Teen Titans

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 24, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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The Titans meet Terra, a small teenage girl with big powers. Gifted with amazing earth-moving abilities, Terra can make rocks fly, mountains crumble, and the ground tremble beneath her feet. At first, it seems like this hip, funny, young hero might make a good addition to the team. But Terra has a secret... and only Slade knows the truth. And every move she makes is bringing her closer and closer to him.moreless

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  • Terra is awesome, and mysterious.

    Terra's first episode is great. Though, looking back at it is a depressing experience, considering how this storyline ended, or rather didn't end, it kind of ruined the previous episodes a little, for me. But forget about the series finale, this is still one high quality episode. Terra has awesome powers and the training scene is the best one in the episode. Slade returns, obviously he has evil intentions toward Terra. Beast Boy's crush on Terra is sweet, but again, the last episode makes this tough to watch.

    The action is as usual great, and I say this every time, but that's just because it delivers so consistently cool fight scenes. Slade is such a creep, he is very rough with Terra and doesn't care the slightest if he hurts her. One thing I didn't like was the ending, Terra just runs away because Robin knows she can't fully control her powers, she's willing to give up friends and a home for this, paperthin excuse if you ask me, but okay, she's young and sensitive.

    "Terra" is a good episode, I can't lie, the final episode in the series has ruined it a little for me, but it's still very entertaining.moreless
  • Perfect episode!!!!!!!

    I love Terra so much and i hate Slade for trying to take her away from the Teen Titans.....the beastboy/terra romance was nice and cute and touching

    and robin should of been quiet!Well this starts the ever-so-famouse Terra and The Judas Contract Ark.

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  • It was an ok way of first bringing out Terra.

    So basically the titans find a new girl named Terra. She seems as if a hip young girl who can control earth well, but that's not the case as Beast Boy finds out. She is really a not so good manipulator of earh, and has run away from homes that she has grown accustomed to several times. When the titans let her in thier loop, only Raven senses the real danger, but decides against it. After a fight Robin figures her powers out and Terra runs away to Slade, not knowingly of course. I thought it was a good way to bring out Terra's character, but it lacked a little something. That's my review.moreless
  • Terra appears with a secret: she cannot control her powers. Slade uses this to trick her but in the end she runs away, trusting nobody.

    Terra is a really suitable girl for Beast Boy compared to Raven. She appreciates his jokes and is far prettier. However, she is not by his side for long, thanks to the devious Slade. This episode is really super and it gives the viewers a lasting impression of misunderstanding, trust and self-consciousness. I think Slade will do something to Terra before long and she will reappear, maybe as his new apprentice or something. Well, this indeed makes up for the daft portrayal of Beast Boy in Every Dog Has His Day. He is now more mature and gentle to girls, yippee!moreless
  • A mysterious girl appears before Titans eyes? Who is she and what is she planning?

    PLOT IN SHORT: on the desert the Titans meet a mysterious girl Terra and Beast Boy is instantly charmed by her. As it turns out, she has the ability to control the earth and so the Titans ask her to join them. And it seems that she won't have to wait too long for her first action as Slade appeared yet again. What is he planning? Will the Titans stop him? And what's Terra part in all of this?

    I must admit that the plot of this episode isn't one of my favorites, but deffinately this is one of the more important episodes (especially for season 2) as well as one of the more serious ones. Plus, besides RobinxStarfire seen so far, this one shows another romance blooming among the Titans.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • How could Slade possibly watch Terra on his screen? At least when he watched Robin it was around a building, or a place where there were security cameras. But with Terra she's running in the wilderness where there are no cameras. Besides how did he know she ran away from the Titans, unless he has the tower watched...?

    • During the fight with Slade and Terra, the orange/red side of Slade's face seems to switch places with the black side.

    • During the fight with the Sladebots in the quarry, the part of Robin's cape that should be black is white in one scene.

    • It's unclear how Slade could've made that rock turn into diamond. It is possible, but not for a human. It takes at least 10 tons of pressure in every direction to do this. This proves that Slade's strength is beyond human.

    • When Terra created the whirlwind, how was she floating in the air? Also, when the storm ended, why did she and Beast Boy slowly descend to the ground instead of just dropping like they should have since Terra's powers don't allow her to levitate?

    • Throughout the episode, Terra's sleeves are missing from her shirt, and then come back.

    • In the opening, Terra is running from the giant scorpion. It's right on her tail, and all of a sudden, she is far ahead of it.

    • When Beast Boy skips a pebble in the water at the end, it goes a very long distance from the Tower, and we see that the water has no reflections in it. However, the next shot shows it creating ripples on the reflection of the Tower, when, had there even been a relection a few seconds ago, the rock would already have passed it.

    • When Beast Boy turns into a stegosaurus and drops into the group of Sladebots, his shadow is off. Once he is fully transformed and comes onto the screen, he is spinning around quickly, and judging by his speed and position, he must have been spinning the whole time. However, his shadow only shows this movement when he is on the screen.

    • Before Slade fights Terra, he throws an explosive into the ceiling in front of him. In the next shot, where neither Slade nor Terra have moved, the detonator explodes BEHIND him.

    • At the beginning, after Terra destroys the monster, the Titans group together: Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, Robin, and Beast Boy. Next shot, Cyborg and Beast Boy are the only Titans present.

    • After Terra destroys the scorpion monster, Cyborg's chin armor is white instead of gray.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Slade: (To Terra) I can help you, child!
      Terra: You can?
      Slade: Right now you are... rough around the edges. You need more than obstacle courses to overcome your problem. You need a teacher, a mentor! Come with me, Terra, and I will teach you how to shine!

    • Raven: (After realizing Terra uses their sink to wash her clothes, a bit furiously) Well, she seems... comfortable.

    • Robin: (To Terra) You mean you don't have a home?
      Terra: The Earth is my home!

    • Beast Boy: So, what brings such a cool, little chick to our big, groovy city, huh?
      Terra: I go wherever the wind takes me, you know. I get to see new places, meet new people, stop a few bad guys here and there!

    • Starfire: (After Terra crushed the huge scorpion) She was not in trouble...
      Cyborg: She was leading it into a trap!

    • Slade: Run all you like, because, no matter where you go, every step brings you closer to me.

    • Slade: You lack control, Terra, and, when you lose control, you are more dangerous than anything I've ever seen.

    • Terra: Looks like I've got you.
      Slade: Actually, Terra... (Throws a device with his insignia on it at the ceiling, where it sticks and starts to beep and flash red) ...I've got you. (Device explodes in a mighty blast of rocks, caving them in together)

    • Starfire: Curiosity abounds! Please. (leaning into Terra's face, and firing off the following questions in rapid succession) Where did you come from, how did you get here, what is your favorite color, and do you wish to be my friend?
      Terra: Um... Earth, walked, red, and... sure?
      Starfire: (Enthusiastically giving Terra one of her bone-crushing hugs) Oh, hello, new friend!
      Terra: (Gets the breath squeezed out of her, and sounding slightly strangled) How's it goin'...?

    • Raven: (Seeing Terra destroy the obstacle course) We're gonna need a new obstacle course.

    • Beast Boy: You're the man, Terra! I mean, you're the... Way to go!

    • Terra: Tastes like sushi mixed with ice cream... got any more?
      Starfire: Wonderful! I shall go cultivate the fungus!

    • Starfire: I will not let my new friend sleep in a cave of darkness!
      Terra: I have a flashlight...

    • Cyborg: Boo-ya! New course record! Ha, ha!
      Raven: Well, yeah, you're the first one to do the course.

    • (After defeating the giant scorpion, Terra ascends on a rising pillar of earth, and jumps off to meet the Titans, who are all staring at her in open-mouthed shock and surprise at her display of power)
      Terra: (A bit cockily) What? Haven't you guys ever seen a superhero before?
      Robin: I'm Robin, and we're the...
      Terra: Teen Titans! Rock on! It's cool to meet you guys. I'm Terra. And you're... (names off each Titan) Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and...
      Beast Boy: Boy Beast, dah! I mean, Bath Boot! Uh, no...
      Terra: (Chuckles) ... Beast Boy?
      (Beast Boy makes a girlish scream, turns into a turtle; Terra gets a good laugh out of this)
      Terra: Dude, he's hilarious!
      Beast Boy: (Sticks his head out of his shell, in midair) Hilarious? Me? Really?
      (Terra smiles, and tips him a nudge, and a wink; he immediately sways and faints, complete with little pink hearts floating up everywhere)

    • Terra: Don't lose control... Don't lose control...
      Slade: Now, Terra, how can you lose something you never had?

    • Slade: Impressive. Unless you were aiming for me.

    • Raven: I think we have a new course record.
      Cyborg: (Embarassed at being beaten) I must have softened it up for her...

    • Raven: Everything OK?
      Robin: Not sure.

  • NOTES (14)


    • Judas Contract: Judas, one of the 12 Apostles
      This arc of the Teen Titans was named after one of Jesus Christ's Apostles, Judas. Judas was imfamous for betraying Jesus, just as Terra will betray the Titans. After the Last Supper, he led Jesus to Gethsemane and identified Jesus to the soldiers by kissing him. Judas was given 30 pieces of silver as a reward for Jesus' arrest. But Judas later had remorse for his actions and committed suicide to repent just as Terra will at the end of season 2.