Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 5


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Oct 28, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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While battling a mysterious creature in the wilds of Siberia, Starfire is lost in a blinding snowstorm. A reclusive young soldier named Red Star comes to her aid and the two become fast friends. When Robin and the rest of the Titans arrive, they discover Red Star hides not only a tragic past, but a destructive secret.moreless

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  • This episode is one that I could watch over and over again...

    I don't usually take an interest in Starfire based episodes, but this episodes is one of the best in the season. I like the fact that it's mainly about Red Star and his past, which was interesting. Also, the action scenes were immense, and it was sad that Red Star sacrificed himself to save everyone. I dunno why, but the blizzardous weather added to the atmosphere, especially when Starfire ventured off alone. Overall, just a really good episode. All that annoyed me was Starfire's cheesy advice!!moreless
  • Red Star makes his debut.

    "Starfire!" I am getting sick of Robin yelling that so darn often, it's getting on my nerves. Anyway, this is a good episode, not terribly special or exciting. The only thing unique about it is the introduction of Red Star, is he friend or foe? It's obvious from the get go that he's a good guy, a misunderstood super-being. Starfire is the one who discovers him, or actually she is discovered by him. The story is good, and kept me somewhat interested, I wish the action was up to par. The first fight is in a blizzard, yeah and you can't really see anything, just as well, what's going on behind the snow seems pretty dull. Beast Boy's constant whining about the cold got old real quick, he transforms into a polar bear at one point, okay, why didn't he do that earlier? And since he can do that, what's he complaining about?

    The Titans have to fight an enemy they can't touch, gee, that's a good idea huh? Gonna be some great action when the Titans fight an enemy they cannot touch. But, Red Star gets a few brief, impressive and nicely animated fight scenes with the creature. I liked Red Star, but one thing distracted me, when Starfire takes his hand at the end, she blushes, what is she in love with him as well? I know, I'm reading too much into it, but it was a weird moment, and I had to rewind to see if that's what she really did. The ending was not powerful or emotional, at least I didn't found it to be. I guess because I knew he would return in a later episode this season. This is a good episode, not a great one. The action is pretty uninspired and the little comedy that is here is not funny but Red Star is a great character and he saves the episode.moreless
  • This is my favorite episode, of my favorite show.

    The story is great, the animation is good, and the snow sets the mood. Red Star is my favorite superhero, and I love how they portray him. Red Star is very sad, and personally, I think he's pretty hot. He is very buff, and has a sweet accent. He has little control of his powers, like Terra, and lives in voluntary exile to stop from hurting people. That is something very few people would be strong enough to do. I'm surprised me is still sane. Most people would be driven nuts by having his powers, let alone being by themselves with no one to talk to. He is very misunderstood and little known, as this is the only episode so far that he has a speaking part in, and I hope that, if they bring the show back, he should be in it more often.moreless
  • While in Siberia the titans find a dangerous monster. Starfire befriends him and learns of his tragic past. His name is Red Star, he holds a power which he cannot control. The other people in the village thing he is evil..moreless

    This episode was pretty good. It wasn't a funny one but it was still good. I loved the parts where Starfire's last words were, "Robin..." and when she hugged him...I think it's too adorable. Maybe because I'm a major Robin/Starfire shipper, but it's not like there's any other couple that is actually going to occur in the series. anyway, Starfire is shown to be very kind in this episode. It was sad that Red Star sacrificed himself for everyone else, but it's not like he would have had a better life living in solitude byhimself. The only thing that was weird to me was that Red Star called the titans his friend very early. I guess people really like them not that that's a bad thing.moreless
  • An average episode, nothing too special here.

    Snowblind is another one of those episodes that are ok... but it dosent show how good teen titans is.

    Red Star reminded me of Captain America, but a Russian version. I guess this episode was kind of sad, i felt quite sorry for Red Star.

    The storyline seemed like its happened before... the government wanted to make a super soldier, thats just so typical.

    If your a lover of Teen Titans then give this episode a go, im sure you will enjoy it. But if your a newcomer to the show, this wouldent be a good episode to see first.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (19)

    • Throughout the episode, General Raskov's top left button keeps disappearing and re-appearing.

    • The episode's production code is 505.

    • When Red Star gets buff, shouldn't his clothes have ripped? if it was due to the fact that it was a kids show, why did they show him in hardly more than a speedo less than a minute earlier?

    • The entire idea of Starfire freezing in the cold was completely incorrect if she can survive flying in space without a space suit.

    • Time is different in the comics because comics come out once a month. Time is different, and the time between an issue can be seconds days or even months, so the Cold War might have ended later than 1991.

    • About 95% of Cyborg's body is mechanical. When, then, would Cyborg need a coat?

    • Starfire's cold reactions in this episode seem to change awkwardly. In the beginning, she is shivering like mad, but towards the end, she feels almost nothing.

    • With the name of Red Star, it seems that he was the result of Soviet era testing. Since the Soviet Union fell in 1991, it seems that Red Star is about thirty-two years old, assuming that we are using a real-time calendar. In that case, why would Robin induct him into the Teen Titans?

    • How many Titan communicators does Robin have? It seems that he carries an extra few around with him just in case they might meet another superhero.

    • In the comics, Red Star's original code name was Starfire. Which was later changed to avoid confusion with the Titan's Starfire.

    • Starfire puts on the hat that the old lady had given her, and then an explosion occurs. During the explosion, the camera view switches to behind the Titans, and the hat is no longer on Starfire's head. After the camera view switches back, the hat is still there.

    • Red Star isolated himself from Starfire to protect her, only relenting when she told him her people were resilient and that she was in no danger. In that case, why didn't he care when he came into close contact with the other Titans, who are all human and therefore not as tough as Starfire?

    • It is quite cold in this episode. But why can't we see anyone's breath? We could in episodes like, "How Long Is Forever?."

    • In the episode, "How Long Is Forever?," Starfire seems to react to the cold in a human manner. But for the most part, she seems pretty immune to the cold in this episode.

    • The seating arrangement in the T-Ship changed wildly. When they were preparing to take off to look for Red Star, Starfire was in the center cockpit and Beast Boy was in the starboard one. After they crashed, Cyborg was in the center cockpit, Starfire in the starboard one, and Beast Boy was in the aft cockpit.

    • If Starfire knew it would be cold, why didn't she bring something warm?

    • Why was Beast Boy driving a snow mobile if he can fly like Raven or Starfire?

    • If Starfire can withstand the coldness of outer space (as shown in "Transformation" and "Troq"), how was she feeling cold in this episode? Space is much colder.

    • Red Star was one of the comic-book Titans who represented the anti-Communist side of Russia.

      Kid Flash took a disliking to Red Star due to political reasons, but the Russian hero successfully stopped an assassination of Russian president Boris Yeltsin and defeated Communist twins Hammer and Sickle on many occassions.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Red Star: You will not harm my friends!

    • Red Star: The life I had before was a difficult one, but suited me well. I was chosen to be part of an experiment. The security force wanted to create the prefect soldier. They had much hope for me. And at first they seemed successful. There was, however, an unexpected side effect. This, power, inside of me. A power I could not contain.

    • Red Star: (to Raven) That would be the doorbell.

    • Red Star: Do not worry, my friends. I have no more need to be alone.

    • Red Star: That is why we have faith... are you hungry?

    • Robin: Starfire! (Pull back to frame all five)
      Starfire: My friends! (Sweeps him into a gigantic hug; Beast Boy resumes human form) How happy I am to see you!
      Raven: (Walking in) Ever think about a doorbell?

    • Cyborg: We can't touch that thing!
      Robin: We'll just have to keep trying! We need to surround it!
      Cyborg: No! Robin, we really can't touch it! I'm picking up radiation levels that are off the scale!
      Starfire: Radiation cannot harm me.
      (The figure evacuates itself into the woods, and she begins to fly after it)
      Robin: Starfire! Wait!

    • Red Star: But how? I am not like you, Starfire. Mine is a power I cannot keep inside.
      Starfire: Then do not. The greater the struggle against your power, the more it resists. Embrace what you have inside and you will find what you are meant to be.

    • Red Star: I hope you like Paplepka.

    • Red Star: We will be victorious, this I know.

    • Raven: (While watching Red Star beating the crud out of the Radiation Monster) So... what part of "perfect soldier" did they get wrong?

    • Red Star: I found you outside when my proximity alarm sounded.
      Starfire: I am most thankful for that, but why must you isolate yourself? Do I have the germs?

    • Raven: (While looking at the red star in the sky) Aren't you cold?
      Beast Boy: No, not anymore.

    • (Alarm goes off)
      Red Star: (To Raven) That would be the doorbell.

    • Cyborg: This is great! I'm so hungry I could eat a... huh? Maybe just a glass of water and a toothpick.

    • Beast Boy: Uh, guys, aren't you forgetting something? Our warm, comfy ship?
      Cyborg: Our warm, comfy ship has a fried electrical system and a missing engine.
      Robin: We don't have time to fix it now. Are you coming?
      Beast Boy: Yeah, I'm coming, but I'm freezing my tail off.

    • Beast Boy: (About Starfire's hat) C-C-Can I borrow that? (Puts it on) This is fake fur, right?

    • Beast Boy: (As Red Star shows the Titans some snow mobiles) Sweet! This one has lasers.
      Red Star: That one is mine.
      Beast Boy: Figures.

  • NOTES (23)


    • End of episode: the way Red Star's part of the episode ends is much like the Iron Giant's.

    • The Red Star
      This red star Is a five pointed star; the five points on the star were intended to represent the five social groups that would lead Russia to communism: the youth, the military, the industrial laborers, the agricultural workers (peasantry), and the intelligentsia.

    • Episode: Title & Plot
      There is a Black Sabbath song with the same title: "Snowblind." Both the cartoon and the song's lyrics are about "one person suffering in a winterly set." Both suffering from poisons: in the song from likely cocaine-overdose, in the cartoon Red Star because his dangerous superpower.

    • Red Star: Name
      Starfire changed HIS name to Red Star. Red Star first appeared in Teen Titans #18 in 1968 under the name Starfire, but later changes his name in the New Teen Titans #18 in 1982 after the introduction of the Starfire we all know and love.

    • Red Star: An experiment to create the perfect soldier.
      The process and reason Red Star was created are very similar to the origin for Marvel Comics' Captain America, the primary difference being that Red Star is Russian while Captain America is (obviously) American.