
  • A lightning-fast hero spoils the six members’ of the Hive Five city-wide crime spree.

    A lightning-fast hero spoils the six members’ of the Hive Five city-wide crime spree. The fastest boy alive comes to save the day in “Lightspeed”. Though this season has had its share of hits and misses, “Lightspeed” stands out as one of the season’s best. The opening sequence was a nice surprise. The Hive Five are a very comical group of young villains. Besides Jinx, the rest of the team is more interested in stealing and having fun than trying to impress the Brotherhood of Evil. The episode does effectively spotlight Kid Flash and his super abilities. Kid Flash easily gets the best of the Hive Five. There are some touching moments between Kid Flash and Jinx. The fight between Kid Flash and Madame Rouge was pretty cool. Michael Rosembaum (Smallville) has done a marvelous job with the Flash in “Justice League” and is equally entertaining in this episode. There is plenty of humor and action. The ending was quite pleasing and sweet.
  • My favorite episode

    The Flash has been my favorite character ever since I started getting into comics and its no surprise that this episode is my favorite. Kid Flash makes his stellar debut on Teen Titans and quickly makes work with the Hive Five' six members. His quick wit, speed powers, and optomistic personality made this episode a personal favorite.
  • Kid Flash is awesome!

    This episode is one of the best i've seen and it was so exciting. Kid flash is intoduced in this episode, and in case you dont know, his powers is super speed but he is weak.
    After watching this, Jinx is now a favourite charcater of mine, she was cool in "Lightspeed".

    Madame Rougue is in this, and she fights kid flash. Jinx wanted to capture kid flash and give him to the broterhood of evil, however when Jinx saw that Madame Rougue was rude to her, she changed her mind.

    The action was great and this episode kept me on the edge of my seat. This is a must watch episode for any TT fan!!
  • The episode that changed Jinx's life.

    Lightspeed is probably what every fan of Teen Titan would be waiting for. A episode that focuses on one villian: Jinx.

    I personally liked this episode because the Hive Five was seen again from the creepy "Mother Mae-Eye". Seemore was potrayed very well and I liked how his interaction with Jinx occured. And thus, it would have made him the most serious guy in the group.

    Kid Flash was a good hero in this episode. Despite the fact he was easy-going, he was quite serious and I think that whatever he said to Jinx was wise.

    Overall, this episode would have ebeen flawless, except for Madame Rouge. And also, the opening credits in this episode has something special! It's so cool. And personally, this episode would be the first to make a villian turn good. (I don't count Red X as a villian, just a nuisance who is cool)
  • Kid Flash! Fastest boy alive has come to save the day!

    The Fastest boy alive has come to the protect the city while Robin and the rest lose their time fighting the Brotherhood of evil.
    The Hive Five thinks that without the Titans the city is completely vulnareble to any robbery, but they're wrong!
    As Kid Flash with his incredible powers is not only able to defeat them but to humiliate them!
    If you come to think about it the Titans are really lame, sure they can defeat the Hive five but only as a team, Kid Flash fights them alone and he wins with ease, not only to mention the powerful tornado attacks, molecules vibration, speeds near lightspeed, etc.
    He is truly one Amazing hero, not to mention he is one of the fav five.
  • Kid Flash, has a very caring heart...

    Kid Flash is a boy which I truly admire because that he really tells what he thinks is right. Jinx does deserve better in my opinion and he's really hopeful and doesn't doubt that Jinx will do the right thing. I truly love this opisode and this is exactly why I admire Kid Flash. He's just a carefree superhero who believes that every villian can turn around.
  • WOW! This is definitely another favorite episode! And suprisingly, it's not a Starfire episode!

    Summary: With Titans dispatched across the globe, members of the HIVE Five figure they have it made. Unfortunately, their city-wide crime spree is cut short when a new hero in town spoils the fun. Handing him over to the Brotherhood of Evil may score the HIVE Five points, but actually catching this lightning-fast do-gooder is much harder than it seems.

    Final Thoughts: This episode should be wrong. No Titans at all. But they cut the opening theme, so I guess that's all right. Kid Flash is another favorite.He kind, funny and anything you'd won't in a superhero.

    Excellent animations! Excellent humor! And superb action! If the rest of the episodes turn out as good as this, new favorite season!
  • Kid Flash, th fastest boy alive, arrives in Jump City while the Titans are off fighting the Brotherhood of Evil. He meets the Hive Five, a bunch of wannabe villains. HE takes over the job of protecting the city while the Titans are gone.

    Excellent episode. I love Kid Flash anyways, so this was a treat. He was portrayed well in this episode, a goofy, fun-loving, good-natured kind of guy. The episode was also interesting because Kid Flash was trying to convince Jinx over to the other side. It was fun to watch Jinx choose her path, because I get told so many times about how important making the right choice is. Her conflict is also interesting, because she always thought Madame Rouge, one of the BoE was the coolest villain ever. Finally, she realizes that Madame Rouge is bad, and attacks her until she flees. It ends with Kid Flash giving her a rose. A little cliche, but really, a very good episode.
  • When Kid Flash said "I'm the fastest boy alive", that is truly Wally Wast who's becoming later on as The Flash. There are alot of you are confused on this Teen Titans' reality. Try to look up in en.wikipedia.org that really help you there. It's a really g

    When Kid Flash said "I'm the fastest boy alive", that is truly Wally Wast who's becoming later on as The Flash. There are alot of you are confused on this Teen Titans' reality. Try to look up in en.wikipedia.org that's really help you there. It's a really good website seriously.
  • Cool, an entire episode to Kid Flash.

    Not sure if Kid Flash was in the previous seasons but its great to see him in action. The Flash characters are one of my favourite in the comics and Impulse was one of the reasons why I picked up Young Justice and followed on with the Teen Titans comic book.

    I was hoping/wondering if/when Kid Flash was gonna join the Teen Titans on a regular basis as he was one of the original Teen Titans in the comics.

    Now that I've seen him in an episode I can't wait to see more of him in action.

    This episode was one of the best I've seen so far in Season 5. It could even be the best, even though I haven't seen the rest of the season 5 episodes.

    The scene with Kid Flash running through the multiple guy (don't know the name!) is classic. Reminded me of the Tron movie - a nice touch by the creator(s) of this episode and nicely done action wise.

    I give this episode a 10/10 to see Kid Flash in action and will recommend it to ANYONE.

    Go KF :)
  • This is THE must see episode of teen titans. At least for me.

    The Hive Five (consisting of, funnily enugh, 6 members), thinks thay own the towen with the teen titans gone but kid Flash spoils their fun. it is my favorite episede EVER. Doesnt hurt that Jinx is my favorite character, either. And i like Kid Flash a lot, too. And Jinx might not be a villain anymore... (well, ive seen things change so i know she is a hero now:). And I like Jinx's room. Id never guess that she draws unicorns (haha)
  • Kid Flash makes his debut in this amazing TT episode.

    Meet Wally West, The Fastest Boy Alive. The red-haired Titan and future Justice Leaguer has made his debut in the Teen Titans universe. My initial reaction when I heard this bit of imformation: WHEEEEE!!!!!!!! The inner comic book fan in me was jumping for joy, for we get to see another of the 'Fab Five' of Titans lore. And let me tell you this: 'Lightspeed' lived up to its hype.

    The theme of this episode was perspective. The eyes of the Hive Five is what we were seeing this episode from. So, when they try to rob a museum, guess who arrives? Kid Flash.When I first heard Michael Rosenbaum's voice, I just about died. It was amazing. Sure, I've heard him voice Wally before of JLU, but this was great. Sure, Kid Flash gets captured, but he still puts up a good fight that's make Barry Allen proud.

    What we also see is some a Wally's sauveness with Jinx. It isn't Raven, like the comics, but he sure knows how to make a girl smile. Some attraction, who knows?

    At the Hive Five's tower, which resembles a giant H, Kid Flash is locked in a barred cage. So, what does he do? He vibrates through the bars to get food, of course! More Michael/Wally humor and Jinx contacts Madame Rouge and after she hangs up, Wally disappears. They race around the tower to find him, and when the Hive Five think they have Kid Flash caputered, he vibrates through a wall. Man, I wish he'd do that on JLU!

    Rouge, by ow, has arrived in Jump City, where she and Wally get into a huge fight. Wally gets worn out pretty easily. Maybe it could be the disease he contracted, or it could be from lack of food, but he is beat. Kid Flash hides in a warehouse, and Jinx finds him, and then captures him. Rouge arrives and wants to take credit for the defeat and pushes Jinx aside. Jinx gets ticked off and frees Kid Flash. Rouge leaves in anger.

    Later, Jinx and Kid Flash meet up. He wants her to leave the Hive Five and be one of the good guys. She isn't so sure. But, I have a feeling she will. The show then ends with her saying goodbye to See-more.

    So, why is this a series classic? There's action! There's adventure! There's romance! There's Kid Flash.

    My rating: 10/10 baby!
  • Wow another great show!

    Its as if Teen Titans keeps getting better and better. I myself have pratically missed every episode for this season. But as I watched this one I've began to love it again. Jinx turning good? Not what I was excepting. I really need to get back to watching this series. Happy watching! :D
  • Wow doesnt even begin to describe what an amazing episode this was! It is definately one of my favorite episodes of all time!...

    Wow doesnt even begin to describe what an amazing episode this was! It is definately one of my favorite episodes of all time!

    I really liked how they developeed Jinx's character more, because she is too much of a good character to be put to waste. Also, Kid Flash rocked! And the whole KF/Jinx thing was really great. Im actually kind of glad the paired Kid Flash up with Jinx instead of Raven. raven has too much love already anyways. And they did really well when they chose the voices.

    All in all, i really dont mind that they didnt put any of the prginal Titans in this episode. It was fantastic just the way it is! Keep them coming Cartoon Network!

    P.S.- Hoping to see another episode with these two (Jinx and Kid Flash)
  • The Hive (which actually includes six people) thinks they can do whatever they want while the Titans are out of the city, but a speedster (Kid Flash) ruins their fun.

    This episode was really funny, especially because of Kid Flash's personality. It was kind of like Flash's personality: playful and... well... the opposite of pessimistic.
    However, I was kind of depressed because there wasn't the original Titans there. I was hoping they would let Kid Flash join the Teen Titans, but still... It was a great episode. My sister is asking, "Why weren't the Titans in there when the show is called Teen Titans?! I mean... really... I liked the episode, but it had no Titans!... At all!"
    I really hope that Kid Flash comes back in another season sometime. Perhaps the sixth one?

  • Jinx has a thing for super heros.

    A fairly humorus episode.Jinx falls for another super hero kid flash who's just as funny and charming as his uncle on justice league unlimited.At the end of the episode Jinx stands up to her idle Mdam Ruge and lets Kid flash off.The only question I was asking was where are titans east?

    I give the episode 10 out of 10
  • Basiclly, a new nero comes along. Having a crush on Jinx, Kid Flash likes to fool around with the HI-FIVE. I personally liked this eppy. Jinx calls up Madam Rouge to tell her she had gotten Kid Flash. But, he gets away. Kid Flash almost dies, but Jinx rel

    Awwww!!! This was a cute one! Jinx and Kid Flash go well together. Kid Flash tries to get her to open up, but Jinx is not an open book. Good job, guys!! Keep this up! Cant wait to see Revved up, and CANT WAIT to see Go! This was a AWSOME eppy.
  • My favorite Teen Titans show EVER!

    The Teen Titans have rolled out some really good shows for the last two seasons, but the Episode of Lightspeed totally took me by surprise, and took the series to a higher level with a surprising first appearance of the Kid Flash, with a totally-appropriate voice acting performance by Michael Rosenbaum.

    But the real story was the story. We got to see a compelling combination of personality and action as Kid Flash works his charisma to motivate Jinx to become more than a cheap hoodlum, bent on mischief, but someone with value that can do good for others.

    I easily rate this a 10 out of 10 for all the right elements coming together to form a brilliant show I will be proud to watch again.
  • This episode was related to the new superhero kid Flash and Jinx. this wasn't a filler episode the reason is because they include the brotherhood of evil in ths episode.

    I think this episode went pretty good. The beginning until the end, like the kid Flash and Jinx Communication to each other, also the way they mention the brotherhood of evil. This is one of my favorites episodes of this season so far. One thing I miss was the original Titans.
  • This Episode was a series bomber!

    I thought this episode was excellent. It had the right amount of action, comedy, romance. It was one of the best episode I ve seen. This is the reason I watch this Show. I give the creators a good thumbs up for the good creaction of Kid Flash. This episode rocks. I give Lightspeed a 10!
  • Finally--The Flash gets some respect! After JLA on Cartoon Network marginalized the Flash for so long it's was pleasant to see him represented fairly as a legitimate hero.

    First of all, inasmuch as the Teen Titans (TT) follows such characters as Starfire, Robin, Raven, etc. I think we have to assume these are the original Teen Titans, not some hybrid of new and old. Following this, the Kid Flash in this episode is none other than Wally West, the coolest of all The Flashes (the red hair eliminates any doubt).

    I'm a Wally West-Flash fan and I'm glad that TT made Wally actually a hero instead of some goofy, weak sidekick like they did on JLA. It was refreshing to see Kid Flash use powers we haven't seen yet, like vibrating to develop friction or become intangible. He also used some classic moves like wind gusts from his hand or creating a cyclone by running in a circle. It was beautiful.

    The only reason I don't give this episode a perfect 10 is that they still weakened him a bit. What I mean is, they make him susceptible to things that shouldn't have hindered him, such as slow reactions (who could hit a kid who can move at lightspeed?). I understand the writers had to limit him somehow.

    All in all, this is possibly the best episode of TT to date. I sincerely hope they include Kid Flash into the regular line-up. Afterall, he was one of the founding members! Go Kid Flash!

  • Kid Flash shows up in town to mess with the minds of the Hive Five. What ensues is a closer look at one of Teen Titans most intriguing characters: Jinx.

    For being the only episode in the series without any of the Teen Titans in it, "Lightspeed" is easily of the best.

    I might be a little biased in this review, because Jinx is one of my favorite characters on the show. "Lightspeed" is the only episode to show things from the villians' perspective, another interesting first for the show. Kid Flash has no trouble foiling the Hive Five, and spends much of the episode just toying with them and messing with their minds.

    Most of this episode, though, focuses on Jinx's frustrations. She leads this rag-tag group of villians, and strives to hit the big-time by catching Kid Flash and presenting him to the Brotherhood of Evil. What we learn over the course of the episode, is that she's unhappy with the path she's chosen, but feels as though she has to be a villian because her power is bad luck. After being swatted aside by one of her personal idols, she's had enough.

    Kid flash has some amazing moments in this episode, flirting with Jinx and confounding the Hive Five at the same time. Certainly one of the more cool guest spots on the show! And the rest of the Hive Five has some great comic moments, mainly to show how bad they are as villians, but funny nonetheless. A really amazing episode, with a great guest appearance by Kid Flash, and brilliant character development for Jinx.
  • The titans are away,leaving the hive 5 the whole city to rob.however,right when they\'re just starting to enjoy there shopliffting spree,a new hero shows up,one who apparently has super speed.the hive 5 decides to hand this new hero to the brotherhood of

    i\'ve decided that this is my favorite episode in season 5.I loved how kid flash gave jinx roses,and how jinx showed madame rougue what shes got.something tells me there\'s going to be more episodes about jinx and kid flash.this is deffinetly an episode i\'d love 2 see more than once.
  • Kid Flash shows up and royally plasters the Hive Five on all counts!

    I thought this episode was a nice change from the norm that still remained true to the humor of previous episodes. Kid Flash is completely in character, although his identity is something of an enigma yet. My personal theory is that his character here is primarily based on Bart Allen, the grandson to the Modern Age Flash who was a member of the Teen Titans in the comics as Impulse/Kid Flash.

    In this episode, Kid Flash has perfectly timed wisecracks and reactions, perhaps the best part of the episode. He's mildly taunting, almost always light-hearted, and his placid tone every time he talks to Jinx is right on target. Major points to the folks behind Teen Titans for a well-made episode.
  • Kid Flash!!

    While the episode was not perfect, I found it to be enjoyable.

    The plot was great. It kind of reminded me of the Justice League Unlimited episode Task Force X where it took place in their P. O. V.

    Kid Flash was good. My favorite line was when he showed Jinx the sandwhich and asked... "Can I get some musturd on this? It looks a little dry."

    I think that the episode had some great writting and a good plot.

    This is definatly Wally West and his personality seemed to be the exact one from Justice League.

    It was geat work and it's too bad TT is getting (might be) cancled, because I would love to see more Kid Flash in it.

    I think Wally really took a beating from Madam Rouge and his kind enough to let his crush on Jinx take over after she tried to give him to the Brother Hood of Evil.

    I think it was nice to see kid whicked and it looked like he was a copy off of Batman, but then I saw he had powers and it was kind of cool.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how Jinx will end up, I mean she almost became a good guy, mabey she did... I don't know.

    It's a shame that TT is cancled because then I would love to see that resolved. I hope that TT does get renewed for a new season so we can see KF and Jinx's relationship get played out a bit more.

    Micheal Rosenbuam did a good job with Kid Flash, he sounded identical to Flash in JL so mabey this is a sign, but I think he did a good job switching his tone like that and Keeping it like his Flash one from Justice League.

    All and all I think this was a good episode and one of my favorite ones.
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