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  • Truly one of those cartoons that will go down in history.

    Teen Titans was one of those shows that I dismissed as being terrible without actually watching it. But just by watching ONE episode, I was completely hooked. The show is centered around a group of teenaged super-heroes that live in a tower and will stop at nothing to make sure Jump City is safe.

    I'm proud to say that there is not one episode I dislike. The show is sort of drawn in an anime-like style, which is interesting, because I've never seen that done before on a DC or Marvel show.

    It has a wide variety of characters, not only villains and superheroes, but there are characters that are somewhere in between, struggling to choose a side (Jinx and Terra, for example). Some I don't like are the one's that AREN'T completely cannon; Mas y Menos just seemed like a rip-off of Kid Flash.

    Other than being funny, another quality that Teen Titans had going for it was the serious moments. And when I say serious, I mean racial segregation, mental break-downs, abuse, demonic undertones and so forth. It can be a fun, easy-going cartoon one moment, and then it can completely switch gears the next. I love the episodes that are in sync with the actual comics, such as Raven's story arc towards the end of the series.

    Even if you're not big on superheroes, Teen Titans is a wonderful cartoon and one of CN's finest.
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