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  • I like it.

    Such an amazing show. It's a shame we don't have it today. We just have its awful remake.
  • Quite possibly, the greatest show ever made.

    This is the most beloved show I have ever seen in my life. The Teen Titans based off of the DC comics where five teenagers fight crime and powerful villains in Jump City (or in outer space). I love this western animation. Especially when it comes to the style of the anime influence (Which is really funny). Great voice acting, solid story lines, unforgettable action scenes, and dialogues that are so meaningful. "You can't always have what you want Robin" - Death stroke but in this show they call him Slade. I was really young when it first aired on Cartoon Network. I own all seasons today and I still re-watch every episode. No matter what happens, Robin (Dick Greyson) is always battling enemies alongside with Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven. They all have different personality with different abilities. You can tell that the writers put a lot of effort into making this.

    This animation was so popular that they gave fans another season (which was supposed to end in season 4 on the episode 'The End III'). This is the type of cartoons we need in this world. A meaningful, interesting, incredible animation. You should definitely watch it, you will love it and you would want more out of it! By the way this is my first review on this web site so am new here. Thanks for reading!

    OMG!!!!!! THIS WAS MY CHILDHOOD! I LOVE THIS SHOW TO BITS!!!!!!!! This show taught me so much when I was little. Especially Rae. She helped me through a rough spot in my life, and I love her for that. Raven is a boss! I love all the titans, but Rae's my fav! Titans together Titans forever!
  • Decent entertainment

  • So sad

    I wish they never changed to teen titans go....

    That's the big question why did they cancel Titans is the best show ever and i really hope all of us could get it back on the Teen Titans Go! is irrelevant I mean it's stupid yeah I watched of couple of episodes and robin is chasing after star they don't have the thing they had in teen titans!!! and like the design of Teen Titans is way much better than the new one it's more realistic and haven't anyone else noticed they are just playing the same ideas off of teen titans and putting the on teen titans go it's just a little different like it doesn't bring the fire. Oh comment below i did the same thing i thought Teen Titans was coming and i recorded it and it was Go! I think Cn is hinting that the original titans are coming back because the one i recorded and watched was called The Fourth Wall and they showed the original teen titans theme song and the new robin was all "we were so much better back then" so the Control Freak (the one on the Go! again stupid name) said" yeah that was a mistake rebooting them" meaning making a new design. so maybe theyre thinking about again I love teen titans it is a classic cartoon!! I mean they still run re-runs of looney tunes and tom and jerry so at LEAST you could do for the fans CN is put re-runs of Teen Titans on!! and the MOST you can do is START AIRING IT AGAIN MAKING NEW EPISODES OF TEEN TITANS AND MAKE IT A DAILY THING AND DO WHATEVER WITH THAT LAME SHOW TEEN TITANS GO LIKE WHY YOU GOT TO MAKE ROBIN SAY IT ALL THE TIME?
  • Teen Titans

    Teen Titans was good when the original one was around. The teen titans go was horrible. I saw about 2 minutes of it in and turned it off. I wish they could have come up with a better sequel. The rating for this is for the original Teen Titans. If I was going to rate the Teen Titans Go it would be a 1.
  • Greatest superhero show in the 2000s

    I though the show was great, it had arc episodes that I think you should stream while the stand alone ones you should watch casually. It has great characters and the final season was awesome, it featured the doom patrol and most of the young heroes became titans, I loved the final battle and I loved he kid flash and jinx episode. this is a show that will create a cult following( and it has ).
  • amazing show! must watch!

    i love this show! my dad is one of the creators! i recommend this to all ages!

    Titans, we need to collaborate to get the show back! We need to get together and form a group because it is hard to scour the entire cyber space to find other titans. My email is and if you want to help me get the show back, send me an email.

    Titans Together
  • I Love It!!!

    I really got upset when it got cancelled and was replaced with the god-awful Go! version. This will always be the best show CN has ever aired.
  • Please

    There are millions who watched this show and all of us were dissapointed when it got canceled. However if we stand togethor then we can bring it back! Whos with me?
  • An amazing show.

    Shows like Teen Titans revolutionize animation. Characters and the voice actor go together magically. This show has everything. Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Action, Romance. With a cast of amazing characters that make the show amazing. And an amazing voice cast to go with them. The leader Robin, The alien Starfire, The deamon Raven, The silly Beast Boy, and the ever funny Cyborg. These characters make the show amazing. Each episode is great. But even though the characters are silly, the make for good drama. With Robin and his obsession to take down evil, Starfire getting used to Earth, Cyborg accepting his half-robot self, Beast Boy and his sudden call to leadership and Raven with her deamonic powers/ father. Plus the relationships the show meshes. Starfire and Robin's back and forth affection, Raven and Beast Boy getting hinted a few times. And Cyborg hitting on Jinx. In the end, this show is great. It has everything. It has a spin off currently on air named Teen Titans Go! But it isn't nearly as good as this Teen Titans. If you want to watch this show. I believe it is on Boomerang. Or getting it on DVD is an option. Ii got a copy for 11 bucks! I recommend this show
  • Completely satisfied!!!

    This show is awesome!! Before, I didn't even know there was another teen titans show. I always watched teen titans go and I kinda thought that show was ok but not something I can get obsessed with, until I watch the original series, teen titans. I don't know what to say about this show but it's just awesome!
  • Completely excellent

    At least I know this show was far more better than their reboot, which I find it to be an "unfunny, disappointment trash".
  • One of the greatest comic-based animated shows ever

    I have to admit, apart from Batman, I'm not much of a comic person. But there was just something different about Teen Titans. This show was just so freakin' incredible. The characters, the stories, the animation, Teen Titans was just close to perfect in every possible way. It had the perfect blend of serious matters and funny situations, and the animation was like a mixture of standard animation and japanese anime, which was really cool.

    All of the main characters are likable. Cyborg rocks, Beastboy (Contrary to Raven's belief) is pretty funny, and Raven is one of the coolest emo characters you'll ever see. She seems like she doesn't care, but she's just really reserved and quiet, and deep down she really cares about her teammates. Robin in Teen Titans has greatly improved compared to the one in Batman: The Animated Series, instead of getting captured a lot, he's become a competent fighter, leader, and all-around kick-ass dude. And then there's Starfire, my favorite character on the show. She's just adorable. Obviously ignorant of Earth customs, but she's still a really strong character. And... is it weird that I have a HUGE crush on her?

    The whole series in general was amazing. The first two seasons were definately the best though. Slade completely rocked as a villain. Smart, manipulative, calmly psychotic, and he was voiced by Ron Perlman, who normally does a good job as a villain. And Terra was my favorite side character. I can see why Slade was so interested in bringing her and Robin over to his side for being strong characters. Her relationship with Beastboy was something I really liked too. The third season was good, but not as good as one and two. Brother Blood, while pretty evil, just couldn't compare to Slade in my mind. The fourth Season was definately better though. Raven's role in the season finale really moved me. In fact, this would have been the best way to end the series in my mind, even if it didn't explain what happened to Slade.

    You're probably wondering, if I love Teen Titans so much, why didn't I give it a perfect score? Well, that would be series finale. It was one of the worst series finales I have ever seen for a show. The fact that they brought back Terra was cool, but she had lost her memory, never regained it, and completely shot down Beastboy. And then Teen Titans just ends there? Are you freakin' kidding me?! What a rip-off! Hell, I never really got into the fifth season anyway, it just seemed there were too many characters and too many things going on at the same time that it left me kinda confused. Thank god they made a movie that served as a real series finale. Trouble In Tokyo was amazing!

    Apart from season five though, the rest of the series was incredible. Many hilarious moments that involve anime-like animation, awesome fight sequences, likable heroes and a great sense of tension when it comes to Slade, all of these made for a great show. I highly recommend watching Teen Titans. It's definately one of the greatest animated shows and one of the best comic-based cartoons ever conceived.

    I'm sooo glad I found this site! it's been forever since I saw the original teen titans episodes, I'm so glad and I feel like I can move on with my life
  • Fun and clever

    I think its pretty good I started watching in 2013 because my older cousin saw me and my brother watching teen titans go and he said it totally sucked compared to teen my brother and I thought we should try it! I'm on season 4 and I love the show one of my favorites.
  • I like it

    I like this show but I prefer comedy so I like Teen Titans Go better but hey Teen Titans is also a pretty nice show. It's about 5 teenager trying to save the world! Robin is the leader. He is hard working and will do anything for his team He may be human be he is bad ass on them villains. Starfire kind and always positive she is an alien princess who is trying to learn human culture. Raven half human half demon she seem emotionless because her powers are based on emotion but inside she's a great person. Beast Boy is half boy half beast and can turn into any animal. He is also very silly. Cyborg mostly is a robot but also human he is best friends with Beast Boy. Together they help make Jump City safe!
  • One of the best

    Fan of them since I was 10. When I first saw Teen Titans, I knew I was gonna love it forever no matter how old I will get. TEEN TITANS RULES
  • It's an amazing show

    This show is so great so creative amazing voice actors the story lines the action the drama the comedy the dark humor everything was just fantastic
  • It's an amazing show

    That's all I can say about it
  • This show is one of the best!! :D Teen Titans GO

    Let's see we have Robin who isn't Batman's sidekick in this, Cyborg the cool part robot and part human guy, Starfire the happy alien girl, Beast Boy the green animal shape shifting comic relief and of course Raven I just love her funny sarcasm yeah pretty much just five superheroes living in a big letter T while the comics had more Teen Titans members this show just has five of them This show is really good it has plenty of action and humor and the characters are well likable not to mention really good, well written and enjoyable episodes I could watch again and again I love all five main characters although Raven and Beast Boy are my two favorite characters Teen Titans GO they need to bring this show back I love this show it deserves a 10 out of 10
  • not my type...

    worst superheroes who don't go to school or don't socialized with anyone other than the team. boring
  • please come back

    This is truly the best series ever..... Please please please bring it

  • best show ever

    I have loved teen titans since I was nine i have seen almost all of the original and almost all of the new ones (teen titans go) and I loved every single episode for both I think I can safely say I am the biggest fan of teen titans and if I could I would rate it 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000+
  • It must return

    Teen Titans is my childhood in a nutshell. I thought it was the best most brilliant show ever but then they took it off air. Resulting in me not being able to see it again as over here in the UK we dont have any DVDs of it. I loved all the characters, BeastBoy was funny, Raven was smart, Robin was a leader, Starfire was pretty and Cyborg was just awesome. I also like Terra and the fact that they didn't just ditch her after 1 episode like most shows do. I would definitely recommend it to people everywhere if it was ever aired again.
  • please, the titans must come back

    please Titans must return

    I'm Chilean

    yes, believe me, I'm Chilean

    look came to stop this series so far

    in my heart :)

    I was fascinated by this program, which saw every day since I was 6 years old, now I'm 14 and still love, please I want a sixth season, and if they can they did get some intent thereof, or action figures, no matter, I would like to have some of them, as here in chile, nothing arrives: (
  • Top Shows

    The first few ep (03)
  • this show is the best if you watched it you had an amazing childhood

    The only problem was the cliffhanger if they added a sixth season that summed everything up that would be perfect. EVERYONE KEEPS SAYING RAVEN IS AN ALIEN IS NOT SHE'S A DEMON.
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