Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 9

Revved Up

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Dec 10, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Robin's most prized possession is stolen by the hip hot-rodder, Ding Dong Daddy, and to get it back they're going to have to beat him in a cross-country road race. But with Ding Dong Daddy making the rules and a few unexpected rivals joining in the competition, it's anyone's guess who will cross the finish line first.moreless

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  • What was in that briefcase?!?!

    I really liked this episode, especially how Raven and Starfire were kinda hanging out, that only really happened in "Switched". But the episode would've been a bit better if they had told us WHAT WAS IN THE BRIEFCASE!!!
  • The third comedy episode this season does not live up to the other two.

    Third comedy episode this season, and it is not at all up to the same level of greatness as the previous two. I have complained about a couple of lame villains previously, but none are as lame as Ding-Dong Daddy, he's not even so lame he's awesome, he's so über lame he's...well, lame. Other villains appear late in the episode in non-speaking roles, with the exception of Gizmo. Ugh, out of all the villains he's the one who gets to speak? A racing episode sounded interesting, I loved Wacky Races when I was a kid. The group is quickly seperated, so we have the story split in three, we follow Raven/Starfire, Cyborg/Beast Boy and Robin as they try to retrieve the latter's briefcase. That kept me interested, what's in the briefcase? Well, we never get to know. What an utter cop out.

    I didn't like this episode much, it was dull, the racing never became interesting or exciting, it had a ridicilously lame villain and a cheap cop out ending. I did however like parts of the stuff with Raven and Starfire, and I liked the reference to Jun the Swan from Gatchaman with the guy on the bus. wearing a similar suit. The previous two comedy episodes this season were amazing, this is not in the same league, and it's just another mediocre Teen Titans episode.moreless
  • very mysterious....

    What is in that briefcase of his?! I was like seriously waiting from the start of the show to find out what was in that briefcase. And when it finally came the time to open it, the end credits appeared.Ahhh!!!! But it was nice and funny. Especially Starfire and Raven's part. I think Raven's allergic to chickens.he,he,he. Starfires a bad, bad guy. She'a just too nice. Beast boy and Cyborg was funny. Especially at the ending. Where the T-car was nothing but a platform with 2 wheels, being pulled ny B.B. Robin was the coolest of corse, his motorbike was the ultimate ride of a lifetime. Very entertaing if you ask me.moreless
  • A goofed-up episode, but funny. {EDITED}

    Revved Up was a very silly episode in my opinion and I really think it was a really funny episode.

    Ding Dong Daddy, firstly, is quite annoying in my opinion. However, I think it was smart of him to take away that briefcase.

    I think Cyborg and Beast Boy's characters were very well potrayed and I think the plot that they were in was quite well done.

    Raven and Starfire's plot was interesting though I found some flaws in it. But still, it was quite funny, especially the scene where the computer geek from For Real tells Raven to leave Starfire.

    And also, the biggest flaw in the episode was that all the villians came to the race. Now, i think that was quite out of character, except for some of them.

    Overall. this episode is one of the sillier ones and I personally woould strangely count it as a favourite of mine. However, the ending where the fans didn't know what was in the briefcase was handled well. I think it was because if the fans knew, they would not be so excited about the episode.moreless
  • What a waste of time.

    This filler episode was terrible, it makes Teen Titans look like a bad show. Maybe im being a little harsh, this episode ddid have it's funny moments, Starfire especially made me laugh out loud at times, but overall it just seemed bad.

    The story to start with was silly, Robins briefcase is stolen and they are trying to get it back, but to get it back they have to win a race.

    This is one of the worst Teen Titan episodes and definately the worst of season 5.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • If the T-Car is highly advanced and super fast, how can a giant pit-stop on wheels catch up on them so easily?

    • Raven is clearly very frustrated when Starfire accidentally reveals to Gizmo that Robin's suitcase is up for grabs, yet her powers didn't go out of control. Yet in "Switched," whenever Starfire (in Raven's body) felt emotions too much, her powers went out of control.

    • During the beginning of the episode, when Ding Dong Daddy says, "Be there or be square," Robin is missing from the picture, until the next scene.

    • How did Red X know that the briefcase was up for grabs if (obviously) none of the Titans or other people told him about this and Gizmo didn't send a transmission until much later?

    • When Beast Boy had become a horse and pulled Cyborg to the finish line, how did he catch up with the Titans so fast after Robin won the race?

    • Gizmo seemed like he wanted the briefcase pretty badly.
      If Gizmo wanted Robin's briefcase for himself, why did he call all those other villains? Doing that might cause him to lose the race. He could've had less competition.

    • When Starfire and Raven get off the bus, they fly for about a couple seconds, even though they weren't supposed after being hit by Ding Dong Daddy's beam. A possible explanation is that the effect of the beam was terminated when Ding Dong Daddy's car was destroyed.

    • When Red X went after the other villains' cars, after Mumbo and the Puppet King's cars land in front of Dr. Light's car, he vanishes for a second. But in the next frame, he is flying forward.

    • The buttons on Ding Dong Daddy's car for his weapons were arranged horizontally at first. Later on, they're shown vertically towards the end of the race.

    • Why couldn't Raven have just used her powers to up the speed of the car they were in?

    • During the end of the episode, Ding Dong Daddy's hot rod has gotten smaller. He has also taken up the whole front part of the car instead of just the left-hand side.

    • Why didn't Raven just take the briefcase from Ding Dong Daddy at the start of the episode? She had no excuse.

    • Since Raven's flight is generated by telekinesis, why would a neutralizer beam have even affected her in the first place?

      Another question: Since Raven still had her powers after she was grounded, could she have just teleported to the finish line instead of trying to hitch a ride?

    • Why didn't Cyborg fire his proton cannon instead of using his regualr cannon in this episode to stop Ding Dong Daddy?

    • When Beast Boy and Cyborg come out of the tunnel, Cyborg's real eye is entirely gray.

    • During the chase scene at the start of the episode, the "R" on the left side of Robin's motorcycle is backwards.

    • Since Raven and Starfire have different sources to their flying abilities, how come only one energy blast kept both of them grounded?

    • Why didn't the Titans try to incapacitate Ding Dong Daddy's hot rod at the very beginning?

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Gizmo: Attention all bad guys! Bird Boy Robin's secret stuff is up for grabs! All you have to do is win some stinking race! Start your engines!

    • Raven: This is a waste of time, let's just fly passed him and to the finish line.
      Starfire: Yes, victory shall be ours.
      Ding Dong Daddy: No can do, kitty cats. Daddy's code of the road says flying's for squares. (Zaps Raven and Starfire with a ray) You swingers want the goods, you got to cross the finish line with rubber touching the road.

    • Robin: Forget that map, just follow that chase. I don't know how Ding Dong Daddy stole it, but we have to get it back!
      Beast Boy: What's so important about a briefcase!
      Robin: It's personal!

    • Ding Dong Daddy: What's buzzing, cousins?
      Robin: You're going to hand over what you've stole. Now!
      Ding Dong Daddy: Chill out, cool cat. The Ding Dong Daddy ain't cruising for a bruising. The prize is yours, all you got to do is race me for it.
      Beast Boy: What does he mean "prize"?
      Ding Dong Daddy: 100% titanium alloy, bullet-proof, fire-proof, blast-proof, and cryptic lock. Now here's the real kick up. (Shows an "R" on the briefcase)

    • (After Robin saves Red X from an explosion)
      Red X: Briefcase means that much to you?
      Robin: You have no idea.
      Red X: Then go get it.
      (Starts sabotaging enemy vehicles)

    • Cyborg: That's it, Beast Boy, take the wheel.
      Beast Boy: Dude, are you serious?
      (Cyborg breaks the wheel and gives it to Beast Boy, Beast Boy groans)

    • Cyborg: Look what they did to my baby! (Starts crying)
      Beast Boy: Sweet! (Puts sunglasses on) We're a convertible!
      (Cyborg continues crying)

    • Gizmo: Who's side are you on, barf-brain?!
      Red X: Mine. (Blows up his vehicle)
      Gizmo: Cr-uuu-d!

    • Starfire: (Pretending to be a super-villain) Then, after I seized control of the city, I had my image carved in cheese . . . in every household!

    • Starfire: This is my henchman . . . Henchie.

    • Beast Boy: Oh, I don't feel so good.
      Cyborg: You better not get car sick in here!
      Beast Boy: Look at me, I'm green. I mean greener than usual green.

    • (At a gas station)
      Starfire: (Sees Gizmo, gasps) We know him!
      Raven: Gizmo?
      Starfire: You, stop!
      Gizmo: Crud! Hey, I didn't do anything! Yet...

    • (On pick-up truck)
      Starfire: I did not know that chickens could be so adorable.
      Raven: They smell, they're noisy, and their feathers get everywhere. Nothing about them is adorable.

    • Beast Boy: Uh, Cyborg? What kind of car is that?
      Cyborg: (Looking back) That's no car. It's a pit stop on wheels!

    • Ding Dong Daddy: (On megaphone) Daddy's putting a shout out to the cat in the groovy, metal threads.
      Cyborg: (Driving the T-Car) Yeah, what do you want?
      Ding Dong Daddy: The junkyard called. They want their scrap heap back! (Laughs)

    • Beast Boy: Dude, this map makes no sense.
      Cyborg: That's because you're holding it upside-down.
      Beast Boy: (Flips map) Right, I knew that.

    • Cyborg: Robin, when you said we had to stop a crook, I think you left out a minor detail. You were the one robbed!

    • (Raven sneezes)
      Starfire: Guhlorvnog.

    • Cyborg: That's right... nothin' can stop the T-Car!
      Raven: (Looking at Cyborg on rear axle being pulled by Beast Boy) Uh... what T-Car?

    • Raven: (After being hit by Ding Dong Daddy's laser and talking to Robin) Starfire?
      Starfire: (Waving to Raven from a pick-up truck with chickens) Over here! I have found us transportation!
      Raven: It just keeps getting better and better...

  • NOTES (35)


    • Ding Dong Daddy: Character
      Ding Dong Daddy seems to be a combination of stereotypes from two cultural movements of the late 1950's/early 60's--the "hot rodder"/ "greaser" (as iconized in the musical Grease ) and the "beatnik." The name Ding Dong Daddy comes from the song "I'm a Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas," written by Phil Baxter in the 1920's and recorded several times, notably by Phil Harris (whom fans of animation may know by voice as Baloo the Bear and Thomas O'Malley the cat, from the Disney films The Jungle Book and The Aristocrats, respectively). "Ding Dong Daddy" was once used as a slang term, essentially meaning a really cool guy.

    • Episode: Race
      The entire episode is a spoof of the Hanna-Barbera Cartoon, Wacky Races, in which a number of of Hanna-Barbera characters from other shows would race for one reason or another.

    • Raven & Starfire: Blazing Saddles
      When Starfire pretends to have captured a Teen Titan, in order to lure two bad guys away from a line full of villains is a parody of a similar scene from the movie, Blazing Saddles. In the movie, one of the heroes pretends to have captured the others, to lure two bad guys away from a line of villains, steal their clothes, and take their places in the line.

    • Red X & Robin: Motorcycle fight...
      The motorcycle fight between Red X and Robin is similar to the video game Road Rash , where players race other motorcycle drivers while exchanging punches and weapons during the race to the finish line.

    • Control Freak: Car Launch
      When Control Freak's car starts and rushes off, it's a perfect recreation of he Batmobile launch from the opening to Batman: The Animated Series.

    • Raven & Starfire: Stranded
      Raven and Starfire being stranded in the desert and then getting a ride from a truck full of farm animals is a classic gag that is used often in situations like this one.

    • Ding Dong Daddy: Steel City or bust.
      Steel City is the city where Titans East are located and it's especially known for its crime rate.

    • Ding Dong Daddy: Character
      The character Ding Dong Daddy is based on real-life hot-rod customizer, Big Daddy Roth.