Teen Titans

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Oct 16, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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The Titans hold a 4th of July party. Everything is going well until Mad Mod crashes the party. He claims that the American Revolution was a hoax and claims the city for England. Worse, wanting to get back to his youth, he steals Robin's youth, turning Robin into and old man!moreless

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  • In my opinion, WORST EPISODE EVER!

    "Revolution" ,in my opinion is one of the most pointless episodes in the series that I have ever seen. This episode was a complete insult to the British for fake accents and habits.

    I will tell you all what exactly was the problem with this episode. Beast Boy's english accent was funny from the heart but when he got smacked by Raven, he was so discrimationist! I mean, without Robin, like in "Finl Exam" the team is incapable of working together. Another good part was Raven. SHe had the most sense.

    Anyway, the falling pants gag at the end was unnessacery and I hope I never see episodes like "Revolution" again because Mad Mod should be potrayed in a better way!moreless
  • Mad Mod interferes with independence day.

    This episode has it's ups and downs, mostly downs including:

    "Don't british people speak English" "I don't think even real British people like you"

    "The british people were trying to make the communists drink all this tea"

    "It may not look like it but this is still America, so I suggest we take a vote"

    And many others like that. My replies to those are...

    British people created the English language

    Of course british people wouldn't like Mad Mod

    There's more to britan than tea and

    England also has a democracy.

    I'm british and as other people have said I'm proud of it. I find this episode an insult to us. Om the other hand this has some Mad Mod comedy which is classic to the series. Overall: Don't watch this episode if you really like being british.moreless
  • An insult to the British.

    I'm not British, but I have a friend from England and I'm dissapointed. There is sterotype flying everywhere! Do the writers want to make the British hate us again? I mean sure we fought against them in the Revolutionary war, but that doesn't mean we have to make fun of them now! Mad Mod was funny when we first saw him, but the writers ruined him. The British do not talk like that and they don't sit around drinking tea all day ethier! There lives are just like ours only maybe a little diffrent.

    I hate this episode and hope the writers never do one like this again. The whole world doesn't celebrate the 4th of July! Not all TT fans are American! This is a dissapointing episode. They could of made a character building episode or something. What a waste.moreless
  • I agree that this episode was weak; but not for the majority of reasons listed here

    I too was taken in by Mad Mod's character in his first appearance, I thought he was quirky, and different, and fun. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out-oh my gosh-he's back! Not quite.

    This episode didn't have much of a plot, and Mod's character is twisted into some sort of psyche that seems ridiculously unimaginitive, not to mention far-fetched. Before he was a bitter old man, now he's a crazed old anglophile looking to re-capture his youth? This was a HUGE injustice to his character.

    That being said, people need to lay off this whole "insult to the Brits" thing, I have grandparents living in England, who I visit every summer, and I can tell you that, though people do not act the way they were protrayed here, they are not all up in arms about it. People poke fun on TV, sometimes its tasteless, but so is life. Malcolm McDowell, voice of Mad Mod, is also a respected British actor, and he was okay with it, sometimes you have to learn to laugh at yourself, and the issue was not that serious. The major side I see in this argument is that this was targeted to an audience of kids 7 and older, which should have been considered, most of the stereotyping would be hard for them to understand anyway, and could've been avoided.

    The MAIN thing that annoyed me, is that Starfire of all people decides to get all preachy at the end. She knowns barely anything about Earth, let alone America and its history. She was just asking Robin what the fourth of July was at the beginning of the episode, and less than an evening later she's a history expert on everything American since colonial times? I don't think so. If anyone needed the credit of being smart and philisophical enough to figure that out, it should've been Raven or Cyborg, who were, at this point in the series, severely understated as characters. Thanks for reading.moreless
  • Silly little episode

    This episode is overflowing with silliness and is largely an homage to old British movies like Yellow Submarine and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This episode has no bearing on any of the story arcs of the season and is largely a filler episode. I think all of the people complaining about how this episode insults the British haven't seen the movies this episode parodies and are lacking a point of reference. Overall the episode is good for a few laughs but only people who have seen the afore mentioned movies will get all of the jokes, otherwise it can easily be skipped.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • At one point during the parade, the St. Patrick's cross in the British flag (shown on the screens) was colored blue instead of the original red.

    • The age transfer between Robin and Mad Mod didn't seem to pan out right. For one, Mod didn't seem to be nearly as young as Robin was. Also when Robin was old, he was barely able to stand, or get out of a chair, but when Mod was old, he was more than capable of such things (he even ran at one point).

    • When Mod steals Robin's youth he pushes the top of his cane, but when Robin steals it back, he pushes the side.

    • When the Titans go into city hall, Raven's sheen on her hair is gone.

    • Raven has demonstrated several times (including in this very episode) that she can use her powers to pass through solid objects. If that's the case, when Mod lowered the barrier separating himself and Robin from the rest of the Titans, why didn't Raven pass through the barrier and stop Mod from activating his cane?

    • After Robin changes back to a boy, Starfire hugs him. But in the shot where she's pointing, her stomach is colored purple, just like her outfit.

    • In the scene where everyone is bowing to "King Moddy," you see a boy in a blue shirt with a matching blue hat bowing, and as the shot is panning, you see him a second later in a different spot.

    • Some of Mad Mod's soldiers have giant wind-up keys in their backs, but those disappear about halfway through each fight.

    • As the episode progresses, Mad Mod's robot soldiers become less durable; as a group, the Titans have trouble handling one soldier at the beginning of the episode, but later on, individual Titans take out goups at a time.

    • For someone who didn't even know what Independence Day was, and regularly misunderstands basic cultural concepts, Starfire's grasp of the ideals behind the democratic process is awfully good.

    • When Robin gets old, he stays in the same outfit. Yet, when Mod gets young, he is in the whole 'schoolboy' oufit.

    • When you first see Raven on the train with Mad Mod, you could see her legs through her cloak, and they had a skin tone closer to Starfire's skin than Raven's usual gray-ish skin color.

    • When Starfire is making her little speech about democracy, she is walking forward. Her skirt should be getting just a little bit shorter than usual, but instead it gets longer.

    • When Beast Boy becomes a "Brit," he molds his hair into that weird little hair style. But then when Raven turns him back to an "American," she pulls out all his hair like it was a wig.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Robin: Aren't you getting a little old for this?
      Mad Mod: On the contrary, laddie, I'm feeling younger by the tick.

    • Starfire: Please. This is a celebration of the month July, or of the number four?
      Robin: Neither. It's Independence Day, sorta like America's birthday.
      Starfire: Oh! Should we then bake the America a cake?

    • Mad Mod: Where's the green one?
      Starfire: The green one is our plan.

    • Cyborg: Keep fightin'. We're gonna win!
      Raven: You sure about that?
      (Tanks roll up)
      Cyborg: Ooookay. So much for my plan.

    • Cyborg: The sky looks like a giant British flag! The whole city's gone haywire!
      Beast Boy: Dude, tell me about it! Bangers and mash? Bubble and squeak? Toad in the hole? Don't British people speak English?

    • Mad Mod: Hello, Governor...
      Robin: Just like old times, huh?

    • Beast Boy: (With a British accent) Smashing, love! Jolly good laugh... (He looks at the city skyline to see that it has been "Britainized," and screams) Oh, dear... I'm a Tommy, a limey, a Brit!
      Cyborg: Yo, Brit Boy, we could use a hand!
      Beast Boy: Right then, have at you!

    • Mad Mod: Quite a show, eh? Quite a show! Oh, yes. Jolly, old Robin does love to watch the telly, don't he? Well, in that case, how's about a little preview of "Coming Attractions"? (Mad Mod & Robin watch a short film) King Moddie's Royal Army is going to run roughshod over your gormy, little friends. Pity there's nothing you can do about it, eh? (The Titans run to the nearest tree, which gets blown up by a royal tank)

    • Mad Mod: Yes! Bow down to King Moddy the First! (Laughs stupidly) Uh, that would be me.

    • Mad Mod: The American Revolution was a hoax. The Declaration of Independence is a tissue of lies. There is no George Washington and there never was. And from now on, they're not cookies; they're called "biscuits."

    • Beast Boy: See, it all started in 1492 with this tea party, in Boston. King George, or was it King Norman? Anyway, the British were trying to get the colonists to drink all this tea and they were like: Dude! No way! We're sick of nasty old tea and your crummy English muffins! So, they decided Revolution!

    • Mad Mod: And here we are again! You know, there's an old British saying, my duckies - "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." And you lot, are about as DOOMED AS DOOMED CAN GET!!

    • Mad Mod: Say it with me... biscuits...

    • Cyborg: City Hall. We should be able to hide here 'til Mad Mod's tanks come to tear it down.
      Raven: Whoa. That was actually more depressing than what I was going to say.

    • Old Lady #1: Oh, look! Dearie kippers! 9 for 12 pennies!
      Old Lady #2: No! They smell like fish! I hate fish!

    • Cyborg: Hit 'em hard, hit 'em fast, and whatever you do, don't look at the -
      Beast Boy: ... Ugh ...
      Cyborg: ... Hypno screens!

    • Raven: Could you please stop talking like that?
      Beast Boy: (British accent) You're just jealous because I sound like a rock star.

    • Raven: (To Beast Boy) Where'd you learn history? A cereal box?
      Beast Boy: What's your point?

    • News Boy: Read all about it! King Moddie teaches Titans a lesson!
      Cyborg: Hey, we've been union-jacked!

    • Cyborg: Man, I bet even REAL British people don't like you.

    • Beast Boy: Now I know how George Washington felt after Napolean beat him at Pearl Harbor.

    • (Mad Mod's pants fall down)
      Raven: OK... Something I didn't really want to see...

    • Starfire: Robin! You are unwrinkled!

    • Robin: What took you guys so long?
      Beast Boy: We just needed a little time to brush up on our history.

  • NOTES (26)

    • This is the first mentioning of an American holiday in the series, excluding Starfire's holiday first mentioned in "How Long is Forever?"

    • The Titans learn that they need to work as one is this episode, thus coming up with one plan instead of four different ones. This may possibly be a reflection of the American Revolution when the soldiers needed to work as one instead of not working unitedly.

    • Robin's youth is stolen by Mad Mod in this episode.

    • The Titans' plans in this episode:

      Starfire: Find Robin
      Raven: Sneaky attack
      Cyborg: Full frontal assault (fight)
      Beast Boy: Gerbal Commandos (which everyone ignored)

    • This episode may possibly be evidence of DC Comics' apparent xenophobia towards Britain.

      Throughout their comics, DC have portrayed the British as either foolish, incompetent or as actual supervillains. Others beside Mad Mod include The Terrible Trio of Aquaman and Manchester Black of Batman. To date, DC have never shown a British character as an actual hero.

    • This episode is the only episode of Teen Titans that caused offence to anybody, as well as being voted the most unpopular episode in the series.

    • Although the intention for "Revolution" was to be a tribute to various British institutions, viewers in Britain did not take kindly to the episode.

      A majority of Britons misinterpreted the message of the episode as America having superiority over Britain (American heroes defeating a British villain), and following the airing of "Revolution," it took British viewing figures one year to return to normal.

    • This marks the second appearance of Mad Mod.

    • In this episode, when the Titans are chasing Mad Mod, at some point there's a scene where he's trying to fix the crack on the Liberty Bell. Then at City Hall, when Starfire gives the speech about history and such, she looks at a copy of the Constitution. This would give reason to believe that the city the Titans defend is none other than Philadelphia.

    • Look Hard: Just about when Starfire is running to hug Robin, Starfire's eyes were hearts when she was running.

    • Opener: The Titans celebrate the 4th of July, and await the fireworks, but Mad Mod interferes and hypnotizes the entire city.

    • The giant fish swing out of a door, Mad Mod appearing in the clouds above the Titans, the Titans hiding behind a tree which is then blown up, and the giant foot which stamps on the Titans are all Monty Python references.

    • YTV airdate: March 3, 2005.

    • Look Hard: When Beast Boy comes out of the car, Raven attempts to get out, but a soldier comes, and she quickly goes back inside. If you look closely, you'll see she closes the door on her cloak.

    • Look Hard: The Goth kid who talked to Raven in "Sisters," is in the crowd when Mod brainwashes them.

    • Featured Song(s): Fourth of July Parade, written, produced, and performed by Andy Sturmer.

    • Look Hard: If you look closely, when Mad Mod's screens are broken, you will see a girl who looks much like Terra.

    • Ironically, since Mad Mod appeared in both this episode and "Mad Mod," the opening song is in Japanese in both of his appearances, and they both have actual songs attached to them for chase scenes (Puffy AmiYumi's K2G for "Mad Mod," and Andy Sturmer's Fourth of July Parade on "Revolution"), and Mad Mod said "Hello, Governor" near the end of both episodes! And on an interesting side note, Andy Sturmer now works with Puffy AmiYumi (Ami & Yumi)!

    • As with the previous Mad Mod episode, there was an actual song during the chase scene. Quite possibly something of a tradition.

    • YTV airdate: November 29, 2004.

    • This episode came just in time for Election Day.

    • This episode also marks other historical figures that existed in this timeline (i.e. Rushmore figures, presidents, etc.).

    • This episode marks that the American Revolution, Pearl Harbor, WWII and WWI (because of the Pearl Harbor reference) happened in the Teen Titans timeline.

    • The figures of the Teen Titans on Mad Mod's chess board are actually the American Teen Titans maquettes.

    • Villain(s): Mad Mod.

    • Team episode.

  • ALLUSIONS (20)

    • Art Style: The Beatles
      The art style that was used to draw the changed, British version of the city resembled that of Yellow Submarine, an animated feature film of the 1960s that starred The Beatles as main characters (though they were not actually portrayed by The Beatles; however, their music was used to a great extent within the film and the band made a cameo at the end).

    • Chase Scenes: Scooby-Doo
      The chase scenes are very reminiscent of those in Scooby-Doo.

    • Mad Mod: Monty Python
      There are multiple Monty Python references: the repeated yelling of "RUN AWAY!", Mad Mod turning into a paper cutout animation, the cameo by Mrs. Gorilla and Mrs. Non-Gorilla, and the Titans getting squashed by the Giant Monty Python Foot.

    • Animation: Monty Python
      When Mad Mod comes over the top of the buildings as a big wierd looking guy, that is the animation used in most Monty Python things, such as Flying Circus, The Holy Grail, etc. The animations are made by Terry Gilliam.

    • Old Ladies: Monty Python's Flying Circus
      When the old ladies are talking about kippers, one says "I hate fish!" It's possibly an allusion to "the spam sketch" from Monty Python's Flying Circus. There is a restaurant where everything served includes spam, but as one character says, "But I dont like spam!" And the way old lady #2 says she hates fish sounds remarkably similar.

    • Beast Boy: (To Raven) You're just jealous because I sound like a rock star.
      Greg Cipes [voice of Beast Boy] is a singer and musician in his own right.

    • Mad Mod: Mt. Rushmore
      During the chase, when Mad Mod's face is on Mt. Rushmore, it is making fun of The Beatles.

    • Mad Mod: Old chum.
      During the parade, Mad Mod addresses the aged Robin as "old chum." In the '60s TV series Batman, Batman often called Robin "old chum."

    • Chase Scene: A Hard Day's Night
      While running from Mad Mod, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire hide in three adjacent telephone booths, Beast Boy sits on a nearby bench. This is taken directly from the first scene in A Hard Day's Night.

    • Cyborg: We've been Union Jacked!
      The Union Jack is the British flag, Cyborg combines this with the phrase 'We've been highjacked' to explain how Mad Mod has turned the whole city British.

    • Titans: Boat Scene
      There is a scene where the Titans are in a boat, and Cyborg is standing with one foot on the side of the boat while the others are rowing with a flag blowing in the background. This is a recreation of the famous painting, George Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze.

    • Mad Mod: Old British Saying
      Mad Mod claimed that "an old British saying" was "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." (And Starfire later turns this to the team's advantage.) Actually, this is an American saying. It is attributed to an early 20th Century American philosopher named, George Santayana.

    • Mad Mod: Your revolution will not be televised!
      "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" was the slogan of a movement in Queensland demanding freedom of expression, as well as the title of a song by Gil Scott-Heron.

    • Beast Boy: USA, USA, USA!!
      Homer Simpson shouts this, like Beast Boy does, on countless occasions on the famous FOX cartoon, The Simpsons.

    • Benjamin Franklin: Declaration of Independence
      If you look closely at Benjamin Franklin signing the Declaration of Independence, you'll see a mouse with a tricorn hat on his shoulder. This is a reference to Disney's animated short film, Ben and Me, where a mouse named Amos is responsible for many of Benjamin Franklin's inventions, such as the Franklin stove, and bifocals, as well as the inspiration for the opening of the Declaration of Independence.

    • Animation: Yellow Submarine
      The animation throughout is quite like The Beatles' movie, Yellow Submarine, and in particular Mad Mod as a giant round ball with the big nose is from the Blue Meanies, the 'bad guys' in Yellow Submarine. The giant soldiers are the apple bonkers for lack of a better name, and Cyborg's hand flying through the air is a reference to The Hand, which appeared throughout Yellow Submarine. Also, the scene with the cars and all of the doors opening and closing, and an ostrich coming out is just like the hallway scene.

    • Titans: Abbey Road
      As the Titans are running from Mad Mod, they go through a road (in a slow-paced action). This is a spoof off of The Beatles' record cover of Abbey Road.

    • Mad Mod: Ere we are again...
      When Mad Mod appears in the sky wearing the king crown above the Titans, the animation style (clouds parting, mouth moving like a puppet's, etc.) is much like the style used in Monty Python and the Holy Grail when God is talking to Arthur and his knights ("Everywhere I go it's 'sorry' this and 'forgive me' that and 'I'm not worthy!'").

    • Beast Boy: Speech
      The scene where Beast Boy is giving a speech standing in front of the American flag is a reference to the 1970 George C. Scott movie, Patton.

    • Mad Mod: Airplanes
      Mad Mod's planes look like the Supermarine Spitfire fighter planes the British used in World War II.