Teen Titans

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Aug 30, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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When a battle with Dr. Light pushes Raven over the edge, the Titans see a side of their mysterious friend they have never seen before. After Raven's creepy tantrum of crackling black energy leaves Dr. Light begging for mercy, Beast Boy isn't quite sure how to treat her.


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  • My Favorite Character

    I loved this episode mainly devoted to my favorite character! Raven's secrets start to reveal themselves and Cyborg and Beast Boy have to brave the waters. The multiple personalities, the internal and external character conflicts, etc. all came together to create a wonderful episode. Fantastic.
  • A look into the mysterious Raven's mind... with friends!

    I absolutely LOVE this episode, mainly because I love the character of Raven, and with her being around silly people like Cyborg and Beast Boy, we get to see a whole other side of her that she tries oh-so hard to hide. While the super-deformed style of Murakanime is incorporated, it doesn't take away from the story, if anything, it helps make the episode that much better. When Raven starts showing more anger than usual, Beast Boy and Cyborg take it upon themselves to sneak into Raven's room to try to find out more about her, but end up finding a mirror... which ends up being a portal into her mind! This ep is hilarious, as we get to see some of Raven's usually hidden emotions, including happy, timid, and, especially anger. And, of course, we get introduced to Trigon, Raven's father, and oh, what a key role he plays in the (correction, Raven's) future. In the end, Raven shows that she truly does have a friendly side and starts opening up to her friends more. ...though my favorite part were the 'turn back' birdies!moreless
  • A look into Raven's mind makes for one of the best episodes in the series.

    I loved this episode, Raven is the coolest and most interesting Titan and this episode was a near perfect home run. The opening before the intro was awesome, and kind of creepy, then the episode kicks off, and it seems Beast Boy's going to hae a major part in it, man, I do not like Beast Boy, I mean, I like his powers but his voice and persona can be very annoying. That being said, I didn't mind him here, he's not annoying, he's just...there. Raven is the star of this episode, and we get to see her various personalities. I would've loved to see more of them explored, we only get to see her sadness, happiness and toughness. But the episode is so great that's about all I can say I didn't like, oh yeah and the small parts with Starfire attempting to convince Robin to talk to Raven, it was pointless to show it, what? 3-4 times.

    Of course this is the first time we see Trigon, well, not really, but we get to see what he looks like. He would later appear in my favorite storyline and episodes The End parts 1-3. He is huge and menacing, a real threat and one of the best villains the Titans have encountered in the series. Again, I got to repeat myself, Raven is such a cool character, she is awesome, and fans of her are sure to love this episode. Cyborg and Beast Boy were not distractions in the slightest, and belive me, that's quite a feat as I usually do not like BB.

    "Nevermore" is an ecellent episode and one of my favorites. certainly the best one from season 1, along with "Mad Mod".moreless
  • Beast Boy and Cyborg get to see Raven's mind!

    Personally, I loved this episode. It showed us a little more of Raven and I loved seeing the expressions on Cyborg and Beast Boy's faces when Raven changed from personality to personality. I really liked the pink/happy Raven, but the other ones were good too. And this was the first appearence of her father, also good. This is one of my favorite episodes because it is funny, we all learn a little more about Raven, and most of the running gags, like Starfire bothering Robin while he's changing the chanels on the television. Great first season episode. This is one of my season 1 favorites.moreless
  • That was a good one!

    Raven and Beast Boy don't get along well and soon something happens in Raven's room. Beast Boy and Cyborg go into her room and Check out the premises. Beast boy says "Whoa, look like Halloween came early this year." Then they come across a mirror and get sucked into a dimension that is inside Raven's mind and they meet all her emotions! Robin and Starfire find Raven meditating on the rooftop on Titan's Tower. Since something happens in Raven's mind and Beast Boy and Cyborg are in there, It causes her to laugh strangely, she leaves and Starfire thought that was freaky. When Cyborg and Beast boy reach the end, eventually Raven comes in and they fight a Red white-haired monster, they are able to defeat it with teamwork. At the end Beast Boy and Raven know each other more and realize they don't hate each other. I thought this episode had a good story line and had a happy ending. Raven has a portal to her mind! I thought it was true that everyone can have emotions.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • Beast Boy said "I told you we shouldn't have gone in her room". Actually, Cyborg told Beast Boy not to go in her room.

    • This is the first episode in which Raven's backstory is hinted, which is further explored in "Birthmark", "Prophecy", and "The End" parts 1-3.

    • When Cyborg and Beast Boy first appear in Raven's Happy Place, both of Cyborgs' eyes are red.

    • The third time Starfire asks Robin if they should see if Raven is better, if you look closely, she moves her mouth a bit before actually speaking.

    • When Raven is scolding Beast Boy for breaking into her mirror, her mouth didn't move.

    • When Raven is fusing herself with the other Ravens, her cloak is red, not blue, like it usually is.

    • In "Go!," Raven said Beast Boy was funny and laughed at his joke. In this episode, Beast Boy says that she never laughed at any of his jokes.

    • When Raven is flying around Trigon, a weird gray-ish streak is following her, but this has never happened to her before.

    • When Raven's uncontrolled anger escapes in the form of the demon when she is about to kill Dr. Light, you can only see two red eyes and tentacles flying everywhere. She also has a weird serpent-like voice. When she would do this in "Aftershock," she would have four red eyes, but no tentacles and more of an echo in her voice.

    • When Raven pushes Beast Boy and Cyborg towards the portal leading out of her mind, no aura is visible around them. In other episodes, when she has moved a person (like Robin in "Apprentice (2)"), an aura was visible.

    • The face of the statue that the Titans are facing constantly changes.

    • When all of Raven's sides are spinning around Raven, her cloak is red.

    • After the green Raven turns into the red Raven, they are spinning around her. But why is there a red Raven when she is already battling the red one?

    • After Beast Boy and Cyborg emerge from the labyrinth, they encounter two statues, which merge into one and advance on them, just before the commercial. When the show returns from commercial, the statue is still advancing on them, but with the labyrinth behind it.

    • When Beast Boy first meets Sad Raven, Cyborg's red eye turns white.

    • When White Raven fought Trigon, at one point, her eyes looked red when the black energy was shooting out of her body.

    • Just before Raven's other selves start spinning around her to become White Raven, the green one turns red, and when they're spinning, you can see red, but no green.

    • The statue in Raven's mind continually changes the hands in which he holds his swords.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • (Beast Boy & Cyborg are in Raven's happy place in her mind)
      Beast Boy: I think this might be where air fresheners come from.
      Pink Raven: (Laughs) Good one!
      Cyborg: You're laughing.... ?
      Beast Boy: At one of MY jokes?
      Pink Raven: Sure! I always thought you were funny, B.B. But, hey, looks aren't everything! (Walks away laughing, Beast Boy & Cyborg stare at each other weirdly)

    • Beast Boy: (When he first saw the inside of Raven's room) Looks like Halloween came early this year!

    • Cyborg: (Whispering; frightened) We are in Raven's room... We should not be in Raven's room... She doesn't let anybody in here. EVER!
      Beast Boy: So this is our big chance to find out more about her! (Picks up a magical mirror) For instance, check out this beauty mirror. Who would have thought Raven spent time sprucing... ahh, is that a zit?

    • Beast Boy: (About Raven) I was trying to be nice! But no matter how hard I try, she still treats me like tofu eggs!

    • Robin: (After a Raven/Beast Boy argument) Maybe you should go apologize.
      Beast Boy: Me?!?!?! I'm not the one who just turned breakfast into a battlefield!

    • Dr. Light: A wolf is no threat when it is blind as a bat.

    • Dr. Light: (To the Titans) Your pathetic skills can't outshine the brilliance of Dr. Light!

    • Dr. Light: You're fast, but I doubt you'll enjoy moving at the speed of light!

    • (Dr. Light blasts Raven)
      Raven: Don't come any closer.
      Dr. Light: What's the matter? Afraid of the light?
      (Raven transforms)
      Dr. Light: ...You win! I surrender!
      Raven: What's the matter? Afraid of the dark?
      Dr. Light: I surrender! (Gasps) No!!! (Screams)

    • Cyborg: (To Dr. Light) Watch yourself, lightweight. Things are about to get heavy.

    • Cyborg: Uh! Hey! Let me…
      Dr. Light: Now, if nobody minds, I'll be taking the gold.
      Raven: I mind. Azarath Metrion Zin --
      (Dr. Light knocks her away with ease)
      Dr. Light: Bit of advice. Find shorter magic words.

    • Rough Raven: (After defeating the stone monster) WHOOOAA! High five! C'mon!
      Beast Boy: What is your deal? First, you nuke breakfast, then you finally laugh at my joke, then you get all weepy, and now you're a marine? Make up your mind! WHO ARE YOU?!
      (All the Ravens appear)
      Ravens: I'm Raven!
      (Beast Boy faints)
      Cyborg: (Pointing to each one) Happy, Timid, and Brave...
      Pink Raven: (Points to Beast Boy) You forgot Dopey!
      Cyborg: All different sides of Raven's personality. We're not in Raven's home...
      Beast Boy: We're in her head.
      Raven: And I want you out!(Jumps down into the mirror) The mirror you found is for meditation! It's a portal into my mind, NOT A TOY!
      Beast Boy: Heh, heh, my bad.
      (Birds start flying away)
      Raven: You have to go, now!
      Cyborg: Hold up. What's goin' on here?
      Raven: Last night, something got loose... something BAD.
      Beast Boy: Oh, no you don't! I've had it with this mystery girl routine! I wanna know exactly what you're talking about!
      (Trigon appears)
      Trigon: HATRED SHALL RULE!
      Raven: Let's just say, I have issues with my father...

    • Raven: I thought you didn't like me.
      Beast Boy: I thought you didn't like me.
      (Raven grins)
      Cyborg: Hey, I like the both of you! Now get your butts over here!

    • Beast Boy: You know, not once has Raven laughed at my jokes!
      Cyborg: At least she listens. I just tune you out.

    • Robin: Thanks, Beast Boy. Everything looks great.
      Starfire: On my planet, such a feast would mark an engagement. Tell me, Beast Boy, to whom are you engaged?
      Beast Boy: WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (Backs away)

    • Robin: Morning, Raven! Want breakfast?
      Beast Boy: (Holds up a plate and runs up to Raven) It's good! Wakey wakey, tofu eggs and bakey...
      Raven: Herbal... tea...
      Beast Boy: Come on, just one little taste? You could use some food after the way you cooked Dr. Light ...
      Raven: (Angered) NOOOOOO!
      (The eggs on Beast Boy's plate explode in his face)

    • (Beast Boy is standing outside Raven's room, reluctant to go in and apologize to her; he knocks once and very quietly)
      Beast Boy: Oh, well. Nobody's home.
      (Starts walking away whistling, runs into Cyborg)
      Cyborg: You might want to knock a little louder.
      (Cyborg bangs on Raven's door, causing it to fall down)
      Beast Boy: Now we both have to apologize.

    • Moody Raven: And remember the time I called you both immature pinheads? I'm sorry for that too. And also -
      Beast Boy: For the hundreth, millionth time -
      Beast Boy & Cyborg: WE FORGIVE YOU!

    • Robin: Where have you guys been?
      Cyborg: Just getting to know each other...
      Starfire: Come, friends. We shall prepare a new breakfast feast!
      Beast Boy: It's a little late for breakfast, Star. How about some herbal tea?
      Raven: Actually, breakfast sounds... nice.
      Beast Boy: Breakfast for dinner, comin' up! (Runs down the hall)
      Cyborg: (Chasing after Beast Boy) Oh, no, I'm cookin' this time. We're havin' real eggs!

    • Starfire: (After Raven laughs) Many of your Earthly ways are still strange to me, but that was, just plain freaky. Correct?

    • Sad Raven: I can show you the way, but when we reach the end, you won't like me anymore. (Points to Beast Boy) He already doesn't like me.

    • Raven: Thanks... friends.
      Beast Boy: So we really are friends?
      Raven: Hmmm... (Nods yes)
      Beast Boy: Do you think I'm funny?
      Raven: ... Don't push it.

    • Cyborg: Hey, I know where we are! We're in that place that I didn't know where we were before.
      Beast Boy: And where have you been?! Shopping for robes?! (Sad Raven starts to cry) Whoa! Easy there. I didn't mean it!

    • Beast Boy: Raven? How did - ? Where are - ? What just - ? (Notices her attire) Why are you wearing pink?
      Pink Raven: (Laughs) 'Cause... it's my favorite color!
      Beast Boy: It is?
      Cyborg: Look, I'd love to talk fashion, but would you know a way out of here?
      Pink Raven: The forbidden door. It's the only way out. But you don't wanna go there... not yet.
      Beast Boy & Cyborg: (Short pause) Uh... yeah we do.
      Pink Raven: 'Kay, but don't say I didn't warn you. (Runs off making airplane noises)
      Cyborg: Have you ever seen her this happy?
      Beast Boy: Dude, I didn't know Raven could DO happy...

  • NOTES (28)


    • Quote: Happy Raven: You forgot Dopey!

      Happy was referring to the Seven Dwarfs since Dopey and Happy are the names of two dwarfs.

    • Raven: Afraid of the dark?
      In the opening fight-scene, Raven asks Dr. Light this question. Then she makes him fear... This shows some similarity with the first Pitch Black movie's original tagline: "Are you afraid of the dark? You will be..."

    • Labyrinth / Statue: Similarity
      The labyrinth as well as the statue behind it in Raven's mind seems incredibly similar to the Gate Guardian and Labryinth Wall from the Yu-Gi-Oh series.

    • Allusion: Hannibal Lecter
      The concept of a physical world within the mind is an allusion to the book Hannibal, where doctor Lecter created a castle within his mind.

    • Trigon: Endless Void
      When Trigon falls through the seemingly endless void in Raven's mind, it bears a resemblance to a moment in the movie Legend when the Devil falls through space. A big red demon falling through space with stars all around him in both cases.

    • White Raven: Optics
      In optics, it's well known that normal ("white") light is composed of the seven colors of the visible light spectrum. From this perspective, it's logical that the combination of all the different colored Ravens results in a white one.

    • Episode Title: Nevermore
      The title of this episode is a reference to Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven." "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, ..." The only word the raven speaks is "Nevermore."More Info

    • Cooking Show: Chef
      The cooking show watched by Robin features a cook who bears a strong resemblance to as well as the uniform of Hiroyuki Sakai, the master French Chef on the popular Japanese import show, Iron Chef.