Teen Titans

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jun 11, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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    Out of all the episodes focusing on Robin and Starfire's relationship this one is my absolute favourite. When Cyborg said that Starfire was Robin's girlfriend I just new that those two would finally hav 2 tell each other how they've felt all this time. I was so annoyed when that alien monster interrupted them during their talk in the cave if it didn't shown up Robin and Starfire could hav finally become a couple but still this episode is great because their feelings keep growing stronger and stronger right up until they finally confessed their feelings in the series finale movie :D!!!
  • Why were they in space to begin with?!

    This is a real ROBIN&STARFIRE episode and even though its their first interrupted kiss the storyline stinks like bad eggs!!!
    I do like the Sha-la creatures Raven meets they are soooo cute and adorable.But it was really dumb for Cyborg to get on Robin's nerves during a tender moment,shouting out GIRLFRIEND is just not the way to handle Robin cause' he gets oppsessed with these things and sometimes says things he dosen't really mean.
    Knowing BB isn't all that bright Cyborg should have known not to push it on BB's primative ways,after all Cyborg is a know-it-all tecno wizz and BB... well isn't
  • A perfect episode. It had everything: comedy, romance, action/adventure and sci-fi.

    This episode really brought out the romance between Robin and Starfire. It also tested Raven's patience as she is continuesly annoyed by little alien creatures. Also, Beast Boy has to become smarter in order to help Cyborg.

    The episode plot was excellent and a new villain was introduced (even though it is never seen again apart from a cameo appearance in the episode "Go!").

    The animation in this episode was as it usually is, perfect!
    This episode was one of the Teen Titans best episodes.
    Definately worth watching!
  • finally an episode for just Star and Robin!

    This episode is perfect it invoulves love,comedy,sifi,and lots more.I love this episode i give it an A+! this is what everyone has been waiting for! When Robin almost said he loved star wow!Then the big guy came crashing down on the moment:( sad!!! It was kind of funny when bb tried to put cyborg together. I bet Raven loved the little alien things lol! I could watch that episode over and over agaian, but I don't get to see teen titans any more either that or they are not showing any shows any more. Well the point is that episode is the best!
  • robin and starfire make a perfect couple

    well teen titans been my favor show the episode that i love the most when cybor say that starfire is robin girl friend and robin heart beat fast to reject that starfire not his girl friend and wen the ship got separated the starfire recue robin from a big worm. starfire was weak wen robin say those thind to her and she almost die and robin save her and starfire and robin at the end get togethter and beat the creature and beast boy and cybor fix the space thing. Raven have those creature follow her and treated her like a queen and she the one that have the most fun out of all of them
  • One funny episode!

    Definitely up there with one of the best.

    While most people would go for Robin and Starfire's relationship arc, I beg to differ.

    Cy and BB were quite simply - abso-freaking-hilarious! There has been no better combination of slapstick and sharp-witted humor from these two once you've seen this episode. What really keeps me on the edge of my seat was to how BB's ineptness irritates Cyborg to the max.

    Fair enough it is to say, BB and Cy's scenes in this episode is definitely not to be missed. Sure, Robin and Starfire are finally showing signs of intimate bonding, but what truly kicks this episode to life was the way BB and Cy complimented each other with their crazy antics. Whats more, the jokes were not cliched and not too predictable.
  • the titans crash land on an alien world leaving cyborg in pieces, beast boy has to put him together, raven with strange creatures, starfire mad at robin, and robin attempting to explain his feelings for her.

    This is one of my favorite episodes, it was very funny. robin just tell starfire. lol well i hope they will conclude this relationship! thi episode is very funny, and good. It was funny how beast boy didn't understand techno lingo, as he called it. Putting cyborg together happened to be a challenge. Raven's situation was boring and annoying. But the writers didn't show it enough for me to hate it completly. Robin and Starfire are the main point and it was shown well. Robin jumping on the rocks was quite impressive. I'm glad they remembered Starfire's traits from Switched and what she needs to feel to fly. Overall 10.0 great episode. I loved it
  • An episode definetely worth watching! Comedy and romance bound into one!

    I have to say the episode was well written having discussed the problems between Starfire and Robin's relationship and how difficult it is for Robin to keep things clean with Starfire because she is from a different planet. Along with the chaos and mayhem between Robin and Starfire, Beastboy and Cyborg were absolutely HILARIOUS with the fixing of Cyborg's body and the rebuilding of the remaining parts of the T-Ship (I loved the Cyborg Chicken!).Having been hilarious and with a splash of romance, this episode definetely received an okay from me!
  • Hirlarity and romance abounding!

    The titans are at it again1 When Robin says that Starfire is not his girlfriend, everything goes amuk!
    They all become stranded together, and BB and Cybrog are funny as hell. (Why can\'t you call it an eyeball pizza thingy!)

    Raven\'s got her own problems with some little pipsqueaks who treat her as the queen.....

    Robin and Starfire begin to fight about their relationship, and when they are in a cave, Robin almost states why he likes her..... kind of gross, but it\'s cute anyway....

    They then find everybody, Cybrog\'s arm, and the ship. They are about to leave, but the yfrogot Raven...wh otricked the midgets into massageing her back and feeding her fruit......

    One of my favs here!
  • Bout time these two get their own episode!!

    It shows Starfire has a mean streak. I thought it was halirous wacthing Robin struggle with his feelings like that during the enitre episode, but Star should have lightened up on the poor sap. I think its funny how he can fight pshycotic madmen, sewage eating monsters and Raven on a really bad day, but can't tell the girl of his affections how he really feels. Its actually kinda cute. My personal favorite episode during the entire sereis. Funny, romantic and revealing, what more can I say? I really felt sorry for Robin, cause its not easy admitting your feelings. Stupid alien monster ruining their tender moment. I only wish there were more episodes like this. It showed Robin is really tolerant, cause Star can be a creep. Loved it.Cyborg and Beast Boy were halriouis too. Beast Boy not being able to understand techno lingo was entertaining.
  • hate this episode.i hate this episode, i hate R/S couple even though it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s more possible than R/R. i never will prefer this bad episode.

    Melody Fox has made a bad one!
    i hate this episode, i hate R/S couple even though it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s more possible than R/R. i never will prefer this bad episode. i think starfire always hoping that robin really loves her. for me, both of robin and star are the worst characters.
    i swear i would never and never and never love it till the day i die!
  • This episode was totally awesome. I just wanted to jump into the tv and kill the monster for jumping in on them. BAD MONSTER NO, NO!!!!

    This episode was awesome. I just could take my eyes off of it. It killed me that R&B didn't kiss at the end. I just wanted to slap myself but it was still awesome. Starfire really did put Robin on the spot when she was asking about the boyfriend stuff. He didn't know what to say. I thought it was really funny that Starfire totally ignored everything that was was going on around her when she was questioning Robin about that stuff. LOL. I always love it when Robin saves Starfire, it's so cool. Oh and when they landed, Robin was on top of Starfire that was so cool!!!!! Everyone should watch this episode its totally kewl!!!
  • It has everything, romance, comedy and Raven found some new friends!

    I loved that episode, it had everything, romance, comedy and Raven found some new friends! The relationship between Robin and Starfire really took a big step, but sometimes, you think, 'stupid monsters, couldn't you wait a few more seconds!' But all around EXCELLENT! Robin was definately ready to open up to Starfire and the writers left it on a cliff hanger with the monster incident! Beast Boy and Cyborg made a funny duo throughout the episode, and Raven got some followers, but I think Raven would obviously of prefered the three little kids in 'hide and seek' I really enjoyed this episode and so will every titan fan!
  • Robin can't tell Starfire how he feels. BB can't build a bike,nor poor Cyborg. Raven is loved by small Creatures. It was a Amazingly Awsome!

    It was a total stranded on a desert island theme kinda thing.

    While battling this creature in space Robin and Starfire flirt a little in front of the others.Cyborg teases Robin about Star being his girlfriend.Robin freaks out and says she's not-which confuses Starfire.

    the get sepatrated on a deserted planet.

    (not a big deal)Robin is almost eaten by giant slug.

    Cyborg lost his arms and legs,scared BB.

    Raven is left with werid little creatures who call her Shala.


    Starfire saves Robin,but is mad him.He is clueless about girls.

    BB has to build Cyborg,but BB is a little dim when it comes to building.
    Cyborg-what is wrong with u!do u even have aposable thumbs?
    BB-most of the time.

    The little Creatures love Raven,but like everything,she doesn't that much.


    Starfire is very,very,very mad at Robin.What i don't get is why Robin will fight off almost any threat and danger in the universe but can't deal with girls?
    Robin-i should have let the slug monster eat me...

    BB has just as much confusion with helping Cyborg as Robin does with Starfire...poor,poor Cyborg.


    Robin does care about Starfire,he just can't say it.AND that's messing with her powers.
    while falling in a huge cavern Starfire can't fly,Robin saves her and ends on top of her(not as sick as it sounds)


    BB can't build a rocket and can't fly a rocket.they would have died if Cyborg hadn't finally started talking in Dum-Dum.

    (with Robin&Starfire)

    Starfire explains that she can't fly because she's confussed with Robin's feelings for her.Robin scared.Starfire asks Robin his feelings,Robin very nervous-as much as he cares about her,telling her is waaaaaaay to hard-THIS from the legendary Boy-Wonder who will fight any villian but can't tell a girl he loves his feelings-He says how he thinks her powers and strengh is cool(makes her happy)-
    Starfire-so,u do not mind having a friend who is a girl?
    Robin-mind it?actually i kinda-
    Creature Attacks!
    (damn creature!ruined a beautiful moment)
    good news is Starfire can blast again.
    Robin-let's fly!
    Starfire-but i-
    (grabs her hand)
    Robin-as long as were togther,it'll be ok.
    they jump into the cavern,Creature go bye-bye.
    Cyborg and BB fly in,Cyborg with smirk-hm-hmm!
    Cyborg finds his arms,all that's left is to find Raven...

    ...who is being pampered by the little aliens.

    this was a great ep,it made me laff,cry,jump,chew and thank the Creators for this ep that was better than any dream!
  • Funny!!

    I pictured the whole thing as romantic, funny and adorable. And you can guess which adjective is for which of titans ( in pairs or not ). It was very funny when robin tried to tell starfire how he felt and acted when she ignored him...... i kind of feel sorry for him, struggling that much..... on the other way watching raven being annoyed by the sha-la-la creatures was just hilarious. Not to mention beast boy trying to understand cyborg F-U-N-N-Y. But in the end, I think a lot of people would want to be treated like raven, Queen Raven that is ;D .
  • After battling an alien monster aboard a satillite the titan's ship is attacked by the monster and is damaged. Mishearing Robin's orders not to separte, they separte and crash land on a planet but in diffrent places.

    I felt a little sorry for Robin in this one, the guy can handle monsters evil bad guys and such but he can't handle the fact that cyborg teases him about starfire bieng his girlfreind. The parts about beast boy and cyborg were a riot i esp, liked the sha-la creatures, at first i thought that they were saying "shut up" but after listening carefully i understood them, it was cute how they repeated almost everything that raven said.
  • When the titans are seperated after a crash on an alien planet, pandamonium ensuses.

    When the titans are separated after a crash on an alien planet, pandemonium ensues as, Starfire is angry at Robin for saying she’s not his girl friend, cyborg has come apart, and has only Beast boy( Who has absolutely no knowledge of technical lingo) to put him together. And of coarse Raven who has meet a tribe of tiny beings who adore her. An episode with such hilarity I have not seen before! Another interesting point is that the relation ship between Robin and starfire is finally explored. With the constant jokes and the brief bits of action and romance it is a must see.
  • Starfire seems to force Robin about admitting that she really is Robin\'s girl.. Even though she\'s clueless, she likes to get a special attention from Robin..

    I just don\'t like Starfire that much... Starfire is the kind of girl who wants to get all the attention, she really was overeacting when she went ballistic because Robin didn\'t admit that Starfire is his friend.. It\'s like SF really wants Robin to admit that she\'s sooo special. And Robin who thinks it\'s all a misunderstanding should say \" A girlfriend is a friend who recives special attention among any other girls, compared to a friend it\'s just the simple thing.\" that way SF wouldn\'t be so clueless...
  • Honestly I think Robin still likes Starfire. No. I do not think that Robin liked being blackmailed, but i try to ignore that and focus on the fact that Robin was about to tell Star that he L-O-V-E-D her! Then that annoying monster got in the way!

    I do not think that Robin liked being blackmailed, but i try to ignore that and focus on the fact that Robin was about to tell Star that he L-O-V-E-D her! Then that annoying monster got in the way! The monster was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooa worthless character! The last season is coming up they aren't going to give Starfire a season, (Oh yeah! I bet the movie is going to be about her. Titans Tower said that it will focus a little bit around the R/S relationship(I almost fainted!)) We want to see Starfire get really, really, really, really great eps. Cause we aint gonna see her for a long time! Raven does get a great part though! =)!!!!! ( For u people who don't know what that is it is a smilly face.(Tilt your head 2 the left and look at it!)) Raven does deserve a break! Cy and BB give the show great humor. Overall triple heart the humor, double heart the romance between R/S, triple heart the sha-la creatures (my bro and i thought they said shut-up at first!), so let's see 3h+2h+3h=8h so 8h/9h not bad! I'll give it a 9.

    Beast Boy*****Raven
    Cy*****Bumble Bee
    (Terra's gone!=( =( =( =( =( . (same as smilly face only it's frowny faces.))
  • My favorite to date!

    I found this episode most enjoyable, and quite entertaining.
    Oh, forget it, Houston, we have a new favorite episode!!!!!!!!!! (I wish I could put that last part in capitols). I make it clear, that the whole Star and Robin deal is the best part of the show (for me). So, this was like, paradise for me. I was laughing and shaking my head at Robin's cluelessness. Honestly, I think it's so funny how he can be so confident and really smooth with everything else, except the fact that he's in love with Starfire (it is a fact... even if Robin won't admit it quite yet.)
    Oh, and Starfire with the bow and arrows was awesome!!!!
    But, I do know that those two weren't the only part of the show. Cyborg and BB practically had me rolling on the floor laughing, and I immensley enjoyed Raven's sequences with the little creatures (but are they saying "shut up" or "sha la"...?)
    Oh well. 6 (out of 5) stars.
    Favorite line: "As long as we're together, we'll be okay." -Robin
  • "Standed" was a terrific episode. And this is only the 3rd episode of Starfire's and Robin's relationship.

    Summary: An exciting battle on a distant space station ends with a tremendous explosion that blows the T-Ship apart - and sends the Titans flying off in five different directions to crashland on a strange alien world.

    Final Thoughts: I am a big fan of this whole Robin and Starfire relationship concept. But it's sad how a few viewers don't like their relationship.

    If your a fan of Robin or Starfire, you will probably will, no doubt, love this episode. And if your not, you'll probably hate this episode. But for me, out of the 3 episodes that dealt with Robin and Starfires relationship, this is probably my favorite. But hopefully we will get a conclusion between those Robin and Starfire.
  • Starfire was quite mean to Robin, and luckily Robin didn't dump her! The creature ruined everything for me!!

    Stranded, was as most fans said, the development of the Robin/Starfire relationship. Although this episode was a Team episode, we actually got to see more of Starfire and Robin.

    Now usually I myself am a fan of each and everyone of the characters, but today, Starfire was my least favourite. The potrayal of her character was quite bad in my opinion that she blackmailed Robin, similar to how she made Beast Boy feel bad in "Forces of Nature". No wonder Raven enjoys it when she shuts her yap! At least Robin was the kind of guy whi could understand the feelings of Starfire to go along with it.

    Cyborg and Beast Boy's plot wasnt as much better but at least it wasnt as stretched as Robin/Starfire's one. So, this one was a quite good filler.

    Raven's plot was werid but luckily fans didn't get annoyed with her because her potrayal in every single episode is usually great and this episode is no different.

    On the whole, this episode was alright, I just hated the creature.

  • This is an episode RobStar fans had been waiting for.

    This is an episode RobStar fans had been waiting for. They grow closer, and Starfire makes Robin feel guilty. Yay!
    This episode was... cute. Other than the development of Robin and Starfire's relationship, the "Sh la" aliens were also quite adorable as they followed Raven around.
    I'd say the biggest flaw of "Stranded" was Starfire's attitude. She was a little selfish and not her usual sweet self. (Well, duh.) There was just something that made Starfire seem like one of those annoying shallow girls that nobody really likes.
    Most of "Stranded" was pretty funny, too. The parts with Cyborg and Beast Boy mostly, but when Starfire made Robin feel bad... that was great. Oh. And the parts with Raven and the "Sh la" aliens too.
  • RobxStar paradise beyond Paradise!! ^_^;;

    @_@;;;; Three words....

    Best...Episode...EVER...... *dies*

    *magically revives*

    Love and fluff. Genuine humor. Raven relaxing and happy (The poor girl totally deserved this episode of being treated like the Queen of Queens after all that she had to go through the entire season...). Stranded felt like a "break" episode; a break in the middle of the season for the characters to have a chance to just...relax and...have some _fun_, before they have to deal with the End of the World, and all that jazz. Season Four is perhaps at the series' darkest, and you have Stranded to provide a little break and sunlight in all the doom and gloom that's been going on. Besides really developing on the RobxStar relationship, this was just one of those random episodes thrown in there occasionally that really didn't have much of a point or plot to them. They were just...there, like I said, as a fun episode.

    Speaking of Robin and Starfire... He _finally_ told her how he felt!! Well...kinda...lol...

    Robin: Starfire...I think...uh...it’s...awesome...the way...you shoot starbolts. It’s, uh, also cool that you’re brave and the strongest girl ever.

    Oh, Robin, you're so romantic! The next Shakespeare! XD ^_^;;

    I know, I'm SO pathetic when it comes to this particular couple, but I actually screamed (with pure and utmost fangirling joy) during the conversation in the cavern, the whole "we'll be okay, as long as we're together" thing (Yes, it's cheesy as all getout, but hey, it comes out of Robin's mouth and is directed at Starfire, so I LOVE it! XD), and the holding-each other hug outside, not even bothering to let go of each other even when and after Cyborg and BB arrived on the scene!

    As THE fanatic BEYOND fanatics in the history of ALL fanatics in the wonderfully glorious and colossally awesome Robin/Starfire relationship, this episode nearly about killed me. It was paradise beyond paradise. It was the episode that felt like the final piece of the Robin/Star relationship puzzle was at last fitted and in place. They FINALLY know _exactly_ where the other stands in their particular relationship, and it is FINALLY out in the open exactly how much they care and feel for each other (It's about time! XD). The embrace at the end, like I said above, said it all. Now, I'm just waiting (and DYING!) to see that kiss!! ^_^;;

    Cyborg and BB.... _priceless_! Stranded is the only Titans episode, aside from this season's Hide and Seek, that I was genuinely in stitches from laughing so hard.

    Cyborg: ((Arrrrgh!!)) Pull the red candycane thingamahoozit now!

    ...I love this new writer...

    And Raven's bit in the eppie, though she didn't get quite as much screentime as the other two pairs, was just _cute_. The alien things were great...

    Raven: Don't! Go away!
    Aliens: Don't go away! Don't go away! Sha-la!

    ....I'll repeat myself again....I love this new writer..... Melody Fox...you totally rock my socks off! XD

    Anywhosies, I thought Stranded did an awesome job in pretty much every aspect. The little sucker 'love' punch that Starfire gave Robin at the beginning of the episode, that nearly sent him flying, was great... *laughs* She just barely tapped him, and he nearly toppled over at the sheer strength of the punch.

    Starfire: I, too, admire your abundant limb strength!

    Gotta love Star! ^_^;;

    Love an' Sparkles!
  • Starfire is very selfish in this episode.

    Robin is my favorite character and watching him get blackmailed into having a relationship with Starfire is just too painful for me. Starfire is clearly a selfish little brat who would have broken the team apart with her "no powers" excuse, unless Robin created a stronger relationship with her. Robin was clearly being blackmailed.
  • Gotta love the character interaction.

    After being attacked by an alien on a distant planet, the Titans must try and escape. The ship damaged, they split up and end up stranded from each other.

    The episode is light on Raven. She is stranded all by herself, with these wierd alien things that end up waiting on her hand and foot.

    The Cyborg/Beastboy team up was ok. I'm so used to them being friends, so seeing them at each others throats was kind of different.

    The Robin/Starfire team up was really good though. They really captured Starfire's pain. The awkwardness of their talk was done really well too, as well as him putting her fears at ease.

    Overall, a really good episode.
  • So shoot me, I don't really like this episode...

    All they ever do is Starfire and Robin, and a lot of the episodes, when it's a team episode, it's ethier mostly about Robin, Starfire, or both. The part I ONLY fully enjoyed is the Beastboy and Cyborg parts. Ya, so I'm sorry for all you people who loved it, I think it was O.K., but can't they put MORE realtionships, other then R/S, because some people don't like it, and a lot of people assume they do, like how Christian people somtimes assume that Jewish people are Christian, especially in December.

    People assume everyone is a Rob/Star shipper whenever a R/S epsiode comes on. It doesn't make any sence.
  • Robin and Starfire get stranded on an alien planet after a fight. The only way to survive is to work together. Meanwhile Cyborg and Beast Boy are stranded together and BB gets to privlage to put Cy back together after he falls apart.

    I saw this episode a few weeks ago but never got the chance to review it 'till now. I think this was a very wonderful episode for us Starfire/Robin shippers. Not only do they hug but almost admit their true feelings, but a monster attacks and cuts them off. There should be more episodes like this. I of course loved the Star/Rob pairing in this episode, plus Beast Boy trying to put Cyborg back together made me laugh out loud! I also liked Raven and the little Sha-lahs or whatever they were called. They made me laugh.
  • I love this episode!

    I totally love this ep. cuz I'm a big R/S shipper and I thought it was too cute, and funny too! R/R shippes might no like this ep. as much as I do, but there are other things, like those little "SHA-LA!" thing that repeated what Raven said. And BB is no good at building things, or rocket science! If you like TT, the you would LOVE this ep.
  • Wow. An amazing episode. This was my favourite episode by far!

    Stranded was my favorite episode so far because beyond the main plot, are several sub-plots, bursting with character develoment. You mix one part growing friendship with one part romance, add a bit of royal-treatment, then add a hint of action, with a pinch of comedy, and what do you get? An amazing episode. We find out that Cyborg and Beast Boy are actually "best friends" and we laugh as Beast Boy works his tiny brain to the bone trying to put Cyborg back together. Robin is having a hard time addmiting his feelings for Starfire, but ends up saving both of their lives by doing so. Then you get Raven who is being pampered like no tommorow with little alien creatures faning her and feeding her grapes,(not to mention a back massage!) With all this going on, it's hard not to love the episode.
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