Teen Titans

Season 2 Episode 4

Only Human

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 31, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Back when Cyborg was a fully human athlete, he loved trying to do more than he thought he could do. He always gave 110%. But now that his muscles are mechanical, Cyborg's limitations are built-in. When the other Titans are captured, Cyborg is forced to push himself to his limits - and beyond - in a battle with a giant robot called Atlas.moreless

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  • Heavy on action, but thin on plot, still an entertaining episode.

    Teen Titans is usually such a well written show with amazing characters. Every now and then there's an episode that's mostly just about the action, I feel this is one of those episodes. That doesn't mean it's just fighting, Cyborg feels inferior because he can't push himself beyond the limit anymore, since his parts are mechanical and have a built in limit.

    Keith David brings his awesome voice and gives Atlas, a really lame villain, some credibility. I liked how he was a big bully though, keeping his mechanic down, and it was cool seeing the mechanic standing up to him. The fighting between Cyborg and Atlas is excellent. I previously said that Cyborg is not interesting enough to carry an episode by himself, I still feel that somewhat, but...maybe I'm wrong. The mechanic thing was a nice subplot, and the episode is saved by having great action. I liked the ending as well, predictable as it was.

    I don't know, I liked this episode. "Only Human, manages to get by simply on throwing in fancy fisticuffs and a nice subplot about standing up to a bully.moreless
  • Cyborg is not just a human, he has heart. Or something like that.

    First of all, I did not give this episode the best score because it was only centered around Cyborg, while no other titans got to do much. Anyway, at the beggining of this episode Cyborg begins to wonder how much his robotic body can give. A new opponent appears named Atlas and challenges Cyborg. He loses at first so Atlas takes his friends and tells Cyborg that he must accept the rematch to get his friends back. Cyborg fights him again and loses. As he is about to give up, he comes back to get his friends and beats Atlas with no limitations. So it was an acceptional episode.moreless
  • Cyborg realises he is not totally robotic when he goes beyond his limits and defeats a gigantic robot.

    I find this episode quite okay, really. At least there is a moral right? You learn that you, as a human, can go beyond your borders and that you should not be content as yourself. This is the best Cyborg episode so far, I guess, compared to Sum Of His Parts or Car Trouble, which were lame. This season is starting out to be different from Season 1. It focusses on the characters learning the different facts of life, except Every Dog Has His Day which was nonsensical. Keep this up and this season might be better than the previous one.moreless
  • One of the best Cyborg centered episodes in the serie!

    PLOT IN SHORT: Cyborg gets depressed by the fact that his metal muscles are placing limits on him. As he prefers to deal with this alone, a new manace appears: Atlas, a power robot, who challanges Cy to a fighting match and defeats him. Taking the other Titans as prisoners, he states that he'll free them if Cyborg will fight him again. Now it's up to the "man of steel" to save his friends, but will he manage to defeat the powerful machine?

    I must admit that Cyborg episodes were rarely one of my favorites (they were cool, but in most cases not as enjoyable as other to me), so I'm quite happy to say that this is one of the best Cyborg episodes in the serie (and maybe one of the best eps in the serie overall). There's some comedy, but this one is mostly about action with dept hidden behind it all.

    IMO, Cyborg fans can't let this one slip!moreless
  • A good Cyborg episode, but it could've been better.

    PLOT: The Titans are working out, and Cyborg is lifting heavy weights. Robin encourages him to keep trying to lift it, but when his mechanical limits reach 100%, he can't lift it anymore and the weights fall. Cyborg evades it, though. Cyborg tells Robin about how he used to be able to give more than 100% when he was human, but his limits are built in now that he's a cyborg. Cyborg plays video games for a while, and the other Titans try to cheer him up and fail. He eventually defeats Atlas, the guy he's fighting on the on-line video game. Atlas demands a rematch at the tower. He comes over in person, and reveals that he is all-robot and he doesn't think humans, even half-humans like Cyborg, are a challenge, and starts fighting him for real. The other Titans come to help him, but Atlas and his mechanic trap them. After a little bit of fighting, Atlas sugests that they have a rematch at The Old Stadium at Sunset. If Cyborg wins, he will get the others back. Atlas and his mechanic take the Titans off to The Old Stadium.

    Cyborg comes to fight him, and he loses because he reaches 100%. Atlas keeps the other Titans as trophies, and Cyborg walks off.

    While walking away, Cyborg convinces himself to go back and fight because his human half can beat Atlas, and he goes back to have a rematch with him.

    Meanwhile, the Titans are trying to convince the mechanic to stop working for Atlas. Soon afterwards, Cyborg goes back to have a rematch with him. This time, he wins and goes beyond 100%. The Titans have convinced the mechanic to stop serving Atlas after they say that Atlas doesn't like him and that Atlas is afraid of him because he is the one that repairs him,and he frees them. Atlas admits that Cyborg is a better robot. Cyborg replies that he's a better person, not a robot.

    Afterwards, the Titans congratulate Cyborg. Robin says that Cyborg needs a new thing that tells his limitations. Cyborg replies that he doesn't need it because his body may have its limits, but if he puts his mind to it, there's no limit to what he can do.

    This was a good Cyborg episode that develops his character very well. The plot is good, but I think it could have used improvement. The action is great, though. The villain was good and challenging as well, but he wasn't really all that interesting, IMO. It had some good comedy, as well, even though I don't expect comedy from this show. Overall, it was a good Cyborg episode, but not his best.



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  • TRIVIA (9)

    • In several episodes, Starfire has been shown to possess super strength, comparable to and sometimes greater than Cyborg's. If this is the case, couldn't she have helped Cyborg out with the weights when he's struggling with them?

    • When Beast Boy falls on Atlas, as a whale, we see Robin grin really wide, the only big smile we see in the entire show.

    • How did Atlas lose to Cyborg if he was able to lift Beast Boy up as a whale? He should have been able to defeat Cyborg easily.

    • Robin makes a very, very horrible mistake when lifting weights with Cyborg at the beginning of the episode. Robin is acting as Cyborg's "spotter," a person who's role is to watch the weight-lifter and be ready to catch part of the weight if the lifter's in danger. But instead of doing this, Robin ignores Cyborg's pleas and insists on trying to make him "take it to the next level," until Cyborg ends up nearly crushed by the weights. This violates the most basic rules of weight training: If Robin did that in a real-life gym, he'd be kicked out and he might face a lawsuit (or even criminal charges if the person's injuries were severe enough).

    • When Atlas threatens to destroy the Titans if Cyborg won't have a rematch, he points his gun at Robin, who freaks... but, as Robin just saw, Atlas is pointing the force-field gun at him, which wouldn't do a thing.

    • At the beginning, when Cyborg lifts the weights, he can't take it and collapses. Here's the thing; he was lifting them from beneath. Shouldn't the weights have squashed him? (You might think he rolled out of the way, but the time elapsed from when he falls proves this impossible.)

    • When the Mechanic first says "no" to Atlas, he's covered in oil. When Atlas throws him across the room, the oil is gone.

    • During one of the fight scenes, a close-up is shown of Atlas breathing heavily. Being entirely cybernetic, he should not have to breathe.

    • There was a red shine on the black part of Raven's chakra the first time you see her in this episode.

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    • Cyborg: Inner Man
      The scene in which Cyborg discusses the events with his inner man, who is reflecting in a shop-window, is a clear reference to the scene in the Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers movie, in which Gollam argues with his "bad side."

    • Atlas: No one defeats Atlas.
      Atlas was a Titan from Greek mythology who, after being defeated by the Olympian gods, was sentenced to hold up the earth.

    • Atlas: (Menacingly, playing game) Derrick Wyatt of East Gotham City, I own you.
      While playing his online video game, Atlas says his opponent is from Gotham City, the second reference to the city made in this show (of course, since he was on the internet, this really doesn't provide any clue as to where Gotham is in relation to the Titans' city).