Teen Titans

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Sep 06, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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When the Puppet King imprisons Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy inside wooden puppets, a mix-up with the spell switches Starfire's essence with Raven's. Gushy Starfire, trapped in Raven's body, finds it hard to control Raven's wildly sensitive powers. And Raven can't seem to loosen up enough to unleash Starfire's emotion-driven abilities. Will the two of them be able to save the boys from the Puppet King and get their bodies back to normal in the process?


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  • Excellent switching bodies episode

    Switched is an awesome episode. It features nice moments between Starfire and Raven, as well as great action and suspense. Totally an EXCELLENT 6 episode.
  • Love Starfire and Raven!

    Oh how I loved this episode! Raven and Starfire switching bodies allowed for tons of character development, fast-paced action, and humor. Teen Titans worked its magic once again with its blend of touching moments and high-speed adrenaline.
  • The ol' switcheroo episode, but there's a reason this plot has been used in so many shows, it allows for some genuine fun, this is no exception.

    Ah yes, the old switching bodies plot, whomever originally came up with it, I salute thee. I love it when a hero and a villain switch bodies, that doesn't happen here. Instead we see Raven and Starfire switching bodies, and it's a brilliant idea once you start thinking about it. Raven and Starfire are so vastly different characters, and the powers in their bodies are tied to their personalities and emotions, it's just a really neat idea.

    The Puppet King is a lame villain, thankfully the episode does not focus on him, in fact he's not that much in it. The action scenes at the end are first rate. Raven and Starfire are my two favorite character on the show and we get some great lines, such as Raven in Starfire's body: "How do you stand having this much hair?" I think the chase in the back alley took a bit too long, and it wasn't very exciting, but the last part is fantastic. I also liked the ending which was very sweet.

    This is a really fun episode, and great for fans of either Raven or Starfire.moreless
  • There's just something about it...

    So, this episode I found to be a bit... lackluster. I love the storyline: The male Titans get trapped inside of puppets by the Puppet King, while the female Titans get their bodies switched, then have to figure out how each others' powers works, while learning more about each other in the process. The storyline is a classic 'which is the better gender?' ep., where, of course the females win, but the whole 'body-switching' plot was, not painful, but kind of hard to watch. Watching happy-go-lucky Starfire end up in bleak and depressing Raven's body (and vice versa) was very odd. I know they're supposed to be out of character, because that's obviously how it's set up, but still, something about this episode didn't really click with me. In fact, it was out of character for all of the Titans, including the guys. I mean, how hard is it for them to fight an evil puppet, really? Also, the animation was in its bi-episode SD mode, which fit well into the sillyness of the plot, characters, and episode itself. Overall, while this was a cute episode, I can't say it was anywhere near my favorites.moreless
  • Raven and Starfire are forced to learn more about each other in order to rescue their fellow teammates.

    This is one of those typical 'Freaky Friday' episodes seen pretty much everywhere. But it was done well. The Titans receive a strange box in the mail containing puppets that look like them. Now, any smart superheroes wouldn't have opened the box in the first place. But this is Teen Titans, after all. That night, the mysterious Puppet King breaks into the Tower and transfers Robin's, Beast Boy's, and Cyborg's soul into their identical puppets, the bodies left behind under the Puppet King's control. In a desperate attempt to save herself and Starfire, Raven unleashes her dark energy just before her own soul leaves her body. This causes a reaction in which the Puppet King's controller gets knocked out of his hand. Long story short, Raven and Starfire escape...in each other's bodies. I like this episode, mainly because it gives you a glimpse at Raven and Starfire's relationship a little more closely. You also discover more about their personalities and pasts, though not much is really said. And that about sums it all up. It's a great character development episode, though like all TT filler episodes, it's never referenced again.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (21)

    • Starfire claims that in order to use starbolts, she must feel righteous fury, whereas with flight she must feel joy. Yet there are numerous instances in other episodes where Starfire is flying and/or using starbolts while feeling different emotions.

    • Throughout the episode, Starfire (in Raven's body) accidentally unleashes Raven's powers whenever she feels an emotion, usually fear. Yet shortly after Raven (in Starfire's body) explains this to her, Starfire (in Raven's body) then gets into a panic about their predicament, and none of Raven's powers get unleashed. It could be argued that if she only feels emotions slightly then nothing bad should arise, but she definitely displays more emotion than in other cases where her powers did get out of control.

    • When the possessed Cyborg breaks through the wall behind Starfire and Raven, Raven (in Starfire's body) screams. However, the scream is very high pitched, and sounds more like the sort of scream Starfire would make, not Raven.

    • 1. Which two Titans switch bodies?
      2. What villian causes this to happen?
      3. How do the the two Titans get to the top of the roof?
      4. How do the other Titans get free?
      5. What do Raven and Starfire do when they get back home?
      6. What does Raven ask Starfire to do after the thing there doing?

    • When the boys are making their puppets fight, at one point Robin and Beast Boy's get switched around, but their strings aren't tangled, and then when they switch to a long shot, Beast Boy is in the middle and Robin is on the right.

    • Raven: (In Starfire's body) How can you stand having all this hair?? It is all messy.
      But the next time there is a shot of her, the hair is back to normal.

    • Starfire's eyes were different for some of the scenes when Raven was inside her body.

    • Raven said in "Apprentice (2)" she could sense if something is controlling someone else. And in "Go!," she could sense someone's near presence. If this is true, why couldn't she sense Puppet King's control of Beast Boy and the others when they were zombies and when Puppet King, or a possible intruder, was near?

    • When the remote control falls into the cauldron, the boys' spirits would be locked in there, so shouldn't they have been destroyed rather than returned to their bodies?

    • As implied later on in the episode, while inside the puppets, the boys can't move. However, when Robin was thrown into the puppet, notice he was moving his head slightly.

    • When Starfire, as Raven, attempts to break the lock, her eyes glow, but in a burning sort of way, while in other episodes, Raven's eyes just glow when she uses telekinesis.

    • Starfire's powers don't really make sense. Starfire [In Raven's Body] tells Raven [In Starfire's Body] that in order to fly, she must think of peaceful things, yet in order to use Starbolts, she has to feel fury?

    • When Puppet King was standing over the pot with the three puppets of the boys, and the girls were looking over him, Starfire [In Raven's Body] says "NO!" But it is actually in Raven's voice instead of Starfire's.

    • Starfire was flying with Raven... Starfire (while in Raven's body) was screaming, but Raven's mouth (in Starfire's body) was open.

    • When Raven (in Starfire's body) kicks Beast Boy when he is a gorilla in the Puppet King's hide out, for a second, her hand is purple.

    • The boys' puppets all had moving mouths, but the girls' puppets didn't.

    • In the scene at the end when all of the Titans return to their normal bodies, something weird happens. Beast Boy had just been a gorilla, but when he turned back into his regular form, his arm was still a gorilla arm.

    • When The Puppet King is telling Starfire and Raven about their friends being his puppets, his remote he uses to control them with has a yellow light glowing - the yellow light of Starfire's soul. But Starfire was still in her own body.

    • When Starfire and Raven are hiding behind the bags of rubbish, Starfire (in Raven's body) is on the right, and Raven (in Starfire's body) is on the left, but when Zombie Beast Boy comes as a rat, they have swapped places.

    • When Starfire (in Raven's body) is breaking the lock on the roof, she hasn't completed saying "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" when the lock breaks - it breaks in the middle of Zinthos. But at the beginning of "Nevermore," we clearly see that Raven has to complete her words before it happens.

    • When the box with the puppets arrives at the tower, as they are looking it over you can see the 'To:/From:' tag on the side. At first the tag says "To: Titan Tower," which is wrong to begin with, but shortly after when it's in sight again it amazingly corrects itself to say "To: Titan's Tower" with the possesive "s" at the end. And even that is wrong, because it has always been be Titans Tower, no apostrophe necessary.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Starfire: (to Raven) Shall my tiny replica do battle with your tiny replica?
      Raven: (pauses for a moment) Knock yourself out. (throws her puppet at Starfire)

    • Puppet King: We will catch the other two after the ceremony is complete.
      Puppet Robin: Ceremony?
      Puppet Cyborg: What ceremony?
      Puppet King: Just a little spell. That will destroy you three, and make your bodies mine forever!

    • Starfire: (Flying, in Raven's body) I wish to stop, please tell me the way to stop!
      Raven: (In Starfire's body) Look at the ground and imagine... WAIT!
      (They both fall down)

    • Raven: (After Zombie Beast Boy attacked her) Beast Boy, it's me! Don't make me hurt you!

    • Cyborg: Ah! Ain't that cute? Puppet Cy has a light-up eye!

    • Beast Boy (After opening a box) Honestly, I was kinda hoping for chocolate.

    • Starfire: Quickly, Raven! Our friends are in danger! We must follow and--
      Raven: And what? Save them with my unusable powers while your unbridled emotions blow us to bits?!

    • Starfire: (In Raven's body) Oh, Raven! This is awful! Terribly, horribly awful!
      Raven: (Vice versa) Tell me about it.
      Starfire: Very well. (Gradually panicking) Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy have been trapped inside tiny wooden bodies, while a nasty creature called the Puppet King has taken control of their real bodies, which he is using to hunt us down, AND YOU AND I ARE IN THE WRONG BODIES, AND--
      Raven: Starfire! You have to calm down.

    • Raven: (Meditating) Azarath Metrion Zin --
      Cyborg: MAIL CALL!
      (The sound of Cyborg's voice scares Raven and causes her to collapse)
      Starfire: Friends. You are back. It was... quiet while you were gone.
      Raven: Not that quiet.

    • (Puppet King playing with the Titans puppets)
      Robin Puppet: Titans... Go! Hey aren't you guys coming!
      Raven Puppet: What's the point? We're no match for the Puppet King.
      Starfire Puppet: He's too smart and strong, not to mention good looking.
      Cyborg Puppet: Yeah, we should probably accept defeat.
      Beast Boy Puppet: (Looking up) Dudes, I think we already have.
      (Puppet King makes them cower, then drops their strings)
      Puppet King: Bravo. Bravo, but enough rehearsal. Time to begin the show.

    • Puppet King: Search and destroy. I do not want an audience.

    • (The boys playing with the puppets)
      Beast Boy: Dude, my puppet is totally kicking your puppet's butt!
      Robin: Not for long! Hi-yah!!
      (Beast Boy's puppet hits Cyborg's puppet)
      Cyborg: Oh, you want a piece of me, little man?!
      (The boys start fighting with the puppets)
      Raven: Boys...
      Starfire: Shall my tiny replica do battle with your tiny replica?
      Raven: Knock yourself out.
      Cyborg: (Still fighting the puppets) Look out, big guy, I'm gonna get you!

    • Starfire: Raven, did you hear the strange noises, too?
      Raven: The strange noises of you shouting outside my door? Kinda hard to miss.

    • Puppet King: (Magic controller gets thrown in the fire-type substance) ... NOOO!... The magic!... Without it... I'm just a... (Turns into a puppet)

    • Raven: (As Starfire) Your turn... focus your energy on the lock...
      Starfire: (As Raven) Azarath Metrion Zinthos... (Lock breaks) Hehe.
      Raven: (As Starfire) Nice work.
      Starfire: (As Raven) SUCCESS!!
      (Doors open rapidly sending echo through warehouse)
      Raven: (Sarcastically, as Starfire) Nice work...

    • Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath...
      Starfire: Raven?! Have you seen the boys?
      Raven: No.
      Starfire: Perhaps they are doing the "hanging out." Perhaps we should do the "hanging out." We could perform braiding maneuvers on each others hair, or journey to the mall of shopping, or... (Sees Raven glaring) You wish to be alone? (Rushes out of the room)
      Raven: How could you tell?

    • Starfire: (As Raven) I will try to calm down! Peace... Quiet... Tranquility...
      (Suddenly, a car flips over and a fire hydrent starts bursting water)
      Raven: (As Starfire) We are SO doomed.

    • Raven: (Looking at the puppets) Someone certainly has a lot of time on their hands.
      Robin: Yeah, they even got all the details just right.
      Beast Boy: Speak for yourself. I'm way better looking than this. Not to mention taller.

    • Beast Boy Puppet: Dude... get your butt out of my face!
      Robin Puppet: I... can't move, deal with it!

    • Starfire: We have done it!
      (Hugs Raven)
      Raven: You are hugging me...

    • Starfire: (As Raven) I smell like the breath of a Snordian Flortworm!

    • Starfire: (As Raven) What if they find us? What if our friends are doomed? What if I am stuck looking like this forever?!
      Raven: (As Starfire) We'll fix it. I don't know how, but we will rescue the boys, and we will get our bodies back. (Slightly offended) What's wrong with the way I look?
      Starfire: (As Raven) Nothing!

    • Raven: (As Starfire) How can you stand having this much hair?

    • Raven: (As Starfire) Okay, how do you fly this thing?
      Starfire: (As Raven) You must feel flight.
      Raven: (As Starfire) What?
      Starfire: (As Raven) When you feel the unbridled joy of flight, you will fly.
      Raven: (As Starfire) Unbridled joy? Not really my thing.
      Starfire: (As Raven) LOOK! (Points with finger and sends some of her dark powers to Raven (as Starfire), making her fall face-first, Beast Boy, as a tiger, comes charging at them)
      Raven: (As Starfire) What do I have to feel to use starbolts?
      Starfire: (As Raven) Righteous fury!
      Raven: (As Starfire) Your alien strength?
      Starfire: (As Raven) Boundless confidence!
      Raven: (As Starfire, agitated) Nevermind.

    • Starfire Puppet: (Starfire talking) Hello, Starfire!
      Starfire: Hello, tiny, wooden replica of Starfire!

    • Starfire: (As Raven; excitedly) What was your joyful thought?
      Raven: (As Starfire) You don't want to know.
      Starfire: (As Raven) Oh, but I do. Please, tell me. What did you imagine?
      Raven: (As Starfire) You not talking.
      Starfire: (As Raven, dropping her excitement and staring blankly) Oh... I am... glad I was able to help.

  • NOTES (22)


    • Learning to Fly: Peter Pan
      When Starfire (in Raven's body) says that, Raven (in Starfire's body) has to think of something happy in order to fly, this is akin to Peter Pan. The Darling children, or anyone else sprinkled with pixie dust, have to think of things that make them happy in order to fly.

    • Switched: Freaky Friday
      This episode could have some reference to the movie, Freaky Friday (the older version), where a mother and daughter who have nothing in common are magically switched places on Friday the 13th due to two magical pendants given to them and an identical wish made at the exact same time. The body switching bit was used again in Teen Titans Go #53, but between Mento and Beast Boy (story was titled "Wacky Wednesday").