Teen Titans

Season 1 Episode 10

Mad Mod

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Sep 27, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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The Teen Titans awaken to find themselves prisoners of Mad Mod, a madcap bad guy in a psychedelic suit. Mad Mod wants to teach the Titans a lesson, so he's created a massive mind-bending school full of optical illusions and brainwashing hypno-screens. The Titans will have to escape before they lose their minds!


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  • Not so serious

    This was a break from a heavy episode to a lighthearted one full of humor and action. Nothing too serious went on but it showed the funny side of the titans as they escaped from the treachery of a British mad man.
  • A perfect example of how Teen Titans can switch gears from serious to goofy so quickly

    (Mad Mod isn't the episode's name, it's Detention)

    PLOT: The Teen Titans are captured by a principal-like madman named Mad Mod. They're trapped in a bizarre school setting because he thinks, since they're technically teens, they should be in school.

    First off, I think that Malcolm McDowell was a great choice for Mad Mod. This episode brought many snickers and giggles. It was pretty trippy seeing all of the hypnotism and the black-and-white checker backgrounds being used to their advantage. Again, a bit of hinting at Robin and Starfire when he goes out to save her and try to find the others. It got a little gross when Beast Boy was drooling and stuff.

    Sure, this episode's not perfect, and certainly not the best, but you should at least check out this mind-bottling episode of Teen Titans.moreless
  • OMG! It's Mad Mod!

    This is my most favorite episode of the entire series and Mad Mod is totally my favorite villain. I love his hairdo and his British attitude. He resembles a lot like Dark Heart from "Care Bears Movie II", but Mad Mod is not a demon (Thank God!). This villain is so cool! Too bad he appears three times in the entire series.
  • No other show can make the transition from seriousness to silliness as seamlessly as Teen Titans.

    I knew this episode would be great about 30 seconds into the episode, when I heard Malcolm McDowell, he is my favorite actor. He did fantastic voicework on Superman TAS as Metallo, and here he's back in a DC series, voicing Mad Mod. The villains of Teen Titans are sort of uneven, some are really cool, while others are absolutely ridicilous, Mad Mod is both, he's ridicilous in a good way. A British school teacher-type character with an awesome accent. This is one of the comedy episodes of Teen Titans, these are risky, because they can be spectacular or horrible, thankfully it's the former in this case. I would say this is my second favorite of these "silly" episodes, behind "Bunny Raven".

    The now famous chase sequence, in the style of old Hanna Barbera cartoons, is the highpoint of the episode, but there are other memorable moments. Just like in Batman Beyond with George Lazenby, they reference the most famous movie Malcolm McDowell has ever done, A Clockwork Orange, which amused me tremendously. This is one highly creative episode, the design of Mad Mod's world is fantastic with bizarre visuals and tricks. Beast Boy being constantly hypnotized was funny, but the ways they snapped him out of the trance were kind of dumb and not funny, with the exception of Raven recieving a wet willy. "Mad Mod" is an excellent example of how funny and entertaining Teen Titans can be. And Malcolm McDowell is fantastic as usual.moreless
  • The first of the funnies!

    there aren't many episodes of teen titans that would come under funny, but this is one of them. whats the first thing you notice that's different? the music. its not often you hear the intro for the show in japaneese, and whenever you do, you're in for a real treat, as its a break from the norm, with a usually hilarious episode instead of the other action packed ones. also, as an extra, you get to hear Mad Mad's fake-sounding British accent trying to pych out the titans in his mind prison, and the hilarious paths taken to escape, all to the sound of Puffy Ami Yumi!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • How in the world did Mad Mod get passed the Cyborg security system? He would have set off an alarm if he were to intrude. And how would he set off a knock-out gas bomb inside the tower? It just doesn't make sense at all.

    • For a few seconds in the hall of doors during the chase scene, Mad Mod is shown driving Ringo's car from the Beatles movie Yellow Submarine.

    • When Mad Mod is talking to Starfire, Robin yells, "Get away from her!!!" Could this mark the first time where he starts to show affection to her? Besides from the "Sisters" episode?

    • During the chase scene at one point, several classic paintings were shown in the background with Mad Mod's face replacing the famous ones in the paintings, including the Mona Lisa and Jackson Pollock's Marilyn Monroe.

    • When the Titans see the picture of an island, how could they think that would lead to the outside? Since when did Jump City have coconut trees?

      Response: because they did not know that Mad Mod's hideout was a small building a few kilometers from the city. He did knock them out with gas and kidnapped them. For all they knew they could have been in Madagascar.

    • When Robin is chasing the Mad Mod on the escalator-like stairs, he is running on them and the stairs, in the first shot, are moving upward. In the second shot, they are moving downward.

    • When the Titans are in the chairs in the beginning, Raven has a white ring around her and Starfire has red rings around her wrists. Toward the end of the episode, when the Titans are recaptured, Robin is facing Mod, because he hasn't been captured yet, and looks back at his team. The ring around Raven is red and the rings around Starfire's wrists are white. The colors change back after that scene.

    • When Robin and Starfire are running from Mad Mod's robots, they fall down a corridor Starfire shouldn't have fallen through since she was flying. Also, Raven and Starfire's bonds colors switch twice, when Robin is on the plaform with Mad Mod, and when the Titans break out from their bonds.

    • When the Titans are running through the doors, Robin is small and opens a door at the hinges instead of using the doorknob, while Cyborg opens the same door using the doorknob.

    • When Mad Mod's systems start to fail, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire all break out of their chairs. Raven's and Starfire's restraints are obviously energy-based, but Cyborg is held by a simple metal bar; how is it weakened by a power loss?

    • When the Titans drop their '70s clothes, Raven drops her cloak yet, later, it's back on.

    • At the end of the episode, we see that the "school" is just a small projector room. How did Mod fake the entire building with such a small room? Robin should have found out after he left the math room, if not during the whole optical illusion chase he does before he finds the library.

    • Raven doesn't try to take Mad Mod's cane with her powers. It wouldn't have worked, of course, but it would have exposed him as an illusion, and she doesn't mention trying.

    • When Raven tells the Titans that Mad Mod sent her to gym, she was wearing a 'Mad Mod' soccer kit, but when they find the red button that reveals the outside, she is wearing her usual black clothes.

    • Several times, Robin's cape is yellow when it is supposed to be black with a yellow trim.

    • When the Mad Mod statue grabbed Starfire and flies her up, in a close-up, she doesn't have that metal band on her right arm.

    • When Mad Mod is telling how they got in his place, he walks by Raven. And you can see her hair, but when he talks to her, her hood is on.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Starfire: ...it is I, Starfire, your friend. (increasingly getting louder) Please, speak to me! Beast Boy! (Beast Boy bangs his head two times; inhales) BEEEEAAAAST BOOOOOOOOOOOY!
      (Beast Boy is still hypnotized)
      Robin: (a little weak) Uh... Starfire, I don't think that's working.

    • Mad Mod: (About the hypnotized Beast Boy) Oh, yeah! A model student, that one! Lovely! Sits there, quietly, never thinks about misbehaving, matter of fact, he never thinks at all! Ha ha ha!

    • Starfire: Robin, I wish to thank you for rescuing me from...
      Robin: Don't thank me yet.

    • (Robin tries to blow up Mad Mod)
      Mad Mod: Hey, oi! No throwing things while Teacher is talking!

    • Mad Mod: Fighting crime, saving lives, interfering with the plans of hard-working villains. Why, you are nothing but a bunch of trouble-makers!

    • Beast Boy: Am I the only one who has no idea where we are?
      Mad Mod: You are right where you belong, my duckies! You are in school!

    • Mad Mod: I hate misbehaving children!

    • Mad Mod: (Cornered) Ah-heh-heh. Hello, guv'nuh.

    • Starfire: Are all schools on your planet this horrible?

    • (Cyborg has just crashed near Raven; Beast Boy is hypnotized and is in Raven's arms)
      Raven: A little help here? I don't DO funny.
      Cyborg: You asked for it!
      (Cyborg takes off Raven's hood and gives her an electric Wet Willie)
      Beast Boy: Hahahaha!!! (sees the drool on his shirt) Oh, not again!!!

    • Robin: Right back where we started!
      Mad Mod: Of course you are, my duckies. Class is over, and you lot haven't learned a thing. That's a failing grade for each bloomin' one of you. There's only one thing for it.
      (Doors shut)
      Mad Mod: You'll have to repeat the entire lesson!

    • Robin: Mad Mod's hypno screens. We can't snap him out of it. We've tried everything.
      Cyborg: Did you try this? (Belches loudly in Beast Boy's ear)

    • Mad Mod: Next lesson, physics! What goes up, stays up!
      Robin: Until I take it down!

    • Cyborg: Oh, yeah, this is definitely the real deal.
      Robin: School always seem smaller after you graduate.
      Raven: Just don't expect me to go to any reunions.

    • Mad Mod: Now, if you destroy school property, school property is going to destroy you! Now, then, count along with Moddy: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

    • Beast Boy: How did I get here, and why am I covered with drool?

    • Starfire: Wonderful! Now we need only to locate an exit.
      Cyborg: Or just keep blastin' 'till we make one!
      Robin: (Calming them down) Easy. The last thing I smashed tried to smash me back. I'm sure this whole place is boobey-trapped.
      Beast Boy: Then how are we suposed to get out?
      Raven: We're not. Don't you get it? Mad Mod's just gonna keep messing with us until -
      Robin: We mess with him! That cane of his controls every thing in here. We take the cane...
      Cyborg: We take control...
      Beast Boy: And we take him down. Oh, I'll find him! That demented doofus is never hypnotizing me again!
      (A hypnotic screen comes out of the walls and hypnotizes Beast Boy)

    • Starfire: How many okarins does it take to hoegee a morphlark? Finbar! (Beast Boy is still drooling) Um... boogers?
      Beast Boy: Hahahahaha! Boogers! (Realizes he was hypnotized again) Ah, man!

    • Mad Mod: (cornered) Ah-heh-heh. Hello, guv'nuh.
      Robin: School's out, Mod! And you're looking at about 20 years of detention!

    • Starfire: (Puts down a hypnotized Beast Boy) I cannot awaken him. I have tried the tickling, all manners of bodily noises, and the word 'underpants'. I fear that this time his brain is lost forever!
      Raven: Beast boy had a brain?
      Beast Boy: (Wakes up and laughs) Ha ha!! Good one!! (Stops, glares) Dude! That's not funny! I totally have a brain!!! I just don't use it much....

    • Starfire: NOOO! I will not read your book of mean-ness and swirls.

    • Starfire: (To Raven) Where did our captor send you?
      Raven: Gym. (Holds up her cloak and reveals that she was forced to wear gym attire)

  • NOTES (19)


    • Starfire: How many Okarans does it take to Hoegee a malfarb? FINBARR!
      Hoegee is a reference to producer Rob Hoegee, and Finbarr is the last name of a staff artist.

    • Mad Mod: Hairstyle
      Mad Mod's hairstyle is reminiscent of John Lennon, one of the Beatles.

    • Yellow Submarine: (Titans running through doors)
      When the Titans were running through the doors, it was a lot like a similar scene in Yellow Submarine.

    • Mad Mod: Appearance
      Mad Mod is NOT channeling Austin Powers. He's been a comic book character since the late '60s. "Mod" was a British youth movement popular in the '60s. Its adherents spoke in "fab" British slang, donned flashy, colorful clothes, including clothes bedecked with the colors of the British flag, and drove Italian-style motorscooters, as Mad Mod does in this episode. It's not a coincidence that the "droogs" in Stanley Kubrick's film, A Clockwork Orange, were patterned as a futuristic version of the mods, and the voice of Mad Mod is none other than the star of A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell.

    • Titans: (opening various doors)
      When the Titans are opening various doors during the Mad Mod chase sequence, it is a lot like Scooby Doo when during chase sequences the characters would run through doors like the Titans did.

    • Starfire: (Being Hypnotized)
      The way Starfire's eyes are kept open is very reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick's film, A Clockwork Orange. A film about a Ruffian who gets "reprogrammed" by watching Nazi films to the score of Ludwig's 9th.

    • Chase Scenes: Doors
      Several scenes, but especially the chase scene in the hallway through the various doors, and the "Sea of Holes" scene are obvious references to The Beatles' Yellow Submarine film.

    • Mad Mod: Characteristics
      Mad Mod shares a lot in common with the Marvel Comics villain, Arcade. Primarily an X-Men villain, Arcade (who looks a lot like Mod) delights in capturing heroes and subjecting them to insane deathtraps with comical themes, not unlike the ones seen here.

    • Mad Mod: Art
      Throughout the episode, references to art can be seen everywhere.
      1) Most of the background paintings look like those of 1960's painter, Andy Warhol.
      2) The painting of Mad Mod with the bananas in front of him is reference to Rene Megritte's paintings of the same
      3) The statue of Mad Mod is obviously reference to the Statue of David
      4) In the hall, there is a picture of Mad Mod holding his cane like the famous picture, American Gothic. Only without a wife.
      5) The architecture with all the stairs is from an M.C. Escher painting. He drew illusions mostly.
      6) The picture on the wall of Beast Boy as a green dog pulling on the undies of the gorilla exposing pale skin is a reference to the Coppertone Sunscreen logo where a brown dog is pulling on a little girl's bathing suit bottoms also revealing pale skin.