Teen Titans

Season 4 Episode 10

Mother Mae-Eye

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jun 25, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The strange Mother Mae-Eye has taken the Titans on as her children and turned the tower into a massive gingerbread house. But even below her initial weirdness, she just keeps getting weirder.

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  • Woah this was kinda creepy, but hey, its the thought that counts.

    Ok I can't really summarize the episode. So the titans are put under this creepy spell from a lady that came from pie and they break free and they soon defeat the pie lady and send the evil pie lady to the Hive and they get the pie lady curse. Yeah it is weird. But it was kinda funny and the action wasn't too bad. Favorite quote. Beast Boy: Why am I in a bunny suit? Raven: And why am I in a dress? She then burns the dress off and wears her original cloak. So it wasn't too bad. I guess.moreless
  • Mother-Mae-eye has taken over control of then titans by having then eat pie. But starfire tries to stop her then she wakes up the titans and they stop her and put her in a pie and send it to hive 5.moreless

    It was a really funny episode.... silly but funny. Mother mae eye "powers" were really funny and how she got them all under her control and i loved the part when they wear all those funky costumes. I was laughing my head off.... I didnt really like the part when they were running away from mother mae eye it was kinda boring. I did also like the part when starfire wacks them on the head and they "wake" up and realize what there wearing and where they are.. All in all it was a really good/ funny/ silly episode.

  • Another "wacky" episode. It seems everytime they have a wacky episode in every season, it gets weaker...

    Summary: The strange Mother Mae-Eye has taken the Titans on as her children and turned the tower into a massive gingerbread house. But even below her initial weirdness, she just keeps getting weirder.

    Final Thoughts: This takes strange to a whole new level. The highest strange point of this episode is that it dealt with pie.

    This episode had the same animation as every other episode. Nothing spectacular about that. The music was pretty good. But it didn't really fit into all scenes. And the action, well, it kind of sucked.

    But this episode kept me entertained for a while. There were a few laughs here and there, but nothing else was very outstanding.moreless
  • This story was too creepy!

    Mother Mae-Eye wasnt the worst episode of Teen Titans, but it also wasnt even above average ranking. Starfire seemed to be like Beast Boy in "Episode 257-494' when nobody believes them.

    Anyway, the story had quite a short Mother Mae-Eye kidnapping plot. The purple eyes on Robin, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy was indeed creepy but the world that Mother Mae-Eye was quite good. ANd the teen titans working together as a team was good as we don't get to see them working together much in the later seasons.

    The H.I.V.E. was also potrayed well and this episode also introduced See-More and the first perverted joke for the series. however, the ladt 7-minutes of the story pulled down the ratings. It just got boring but even if the Titans had more time to die, it would be even worse, so you can't expect much.moreless
  • A mysterious pie is hypnotysing the titans. Can they break the spell and stop the new villan Mother Mae Eye.

    This episode begins when Cyborg is strolling through the night and comes acroos a mysterious alleyway. Theres a lady there selling Mystical heirlooms, for exa,ple, brains inside jars, hands attatched to keychains, and a regular pie. Cyborg bought the pie.

    He brought it home and shared his treat with the titans. After that they all fell under a spell, except Starfire. The spell was that they thoguht they mystic who sold Cyborg his pie was there mother! She treated them as children and dressed them in goofy clothes, gave them pie, and put them to bed. Starfire had no choice but to go along with the whole thing until she could form a plan.

    Soon Mother Mae Eye put them to sleep in an oven. The titans didnt notice because they were being shrouded by the hypnotic daze Mae Eye had casted on them. Once Mae Eye left Starfire escapes and gets attacked by Mae Eye. Mae Eye straps her to a chair and feeds her plenty of hypnotic endused pies.

    Starfire tricks Mae Eye by acting like shes her mother again. After Mae Eye leaves Starfire gets up and begins to escape and free her friends. Starfire was resistent to the four fed pies because she has five stomachs. Starfire frees her friends and hits each of them in the head to dissrupt the temperary hypnosis.

    They then assault Mae Eye and she fights back with an army of gingerbreadmen. They all work together and fight but get stormed back into the giant cookie that once was Titans Tower. They all act now in front of Mae Eye and then trap her inside her own pie. At the end of this episode they leave the pie at H.I.V.E headquarters. It then shows Gizmo, Jinx, and Mammoth feasting on it and then become all dazed and fall under the spell of Mother Mae Eye.moreless
Billie Hayes

Billie Hayes

Mother Mae-Eye

Guest Star

Greg Cipes

Greg Cipes

Private H.I.V.E.

Recurring Role

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson


Recurring Role

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • When the Titans were hynotized by Mother Mae-Eye, their eyes would become pink. When Starfire swallowed a pie from the conveyor belt, her eyes didn't change color. Then why did Mother Mae-Eye think that she was hynotized again?

    • Apparently, the only way to break Mother Mae-Eye's spell was to get hit really hard on the head.

    • If Cyborg could resist control from Brother Blood entirely, how could he not resist Mother Mae-Eye's spell?

    • Raven claimed in "Apprentice (2)" that if anything was controlling Robin or anyone else, she would have sensed it. So, how is it that she couldn't sense Mother Mae-Eye's control over her or the other Titans before it came or while it was in effect and not do anything about it?

    • When they all wake up hungry, they all want pie. And when Starfire stabs the pie with the pitchfork, the pie is upside-down and tin foil was in the air, but when they cut to the next scene with their backs to us, it's right-side up.

    • When Mother Mae-Eye takes Robin's weapons, a bow stick, two birdarangs, and two electric disks are shown. When she is juggling them, a communicator mysteriously appears.

    • Why did Robin need his gadgets to defeat Mammoth? Has he forgotten his training from "The Quest" already?

    • When Mother Mae-Eye is shown as the Gypsy, you can see Control Freak's remote, and the Puppet King. How exactly did she get her hands on the remote and the Puppet King, because the Titans had both of those things in their evidence room in "Fear Itself." You would think security in an evidence room would be pretty tight.

    • During the scene where the HIVE Five were raiding the mall, Seemore puts on a pair of glasses in a close up view. The scene then changes to a farther away view, and the glasses are gone.

    • Mother Mae-Eye said that Raven had crumbs on her face, but she had pie filling on her face.

    • Since when do clothes keep Beast Boy from morphing?

    • Once the Titans are freed from Mother Mae-Eye's spell, they are all still in their new costumes. Beast Boy and Cyborg take off their outfits to fight, but in the next shot showing them all, Beast Boy's bunny suit and Cyborg's rain coat are nowhere to be seen.

    • As we have learned in the first episode involving the HIVE, Robin's belt has no connection to his pants (his belt comes off, yet his pants remain on). Also, in "The Quest," when Starfire wears his belt, it's off centered, but the pants are the same. So if there's no connection to the belt and pants, how could Mammoth give Robin a wedgie by pulling his belt?

    • After escaping the oven, Starfire fires her eye beams at Mother Mae-Eye. The next cut shows her being pelted by starbolts.

    • When Beast Boy is trimming his toenails, it shows that he has four toes in the right place, but his smallest toe is on the other side of his feet which is odd considering in both "The Beast Within" and "Transformation" it shows Beast Boy's feet are normal human shaped. Perhaps this is showing again his ability to partially shape-shift (ie. into an animal with an opposable toe to aid his nail trimming) like he did with his single gorilla arm to cheer Starfire and Raven in "Switched," or in "Birthmark" when Raven stopped time.

    • Starfire swallows a chunk of a huge pie from the conveyer belt, but then regurgitates a small, whole pie.

    • Throughout several scenes in the episode, the purple coloration that should be in the eyes of the Titans that are possessed by Mother Mae-Eye is not there.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Mother Mae-Eye: Mother's widdle Twinkle Star is awfully quiet back there. Is everything hunky-dory?
      Starfire: Yes, Mother. I am just... pouty-wouty because we were not victorious in battle.

    • Mammoth: Looks like that belt's only good for one thing!

    • Beast Boy: Dude! If there's candy everywhere, how come our house smells like old lady?

    • Mother Mae-Eye: (Alarm goes off) Sweet Marlene, what in the world is that?!

    • Mother Mae-Eye: These children need more than a time out, they need a good, sound spanking!

    • Robin: Why am I in a giant pie?
      Beast Boy: Why am I in a bunny suit?
      Raven: Why am I in a dress?
      Cyborg: Who's been redecorating my tower?
      Starfire: Uh, perhaps I could explain later.

    • Starfire: Friends! Awaken! Alarm! The Mother Mae-Eye is not truly our mother, but an evil witch who has tricked us all, and invaded our home, and forbidden our missions, and stolen our boogers, and keeps us under her spell with frequent and plentiful helpings of enchanted pie! (Pants)
      Raven: Sooo, what now?
      Cyborg: I think she's saying she wants more pie.

    • Starfire: You are not the only one with powerful eyes. (Shoots eye-beams)
      See-More: (Blocks attack) Yeah, but I bet I'm the only one with see-through vision. Haha!
      (Starfire gasps, then covers herself)

    • Robin: (after Starfire destroys some gingerbread men) You broke mother's cookies!
      Cyborg & Raven: (gasp) Ooh... !
      Starfire: Friends..
      Beast Boy: (singsongy) You're gonna get in trouble! (the rest join in)

    • Mother Mae-Eye: Love, love, love! I love love. Love keeps children close! And love keeps mother strong! And now that they couldn't possibly love me more, I can extract all their sweet, nourishing affection by baking them with love!

    • Beast Boy: So... she's trapped in the pie?
      Raven: Yeah, sure, why not.
      Starfire: What are we to do with this evil confection?
      Cyborg: We could eat it! (Pause) I'm just kidding! Mostly...

    • Mother Mae-Eye: (Trying to clean Starfire's nose) No squirming now, dear! Mother must get out all your nasty nose boogies!
      Starfire: Please! This is not normal! I have long been capable of removing my own boogers!

    • Jinx: HIVE Five, eat 'em alive!

    • Starfire: (Spits out pie) Blech. Never have I been so thankful to have nine stomachs.

    • Raven: I never knew I could feel this much hatred for a pastry.

    • Cyborg: They're pie-licious!
      Raven: Of course they are, mother bakes them with love.

    • Mother Mae-Eye: (To Raven) Just because you're evil on the inside doesn't mean you can't look nice on the outside.

    • Robin: Let us go, you crazy -

    • Robin: (To Mother Mae-Eye) Lady, you are not my mother.

    • Starfire: My friends are not pie!

  • NOTES (37)


    • Mother Mae-Eye: Appearance
      In her true form, look closely at Mother Mae-Eye. Her green skin, mouth (with a tooth shape on one lip and a cutout for it on the other), and intent on consuming protagonists are reminiscent of the classic Looney Toons character Witch Hazel.

    • Mother Mae-Eye: (To Raven) Just because you're evil on the inside doesn't mean you can't look pretty on the outside.
      Calling Raven "evil on the inside" is in reference to the season's arc story centering around Raven's demonic parentage.

    • Mother Mae-Eye: "For Sale" Items
      Among the items the gypsy woman had for sale, one was a monkey's paw (an item cursed to grant twisted versions of wishes in the short story "The Monkey's Paw"), and another was what looked like the Bottle City of Kandor from Silver Age Superman comics. On the left side, there is also Control Freak's remote -- which is a little funny because Control Freak's power is supposedly based on technology -- and Puppet King without the crown.

    • Mother Mae-Eye: Appearance
      When Mother Mae Eye is in "good" mode, she looks like Strawberry Shortcake, another cartoon character whose powers deal with baking.

    • Monkey's Paw: Curse
      The monkey's paw that Cyborg mentioned being in the fortune teller shop was like the one in the short story, "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs. The monkey's paw grants any man three wishes, but in the worst possible way.

    • Gizmo: Robot Suit
      When Gizmo activates his robot suit, a sound effect similar to the transform effect from Transformers is heard.

    • Episode: Sequence of Events
      A lot of stuff in this episode is similar to a lot of things that happened in the popular children's book, "Hansel & Gretel." The candy cane house was a major thing, the kids getting cooked, evil witch luring them into a trap, etc. A lot of things had something to do with "Hansel & Gretel."

    • HIVE Five: Inspiration
      The "HIVE Five" is based on the five villains in the Teen Titans comic books which were the Fearsome Five. They originally consisted of Mammoth, Gizmo, Shimmer, Psimon, and Dr. Light. Then, Jinx and Neutron were later initiated in. When they faced Superman the lineup was Mammoth, Gizmo, Charger, Shimmer, and Deuce. Eventually, they split up and then got back together with a different team - Mammoth, Gizmo, Shimmer, Jinx, and Psimon.

    • Episode Title: Mother Mae-Eye
      The title is a simple spin-off of the ever-popular childrens' game: "Mother May I?" A game in which the players can only make a certain motion if it's approved by the "mother."