Teen Titans

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jun 18, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Wishing to get the most he can out of his time, Cyborg installs a special Max-7 chip into his head which throws him into overdrive, allowing him to do a lot of things, very fast. But when the self-copying Billy Numerous starts stealing everything in town, even the Max-7 may not be enough to stop him.moreless

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  • When Cyborg installs the Max-7 into himself, he becomes addicted and worries the rest of the team. In the end, the other titans help Cyborg see that he doesn't the Max-7 to enjoy life.moreless

    This is a great episode, partly because it deals with a real-life dilemma: Addiction. Cyborg feeling that needs Max-7 so much is very much like a drug addiction.

    In a way, Cyborg and the rest of the titans teach a little lesson: You can live life to the fullest, but you don't need drugs to do it. Even Beast Boy says that the Max-7 was turning Cyborg the one thing he'd never thought Cyborg could be: a robot. And it's true. Cyborg said it himself in a previous episode: He's only human.

    The episode did have an odd ending, but I don't care about that too much. It was fun to watch and I enjoyed it very much.moreless
  • This is first Cyborg episode that even a bit enjoyable!!It was good but I hated how the episode ended.I mean what kind of show ends like that?And the fight was sort of boring.moreless

    Is just like Cyborg gets this chip and this person divides himself and the titans make copies by hollowgrams.Is just a really simple idea like most of the other Titan shows.I think all Cyborg shows are pretty boring.The worst part was the ending.It was terrible.Cyborg sleeping?What so interesting about that?It wasn't so bad but it could have been better.
  • Finally a Cyborg episode that is actually entertaining.

    Summary: Wishing to get the most he can out of his time, Cyborg installs a special Max-7 chip into his head which throws him into overdrive, allowing him to do a lot of things, very fast. But when the self-copying Billy Numerous starts stealing everything in town, even the Max-7 may not be enough to stop him.

    Thoughts: Cyborg probably my least favorite Titan. Most of the "Cyborg Episodes" are SOOOOO BORING! I'm not saying that he isn't bad on other episodes. Hes a great character, just not in the episodes that he stars in.

    "Overdrive" was a great episode. Probably my second favorite Cyborg episode.

  • Yes, another Cyborg spotlight episode. Is he really that popular?

    Don’t get me wrong; I love Cyborg on this show. But it seems that he gets a LOT of screen-time here. Anyway, this episode, while decent, doesn’t really give us anything we haven’t seen before. Cyborg gets an upgrade, which invariably backfires on him. At one point, he becomes a one-man army, trouncing the bad guys without even bothering to coordinate with his teammates. What I think would have been nice, was if Robin were to force a personal one-on-one intervention regarding Cyborg’s behavior. After all, Robin experienced similar issues back when he was dealing with his Slade baggage. I also thought that Billy Numerous was a weird villain. I’m surprised that they didn’t use Multiplex – an actual character from the DC Comics’ stable, who has the same powers. This is a fun episode, but there’s nothing here that really leaps out at you (Although admittedly, I love the fact that Cyborg can now speak Tamaranian).moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Wouldn't it make more sense if Billy's symbol on his suit is a MULTIPLICATION symbol? His name is Billy Numerous, this would make A LOT more sense.

    • Billy's clones seem to possess a colossal amount of strength, as they are able to lift objects that no human could lift alone. Yet, they seem powerless to physically stop Cyborg in any way.

    • In most episodes, Cyborg is seen in the Titans' kitchen eating breakfast, generally made by Beast Boy. But in his room is an eggs-and-bacon maker, which obviously serves him breakfast. So why put up with Beast Boy's tofu cooking?

    • How could the holograms inflict damage among the enemies? And how were the Raven clones all able to use the telekinesis if only the real Raven should have been abe to do so?

    • How was a group of Billy's able to lift an entire BRIDGE? Even if he had multiplied, there is no way he could have had all that strength.

    • Cyborg starts sounding like a robot after he announces that he deactivated his systems to power the Max 7. Later on, in a fight scene between the Billy's who are lifting the bridge, you can clearly hear his regular voice.

    • At the very end of the episode, when you see Cyborg sleeping in his room, for a minute you see a variety of pictures on his wall, including one of him before the "accident" and one of him with Jinx.

    • At the end of the episode, we find out that all of the extra titans were just holograms. But, in the scene where Beast Boy is being chased, you can see 3 holograms changing into an animal.

    • Chess with Raven

      Granted, we're given a very limited view of the board, but even so, Cyborg and Raven's game makes no sense.

      Cyborg's queen comes from the top of the screen (the side he's sitting on), and two of Raven's pawns are visible in the upper-left corner (placing them towards the top of the board, that is, far into Cyborg's territory). Granted, it's not impossible, but it is extremely unlikely to have two pawns survive side-by-side that far up the board into enemy territory.

      But beyond that, Cyborg's move made no sense. He places his queen directly in the fire of Raven's bishop. There's just no reason for him to do that. If he was trying to cover his pawn, he should've placed his queen next to Raven's bishop. That way, he'd be covering his pawn and threatening the bishop.

      Raven's following move makes no sense either. She uses her rook to capture Cyborg's pawn. Why would she do that when she had a clear shot at Cyborg's queen?

      The only possible explanation for Raven's illogical move, her smug reaction, and Cyborg's surprise is that her move resulted in a checkmate, but this is impossible. Cyborg could've easily captured Raven's rook with his queen, but for the sake of argument, let's imagine that Raven could possibly have some convulted setup placing Cyborg in checkmate.

      To illustrate, I'll be generous and assume that Raven's leftmost visible pawn in the upperleft lies on the long white diagonal (the a8 - h1 diagonal). This is a generous placing because it allows the most available area on the board for our example (though it still doesn't really make sense because Raven could've promoted any of two pawns...not that this game makes any sense at all...).

      So, working on this assumption, this places Raven's rook in the f-file. The rook cannot be placing the king in check directly because the king is not visible on the screen.

      Okay, so maybe the rook got out of the way of another piece that puts the king in check. In this case, Cyborg's king has to be at h4 (because it's not visible at h5 or h6, an extremely unusual place for the black king to be. But even if Cyborg's king was on h6, the offending piece must be on the e-file; in other words, directly in the line of fire of Cyborg's queen. In other words, it's not checkmate. The only way that move could've resulted in a checkmate is if Cyborg's king was already under check, in which case that move he made with his queen was illegal.

      This was under the assumption that the pawn in the upperleft was on the long diagonal. If we shift our example at all to the right (using the c8 - h3 diagonals or any other white diagonal after that) or assume that the upperleft-most pawn is on d5 (a more plausible place for her pawn to be), check becomes impossible. If you shift the example down to the b5 - f1 diagonal, check is possible, but not mate. Hardly something to gloat or panic about.

    • After Billy divides for the first time, Starfire and Raven switch between standing next to the T-Car and hovering over it.

    • A certain bar on Cyborg's arm panel is labeled "Appetite" the first time Cyborg starts shutting down his systems. In later scenes, however, it is replaced by a bar called "Hunger."

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Billy: Hey, Billy, I got one!
      (Beast Boy transforms into a tiger)
      Billy: AHHH!

    • Robin: (About Billy) Great, he can be in ten places at once.
      Beast Boy: Not even Cyborg can do that!
      Cyborg: Watch me!

    • Cyborg: All right, I gotta skydiving class in 15 minutes. Let's handle this one fast.
      Billy: Y'all might be able to handle one Billy Numerous, but let's see how you handle ten.
      (Billy Numerous splits into ten Billys, surrounding the Titans)
      Raven: (To Cyborg) You're gonna be late for class.

    • Adonis: Adonis has upgraded!
      Cyborg: So have I!

    • Robin: What's the matter, Adonis? Starting to feel the burn?

    • Billy #1: Hey, Billy! Look at this funny Mexican hat I stole!
      Billy #2: Olé, Billy! You're a good man!
      Billy #3: And a really good thief.
      Billy #4: Not to mention one heck of a good lookin' feller', Billy!
      Billy #5: Oh, Billy! Hahahaha -
      Cyborg: Hey, Billy! Quit talkin' to yourself.

    • Cyborg: But how am I supposed to beat Billy without the Max-7? I could barely keep up with him before.
      Beast Boy: (Wearing a paper hat) Maybe you don't need to keep up with him. I can turn into the biggest, strongest, fastest animals on earth, but you know what, dude? Sometimes it's best to be a slow, tiny turtle. (Holds out origami turtle)
      Raven: That would have been a lot more profound without the hat.

    • Robin: Cyborg, it's great that your working so hard, but I think there may be something wrong.
      Raven: You just don't seem like you.
      Starfire: Your joyful smile is gone, you have ceased the "Boo-Ya's" -
      Beast Boy: And you haven't made a joke all day. You're totally Cy-boring.

    • Billy: Bubba, you just opened up a six pack! (Separates into six Billy's)

    • Raven: We're actually reading the instructions.

    • Beast Boy: You know, Cyborg's always had chips for brains, but he's turning into the one thing I never thought he could be.
      Raven: What's that?
      Beast Boy: A robot.

    • Cyborg: (On TV) Remember, if your not cookin' with CY-BQ sauce, you just ain't cookin'.
      Announcer: CY-BQ Brand. Official marinade of the Teen Titans.
      Starfire: I thought our official marinade was Zorbrian Spider Juice.

    • Beast Boy: Dude, Cyborg is more Cyborg-y than ever!
      Starfire: Agreed. He now opens even larger cans of "the butt whoop."

    • Cyborg: Hello, bacon! Hello, eggs! Nothin' personal. (Eats eggs and bacon)

    • Raven: Azarath Metrion -
      Cyborg: Zinthos!

  • NOTES (30)


    • Video Game: Street Fighters
      Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing a game similar to Street Fighters.
      Game one: Cyborg's Guile vs. Beast Boy's Chun-Li.
      Game two: Cyborg was doing moves from E.Honda, and Ryu/Ken. (Who share attack moves.)
      Game Three: Cyborg is playing M. Bison.
      Game Four: Cyborg is Ken or Ryu.
      Beast Boy didn't have a chance to react in the last three games.

    • Starfire: Agreed. He now opens even larger cans of "the butt-whoop."
      "Butt-whoop" is obviously a watered down version of the saying, "whoop-ass."

    • Robin: Staff
      Robin's staff freely changes length, even becoming dozens of feet long, much like the staff of the Monkey King from the Chinese novel, Journey to the West.