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Teen Titans

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Sep 20, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary


Slade sends a team of robotic commandos to steal a high-tech chip. The Titans stop the robbery, but then a mysterious new bad guy called Red X tries to steal the same chip. With Robin following a Slade lead on the other side of town, the four other Titans are left to fight Red X. It will be tough, for this mysterious masked villain seems to know just how to disable each of them.


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  • Robin's Story Arc just keeps getting more interesting

    PLOT: To attempt to find out what Slade has in store for the Titans, Robin creates a fake identity (Red X) to try to gain his trust. But by doing that, he has to go against his team's trust.

    An episode that really dives into Robin's mindset. You can tell how torn up he is mentally about Slade, desperately searching for answers throughout the episode. I like how it sets up the relationship between Robin and Starfire, having her confront him about Slade at the beginning of the episode, have her realize who Red X was, and confront him near the end. I agree with the other reviewers... Is Robin really that vital to the them that when he's gone, the entire suffers from it? It's seems a bit overdone. Plus, wasn't it really obvious that Robin was Red X the whole time? I dunno. I predicted it as soon as I saw him.

    This seems to be foreshadowing what will happen in the season finale, Apprentice (1 and 2).

    Overall, great episode with a few minor problems.moreless
  • Brilliant episode!

    This episode was terrific, in my opinion. And I'm not just talking about all the action.

    Firstly, Robin is a genius. Even if his plan did not succeed in the end, to pull a move like that requires great cunning and resourcefulness. Yeah, there was the part about not telling the others, but sometimes, you just have to bend the rules to outwit someone like Slade.

    Another thing I agree with this episode is the fact that Robin singlehandedly beat all the other titans. It's quite obvious when you come to think of it. He's not their leader for nothing. When you put someone in charge, you don't put that person just because someone has to be in charge. This is just another reason why he's calling the shots. And besides, he knows them very well. How they react in a fight, their moves, their strategies, the way they think. If someone else were to engage the titans without knowing them like that, without seeing them at practice and all, they would not do as well.

    The last thing I like about this episode is the similarity between Robin and Slade. It is said that great minds think alike. But does that mean that these two characters are alike as well? Does that mean that Robin has a little bit of evil inside of him? Sure, everyone has both good and evil inside and it's our choices that define us. But Slade's comments come to mind. Robin bended a whole lot of rules to try and trap Slade. Could this be some kind of first step to a darker Robin? (I don't know because I just finished this episode; can't wait to see the next)

    All in all, great writting, great story and a lot of action. Keep them coming!!!moreless
  • The Teen Titans are searching for answers about Slade and there is a new villain on the lose. But this villain has a secret.

    This episode starts when one of Slade's commandos tries to steal a chip and the Titans stop them in time. They fight for a while and Slade's commandos gets the chip. The Titans go after them and they all spilt up. Starfire catches him and gets shot by one of them. Robin catches up and saves Starfire and catches the commando. They go home and decide to watch some movies and Starfire notices that Robin isn't there and she goes to see what he was doing. Meanwhile, Red X, a new villain was stealing a chip and suddenly disappears after he got it. Then, the Titans catch up with Red X and they get into a battle. Red X takes all of the four Titans down and suddenly disappears. The head back to the Tower and they recover after the battle with Red X. Later that night, the four Titans wake up after a robbery from Red X. They four Titans catch up to him and he then leaves. Red X contacted Slade saying he got the chips and he offered a partnership. Then, the computer turns off and Red X happens to be Robin! Meanwhile, they head back to the Tower and find out where Red X will be attacking. Then, Robin comes and leaves and Starfire goes to his room and discovers that Robin was Red X. Then, Red X and Slade meet up and Slade finds out that Red X is Robin and ambushs him, leaving with the chips. The Titans come and Raven takes control of a robot and throws him while Cyborg catches Red X. Red X starts saying "Stop him!". Starfire comes and says release him. Red X takes off his mask revealing Robin. Robin runs for Slade and they fight. Robin wins and takes Slade's mask off only seeing a message from the real Slade. The Titans head home and Starfire and Robin talk about Slade and Red X. Starfire leaves leaving Robin wondering who Slade is.moreless
  • Decent episode, but yeah, Robin's able to take down the other Titans just like that?

    I agree with many of the other reviewers. Robin was able to defeat all the other Titans, really? Okay, he did it in The Apprentice Part 2 as well, but that's because they held back because they knew it was Robin, here they didn't know, and thus should've been able to take him down, but no, he manhadles them. Lame stuff. But let's look past this, the episode is a decent one, the action is stellar and the tone more serious than usual. Slade is a terrific villain, Ron Perlman is the man, without his voice Slade would've been significantly uncooler. Red X is also a cool persona, and I love the suit and weapons. Robin is quite a jerk in the episode, holding out on his friends, I'm glad Starfire said what she did in the end, this is not one of Robin's proudest moments. But he doesn't mean to, he's just obsessive about Slade, the man needs to calm down.

    This is a decent episode, I hated that Robin was able to defeat all the Titans without breaking a sweat though.moreless
  • Four titans together can't beat Robin...?

    I don't get that. I mean the episode was relaly good itself plot wise. Seeing Slade and watching as Robin drives himself and his friends made like crazy ( practicaly being a workaholic as some sort ). Sigh. But, how the he11 could Robin beat all four of the other titans one on four? First of all, Raven is the only one who could acclomplish that, not that I am biasing her it's the fact with her supernatural powers where she truly has no limit, she could take all of them out ( which is proven in a later episode ). Robin... he's not all that frickin great. So, that's the only thing that I really didn't like about this episode. It practically drove me mad for awhile lol.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • When Starfire accidentally activates Robin's hologram, it is not at all similar to the original. It does not chase, it does not point, and the original hologram did not flicker.

    • When Cyborg grabs' Red X (Robin) by the cape and Robin is yelling for the team to stop Slade, his right glove is missing the X symbol.

    • After Robin tells the team that he went to the library and saw Red X, when Cyborg grabs Beast Boy's shirt, there is no circuitry in the blue part of his arm.

    • After the Sladebot blocks off Robin's path in the sewer with his gun, the gun disappears until the robot battles Starfire.

    • When Starfire accidentally activates the hologram, it repeats Robin's words, then pauses long enough to let Starfire put ther hand through, then he says it again in regular intervals. Twice would be reasonable if they didn't go, but over and over again would be obvious.

    • When Robin says, "I'm fine. Get X. Go," and they go to the shot of the Titans, Raven's hood is down.

    • Why couldn't Raven just pull the X cover on her face off with telekinesis? She doesn't always need to speak to activate her magic. In fact, she could have just
      THOUGHT the words in her mind instead of holding it in. Why didn't she do that?

    • How did Robin change so fast while running?

    • The first time Red X takes off his mask, it is a rigid covering which he pulls forward off his face. The second time, it is a cloth mask which he pulls off over his head.

    • When the Titans find out Red X is Robin, and Cyborg grabs his cape of the Red X costume, Robin tells him to let go so he can catch Slade. When Robin gets to Slade, he was in his regular 'Robin' clothes instead of the Red X costume.

    • When Robin knocks Slade over, and he lets go of the chips, there are two blue ones and one red one, but no green one.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Slade: Robin, I thought we had a deal.
      Robin: Sorry... I have a strict rule against giving stolen technology to psychos.
      Slade: How very noble of you... But stealing in order to trap me... that wasn't so noble.

    • Cyborg: (During their second encounter with Red X) You're gonna have to learn some new tricks, dog!

    • Beast Boy: (After a robot stepped on his tongue) That tasted so nasty...

    • Cyborg: (After crashing three robots with a computer) Amazing what you can do with computers these days.

    • Robin: (Hanging upside down, to a robot, which wants to steal a chip) Tell Slade if he wants this, he can come and get it himself! (Kicks the robot away)

    • Red X: Good. (Takes off the mask and reveals Robin) It's about time we met face to face.

    • Cyborg: I've adjusted my ocular implant to scan at multipule sub-harmonics in the Eumspectrome.
      Beast Boy: (Confused) Okay... do you come with subtitles?
      Cyborg: My eye should spot him even if he's invisible.

    • Starfire: STOP! Release him! He is -
      Robin: (Takes off mask) It's me!
      (Cyborg, Raven, & Beast Boy stare at him, astonished)
      Beast Boy: Dude.
      Raven: What? Robin.
      Robin: Come on! Slade's getting away!

    • Beast Boy: (After he saves Raven from Slade's robot) You owe me big time, you owe me big time! (Robot is about to shoot him, Raven saves him) Heh, guess we can call it even?

    • Robin: I had no idea Red X would pose such a threat, I shoud've been there.
      Beast Boy: You bet you should've been there, look what he did to my doo! I'm looking at two months of bad hair days!
      Raven: (Big X across her mouth) MM mmmm mmm MMMMM!
      Beast Boy: I don't know, Raven, that's kind of a good look for you.
      Cyborg: (Getting ready to take off the X) Hold still.
      (Beast Boy & Starfire both shriek loudly)
      Raven: (Holds in pain) Oww. Even if you had been there, it wouldn't have made any difference.
      Cyborg: The dude knew how to bring each of us down, I guarantee he had a gadget with your name on it.
      Starfire: Agreed. You need not feel guilt. We are undamaged.
      Beast Boy: (Pointing to his hair) HELLO?!
      Starfire: Mostly undamaged. And we are all eager to learn what you have dicovered about Slade.

    • Beast Boy: So, my fellow couch potatoes, what'll it be? Super Ninja Showdown 8? Or Maniac Fury? Attack of the Protozoids?
      Raven: (Sarcastically) Gee, they both sound soooooo good.
      Cyborg: Yeah, it's really hard to pick. Wanna watch 'em both?!
      Starfire: Perhaps Robin would enjoy potatoeing the couch with us? Tell me is he -
      Beast Boy: In the exact same place he's been since his little chat session with Slade? Umm... yeah!

    • (Red X has pulled Beast Boy away from a train)
      Beast Boy: Dude, did you just save me?
      (Red X kicks him in the stomach)

    • Robin: Whatever you're planning, Slade, it's over!
      Slade: On the contrary, Robin... it's just begun.

    • Robin: You wanna yell at me, too? Everyone else has, and I can't blame them...
      Starfire: I do not wish to yell, merely to understand... Robin, why did you not tell us the truth?
      Robin: I needed to fool Slade. If you guys knew it was me under that mask, you guys would have held back. Doesn't matter anyway, Slade figured it out, and I haven't figured anything out about him.
      Starfire: That is not true, whoever Slade is, you two... are similar. He did not trust you, and you did not trust us. (Leaves)

    • Slade: Trust can be easy to destroy, but it takes time to build.

    • Raven: I can't believe I'm saying this, but Beast Boy is right.

    • Starfire: Robin? I am wondering if you might wish to -
      Robin: No! Thanks, but I need to figure out why Slade wanted that chip.
      Starfire: Agreed, and perhaps if you were to take a break, the answer would be easier to -
      Robin: I can't! You almost got hurt, next time it could be worse. He's planning something, I have to find out what.
      Starfire: But, Robin, I am sure that -
      (Robin slams the door in her face)

    • Robin: You... saved me?
      Slade: I'm not through with you yet.

  • NOTES (16)


    • Beast Boy: All work and no movies makes me a dull Beast Boy.
      Beast Boy says, "All work and no movies makes me a dull Beast Boy." It is like in the movie, The Shining. His story says, "All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy."

    • Beast Boy's Video Suggestion: Godzilla
      The second video that Beast Boy suggests is clearly a spoof of Godzilla, all the way down to his trademarked roar.

    • Red X: X... Red X
      First off, the way it's said is a reference to the famous "Bond... James Bond." Second, Red X in and of itself is kinda an odd name... It's what you see when a picture doesn't load on the internet. It's some nice sybolism, even if it's hard to explain well...