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  • One of the greatest comic-based animated shows ever

    I have to admit, apart from Batman, I'm not much of a comic person. But there was just something different about Teen Titans. This show was just so freakin' incredible. The characters, the stories, the animation, Teen Titans was just close to perfect in every possible way. It had the perfect blend of serious matters and funny situations, and the animation was like a mixture of standard animation and japanese anime, which was really cool.

    All of the main characters are likable. Cyborg rocks, Beastboy (Contrary to Raven's belief) is pretty funny, and Raven is one of the coolest emo characters you'll ever see. She seems like she doesn't care, but she's just really reserved and quiet, and deep down she really cares about her teammates. Robin in Teen Titans has greatly improved compared to the one in Batman: The Animated Series, instead of getting captured a lot, he's become a competent fighter, leader, and all-around kick-ass dude. And then there's Starfire, my favorite character on the show. She's just adorable. Obviously ignorant of Earth customs, but she's still a really strong character. And... is it weird that I have a HUGE crush on her?

    The whole series in general was amazing. The first two seasons were definately the best though. Slade completely rocked as a villain. Smart, manipulative, calmly psychotic, and he was voiced by Ron Perlman, who normally does a good job as a villain. And Terra was my favorite side character. I can see why Slade was so interested in bringing her and Robin over to his side for being strong characters. Her relationship with Beastboy was something I really liked too. The third season was good, but not as good as one and two. Brother Blood, while pretty evil, just couldn't compare to Slade in my mind. The fourth Season was definately better though. Raven's role in the season finale really moved me. In fact, this would have been the best way to end the series in my mind, even if it didn't explain what happened to Slade.

    You're probably wondering, if I love Teen Titans so much, why didn't I give it a perfect score? Well, that would be series finale. It was one of the worst series finales I have ever seen for a show. The fact that they brought back Terra was cool, but she had lost her memory, never regained it, and completely shot down Beastboy. And then Teen Titans just ends there? Are you freakin' kidding me?! What a rip-off! Hell, I never really got into the fifth season anyway, it just seemed there were too many characters and too many things going on at the same time that it left me kinda confused. Thank god they made a movie that served as a real series finale. Trouble In Tokyo was amazing!

    Apart from season five though, the rest of the series was incredible. Many hilarious moments that involve anime-like animation, awesome fight sequences, likable heroes and a great sense of tension when it comes to Slade, all of these made for a great show. I highly recommend watching Teen Titans. It's definately one of the greatest animated shows and one of the best comic-based cartoons ever conceived.

    I'm sooo glad I found this site! it's been forever since I saw the original teen titans episodes, I'm so glad and I feel like I can move on with my life
  • Fun and clever

    I think its pretty good I started watching in 2013 because my older cousin saw me and my brother watching teen titans go and he said it totally sucked compared to teen my brother and I thought we should try it! I'm on season 4 and I love the show one of my favorites.
  • I like it

    I like this show but I prefer comedy so I like Teen Titans Go better but hey Teen Titans is also a pretty nice show. It's about 5 teenager trying to save the world! Robin is the leader. He is hard working and will do anything for his team He may be human be he is bad ass on them villains. Starfire kind and always positive she is an alien princess who is trying to learn human culture. Raven half human half demon she seem emotionless because her powers are based on emotion but inside she's a great person. Beast Boy is half boy half beast and can turn into any animal. He is also very silly. Cyborg mostly is a robot but also human he is best friends with Beast Boy. Together they help make Jump City safe!
  • One of the best

    Fan of them since I was 10. When I first saw Teen Titans, I knew I was gonna love it forever no matter how old I will get. TEEN TITANS RULES
  • It's an amazing show

    This show is so great so creative amazing voice actors the story lines the action the drama the comedy the dark humor everything was just fantastic
  • It's an amazing show

    That's all I can say about it
  • This show is one of the best!! :D Teen Titans GO

    Let's see we have Robin who isn't Batman's sidekick in this, Cyborg the cool part robot and part human guy, Starfire the happy alien girl, Beast Boy the green animal shape shifting comic relief and of course Raven I just love her funny sarcasm yeah pretty much just five superheroes living in a big letter T while the comics had more Teen Titans members this show just has five of them This show is really good it has plenty of action and humor and the characters are well likable not to mention really good, well written and enjoyable episodes I could watch again and again I love all five main characters although Raven and Beast Boy are my two favorite characters Teen Titans GO they need to bring this show back I love this show it deserves a 10 out of 10
  • not my type...

    worst superheroes who don't go to school or don't socialized with anyone other than the team. boring
  • please come back

    This is truly the best series ever..... Please please please bring it

  • best show ever

    I have loved teen titans since I was nine i have seen almost all of the original and almost all of the new ones (teen titans go) and I loved every single episode for both I think I can safely say I am the biggest fan of teen titans and if I could I would rate it 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000+
  • It must return

    Teen Titans is my childhood in a nutshell. I thought it was the best most brilliant show ever but then they took it off air. Resulting in me not being able to see it again as over here in the UK we dont have any DVDs of it. I loved all the characters, BeastBoy was funny, Raven was smart, Robin was a leader, Starfire was pretty and Cyborg was just awesome. I also like Terra and the fact that they didn't just ditch her after 1 episode like most shows do. I would definitely recommend it to people everywhere if it was ever aired again.
  • please, the titans must come back

    please Titans must return

    I'm Chilean

    yes, believe me, I'm Chilean

    look came to stop this series so far

    in my heart :)

    I was fascinated by this program, which saw every day since I was 6 years old, now I'm 14 and still love, please I want a sixth season, and if they can they did get some intent thereof, or action figures, no matter, I would like to have some of them, as here in chile, nothing arrives: (
  • Top Shows

    The first few ep (03)
  • this show is the best if you watched it you had an amazing childhood

    The only problem was the cliffhanger if they added a sixth season that summed everything up that would be perfect. EVERYONE KEEPS SAYING RAVEN IS AN ALIEN IS NOT SHE'S A DEMON.
  • TEEN TITAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is awesome. What's not to love?
  • How can you not love this show?

    This was one of my favorite shows back in my days. It's funny, dark, and just everything else is awesome. I didn't give it a 10 because it did leave us at a cliffhanger about some things. Other than that, still a great show.
  • Absolutely Awesome

    This show combines a perfect amount of action, drama, and humor. You can really connect to the characters because this show spends a lot of time building on them and you get a lot of good laughs here and there. Only like 3 out of the 65 episodes made were really stupid but the rest were amazing. If you want hardcore action, epic heroes, and great humor than I would definitely recommend this.
  • Some things never change

    Despite the title and theme of the show's final episode, there are things in this world that are irrefutably constant. One of those things is how incredible this series was. Whether you watched in during its original airing, or you're watching it again on DVD, Beast Boy's comedy, Robin's action, Cyborg's sci-fi and all of the other compelling aspects of the show are still as vibrant.

    we want teen titans back it was a great show please uncancel it
  • Why not?

    One thing I noticed when I looked up teen titans,On June 11, 2013; Derrick Wyatt said there will only be a Season 6 if the crew come back, but the crew are gone onto other shows,so not to hate on teen titans go,but if they can come back for that why not reboost teen titans back up,you can look it up on wiki(and please share with others I want teen titans back)
  • A great show!!

    It's about 5 teen heroes names Robin (every person in the world should know him), Starfire(the alien who can fly and shoot lasers), Beast Boy, (the goofball who can change into any animal he wants), Raven(the serious alien who has pyschic powers), and Cyborg(the robot, duh!!!). They fight villains like the Hive Five, Slade(aka Deathstroke), Control Freak, and Mad Mod. Even if you're not a hardcore DC Comics, fan, I recommend this to anyone who's looking for a show with comedy, intense action, and drama.
  • Return of the Teen Titans

    Why stop making the series of the Teen Titans? I love your show but, why stop at the climax? Still, no one knows what happened to Terra and how she got out of her rock. You haven't told or showed who Slade is and what he looks like without a mask! Even Robin! I would like you to create more shows of the Teen Titans so we can know what happened to Terra and who Slade is. Don't stop now-keep going on. Please. I'm so down now because you have stop. If you read this please, please, show more about Teen Titans for me and others. Thank you for taking your time to read this, Evan (beast boy)
  • The Titans of TV

    This show was one of the bests of it's time. This was in that brief period where the DC movies were still being made. But this was the only show. It was a more light hearted approach that still entertained audiences of all ages. It took a very dark DC animation line and made it fun. It didn't always have the best villains or the best story. But when it worked it was fun and there were moments that were emotional as well. The writing was very funny while writing strong characters and maybe sometimes the writing was cheesy. But it was perfect it's own right. The animation reflects the mood of the show. Bright colorful and well done. The characters all of there own fleshed out personalities and flaws. They also have amazing moments were the shine and you get to see a darker side of them. Some episodes had enough tension to scare younger kids. All around it is a amazing cartoon that we come to expect from DC.
  • One of DC's best shows

    This show was incredible and awesome, combining humor and action perfectly. The only times this show was dark was when Slade and Trigon were the villains. The other villains were funny but still a great threat, allowing the Titans to still have good foes to fight.
  • My favorite Cartoon

    I use to watch this every Saturday morning on Kids' WB. I was pissed when they canceled it. I remember sending Kids' WB an angry E-Mail telling them to put this show back on the network.
  • Childhood Favorite

    Oh my gosh, even though I watched this show years and years ago, all of the memories flood back. The characters were so well-developed, the plot lines were unbelievably well-written, everything just came together to form one hell of a TV show. Terra's plot line, Raven's battle with her father, Starfire's sibling rivalry, everything just worked in a captivating and ultimately magnificent way. Love it.
  • Teen Titans was awesome.

    I undoubtedly loved this cartoon. It was my favorite cartoon as a little kid. I loved the humor and action, also the darkness of this cartoon. I also loved the relationship between Robin and Starfire. Anyways, on a short note, this cartoon was epic.
  • My favorite show of all time

    I love this show. It's funny, it's action-packed, it's romantic, it's adventurous. The Characters are relatable and have such a great chemistry with each other(Cyborg and Starfire are my favorite characters BTW). I like how each character had their own season long story mixed in with some excellent filler episodes. Not to mention it was one of the first superhero shows to be an action comedy. While most Superhero shows at the time had funny moments, this show had comedic episodes that ranged from the bizarre to the hilarious, even the bizarre episodes were great because of their creativity and humor about it's self. The only real drawback was season 5, I though that season was a huge mess and Should of been about Starfire instead of Beast Boy again (Beast Boy's season was season two). Other than That, Teen Titans remains my favorite show of all time with its wit, animation, characters, action, heart and fun. This is a show that will stand the test of time!!
  • Truly one of those cartoons that will go down in history.

    Teen Titans was one of those shows that I dismissed as being terrible without actually watching it. But just by watching ONE episode, I was completely hooked. The show is centered around a group of teenaged super-heroes that live in a tower and will stop at nothing to make sure Jump City is safe.

    I'm proud to say that there is not one episode I dislike. The show is sort of drawn in an anime-like style, which is interesting, because I've never seen that done before on a DC or Marvel show.

    It has a wide variety of characters, not only villains and superheroes, but there are characters that are somewhere in between, struggling to choose a side (Jinx and Terra, for example). Some I don't like are the one's that AREN'T completely cannon; Mas y Menos just seemed like a rip-off of Kid Flash.

    Other than being funny, another quality that Teen Titans had going for it was the serious moments. And when I say serious, I mean racial segregation, mental break-downs, abuse, demonic undertones and so forth. It can be a fun, easy-going cartoon one moment, and then it can completely switch gears the next. I love the episodes that are in sync with the actual comics, such as Raven's story arc towards the end of the series.

    Even if you're not big on superheroes, Teen Titans is a wonderful cartoon and one of CN's finest.
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