Teen Titans

Season 4 Episode 12

The End (2)

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jul 09, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The city is in ruins, Trigon has been released, and Raven has disappeared. While Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy hopelessly battle Trigon, Robin reluctantly joins forces with Slade to find Raven.

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  • The End of the World

    Such a scintillating show! Part 2 of the End, while Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy fight Trigon Robin tries to find Raven with Slade's help. Robin's journey with Slade was captivating while the other Titans' fights with themselves was exciting. Can't wait for the last part!
  • Don't expect a lot in Part Two. The main villain does nothing but sit on his butt and (for some reason) lets the Titans live.

    By the end of Part One, Trigon was summoned into the world, the world is reduced to volcanic ruins within minutes, and the Titans must face an interdimensional demon without the help of Raven. Since this is where Part Two picks up, you'd expect it to be better than the first, right? Well, not exactly. The only good reason to see this episode is so that you can see Slade team up with Robin, and to see the other Titans fight their worst enemy: their evil selves. The main villain, Trigon, does nothing but sit on his butt and compare the Titans to little insects (even though he's supposed to be the ultimate evil),but seeing Robin and Slade beat down a bunch of fire creatures makes up for it a little bit. There was also a well done fight between the Titans and evil versions of themselves. The fight between Starfire and Evil Starfire was everything the Starfire/Blackfire fight in "Sisters" should've been. Seeing Beast Boy and Cyborg fighting their evil counterparts wasn't as exciting, but things definitely got interesting when the Evil Beast Boy said that Terra dumped our Beast Boy, and when Evil Cyborg taunted Cyborg about not having a mother. (Low blow, Evil Cy. Low blow.) To sum it up, this episode definitely isn't as good as "Birthmark", "The Prophecy" or "The End, Part One" for that matter, but the fight scenes make it a BARELY decent way to tie Part One and Part Three together.moreless
  • The second part of "The End" Raven is destroyed, Trigon is on Earth, and Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg are the only ones who can stop the demon. But they soon discover a villain that wants help.moreless

    The prophecy has been fulfilled...Raven is gone and Trigon is ruling the Earth. With Trigon's reign throughout the whole planet, Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg are the only people that are alive.

    The episode starts with Raven fulfilling the prophecy as the Titans watch and once she is destroyed, Trigon makes his appearance. He then makes the whole world his and Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg are protected by Raven's powers. They suddenly disappear and separate throughout the city.

    Robin wakes up, shielded by Raven's powers and searches for the heroine. Instead, he finds a Raven, and it sends him to the skyscaper. When he gets there, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg are waiting for him. They were all brought by the bird. The Titans are surprised that they are the only ones left and they soon discover Raven gave some of her powers to them.

    Meanwhile, Trigon made Titans Tower into a throne, and he keeps getting stronger and bigger with each second. The Titans decide to hit him hard and they hold each other's hands and chant angrily, "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" The blast hits Trigon and it doesn't affect him at all. He then blasts the Titans to where Raven had fulfilled her prophecy. They don't want to be there but they then discover Slade.

    The Titans attack Slade but he offers help to the four heroes. They make a deal to find Raven and Robin and Slade go find her while Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg attack Trigon. Slade gives the Titans a Ring of Azar that protects them from Trigon can't control them. The three heroes then ambush the demon and he ends up making evil clones of the heroes. The three heroes then start fighting their evil counterparts.

    Meanwhile, Slade and Robin go on the adventure to find Raven and they encounter Trigon's minions. Then, while battling the minions, one knocks off Slade's mask. Under it, a skull face with a red eye. Slade puts it back on saying that since Terra destroyed him, Trigon was watching out for him. Trigon revived him and he had to give Raven the messages. Then, they then start back on their adventure.

    The other Titans fight their counterparts when makes it tough to distract Trigon. They realize that they are everything that they shouldn't be.

    Meanwhile, Robin and Slade then go their separate ways and Robin encounters Trigon's minions. He attacks them and he goes into a church. He keeps looking around because he hears something and he finds a cloak. He grabs it and under it, it happens to be Raven. She doesn't remember anything and she is a child about seven or eight years old.

    Overall, this is one of the episodes that shouldn't be missed by any Teen Titans fan.moreless
  • awsome episode!!

    this episode it the best out of all "the end" parts. good action and its real good! this is eveb one of the best episodes of the series for me (besides the episode "haunted")i remember the first time i saw this episode in the ending when robin sees ravin and ravin asked "who are you" and i was real excited for the 3rd part. anyway the villans in this episodes are cool and the way they fight the teen titans are cool too. so i think this episodes deserves A 10/10, A W S O M E episode ! ! !moreless
  • The Titans are protected by Raven's powers and survive the destruction of the world. Robin goes with Slade to find Raven who still exists. The others fight Trigon and their inner demons. Robin finds Raven, but in a way he didn't expect. Raven's a child.moreless

    This episode was exciting! It had everything, just like Part 1! However, it seemed there was a little bit missing which is why I didn't give this episode a 10. What I liked about this episode was how Slade came to the Titans to help them. I also liked the Robin and Slade connection, which shows they are similar (Season 1). What was also cool was how the Titans first try to defeat Trigon with Raven's powers. I liked how the writers put in that part of when Starfire says she remembers how to use Raven's powers (Switched). I really liked it. I also liked how Slade gave the Titans the ring of Azar. I liked how the writers put that in. I thought it was cool to see the Titans fight their own demons, and also see how Slade was brought back from the dead. The ending was really shocking. Overall, it was an awesome episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • When Slade's mask was opened, his skull was seen to have a red scar. Scars often appear ONLY on faces, not IN the SKULLS!

    • How does Robin know Raven said "Be safe" if she said it after she knocked him out?

    • When Slade is on the rock with Robin (during the fight scene with the fire monsters underground), the mouth part of his mouth is gone.

    • How could buildings still be standing if Trigon had disintegrated everything with his powers?

    • Slade's eye is pretty much implanted in his eyehole, which is far away from the mask eyehole (we see his face in this episode), yet he was able to widen his eyes several times during this episode and "The End (1)" and "The End (3)." Not only that, it was implied in previous episodes that Slade's mask was actually a helmet. So, two questions: How could he widen his eye if it was in the back of his skull, and how was he even able to widen it if he was looking through a helmet?

    • In the beginning of this episode, you can clearly see that they just took the start of the episode Birthmark and put it here.

    • If the Titans still had Raven's power, why didn't Starfire, Cyborg, or Beast Boy use them while fighting their inner demons? Even with Robin going another way, the team was still close by and their powers should still have been strong.

    • Only the front part of Slade's mask comes off in this episode, indicating it is just a mask. However, in the episode "Apprentice (2)," Slades mask cracks from the front, all the way to the back, causing part of it to break off. This indicates that it is more of a helmet than a mask.

    • Towards the end, when Robin is fighting the last fire demon, he clearly slices through its waist line. But when it splits, it splits as if it had been sliced diagonally, from the left shoulder down to the right side of the waist.

    • In the scene where one of the fire demons knocks Slade's mask off, we get a view of Slade from behind. However, on the left side of Slade's head, you can see that it is still orange, not black like in the close-up of him without his mask.

    • Slade states that the reason he helped Trigon was to get his "flesh" back, presumably meaning his life. If he knew the world was going to end, what would be the point of living?

    • If the Ring of Azar fit Slade, it's hard to believe that it would fit Starfire, unless it pulled a trick like the Ring of Power from The Lord of the Rings trilogy and changed size to fit the wearer.

    • Just where did Slade get that Ring of Azar? There's no way Trigon would've given Slade something that would offer some protection from his powers.

    • In the beginning of this episode, as they're recapping what happened towards the end of part 1, the camera pans out away from Raven, showing the giant statue hand and Robin and Starfire. But the chakra forcefield Raven put up is not visible (as colors are clearly visible). A few seconds later, when the portal is expanding and the hand is being destroyed, the chakra forcefield is visible.

    • In Slade's flashback, Terra uppercuts him into the lava. In "Aftershock (2)," she knocks him in with an explosion.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Robin: I thought we had a deal!
      Slade: Old habits die hard.

    • Slade: (After being confronted by fire demons) Only a minor set back. Nothing two old friends can't handle.
      Robin: I'm not your friend.

    • Beast Boy: (After having his inner demon released) Heh, I always figured I was taller.

    • Raven: (Reciting the prophecy) The gem was born of evil's fire. The gem shall be his portal.
      Raven & Trigon: He comes to claim. He comes to sire. The end of all things mortal!

    • Evil Beast Boy: (To Beast Boy) What's the matter? Had enough? No wonder Terra dumped you. (Beast Boy lashes out against him in rage) Aww, did I hurt your feelings?

    • Robin: I saw something out there. In the city, it led me here.
      Beast Boy: It led all of us here. Almost all of us.
      Cyborg: We're the only ones left.
      Starfire: But how is this possible? How have we survived?
      Beast Boy: It was Raven. She saved us. I don't know how, but she did.
      Robin: Back at the Tower, when Raven knocked us out, the last thing I heard was her voice. It said, "be safe." She did something, something that protected us from Trigon.
      Cyborg: As if it matters. Look around, there's nothing left. What's the point?
      Robin: Hope. That's the point. As long as we're still here, we still have a chance. And that's why we're going to keep fighting. For Raven!
      (The Titans each put their hands in the center)
      Starfire: For Raven!
      Cyborg: For Raven!
      Beast Boy: For Raven!
      (When their hands united, Raven's power activated, knocking all of them back a few steps)
      Cyborg: Okay, that felt weird.

    • Robin: I think it's time to hit 'em hard.
      Beast Boy: You're positive we're not going to accidentally microwave our brains?
      Starfire: I have used Raven's powers once before; they are controlled by emotions. The more we feel, the more energy is released.
      Cyborg: In other words, get angry!

    • Trigon: (After being attacked by the Titans) You may think it wise to attack me while I gather my strength, but as you can see, not even a farewell blessing from my daughter can help you. Be gone. (Blasts the Titans away with ease)

    • (After being blasted away, at the old, destroyed library)
      Cyborg: Guess that wasn't angry enough.
      Beast Boy: Of all the places to crash and burn, why'd it have to be here?
      Starfire: Please, I wish to leave.
      Cyborg: And go where? The whole world is toast, and the only person who'd know what to do is... (Pause) We could really use her help right now.
      Robin: I know what we saw, but I still can't believe it. It just doesn't feel like Raven's really gone.
      Slade: That's because she isn't.
      Robin: Slade...

    • Robin: What's the matter, Slade? Giving up already?
      Slade: Sorry to disappoint you, Robin, but I'm not here to fight. I'm here to help.
      Beast Boy: We don't need your help!
      Slade: Yes, you seem to have everything under control. Raven can still be saved.
      (Starfire pins Slade to the wall, starbolt in hand)
      Starfire: You will not dishonor our friend with your trickery!
      Cyborg: Whatever your selling, we're not buying.
      Slade: Think of me what you will, but what Trigon did, even I wouldn't wish on this world.
      Cyborg: It's a little late for "I'm sorry."
      Slade: You mistake my generosity for regret, Cyborg. I only offer my assistance because it suits me.
      Starfire: But we saw Raven become the portal, she was destroyed.
      Slade: Raven has fulfilled the prophecy of her birth. That part of her existance is complete, but another part still remains... for the moment.
      Robin: Why are you doing this? What's in it for you?
      Slade: My reasons are my own.

    • Robin: (About Raven) I'll bring her back. I promise.

    • Slade: You must be overjoyed to see me like this, Robin. Desperate, weak, vulnerable.
      Robin: I'm here to save Raven, not pity you.

    • Slade: Your goodbye's are very touching, but we have work to do.

    • Robin: Raven?
      Young Raven: Who... who are you?

    • Robin: That's it? No double cross? No cryptic threat?
      Slade: I kept my word. How about a little gratitude?
      Robin: This doesn't change anything. If I ever see you again...
      Slade: I wouldn't expect anything less.

    • Starfire: You remind me of our sister!
      Evil Starfire: I will take that as a compliment! Realize with you gone, Robin will be all mine!
      Starfire: He will not!

    • Evil Cyborg: Go ahead. Run crying home to mommy. Oh, that's right! You don't have a mommy.

    • Evil Starfire: Are you worried about your Robin? Should I tell Trigon where he is?
      Starfire: You will do no such thing!

    • (Cyborg's shoulder starts to spark after a hit from Evil Cyborg)
      Evil Cyborg: 35. That's how many weak spots you have. That was number 11.

    • Slade: It seems my luck with apprentices is most unfortunate. (Narrating over flashbacks) Terra's betrayal should've been my demise. But I got lucky. Someone was looking out for me that day.
      Trigon: Be in my command and I will return what you have lost.
      Slade: It was a simple arrangement, actually. Do a few chores and I get back my flesh and blood. And I must admit, the fringe benefits were most enjoyable. A pity things didn't work out as planned. (Setting shifts back to the present) The moral of this story? Never make a deal with an interdimensional demon without a little protection.
      Robin: You didn't bring me down here just to save Raven. I'm also here to help save you.
      Slade: A deal's a deal.

    • Slade: (Puts his mask back on his face) I'd rather you hadn't seen that. It's really only a temporary condition.
      Robin: What are you?
      Slade: Let's just say I'm currently incomplete.

    • Robin: So why did you do it? For money? Status? Those dark powers?
      Slade: Not everything is so... cut-and-dry, Robin.
      Robin: Selling out our world for your own personal gain seems pretty cut-and-dry to me.
      Slade: With or without me, there was no stopping this.
      Robin: But you played a part. In just like everything else you've ever done. It's made people suffer.
      Slade: It's what I do best.

    • Evil Cyborg: Raven wasn't the only one with a bad side.

    • Trigon: I may be the source of all darkness, but you are your own worst enemies!

    • Trigon: You carry a ring of Azar. No doubt a relic from a former minion. It matters not. Fighting you is beneath me.

    • Cyborg: It may get ugly, but don't worry. We'll keep him busy.
      Beast Boy: Yeah, just wait 'til Trigon gets slapped with my patented Wet Willy maneuver!

    • Slade: For us to succeed, Trigon's attention must be occupied.
      Cyborg: And how do you expect us to do that? We already tried fightin' him. Look where it got us!
      Slade: It's the end of the world. Did you think it would be easy? I don't expect you to win. I don't even expect you to live. Only endure.

    • Robin: Trigon! Stand up and fight!
      Trigon: (Unphased) Insignificant insects.

    • Beast Boy: Remind me to never do that again. Demon ear wax is way beyond nasty!

    • Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, & Cyborg: Azarath... Metrion... ZINTHOS!

  • NOTES (32)

    • This episode is loosely based on the events of New Teen Titans #2-3 (1984).

    • The first time that Slade's mask came off completely, it came off half-way in the episode "Apprentice (2)." Though this time you see his face.

    • During their battle against the fire demons, Robin and Slade's moves match up with each other.

    • This marks the last appearance of the Birdarang Sword. It should also be noted that both times Robin used it, it was in defense of Raven.

    • According to Starfire and Slade, Raven has two parts of her: the Portal and another part. The portal is destroyed, while the other side reverts to being a young little girl.

    • Starfire hugs Robin twice in this episode. The first time he was really nervous about it, but the second time he hugged her back.

    • This marks the second appearance of the Birdarang sword.

    • Inner demon Beast Boy's elephant form's frightened reaction to Beast Boy's mouse form may suggest that Beast Boy possesses the instincts of the animal he morphs into.

    • The tower that Robin climbs (and nearly falls off of) is the same tower on which Raven has the vision of the future, and where she gets the rest of the seals on her body in "Birthmark."

    • Towards the last part of this episode, when Robin and Slade go separate ways, Robin mentions that Slade was not leaving any "cryptic threats," or something he would usually do. This statement probably came from what Slade said in "Apprentice(1)." He said, "Sending trouble your way, leaving 'cryptic' clues for you to unravel..." So Robin was probaby referring to that.

    • Trigon turns Titans Tower into a throne.

    • During this episode, we learn that Cyborg has a Sonic Cannon on each arm, due to the fact that he activates both of them after his inner demon makes the comment about him not having a mom.

    • This is the first season four episode that Silkie doesn't make a cameo.

    • Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire must face their inner demons in this episode.

    • Cyborg's fight with Evil Cyborg is very similar to his fight with Cyborg-Brother Blood. Some examples include that he was fighting a cyborg, the evil cyborg was stronger, Cyborg's enemy read his blueprints, and it happened in part two of a season finale. As stated in this episode, Starfire's fight is very similar to her fight with Blackfire because she was fighting an evil Tamaranian, her enemies clothes were like hers but black, and her enemy had oddly colored starbolts (red instead of the usual green).

    • It is finally made clear that Slade perished in "Aftershock (2)," but was brought back to life by Trigon. Slade worked for the demon in order to regain his flesh and blood permanently. When Trigon betrayed him, Slade should have died. However, he was wearing a protective ring, which allowed him to stay alive, though losing the flesh and blood that Trigon had given him temporarily and becoming, basically, an animated skeleton with armor on. Slade, in this state, is a less capable fighter than normally.

    • The evil Cyborg saying, "You don't have a mommy," to the real Cyborg is in reference to the New Teen Titans comic books, where Victor Stone's mother died in the same accident that destroyed most of his body, forcing him to become Cyborg.

    • Opener: Raven recites the prophecy and becomes the portal for Trigon. He makes it through, and essentially, destroys the world.

    • Beast Boy is very sensitive about the Terra situation. When his clone mentioned her, you see him crying.

    • Slade calls Cyborg by name for the first time.

    • At the end, Robin finds a younger version of Raven with a white cloak and white clothes.

    • This is the second time that Blackfire is mentioned in an episode, but not actually appearing in it. This first time is when Starfire tells about Blackfire's transformation in "Transformation."

    • We learn in this episode, from what Cyborg's evil clone said, that Cyborg has a total of 35 weak spots.

    • Based on what Slade said in this episode, it is apparent that what he wanted in return for helping Trigon was his flesh and blood. Which, in turn, could be interpreted as his life after being killed by Terra in "Aftershock (2)."

    • Slade is unmasked in this episode, however, his true appearance is still unknown.

    • Terra is mentioned (and seen) for the final time in the season as part of Slade's flashback in this episode.

    • The Ring of Azar - forged by the same order that imprisoned Trigon, which Slade knows from experience that it works - is introduced.

      "Azar" means "fire" in the Persian language.

    • For the first time ever in the series, Robin teams up with his arch-nemesis, Slade, in an attempt to save Raven.

    • Villain(s): Trigon.

    • YTV airdate: June 16, 2005.

    • This episode was originally supposed to air on May 26th on YTV in Canada, but for some unknown reason was replaced by "Titans East (1)."

    • Raven episode. Oddly, she only appears in brief flashback, recycled footage from part 1, and a surprising cameo at the end of the episode.


    • Starfire/Inner Demon: Fight Scene
      The scene where Starfire and her demon are fighting and clanging into each other, you can tell that they are mimicing the fighting styles of Dragonball Z.

    • Titans: Inner Demons
      As many of you who read the comics may notice, the evil sides of the Titans matched some quotes from the "Terror of Trigon" comics.

      For example, the evil Beast Boy (or Changeling in the comics) mentioned a lot about Terra. Though, in the comics, the evil Changeling destroys all of his loved ones and blames it on the true Changeling. Still, Terra is mentioned. (Exact quote from comic: "So, your parents died and the Doom Patrol died, and dear, sweet Terra died, and the Titans will die -- all because of you!")

      Another example would be Cyborg in the comics. The evil Cyborg mentions a lot about Cyborg's old girlfriend, Sarah Simm (refer to Sarasim in "Cyborg the Barbarian"). Everyone is afraid of Cyborg because of his metal gear. I think that this references back to the show the way that evil Cyborg mentioned how Cyborg no longer had a mother, and how he constantly hit on Cyborg's weak spots.

    • Starfire: I have used Raven's powers once before; they are controlled by emotions. The more we feel, the more energy is released.
      Starfire would be referring to the episode "Switched," where she and Raven were -- just that -- switched. Both had to learn all about each other to work each other's powers, stop the Puppet King, and save their friends.