Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Dec 03, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • It looks that even when the HIVE Five appeared like part of the Brotherhood of Evil at the end of "Homecoming (2)," they're not part of the Brotherhood.

    • After their first confrontation with Kid Flash, when Gizmo is untangling his suit's wiring, the "G" symbols on his shoes have disappeared.

    • After Kid Flash wrecks the room where Gizmo is building the Level 4 prison, when Gizmo alerts Billy Numerous on his communicator, his communicator is wrong; it has a black "H" and an orange background, when it should be an orange "H" with a black background.

    • There were only about 25 or 40 Billy Numerous' around before the commercial break. But when the episode resumes, there are at least more than a hundred of them. The number also changes after Kid Flash runs through them when they act as walls.

    • When it shows a far away shot of the HIVE Five running from the museum before the Teen Titans opening song starts, See-More doesn't have his green belt or eye symbol on his suit.

  • Quotes

    • Madame Rouge: (to Kid Flash) You like to play the games? This is the one called: Stay Alive!

    • Kid Flash: You don't need to hurt people to feel good about yourself.
      (Jinx zaps him with a stunner)
      Kid Flash: Ahhhngg!!!
      Jinx: And that's only level one. (Turns a dial on the stunner)

    • See-More: He's heading for corridor twelve and that's a dead end! Hahaha!
      Gizmo: End of the road, snot for brains!
      Kid Flash: You do realize I can vibrate my molecules through solid objects. (Vibrates through a wall and comes back on the other side) Later.

    • Jinx: I don't care what it takes! Split up and catch him NOW!!!

    • Jinx: (About Kid Flash) We have to get him back! Do you know how bad it's going to be when Madame Rouge shows up and we haven't got him!
      Billy #1: Bad for you maybe.
      Billy #2: Hehe... good one, Billy! Hehehe!
      (Jinx grabs them)
      Both Billys: Gah!!
      Jinx: You were the ones that said he couldn't get away! (Looks at See-More) You were the one that said you would keep an eye on him! If Madame Rouge doesn't make things bad for you, I promise I will.

    • Jinx: I told you, we need to call...
      Billy #1: Oh, don't let them spoil our fun!
      Billy #2: Ha he! Yeah, let's hang him on the wall like a big mouth bass!

    • Jinx: (About what they are going to do to Kid Flash) I thought we discussed this already!
      See-More: I say we brainwash him and make him steal stuff for us.
      Mammoth: I say we put him up for ransom, he's got to be worth money.

    • (When HIVE Five surrounds Kid Flash)
      Mammoth: You're about to become a speed bump.
      Kid Flash: Only one problem with that, big guy. You got to catch me first. (Speeds away)

    • Jinx: (To Kid Flash) For someone so fast, you're a little slow.
      Gizmo: Who's the loser now...

    • See-More: (To Kyd Wykkyd) I spy with my big, old eye: a truck full of dough.

    • Mammoth: So we got busted, we get busted all the time.
      Jinx: We didn't just get busted. Whoever did this was messing with us.

    • (Jinx acting)
      Jinx: It's too late for me, anyways.
      Kid Flash: It's never too late.
      Jinx: What about the HIVE Five? They would come after me.
      Kid Flash: Let me worry about them.
      Jinx: Where would I go? What will I do?
      Kid Flash: Trust me. (Offers a hand)
      Jinx: (About to take his hand) On second thought, nahh... (Hits Kid Flash with her powers)

    • Kid Flash: Why do you hang out with those losers? That team of yours is only holding you back.
      Jinx: I know, that's what I keep telling them... (Pauses) What would you know?
      Kid Flash: I know you're too smart for all this.
      Jinx: Oh... is this the part when you try to convert me, make me see the errors of my ways? You're wasting your time.
      Kid Flash: When you're as fast as me, time is something you got plenty of. (Speeds to Paris, comes back wearing a French hat and holds up a bag) Croissant?

    • Jinx: (to the HIVE Five) Maybe the Brain thinks we have potential! I don't even know why I hang around with you, nitwits.

    • Gizmo: It was probably those crud, munching Teen Titans.
      Jinx: It can't be, they're still away fighting the Brotherhood of Evil. And the Titans East got called back to Steel City.

    • Jinx: Have your fun. In a minute, you're going to wish you were never born.
      Kid Flash: Oh, right. You want to see what makes me tick.

    • Billy #1: This is boring!
      Billy #2: We're gonna watch some wrestling.
      Gizmo: You dweebs better not hog the sofa.

    • (While playing video games)
      Billy #1: Hey, lay off the deck lasers.
      Billy #2: How come y'all don't know what shields are?
      Billy #1: Which button is it, Billy?
      Billy #3: Left one.
      Billy #4: Right.
      Billy #3: No, left!
      (Starts fighting with Billy #4)

    • Jinx: This is what I came for.
      See-More: Wait, isn't that necklace supposed to bring good luck? And if you're all about the bad luck... (Switches eyeball into a question mark)
      Jinx: It's just a dumb legend. (Pushes See-More aside)

    • See-More: (Whispering; about Madame Rouge) Is she gone?
      Jinx: Yeah.
      See-More: So, er... the research lab is having a special on computers. Steal one, get one free. You in?
      Jinx: Nah, you go ahead. (Pause) Goodbye.

    • Kid Flash: (Breathing heavily) Ermmm...
      Jinx: What's the matter, run out of gas?
      Kid Flash: For now, I'll have my strength back in a minute.
      Jinx: I'm not going to give you a minute. (Holds up a stunner)

    • See-More: Twenty meters to your left.
      Jinx: Thanks, See-More. I knew I could count on you.
      (See-More blushes)

    • Jinx: (To Kid Flash) You're an idiot, I'm turning you over to the Brotherhood of Evil.
      Kid Flash: (Smiling) You're joking, right? You're not joking. (Smile goes away) Jinx, you don't want to get mixed up with them.
      Jinx: Watch me.
      Kid Flash: (Sadly) You're making a big mistake.

    • Jinx: Suit yourselves, but when I'm in the big leagues and you're still robbing parking meters, don't ask for any favors.

    • Billy #1: (Freezing) Whooo... does this guy thinks he is?
      See-More: Where did he come from?!
      Mammoth: How do we squash him?!
      Gizmo: (Untangling wires around him) Ah... Eh... We should have stayed home!
      Jinx: We should be thanking him.
      (Everybody has "?" on their heads; they mix into a giant ?)
      Jinx: Don't you get it? This is our chance to impress the Brotherhood of Evil. We catch this do-gooder and turn him in. They might even offer us membership.
      Billy #1: What's wrong with the way things are?!
      Billy #2: Billy's right, we don't need a bunch of old goats getting in our business.
      Gizmo: Yeah... who needs them.

    • Billy #2: (To Billy #1) Hey, lookie here, Billy, I got one of them er... ice sweeper thingies.
      Billy #3: Hey, I'll race you, Billy.

    • Billy: (After interrupting a hockey match) Billy Numerous owns the ice!

    • (After Kid Flash whirls them in a tornado and drops them into a lake)
      See-More: (To Kyd Wykyyd) Umm... Er... What just happened?

    • (After Jinx attacked her)
      Madame Rouge: (To Jinx) We'll be in touch.

    • Kid Flash: (About Madame Rouge) Why do you want to be like her?
      Jinx: I'm bad luck, good was never an option for me. At least with the Brotherhood of Evil I can be someone, I'll get respect.

    • (Jinx is holding a "Don't Run" sign)
      Jinx: Oh, did I move this? (Knocks Kid Flash out)

    • Kid Flash: (About Kyd Wykkyd) What are you, psychic or something?
      Kyd Wykkyd: (Points to See-More)
      See-More: Nah, we're tracking your heat trail, dummy.

    • Gizmo: (About Kid Flash) Let's take him apart and see what makes him tick!

    • Kid Flash: Don't have much of an attention span, do they?
      Jinx: You have no idea. Stop that! Who do you work for?
      Kid Flash: I work alone these days, you got a nice place. Very secret lair.

    • Kid Flash: (Leaning against cage bars) There's something about you that's different, I think you can do better.
      (Jinx looks at him sincerely)
      Kid Flash: (Holding up sandwich) Can I... have some mustard? This... looks a little dry.
      (Jinx uses her powers to explode the sandwich in Kid Flash's face)

    • Kid Flash: Oooooooooooh! What'cha makin'?
      Gizmo: Oh, you'll find out... (He figures out he's talking to Kid Flash) Agggh!
      Kid Flash: I just need to borrow one of these. (He takes a wrench and disassembles a machine)
      (Gizmo shocks him with the shield device and stuns Kid Flash)
      Gizmo: He's in the workshop, he's in the... (Kid Flash ties him up) Huh, nevermind.

    • Billy Numerous: Y'all wanna make a fort outta sofa cushions?
      Mammoth, Gizmo & See-More: YEAH!

    • Jinx: (After zapping Kid Flash) Madame Rouge! I caught him! Just like I said I would.
      Madame Rouge: (Backhands her) You did nothing. It was I who made him weak. And you call yourself a villain. Pathetic.
      : I wanted someone to look up to. I thought you were cool.
      Madame Rouge
      : Life is full of disappointments. You are one of them, hand him to me.
      Jinx: (Crushes the force-field controller that holds Kid Flash, freeing him) Go catch him yourself.
      Kid Flash
      : Thanks. (Super speeds away)

    • Kid Flash: (Kyd Wykkyd pops up behind him) Gah! Someone should put a bell on you.

    • (We see an armed security beamed room; Gizmo comes down and starts to mess with the system)
      Jinx: Well, Gizmo?
      Gizmo: Huh, security system stinks.
      (All the beams shut down, everyone jumps down)
      Jinx: Gold jewels, priceless artifacts, way better than the mall. H.I.V.E. Five, rob 'em blind!

    • (Billy Numerous looking at the four Egyptian jars)
      Billy #1: (Happy) That's some fancy jars. (Splits into another Billy)
      Billy #2: I agree. I believe this should be the property of Billy Numerous.
      (Now, there's four Billy Numerous' on the screen)
      Four Billy's: Start grabbing!!
      (As they grab one jar each, Jinx came)
      Jinx: You know what they put inside, don't you? Mummy guts!
      (The four Billy Numerous' look inside the jar and makes some gross faces)

    • See-More: Need an eye, Kyd Wykkyd?
      (Kid Wykkyd shakes his head no and uses his powers to put his arm through the glass and steal the staff)

    • Jinx: I want to know who did this, I want to find them and make them pay.
      (Jinx uses her powers to kill the rose)
      Gizmo: Somebody has a boyfriend.
      (Jinx uses her powers to cut the chair off the pole)
      Gizmo: Aghh!

    • Kid Flash: Need a little luck?
      Jinx: It's only a myth! Who are you, anyways?
      Kid Flash: Kid Flash! Fastest boy alive.

    • Jinx: Are you supposed to be a good guy or something?
      Kid Flash: One of the best.
      Jinx: Well, aren't you going to take me to jail or something?
      Kid Flash: I thought I'd get to know you first.

    • Kid Flash: (Looking at Jinx's notebook) I didn't think of you as the unicorn type.

    • Mammoth: Hey, See-More, does this make me look fat?
      See-More: No way, Mammoth. It makes you look rich!

    • Kid Flash: (In a cage) Looks like you got me.
      Billy #1: That's right.
      BIlly #2: And when we're through with you...
      Billy #3: We're gonna... We're gonna...
      Billy#1: What are we gonna do with him?

    • (Alarm goes off)
      Gizmo: We got multiple targets. An armored car on main, three jewelry stores, and a taco stand.
      Mammoth: Ooh, I'll take that one!

    • Jinx: How do you guys expect the Brotherhood of Evil to take us seriously if this keeps happening?!
      Billy #1: Pfft. Brotherhood of Evil.
      Billy #2: Yeah. All those old-timers ever talk about is taking over the world.
      Billy #3: Ha ha! Brain in a jar.
      Billy #4: Talking gorillas.
      Billy #2: Boring.

    • Kid Flash: Wait, wait, wait, wait. If your called the HIVE Five, how come their are six of you?
      (The H.I.V.E. logo appears onscreen, splits into 6 separate pieces, and counts the members)
      See-More: 'Cause... it sounds cooler?

    • Kid Flash: (While his captors argue about what to do with him, he speeds in and out of his cage bringing back snacks every time -- first a hero sandwich, then a bag of potato chips; mouth full) Don't I get a say in this?
      Mammoth: Hey, where'd you get... Those are mine! (Grabs the chips out of Kid Flash's hand)

    • Mammoth: (Walks out of a store holding only a small candy bar, as he unwraps it and prepares to take a bite, Kid Flash speeds past and swipes it in the blink of an eye) I paid for that! (Shakes his fist)

    • Madame Rouge: (Pretending to be Jinx in order to trick Kid Flash) What do I have to do, rob a bank?
      Kid Flash: (Appears behind her) You'd do that for me? I'm touched.

    • Billy Numerous: (Duplicating self in a maze so Kid Flash can't escape) Run, run, run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me, uh... catch you.... ..... .... I'm Billy Numerous!

    • Kid Flash: Jinx? Are you... you?
      (Jinx makes a pipe spray water in his face)
      Kid Flash: It's you.

    • See-More: He's heading for Sector 4.
      Jinx: That's MY room!


    • (Teen Titans opening sequence is abrubtly interrupted)
      Jinx: We're the HIVE Five, and this is our show.

  • Notes

    • Jinx's alter ego is Nicole Diaz.

    • This is the first Teen Titans episode to air on Cartoon Network in December.

    • The HIVE Five break the Fourth Wall during the opening credits.

    • Jinx has gone through some major changes since "Final Exam"; she no longer talks in whispers, she doesn't always have a creepy smile on her face, and doesn't use her martial arts skills.

    • Apparently, Kid Flash and Jinx both like each other.

    • This is Kyd Wykkyd's first actual non-cameo appearance since "Deception" and "Homecoming (2)."

    • YTV airdate: May 8, 2006.

    • Apparently, Kid Flash needs to slow down and rest at certain intervals of time after using his powers.

    • Kyd Wykyyd is apparently mute, he doesn't speak at all in this episode, "Calling All Titans," or for the rest of the season.

    • Kyd Wykyyd has no lines during the entire episode.

    • Kyd Wykyyd looks and moves a lot like Batman.

    • When Kid Flash created extreme heat, he hurt Madame Rouge. This, along with Hotspot's body heat hurting her, reveals that she might be made of a material that can be melted, which may prove to be a major problem in episodes to come.

    • Jinx's doubt of being a villain was also hinted at in "Deception" when Cyborg revealed he was a good guy.

    • Madame Rouge has nothing to do with the Brain in this episode, although she is shown in his lair.

    • Kid Flash's powers are also capable of hurting Madame Rouge (when he vibrates through her arms, she starts to smoke).

    • Jinx has a room a bit like Raven's.

    • Look Hard: When the HIVE Five is researching heroes that could have spoiled their plans, you can see Argent, Killowat, Mas or Menos, and Lightning pop up. Also, Red Star in plasma form, even though he blew up the previous episode.

    • Kid Flash: Trust me...
      These words, and the shot of Kid Flash holding his hand out for Jinx to accept, are an almost exact imitation of the exchange between Terra and Beast Boy in the episode "Betrayal." However, in this version, Jinx (Beast Boy) does not accept the offer.

    • This episode takes place from the HIVE Five's point of view.

    • Despite having a speaking role in this episode, See-More (Kevin Michael Richardson) is uncredited in the closing credits, although he is credited for voicing Mammoth.

    • Titans East have been called back to Steel City.

    • Apparently, Private HIVE ("Mother Mae-Eye") is no longer part of the HIVE Five.

    • We find out that Jinx apparently likes to draw unicorns.

    • This makes at least three people who have to have had a crush on Jinx. First Cyborg in "Deception," then Kid Flash and See-More in this episode.

    • First episode where absolutely none of the core 5 Teen Titans appear at all, besides part of the opening theme. Hynden Walch still provides a voiceover.

    • Kid Flash's crush on Jinx is homage to his comic book counterpart's crush on her Titans opposite, Raven.

    • The HIVE Five's operation's center is almost identical to the Teen Titans'.

    • Kid Flash's powers: Speed, vibrating through walls, shockwaves, and feet tornadoes.

    • We find that Kid Flash can pass through solid objects, an ability that the older Flash has displayed in older series as well as the comic books. Although it has never been implied in Justice League, Flash has performed and explained this trick to Superman (a Justice League member/founder) in episode 17: "Speed Demons" of Superman the Animated Series. Flash described it as vibrating his "...molecules so fast that I phased right through" a block of ice that a villain had imprisoned him and Superman in.

    • Mammoth has cherries on his boxers.

    • Apparently, Billy Numerous has joined the HIVE Five, and Jinx is their leader.

    • The HIVE Five take over the opening credits right after, "never met a villain that they liked." Jinx puts the HIVE Five logo in graffiti on the screen.

    • Michael Rosenbaum, the voice of Kid Flash, also plays Lex Luthor in the show, Smallville, and the voice of Flash on Justice League Unlimited, along with playing the voice of Ghoul in the Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker movie. Therefore, this is the fourth DC comic series he's been featured in.

    • This episode was originally supposed to air on November 19, 2005 on Toonami, but was pre-empted for special live-action programming of Tim Burton's Batman.

    • Kid Flash and the HIVE Five episode.

    • In the current Teen Titans line-up, Kid Flash is none other than Bart Allen.

      Whether this Kid Flash is the original Wally West or the current Bart Allen is debatable as Michael Rosenbaum is also the voice of Flash in Justice League Unlimited.

    • Villain(s): Madame Rouge, Jinx, See-More, Gizmo, Mammoth, Billy Numerous, & Kyd Wykkyd.

    • The appearance of Kid Flash gives reason to believe that more characters from the Teen Titans comic books could be arriving on the scene soon, possibly later this season. Aqualad - sidekick to Aquaman, Speedy - sidekick to Green Arrow, Robin - sidekick to Batman, and now Kid Flash - sidekick to the Flash, have appeared. The other sidekicks to big-time superheroes that have been in the comic books have been:
      Wonder Girl
      Superboy (Superman's teenage clone)
      and more...

    • Kid Flash in the comics is actually none other than Wally West, who was the sidekick of the Flash. But later on, Flash dies, and leaves his superhero identity to Kid Flash, making Wally West the new Flash, the Flash we know from Justice League, and it's follow-up show, Justice League Unlimited.

    • In the comics, Kid Flash was one of the founding members of the Teen Titans, but was reluctant to renew membership when The New Teen Titans was formed.

      Because of his reluctance to rejoin, Raven cast a spell on Kid Flash to make him fall deeply in love with her. But even when Kid Flash did find out about this and even after the spell was broken, Kid Flash found that he did indeed love Raven.

      Kid Flash and Robin were good friends, but the Pro-Capitalist Kid Flash took some time to get used to Red Star, whom was from a Communist-ruled country.

    • Animated Debut(s): Kid Flash.

  • Allusions

    • Kid Flash: Trust me.
      This is most likely a reference to the Disney movie Aladdin, when Aladdin extends his hand to the Princess.

    • Kid Flash: Tasmanian Devil
      When Kid Flash tries to escape from Madame Rouge, he spins through the wall and leaves his shape. Taz the Tasmanian Devil, a Looney Tunes character, is known to do that.

    • Kid Flash: Kid Flash! Fastest boy alive.
      When Kid Flash introduces himself to Jinx, he refers to himself as the fastest boy alive. A line used in The Flash comics, where he himself references as "the fastest man alive." In this case, being a kid.

    • Lightspeed: Candy Bar
      The candy bar that Kid Flash steals from Mammoth is called Lightspeed. In the Justice League episodes "Eclipsed," The Flash sponsors a candy bar called the same. Also a reference to this episode's name.

    • Jinx: Where will I go? What'll I do?
      Jinx saying "Where will I go? What'll I do?" is a reference to the 1939 movie Gone with the Wind.

    • Kid Flash: Brainwash
      See-More suggested that they brainwash Kid Flash to make him steal for them. This happened to the Flash on the show Justice League, when Gorilla Grodd brainwashed Flash into stealing for him via a special helmet that induced special brainwaves.

    • Billy Numerous: Lightcycle Sequence
      The scene when Billy Numerous is trying to entrap Kid Flash is a reference to the lightcycle sequence from the film Tron (1982).