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Teen Titans

Season 3 Episode 9

The Beast Within

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Oct 30, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

During a fight with Adonis, Beast Boy gets covered in toxic waste. The day after the fight, he shows different changes, such as eating meat, pumping iron and acting nasty. He has a fight with Raven and turns into a Man-Beast and runs amock in the sewers. The Titans discover Raven in his mouth and go to the conclusion that he attacked her and threatened to put him in prison, which makes him angry and form into the Man-Beast once more. But When Cyborg and Robin leave to fight him, leaving Starfire to watch over her, Raven wakes up and says that he saved her. When the guys get to Beast Boy, he gets attacked by another Beast. Beast Boy wins and the other Beast turns out to be Adonis.moreless

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  • When Beast Boy Goes Berserk

    Loved this episode and how it focused on Beast Boy's character development! It was interesting to see him display another side of himself when he's usually so goofy and lighthearted. All of the character interactions and the mystery made this episode fantastic.
  • BB n Raven 4 eva! :D

    Did u notice how when he turned into the beast, he didn't seem to recognize any of the titans except for Raven? He always tried protecting her, but would sometimes attack the others. I think its cuz he has feelings for her, and that's one of the few things that remained in his mind.
  • An awesome Beast Boy and Raven episode, giving the BBxRae fans something to be happy for!

    The Beast Within was one of the first Teen Titans shows I ever saw, back when it was on Toonami at about 7:00. I remember watching it and thinking "Wow, this seems like an awesome show!". It's probably the reason why Raven and Beastboy are my favourite characters (Robin's just the tiniest bit behind, Starfire and Cy are okay but I LOATHE TERRA!). The first bit wasn't that interesting, but I liked Beast Boy's opening line ("I think my appendix and my spleen just switched places!"). Adonis wasn't really necessary, in my opinion, I think they should either have made it a natural were-beast or used an existing character, throwing a pointless and new one into the mix was a bit stupid. Even the biggest of Raven fans (and I consider myself a big Raven fan) couldn't fail to feel sorry for BB, because even though he was acting like a jerk, it wasn't really his fault, and Rae wasn't helping matters much =P.

    There are three things that I loved in this episode - a) The fact that Beast Boy saved Raven and didn't hurt her

    b) The fact that we see just how much Robin cares about Raven (in a brotherly way, before the RobStar fans start sharpening the daggers)

    c) The fact that everything turned out okey dokey in the end!

    This, along with Haunted and Spellbound, was the best episode in Series Three, making up for the trash that they gave us like the boring Titans East series end. 10/10!moreless
  • My favourite episode ever! Beast Boy is the best!

    This episode marks another BBxRae thing present in the series. Beast Boy gets infected with some chemical and turns beastly when indignant. However, why was Beast Boy so fed up when Adonis was mocking him? This is so unlike him. Anyway, a pretty meek ending to the suspenseful beginning. Still, the first time Beast Boy has clashed with Raven, so humour is intertwined with darkness and suspense. Very well done and incredibly exciting. I believe Beast Boy is so cool when he turns mean! Plus, it shows the deep friendship between Cyborg and Beast Boy when the former refused to shoot the latter. And it reveals Robin as a berserk, cold leader.moreless
  • Pretty good Beast Boy episode.

    Again, I would like to say that the reason I am only giving this episode a great rating is because that it was centered around mainly one titan, Beast Boy. Although I really did love the small hints of Beast Boy and Raven. So basically Beast Boy and Adonis get into this toxic waste and the next day Beast Boy starts doing the complete opposite of what he usually does. He gets into a fight with Raven and he and she go missing but the other titans think Beast Boy took her. Which is not true because Adonis did. In the end everything gets figured out while Beast Boy beats Adonis. I absolutely loved the end when Beast Boy and Raven talked together. So great episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • When Beast Boy transforms into the Werebeast for the second time, he completely tears off his clothes, yet when he changes back they are intact.

    • Starfire's favorite television program is 'World of Fungus'.

    • When Cyborg burst through a wooden fence in the T-Car, in his pursuit for Raven and Beast Boy, he clearly hits two pedestrians.

    • Beast Boy's voice deepens and reverts back to normal throughout the entire episode.

    • Beast Boy's transformations: wolf, bull, monkey, tiger, yeti, ox, Stegosaurus, lion, bear, cat, baboon, beast-within.

    • They find Beast Boy's belt in the sewers, but he would not have been able to drop it there, since it is evident by his confusion when he is defeated by the rest of the team and reverts back to his more human form that he did not transform back until then, nor does it make sense for the Beast to have worn the belt and then ditched it.

    • How did those big huge were-beasts fit through that tiny manhole to get to the sewers?

    • The manhole is already open when Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg arrive at it, yet they still show the manhole cover being removed in the next clip where the three are peering down into it.

    • Beast Boy's outfit rips when he turns into the beast in this episode, yet his outfit remains intact when he turns into that beast again in "The End" and other animals.

    • The sewer water in this episode is green, unlike it was in "Apprentice."

    • The fight scene where Adonis and Beast Boy fight (in Beast form) is the same place where Slade had his Cronoton detonator in "Apprentice," except this time there is no sewer water.

    • If Beast Boy was a DNA blank, why couldn't he change his skin color?

    • When Robin and Cyborg are chasing Beast Boy, we clearly see people standing perfectly still on the sidewalk as the were-beast runs by. Are monsters so common place in the Teen Titans' home city that the average citizen pays no mind when a hulking werewolf runs past them? Shouldn't at least one person have run screaming?

    • When Raven and Beast Boy ran into each other, for a second, Raven's chakra was round.

    • Robin finds a piece of Raven's cloak while looking for her. When you see Raven in Beast Boy's teeth, her cloak looks undamaged.

    • The Titans find Raven's signal generator (the brooch) in the sewers, but she's wearing it when the Titans find her and Beast Boy.

    • Raven is attacked by Beast Boy, and we're cut to a commercial break. When Teen Titans resumes, a scream is heard and the other Titans come to investigate. However, the scream is clearly in the voice of Starfire, not Raven.

    • When you see Raven on the bed in the infirmary, there were no wires or anything connected to her. So, how could the other Titans be able to monitor her heart beat and vital signs on the screen if there were no wires actually on her to monitor that stuff?

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Robin: Beast Boy!
      (The scene shows Beast Boy taking Raven's cloak)
      Robin: Leave her alone!
      Cyborg: What's going into you, man?
      Starfire: You are behaving like a Royal Zargnarf!

    • Robin: You need to tell me what happened.
      Beast Boy: I told you, I don't remember—any of it. We had that argument, I went to my room, I was angry, and then nothing. Claws… a scream… nothing.
      Robin: (Persistent) Claws and a scream isn't nothing. What else?
      Beast Boy: (Getting really angry and annoyed) That's all!
      Robin: (Persistent) No, it isn't! You have to focus!
      Beast Boy: (Getting pissed off) I am!
      Robin: (Persistent) You have to remember!
      Beast Boy: (Officially pissed off) I'm trying!
      Robin: (Persistent and in Beast Boy's face) Try harder! If you can't tell me what happened, I have to assume the worst. I have to put you in jail! You need to remember!
      Beast Boy: I CAN'T!!! (His heart monitor starts beeping like crazy)
      ***Beast Boy starts to change***
      Starfire: Beast Boy! (About to go over to Beast Boy because he is in extreme pain)
      Robin: (Puts out a hand a sign not to move closer) No!
      Beast Boy: (Changing) Get away from me!
      ***Beast Boy now fully changes and starts trying to get to Raven at all costs***

    • (Beast Boy loses a game to Cyborg)
      Beast Boy: Dude, no fair, you can't do that!
      Cyborg: I can, I did, and baby, that's why I win!
      Beast Boy: That's what you think!
      (Throws the controller and scratches Cyborg's chest with his claws)
      Cyborg: Yo, man, chill! It's just a stupid game.

    • Adonis: What's the matter, wuss. Don't you know how to fight like a man?
      Beast Boy: I'm not a man, I'm an animal!

    • Raven: Having that thing inside you doesn't make you a monster. Knowing when to let it out is what makes you a man.
      Beast Boy: Hmm, maybe you should call me BeastMan from now on.
      Raven: We're having a moment here, don't ruin it.
      Beast Boy: BeastDude?
      (Raven sighs)

    • Adonis: You think you can out-muscle Adonis? Bring it on.
      Beast Boy: Dude, it is totally brunged, bringed.
      Raven: Ooohh, bad grammar. That ought to scare him.

    • Beast Boy: Ugh, I can't believe I ate meat.

    • Raven: Yeah. Have any freak-outs lately?
      Beast Boy: I just got sick of being pushed around.

    • Starfire: You are merely flipping.

    • (Beast Boy ate Robin's ham & eggs, and they exchange some dialogue)
      Beast Boy: It's almost noon. You should get some breakfast.
      Robin: That was my breakfast.

    • Raven: He didn't hurt me, he ... saved me.
      Starfire: From what?

    • Raven: Let... me... go!
      Adonis: (Purrs) You're feisty.

    • Adonis: Nobody out-muscles Adonis.
      Beast Boy: Oh, yeah? Well, my muscles may be small and ropy, but they're not! I mean...

    • Beast Boy: Ever since I stood up to that loser, Adonis, I feel like a new man, a real man, and real men don't eat tofu.

    • Beast Boy: (Mumbling) She always insults me, teases me. I finally stick up for myself, and they take her side!

    • Starfire: Oh, I wish to know that our friends are okay now, please.
      Cyborg: Join the club. I can't even find B.B.'s signal.
      Robin: It's not Beast Boy I'm worried about.

    • Beast Boy: No. I wouldn't. I mean, we had a fight, but I would never --
      Starfire: She was in your teeth.
      Beast Boy: (Yelling angrily) That's a lie! (Almost gets out of the chair as if to go towards Starfire)
      Robin: (Menacingly while clenching his teeth) I'm going to ask you to keep your voice down!
      (Beast Boy glares up at him with open anger and hate only to get the same gaze back from Robin; Beast Boy's right hand starts to ease forward to grip the end of the chair's arm, so hard that they begin to shake; anger burns in his eyes for another moment, then subsides)
      Beast Boy: What's happening to me? (Leaning back in the chair very worried)

    • Raven: (To Beast Boy) On second thought, I'm not sorry, and you're a jerk.

    • Beast Boy: Raven... She's gonna be all right, isn't she? I mean, she's not moving... What have I done?

    • Beast Boy: I should sleep on the floor more often. I feel great!

    • Raven: Is this the part where I'm supposed to be intimidated?
      Beast Boy: No - THIS is! (Changes into gorilla)

  • NOTES (16)

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • This episode is somewhat similar to The Powerpuff Girls episode "Bubblevicious". Both Beast Boy and Bubbles were viewed as weak, and they behaved aggressively towards others, trying to prove that they're tougher than they appear to be.

    • Episode Title: The Beast Within
      The title "The Beast Within" is similar to Ian Watson's novel: The Alien Beast Within. The story shows some similarity, too. In the cartoon, Beast Boy gets poisoned by a chemical, which makes him turn into a beast. In the novel, Ey-Lindy (an assassin), uses a chemical called Polymorphyn to change into a monster.

    • Legion of Super Heroes
      Beast Boy's were-beast form looked like the full beast form of Timber Wolf from the Legion of Super Heroes, who coincidentally was created by his father as the "ultimate" fighting animal.

    • Beast Boy: (Turning into Were-Beast)
      Both times when Beast Boy changed, he was angry (first at Raven, second when Robin kept questioning him). This is similar to The Incredible Hulk, where Dr. David Banner turned into the Hulk when angered.

    • Adonis: Mythology
      In mythology, Adonis is a Syrian dying-and-reborn annual vegetation god imported into Greek mythology. His name is frequently used as an allusion to an extremely attractive, youthful male, often with a connotation of immature vanity: "the office Adonis." The Adonis seen in this episode fits these charactertistics perfectly (or so he claims). More Info

    • Were-Beast: Appearance
      When Beast Boy turns into the Were-Beast, he looks a lot like The Beast from the movie, Beauty and the Beast. (Raven seems like Belle from Beauty and the Beast because both of them got hurt, and in this episode, Beast Boy saved and helped her, just like The Beast helped Belle in Beauty and the Beast.)

    • Adonis & Beast Boy: Fight Scene
      During the fight scene between Beast Boy and Adonis, while they were Man-Beasts, Beast Boy rolled into a ball and launched himself at Adonis, then attacked him with high-speed attacks. That was similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega's mascot, who uses attacks in the same style.

    • Beast Boy: Movements
      One of Beast Boy's 'Beast' moves was rolling himself into a ball and hurling himself towards his opponent; kinda like Blanka from Street Fighter.

    • Beast Boy: Maybe you should call me BeastMan from now on!
      When Beast Boy stands on his name, (BeastMan), it looks like a shot from the original X-Men theme song.

    • Beast Boy: What's happening to me?!
      The in-gag with the tranformation sequence is a reference to An American Werewolf in London, this is signified when Beast Boy's teeth get sharper and his back grows larger.

    • Beast Boy: (Turning into Were-Beast)
      The first time Beast Boy began to turn into the Were-Beast seemed a lot like the movie Akira, when Tetsuo had his first few freakouts.