Teen Titans

Season 4 Episode 11

The End (1)

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jul 02, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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The day has finally come. Raven is destined to end the world on this day. Trigon will come by sunset. But not if the Titans have anything to say about it. They place Raven in a safe room while they take on an army of flame creatures and Slade who is determine to take Raven to Trigon. But Raven knows the horrible truth. No matter what the Titans do, there is no escaping her destiny.


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  • Fantastic Episode

    I loved everything about this episode! From Beast Boy giving Raven the penny to all of them trying to fight her destiny and Trigon's arrival on earth... this is the perfect set up for a beautiful season finale. Raven and the Titans have my heart.
  • My favorite episodes of Teen Titans. The end has finally come. Trigon and Slade know...and so does Raven. Raven then decides to give the Titans the best day of their lives. The Titans then find out and they try to stop Trigon from getting to Raven.moreless

    The end of the world has finally come. Slade and Trigon know...and so does Raven. Raven wakes up to find all of the birthmarks on her body and she decides to give the Titans the best day they ever had. She starts making breakfast for her teammates. Starfire is the only one that likes it and the other three think it is disgusting.

    Getting a message, Robin and the team have to go downtown to stop another villain. Raven, who thinks it was Slade or Trigon's minions, finds out it is only Plasmus. The Titans put up a great fight with the villain and Raven finally defeats him.

    After the battle, they all decide to go get some pizza and they go for a walk through the park. Beast Boy finds a penny and Cyborg asks the teammates if they want to play Stankball. Raven decides to play it and decides to take Starfire's offer of the painting of the toenails. Robin, surprised with these results, asks Raven what is up. Raven says that she just want the Titans to have a nice day. Then, the sky suddenly turns black, the sun turns into an eclipse, and Raven's Scath mark and the birthmarks appear on her body. The Titans surprised know that it is the end of the world.

    The Titans and Raven go to Titans Tower and they put Raven in a room so Trigon couldn't get to her. The Titans leave Raven but before Beast Boy leaves, he runs to Raven, and puts a penny in her hand for luck. Slade and Trigon's minions get ready to ambush the Titans and take Raven to where she was to fulfill her prophecy. Raven, in the protective room, starts mediating and Trigon contacts her. She shoots dark energy but he doesn't feel a thing. Raven's eyes turn to four, red, glowing eyes similar to Trigon's four eyes. The Titans know Trigon contacts her and the four find out that someone was outside their tower. The Titans go out of the Tower, leaving Raven to mediate. The four finds out it is Slade and they put a fight up with his minions. Meanwhile, Raven is in the Tower, and Trigon convinces her that nothing could be done. Raven agrees and goes out of the Tower, only to discover that her teammates are captured. Raven decides to give herself up to the villain and she attacks her teammates, giving them some of her powers. Raven leaves along with Slade and his minions.

    On the way there, Raven talks to Slade saying that he is a fool and that he wouldn't make the deal with Slade. Slade ready to attack Raven, the minions capture him. Raven, leaves along with the minions. Back at Titans Tower, the Titans wake up and find out Raven is nowhere to be seen. They then know where she is headed to and they decide to go there and stop Raven from fulfilling her prophecy. Slade goes to the place where he was talks to Trigon and he waits for his deal. Trigon doesn't give him it and he takes the powers away from him. Back at the library, Raven goes to the giant hand and she knows it is time. The Titans attack the minions and Raven waves her hand and they go through the ground. She tells them that there is no stopping her prophecy and Robin asks her if it is wrong. She says she knows what she knows. Robin doesn't accept it and he said that Raven can stop it. Raven replies by saying that she has waited for this day to come and she sayst that she tried to do good to stop the dark side from unleashing and that making up for the horrible thing that she was going to do. Robin tells her that no one knows their destiny and Raven says that she didn't know that she would make such wonderful friends. The Titans shocked, Raven says that she wanted to make their last day perfect but instead they worried for her. Robin grabs her hand and he says, "That's what friends do." Raven says, "And as my friends, you have to let me go." Raven makes a shield between her and her friends. The Titans try to escape and they keep attacking the shield. Raven walks up to the hand and she floats on it saying the prophecy's words. The birthmarks appear and they go off of her body, surrounding her. The Titans shocked, see Raven fulfill her prophecy. Then, while floating in the air, white energy comes from Raven's stomach and surrounds he, destroying some of her cape and destroying her. She drops the penny and it lands on tails. The dark energy shield disappears as the portal goes on the hand, destroying it, and it is on the ground. The portal turns red and Trigon comes out of it. Trigon then screams, "The Earth is mine!" The Titans then look like they are going to fight him.

    Overall, one of the best episodes of Teen Titans.moreless
  • The day has arrived when the prophecy will be fulfilled. Today Raven will bring Trigon to Earth and destroy the world. The Titans try their best to stop Slade from getting to Raven, but they fail. Raven accepts her destiny and brings Trigon to Earth.moreless

    This episode was wonderful! It had action, adventure, suspense and horror at the same time! Raven may be my favorite character, but this episode was amazing!!! I loved the way that Raven tried to conceal the truth from the other Titans and how she wanted to make their last day happy. From beginning to end, the episode was great. I also thought the way the Titans tried to help Raven was interesting and nice, too. What was really cool was when Trigon entered Raven's mind and convinces her to accept her destiny. This episode shows a lot of development for Raven, who was always afraid for this to happen. It also shows that she really does care for her friends. The ending (when she becomes the portal) was really cool and how Trigon enters was also very cool. The ending was the most suspenseful part of the episode.

    "The gem was born of evil's fire.

    The gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim. He comes to sire... The end of all things mortal."moreless
  • Best three episodes of the series!

    This is part of the best storyline (in my opinion) of the entire show. It all started with the episode Birthmark. It's truely nerve wracking. The day finally comes when Trigon passes into the mortal world through Raven. The titans spend the whole episode trying to prevent Trigon from coming and destroying the mortal world. Slade shows up again, protecting Raven so that Trigon can come and he can get what Trigon promised him. But in the end, its useless. Trigon passes over into their world, Raven disappears, and the whole world perishes. Or does it? Did the Titans really fail?moreless
  • Best episode

    this episode is my favourite and raven is my favourite character too. look like robin worry about raven so much. I think that robin like raven in this episode because when robin talk to raven that about the end of the world he said : yeah It\'s the end of the world but so what we still here still fighting STILL FRIEND listen to his voice.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • When the Titans engage Slade and the fire demons in this episode, they do so on a large stretch of land in front of the Titans Tower. Several episodes have clearly indicated that Titans Tower is located on an island with hardly enough room for the Tower alone. The fight that occurred here would have been impossible.

    • In "Switched," Beast Boy could single-handedly break through Raven's forcefield. And in "Snowblind," the Radiation Monster would break through it as well, so how is it that the entire team together couldn't bring the shield down in this episode?

    • Starfire mentioned "glorka berries" in "Can I Keep Him?," and in this episode, she mentions "glorka roaches."

    • It took Plasmus at least 10 seconds to transform into a monster after he awoke in "Divide and Conquer," but as soon as he woke up in the fight scene in the beginning of this show, he remorphed into the monster form immediately.

    • Did Cyborg take in any consideration that someone may have been inside that building he threw at Plasmus?

    • When Cyborg drains Titans Tower, as well as himself of energy, he is down to about 1% energy, yet he still had the strength to move. Not only that, Titans Tower was also back on. How did that happen?

    • Whenever Raven has used other soul-based powers, the form it took was that of a raven or demon of some kind, yet in this episode, it is nothing more than a silhouette of Raven's human form.

    • Um, why would Cyborg hit Plasmus with a building? Isn't the point of the battle to stop the villain from hurting people and destroying the city?

    • In "The Prophecy," the hand that's supposed to hold Raven is a right hand, but in this episode, it has changed to be a left hand.

    • Cyborg couldn't lift the stone goblet in "Betrothed," and now all of a sudden he can lift an entire building?

    • When Robin opened the special safety room for Raven, it had a hand scanner as a lock. How was it able to scan his hand if Robin wears gloves?

    • Cyborg can eat weird Tamaranian food without objection, but not Raven's pancakes.

    • Cyborg asked the Titans if they wanted to play extreme stankball after "lunch," but in the scene before, it shows them eating pizza, which means they already had lunch.

    • When Raven is in the room the Titans built for her, she is meditating. We can see both her hands open, palm up, with nothing in them. Then, in the next shot it, shows the penny Beast Boy gave her in her left hand.

    • Are we to believe the other four Titans spent time building a high tech safety room into the tower and Raven never noticed? It is where she lives, after all.

    • Both Robin and Cyborg, who can't fly, jump off the very top of the tower to the ground without Starfire or Beast Boy helping them, yet land unhurt. That's a big fall. Maybe Cyborg's robotics could help a bit, but what about Robin? He's human, how did he pull that off?

    • When the Titans wake up after Raven knocked them out, Cyborg looks at his sensors and says Raven's heading back to the old library. But from what we saw in the previous scene, she was already there.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • (Raven raises one hand, dragging the other Titans screaming off their feet and pushing them slowly away; one by one, they are lowered unconscious to the ground)
      Raven: (softly, ruefully) Goodbye. Be safe.

    • Cyborg: (Before hooking up to the tower) No one's getting in here!

    • Raven: Morning, pancakes?
      Beast Boy: Uh, thanks?
      Starfire: What is the occasion for?
      Raven: Can't I just do something nice for my friends?
      Cyborg: Uh, yeah, but...
      Beast Boy: You never have before. (Lightning flashes, and Raven glares at the rest of the Titans)

    • Raven: (Wakes up with the portal signs all over her) ... Oh, no!!

    • Starfire: (To Raven) Please, get back to the safety room.

    • Raven: After breakfast you want to... hang out? (She attempts a smile, others are confused)

    • Raven: All the luck in the world can't help us now.

    • Robin: Slade. We're ready for you.
      Slade: Give me the girl.
      Robin: No way.
      Slade: You don't really have a choice in the matter. I'm taking her.
      Beast Boy: Oh, yeah? You and what army?
      (An army of fire creatures appear, Beast Boy screams)
      Cyborg: You just had to ask, didn't you?

    • Starfire: Raven, would you still have time to join me in the painting of the toenails later today?
      Raven: Sounds like fun.
      Robin: Okay, Raven, what gives? Pancakes, pizza, stankball, toenails?
      Beast Boy: Yeah, and she hasn't called me stupid all day. Did someone replace Raven with a Raven robot?
      (Beast Boy pulls out a metal detector)

    • (Robin, Cyborg, & Beast Boy spit out the pancakes after their first bite)
      Robin: (Noticing Raven's downcast reaction) Don't you think it's nice of Raven to make us breakfast?
      Cyborg: (Mutters) Even though the girl has no idea how to cook.
      (Robin hits him, Cyborg looks up to see a depressed Raven)
      Cyborg: Oops, did I say that out loud? Yum!

    • Trigon: The time has come. The prophecy shall be fulfilled. Tonight at dusk, when the planets align, the portal will be opened. Finally, I shall be free from this fiery prison and the Earth shall be mine.

    • Cyborg: I deserve the last slice! I was covered in goo!
      Beast Boy: No way, dude! I totally deserve the last slice! I got sneezed on.
      Starfire: I flew through the goo. Ugh, the slice is mine. (Pounds the table, causing the city to shake, and claims the slice)

    • Trigon: You wanted to protect your friends, keep them from knowing, but you cannot deny the evil within you. You will bring destruction to everything and everyone. Like father, like daughter.

    • Trigon: You will always be daddy's little girl.
      Raven: I am nothing like you!

    • Robin: Why didn't you tell us? It's happening, isn't it?
      Starfire: Please, Raven, today is the day? It is -
      Raven: The end of the world.

    • Raven: (Quoting the prophecy) The gem was born of evil's fire. The gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim. He comes to sire. The end of all things mortal!
      Robin: NO!

    • Trigon: (Finally risen) The earth is mine!

    • Cyborg: So far, everything seems normal.
      Beast Boy: Yep. Just your normal last day on earth.
      Robin: It's no one's last day on earth!

    • Cyborg: Anyone up for a game of Extreme Stank-Ball after lunch?
      Raven: Yeah, sure.
      (The rest of the Titans are shocked at Raven's answer)
      Beast Boy: But you hate anything extreme. Or stanky.

    • Starfire: (About the breakfast Raven cooked) Burnt on the outside, yet runny on the inside. Just like the incinerated glorka roaches of my home world. More please.

    • Beast Boy: (After Plasmus sneezed on him) Eww!!! Only one thing worse than goo.
      Raven: Sneeze goo.
      Beast Boy: (Mortified) Ugh, gross.

    • Raven: It has already begun. And there is no stopping what is meant to be.
      Robin: You're willing to give up on everything all because of some prophecy you heard as a child? What if it's wrong?
      Raven: Robin, I know what I know.
      Robin: I don't accept that. You can take control. You can make it not happen.
      Raven: I've known my whole life that this day was going to come. I tried to control the dark side of me, I tried to do good things. To fight evil and hope that that would make up for the horrible thing I'm destined to do.
      Robin: But no one knows their destiny. There are things you can't possibly know.
      Raven: There are some things I didn't know. Like how I would make such wonderful friends. All I wanted was to make your last day perfect. Instead, you spent it worrying about me.
      Robin: That's what friends do.
      Raven: And as my friends, you have to let me go.

    • Slade: The portal approaches. The hour is near. It's time for my payment.
      Trigon: Payment? For what? The gem returns of her own free will. You did not deliver her, I did.
      Slade: We had a deal! I held up my part of the bargain!
      Trigon: Hahahahaha!!
      (Slade begins throwing fire balls at Trigon's form in the wall)
      Trigon: I granted you these powers, and I can take them away!

    • Beast Boy: Dude!
      (Raven spins around quickly, hands out ready to attack)
      Beast Boy: (Holding out a penny) Find a penny, pick it up. Uh... something, something, something, good luck! It's my lucky day!

    • Slade: Do you really want to spend your last day on earth fighting?
      Robin: This is not my last day!

    • Raven: Plasmus?! (Relieved) It's just Plasmus.
      Beast Boy: Yeah, but he's still ugly as ever.

    • Slade: It's a beautiful day for the end of the world.

    • Raven: Today the prophecy will be fulfilled, Trigon is coming, there's no stopping him.
      Robin: There's never been a villain we couldn't stop before.
      Raven: Trigon isn't a villain. He is the incarnation of evil. The source of all darkness.
      Beast Boy: OK! Bad dude, we get it.
      Raven: No, you don't. You don't know Trigon.
      Robin: And Trigon doesn't know the Titans.

    • Slade: The chamber has been prepared for you. Everything is ready for Trigon's ascent.
      Raven: You're a fool. Whatever he promised, he won't deliver.
      Slade: Dear child, you don't know what you're talking about.
      Raven: You think I don't know my own father?
      Slade: You are merely the portal. An insignificant pawn in Trigon's game.
      Raven: Then I guess we have that in common. And once he gets what he wants, you'll be insignificant, too.
      Slade: Shut your mouth! (The fire creatures clamber on Slade and hold him down) Get off me! Do as I command!
      Raven: Come to think of it, Slade, you're already insignificant. Even your own army won't listen to you.

  • NOTES (27)


    • Slade: Retracting himself after getting kicked by Robin
      Slade retracts himself with exceptional athleticism after being kicked powerfully by Robin exactly the same way Vega (claw) from Street Fighter did when fighting Chun-Li in the infamous "Shower Scene" battle in Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie.

    • Raven: I thought that by fighting crime, it would somehow make up for this. This is similar to the Norse destruction myth, Ragnarok, in which evil will prevail, but yet humans still fight evil anyway.

    • Cyborg: Transformation
      When Cyborg transforms into the super cannon, he takes a form not to different from a Yu-Gi-Oh! card known as Barrel Dragon, a machine with three cannons, two in place of arms and a cannon mounted on his head.

    • Raven: The Wish List
      When Raven said that she was doing good to even out all the bad things she did, it sounded like the book, "The Wish List."

    • Raven: (Climbing the stone staircase)
      Raven acsends the stone staircase without hesitation, each step appearing right before she steps on it. This is a lot like that bridge Magneto formed as he crossed the chasm in the X-Men movie.

    • Plasmus: Son Goku
      No, not Goku from the Dragon Ball series, but Son Goku the Monkey King. It's actually a Chinese legend, but I'm using the Japanese name because that is more commonly used. When Plasmus turns into a rolling ball and Cyborg shoots him, he splits up into several mini-Plasmuses and attacks Cyborg. This is a move that the Monkey King did.

    • Cyborg: Transformation Sequence
      When Cyborg hooks himself up to the tower and transforms his entire body into two massive sonic cannons, the transformation sequence is strikingly similar to the final attack of Big O in the Big O series finale.

    • Robin: Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day.
      This quote may be a reference to the movie Batman & Robin. It seems less than a coincidence that Robin said this when the movie it came from starred a Robin and had Robin in the title.