Teen Titans

Season 4 Episode 13

The End (3)

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jul 16, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Robin has finally found Raven, but their meeting is not what he expected. As Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy battle their evil inner demons, Slade fights for what he has lost. Can Robin help a powerless Raven to regain her strength and courage to join the Titans in their final battle against Trigon the Terrible?


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  • My Favorite Episode

    Oh my gosh... I cannot get over how much I love this episode. Raven's ultimate triumph over her demons with the help of her friends just knocks me dead every time. Her victory and her ability to claim herself inspires me on such a personal level. I love her, I love this episode, I love this show. Nothing deserves more than a 10 out of 10.
  • After two of the best episodes in the series, writer David Slack and director Ben Jones badly drop the ball on the home stretch, and render the whole "The End" storyline pointless.moreless





    We all knew they had to reset the world somehow. A Teen Titans series in the post-apocalyptic waste isn't much of a series, so the real dramatic question that drove "The End" wasn't whether the Titans would fix things, but how they'd do it. Coupled with that question is all the character development that "The End" should bring to Raven, and the tension between Robin and Starfire that seemed to arise during this story.

    None of that happens in "The End, Part 3".

    In fact, I'm having a difficult time saying exactly what DID happen, and what it was all supposed to mean, if anything.

    The first problem with the episode is Raven herself, and the resolution to her character. The second episode cryptically stated that "some part of her had survived," and we were presented with a child Raven dressed in white who doesn't remember anything. Was this hinting at Raven's dichotomy and a deeper understanding of her nature and what her existence meant?

    Not really. They never even try to explain it.

    Perhaps it was left to the audience to decide that this child Raven is Raven's human half, but even that explanation is flatly contradicted later in the episode, and no alternate explanation is suggested.

    Why is she a child? Why does she change into a woman later? What is the source of her power, a power Raven claims she shouldn't have at all, and a power that far exceeded Raven's original abilities and Trigon's powers?

    None of it's explained, and it all seems to exist merely for the demands of the plot: the show needed to have the world back to normal by the end of the episode, and so Raven's inexplicably powerful enough to make it happen.

    Then there's Trigon.

    A recurring problem with Teen Titans is the villain's strength: in too many episodes, a villain will seem invicible at the beginning, effortlessly defeating every Titan, but then suddenly become a pushover when the climax requires that he be defeated.

    Slade had this problem in "Apprentice," Terra had it in "Aftershock," Warp had it in "How Long is Forever," it even happened with Mad Mod's robots in "Revolution," and now Trigon is cursed with the same probem. When the going gets tough, the tough suddenly get weak.

    Suddenly Cyborg is capable of making Trigon scream in pain, and stagger backward, with his sonic cannon. Suddenly Beast Boy, in dino mode, can bite Trigon's neck, causing the demon-god to scream and spasm in pain. In the end, they actually bring him down to his knees.

    Now, considering how he just sat there and smiled at them in the second episode during their full-on attack, when he was supposed to be LESS powerful than he is in the final battle, it looks like sloppy plot convenience. Even Raven remarks in awe, "they're actually hurting him!"

    But since the story doesn't offer any reason for their attacks to be more effective now than they were the first time (save for a weak assumption one could make about Slade using a flaming staff and cutting Trigon's crown), all the audience can do is share in her confusion.

    There's a small subplot about Trigon sending his minions to other worlds, but the brief animation relating to it isn't particularly impressive, and it only comes up again at the end when Cyborg brags that they saved the universe.

    How Cyborg could have known that when the only scene referring to it happened when Trigon was alone is anyone's guess. Perhaps he read the script. In the end, that plot element seemed introduced simply to justify Cyborg's dialogue, and the gag shot of planets cheering for the Titans.

    Like most of the episode, though, it's carelessly handled.

    The evil clone fight drags on far longer than it should have, and the mind games hinted at in the second episode ("you don't have a mommy," "no wonder Terra dumped you," "with you gone, Robin will be mine") never return. Evil Starfire just gets goofy ("ha ha ha, I am amused by your misfortune," she declares at one point), and none of the others talk at all.

    But without any interesting dialogue to serve as a backbone for the sequence, the fighting itself becomes monotonous: how many times do we need to see the evil clones beating up the Titans to get the idea that the heroes are losing?

    And the way they finally defeat them, although lamely predictable, doesn't actually make any logical sense when you think about it: Beast Boy is weaker than Cyborg who's weaker than Starfire who's weaker than... Beast Boy?

    Surely there's something more complicated than that going on, but the dialogue doesn't suggest anything deeper, and the whole solution is set up with a line from Cyborg that makes little sense given the dire context, and seems crass and out of character for him.

    This lack of logic (or perhaps more accurately, the prevelance of cartoon logic) continues throughout the episoide: an armored demon warrior emerges from a sea of magma unharmed, but an explosion from a small grenade almost completely vaporizes him?

    A huge energy blast is shown dissolving stone rubble as it passes over the Teen Titans in a dramatic moment...and yet, except for being dazed, they're unharmed. It's Dragonball Z stuff, but without any plot device to justify it: there's simply no reason for Robin and Beast Boy's skin to be more durable than concrete and, although it's technically possible, I doubt Starfire and Cyborg are really supposed to be that tough. The scene's there merely as a cheap thrill, and pointedly ignores logic to deliver that thrill.

    And another series-wide issue rears its ugly head: what to do about Robin.

    Trigon, deciding to finally kill the mortals once and for all, unleashes the full power of his army on Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy. The heroes fire everything they've got, fight as hard as they can, and try to escape, but there's just too many of the creatures swarming all over the sky and land.

    Then Robin shows up, hits three monsters with his weapons... and the next scene shows our heroes walking down the street peacefully, alone, and talking about what to do next.

    Wait a minute, wait a minute... Robin single-handedly scared away Trigon's entire army? After Trigon announced that he wanted them dead and wasn't holding back anymore? WHAT?!?

    This is actually an inherant problem with Teen Titans. Robin is by far the weakest member in the team, and yet the animators compensate by simply having his punches and kicks do the same damage to an enemy as, say, Cyborg's sonic blaster or Starfire's bolts, both of which can easily smash through solid walls.

    It makes no sense, but if the show was realistic, Robin would have to coach from the sidelines during every fight.

    And then there's Slade...

    When he said that his destination was a "much hotter" place, and Robin realized that "I'm helping save you too," and dramatic music ensued as Slade began his descent, did you imagine some really important, allegorical descent into the underworld? Didn't all that seem like a big deal at the time?

    Well, it turns out Slade was going to what seems to be Trigon's broom closet. Further in the cave there's a door with Trigon's symbol and there's an armored guard who apparently serves Trigon, although he's never explained. Slade beats him, oopens the closet and... lights flash and Slade regenerates.

    Was Trigon supposed to be planning on giving Slade his life back after all? Was he keeping Slade's "life" in a closet? Even pretending all that makes logical and metaphysical sense, how did Slade know about any of it? How did he even know about Raven's survival and where Robin could find her?

    I guess Cyborg must have loaned Slade the script.

    And in the end, it's all been reset, every bit of it. Raven's back to blue-clad mock-goth Raven, Robin's babbling some stupid cheery cliches about never giving up hope, BB and Cyborg are arguing sbout tofu and Starfire's talking about what things are like on her home planet.

    Robin's no closer to Starfire despite all the innuendo in the first two episodes, he's no closer to Raven despite the innuendo in this episode, and the one thing that the series DID have the courage to do, really kill off Slade, has been undone so that Slade is now on the loose and scheming his schemes like any other proper supervillain.

    What all these various complaints come down to is simply this: the story is rushed. They don't have time to explain Raven's survival or where her white powers and form comes from, so they don't explain it at all.

    They don't have time to deal with Slade's journey regaining his mortality, so they just use a convenient door and flashing light as a substitute. They don't have time to deal with the problem of restoring the world, so they just throw it in with Trigon's death, and hope the audience won't think too much about it.

    And yet this was a three-part episode arc, two of which were brilliantly handled. This episode isn't really lacking for time, but for proper pacing: minute after precious minute is wasted on the evil clones, who ultimately add nothing to the story, while Robin and Raven's dialogue, which should be the heart of the story, is underdeveloped.

    The climax seems to sneak up on the writer, and so all the loose ends are tossed aside with a burst of inexplicable white power from Raven.

    Perhaps "The End" tackled more than it could properly handle. Slade's journey, for example, detracts from the main narrative, and yet it's so undeveloped that it adds almost nothing to the story or even the character. Maybe it would have been better if Slade had disappeared at the end of the second episode, and the rest of his story left for a fifth season episode.

    The clones should have been killed far, far sooner than they were, as they really added nothing to the characters or the story, and took away precious time that should have been used on the real story.

    Had those two plotlines been pruned, there would have been more than enough time to deal with Azarath, Raven's mother, her background and, perhaps out of it, some comprehensible resolution to the story. Instead, we're given a half-hearted last-minute allegory about daughters confronting dysfunctional fathers, and then a deux ex machina straight out of a Greek play (and one writer David Slack has used before, in "Titans East, Part 2").

    By the end of the episode, nothing's changed. Nothing. You could have skipped these epiosdes and not missed anything. Why they felt the need to make it a three parter, I don't know: frankly, they shouldn't have wasted the Trigon aspect of Raven's story if thise was all they could think to do with it.

  • The last part of "The End" Robin has discovered Raven and she has no hope of stopping Trigon. Now, Raven and the Titans must stop Trigon once and for all.

    The episode starts with Raven talking and flashbacks from each Raven episode in season four [Birthmark, The Prophecy, The End (Pts. 1 & 2)].

    Then, it shows Starfire waking up, and she looks around, only seeing Trigon and his reign. Then, the Evil Star says that there is no hope of stopping Trigon and that the end is already there. Then, the keep fighting and Trigon is amused. Starfire tells Beast Boy that they must keep him occupied and Cyborg says that as long as the four eyes are looking for them, they won't go looking for Robin. He is shot in the back with Cyborg's sonic cannon and the Evil Starfire flies to tell Trigon. Trigon already knows. He then tells the Titans that the Raven they know is lost forever.

    Meanwhile, Robin has discovered Raven and she keeps running away from the hero. She then stops and he tells Raven that it is him and Raven then goes with him.

    Slade is on his journey and he discovers a guard guarding the door which has a Scath mark on it. The guard comes over the Titans' arch-enemy and they both start battling to the death.

    The Titans keep fighting their evil selves and they discover that they cannot stop themselves. They decide to switch (Beast Boy V.S. Evil Starfire, Starfire V.S. Evil Cyborg, and Cyborg V.S. Evil Beast Boy) They eventually defeat the evil counterparts and the evil counterpart's souls went back into the Titans' bodies. Trigon comes over to the heroes and he sends his minions to go capture the three heroes. The three heroes run for their lives at this point.

    Meanwhile, Robin and Raven go through the same path Slade and the boy wonder went through. He then tells her how the Raven he knew was brave and that she and the Titans stopped villains and monsters. Then, Robin is attacked and he slides down the rocks, causing Raven to fall off of his back. Robin saves her and he discovers that Raven remembers and Robin tells her that hope can stop Trigon once and for all.

    Back at the battle with Slade and the guard. The guard is starting to win and he keeps making Slade injuried. Slade then sets a bomb on the door, causing the guard to get destroyed and the flesh coming out of the door, going into Slade. Slade is revived with his flesh. He takes the weapon that the guard was using and walks away. The only thing left was the guard's mask.

    Back at Jump City, Cyborg is on Beast Boy (as a pteraydacol) and Starfire are flying away from Trigon's minions. The heroes fall to the ground and the minions head towards the Titans. They keep flying until explosive disks hit the monsters. The three Titans look over to discover Robin and Raven. They then hide from the demon and Robin plans for one final attack. Trigon discovers them and the Titans attack them with all of they got.

    Slade then joins the four heroes and he cuts off one of his antlers. The four heroes and Slade start to win but Trigon attacks Slade and blasts the four heroes. Raven goes over to Robin, telling him to wake up. Trigon comes and blasts the two heroes. But Raven somehow asborbed Trigon's power. He tells her that she was created to end the Earth and she uses the power to grow back into a teenager. She attacks Trigon and the Titans wake up. Raven asborbs the powers from them and attacks Trigon with a chant, "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" A white Raven appears and it covers Trigon, destroying him and restoring the whole planet and the people.

    Raven floats down and the Titans are shocked that Raven destroyed Trigon. Raven then hugged Robin and Beast Boy is surprised she smiles and that her white cloak. Raven tells him that blue is her favorite color and that she tells him that he is still not funny. Beast Boy then hugs Raven and she tells him to quit it.

    Cyborg is happy that Trigon is destroyed and he then asks the Titans if they want french toast. Beast Boy decides to have tofu bacon. Starfire takes the tofu bacon, pretending she is Trigon. Raven comes out in a blue cloak, over to Robin, asking Robin if Slade got away. He tells her that they will be ready if he ever resurfaces. Raven asks Robin how does he keep hoping, after all she did. He responds saying that she is the most hopeful person in the world. They then look over and see the Titans. Raven then asks them, "So what's the deal here? Are we having a party or not?" The two Titans go join the three heroes and they start making fun of Trigon.

    Overall, a great ending and a great episode.moreless
  • Robin tells young Raven about who she really is as the Titans defeat their demons by switching places. Slade receives his life back and together, they attack Trigon. When all seems lost young Raven finds the power inside and defeats her father, Trigon.moreless

    This episode was amazing!!! It was really good, exciting, adventurous and suspenseful. However, there were a few things I didn't like about it. I liked the idea of the Titans switched places, but I think their fights should have gone on a little bit more longer. They seemed too short. The same goes with the ending. I liked the way Raven transforms to her normal self but I think there could have been a little fighting scene between Raven and Trigon. I can understand how Raven could defeat her father so quick, though. I liked how Slade's goal was to get his life back, and I also liked how the Titans and him join together to defeat Trigon. This episode was really good and although some parts could have been changed, the entire episode itself makes up for it. This is definitely the best season of Teen Titans.moreless

    This was an awsome season finale it was the best finale of the series. this would've been a great way to end the series. the part where Starfire,Cyborg,and Beastboy defeat their demons was awsome. the best part i like is when Raven saves the day. this episode had many fine points. the battle with trigon was great. well a great episode.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (20)

    • Just before the credits, you can hear Cyborg say, "Very nice."

    • How come the Cyborg clone seemed to be the evilest? He kept taunting Cyborg a lot, but the only thing the Beast Boy clone said was, "no wonder Terra dumped you."

    • When Little Raven first talked to Robin, her voice was high. But when she talked to Robin before going to the surface, her voice became lower and lower.

    • After Trigon is defeated, it isn't shown what happened to his fire demons. What happened to them throughout the episode when they went to conquer the other planets? Cyborg claims that they are 'gone', but this is never seen.

    • When Trigon tells his fire demons to go conquer the universe, there is barely room for his feet on the island, but when he gets up for the final battle, there is more land for room for his feet.

    • How did the ring of Azar break? It was intact during the entire battle with the evil Titans, and the fire demons Trigon sent didn't get near enough to Starfire to destroy it.

    • How could Cyborg still be working if he drained his battery strength to almost nothing in "The End (1)."

    • When Slade attacks Trigon the first time with his fire axe, he jumps from the sky to do so. Now, since he is nowhere near a building, his reflexes don't allow him to jump a height as high as Trigon, and he has no power that enables levitation, how did he manage this?

    • How did Slade still have his weapons (the detonator he used to kill the guard) if those were most likely destroyed in "Aftershock (2)" when he fell in the lava? It is unlikely that Trigon gave him new ones, since he was fighting with fire the whole time.

    • When Trigon struck the team with the lasers, they were only knocked out and came out without a scratch. How is that posible if Raven in "Nevermore" was smoking after Trigon hit her with his lasers?

    • Why did Beast Boy talk about Raven's white robe being weird? He's seen it at least twice before.

    • Raven claims that she no longer had her powers, but from what we saw in "The End (2)" (if you had looked closely towards the end of the episode), Raven was hovering slightly before she fell and said, "Who are you?" to Robin.

    • Was it really necessary for the Titans to return the power Raven gave them in "The End (1)" if Raven was doing well without them? Those powers could have come in very handy during their upcoming adventures.

    • In the scene where Raven kicks Robin, she takes her cloak back from him and puts it back on. However, at the end of "The End (2)," when Robin pulls it off of Raven, it's about the size of Raven's normal cloak, and is gray. But here, it's small, and is white.

    • After Raven asks, "So, are we having a party in here, or what?," she heads over to where Beast Boy is and takes a piece of tofu bacon. If you listen closely, you'll hear Beast Boy ask, "Are you sure nobody wants tofu bacon?"

    • At the end, Beast Boy makes three slices of bacon, however, when him and Cyborg do the bacon-over-the-head "Rorthian Zothgar" thing, there are a total of seven slices.

    • When Slade falls down the cliff, and his mask falls off, he picks it up. And when he's walking, if you look closely, his mask is on when he reaches the door. But the mask is still in his hand.

    • In the scene where Robin is chasing after Raven, Raven jumps down a set of stairs. As you can see, Raven is only about a few feet away from Robin. When the camera angle changes, it shows Raven nearly a mile away from him down below. How did she get that far in a matter of seconds?

    • If Slade is all bones, how does he talk and move? Don't you need muscles for that?

    • The Ring of Azar was on Starfire's ring finger in the previous episode. When Trigon mentions it, the ring is shown to be on her pinky.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Cyborg: (To Beast Boy) See, I told you I could kick your butt!

    • Starfire: (Taking tofu bacon from Beast Boy, and placing it on her head) Look! I am a Rorthian Zothgar! (Beast Boy & Cyborg stare at her) On my planet, this is hilarious.
      (Beast Boy & Cyborg laugh)

    • Slade: (To Trigon) For the record, I'm nobody's servant!

    • Guard: You cannot hope to defeat pure evil.
      Slade: Actually, I'm not such a nice guy myself. (Trips detonator in front of door and destroys guard)

    • Guard: Your days have long since ended, mortal. Time to lie down with the rest of the bones.
      Slade: You first!

    • (Trigon walks over to them)
      Beast Boy: Um, he's coming over here! I really don't like that he's coming over here!

    • Beast Boy: Dude, I had no idea I was this tough.
      Cyborg: You're not. I could kick your butt any day of the -
      Starfire: If we cannot defeat ourselves, perhaps we can defeat each other.

    • Guard: The hollowed journey of your fated vessel ends here. What you seek cannot be reclaimed.
      Slade: Perhaps... but it's not like I have anything left to lose.

    • Beast Boy: I hate to say it, but four-eyes has a point. My butt can't take much more kicking.
      Starfire: It can, and it will!

    • Raven: (Smiling) So, what's the deal? Are we having a party in here or not?

    • Robin: You have your whole life ahead of you. You can decide your own destiny.
      Raven: I guess in the end, there really is no end, just new beginnings.

    • Raven: After everything that happened, everything I did, how did you still manage to hope it could all work out?
      Robin: Because of you. You don't realize it, Raven, but you're actually the most hopeful person I've ever met. From the day you were born, they said you were evil, that you were created to do unspeakable things. But you wished for more. You dared to hope that you could be a hero.

    • Cyborg: All right, y'all! Four-eyes is history, his ghoulies are gone, and we just saved the whole dang universe! Who wants french toast?
      Starfire: Oh, yes, me please! I shall consume them with gravy and the butter of peanuts!
      Beast Boy: And I've got enough tofu bacon for everybody who wants it!
      Cyborg: So, just enough for you?
      Beast Boy: Exactly!

    • Beast Boy: Okay, you're freaking me out here! The white robe and smile are weird enough, but hugs? Are you still... you?
      White Raven: Blue is still my favorite color, and don't get used to the smile, 'cause you're still not funny.
      Beast Boy: Huh? (Thinks for a moment, then hugs Raven) Raven!
      White Raven: Quit it.

    • Starfire: Raven, that was...
      Cyborg: ... Unbelievable!
      White Raven: No, it wasn't. (Hugs Robin) Somebody believed.
      Robin: (Smiles) Welcome back.

    • White Raven: (Fighting against Trigon) Fathers are kind. Fathers protect you. Fathers raise you. I was protected by the monks of Azarath. I was raised by my friends. They are my family, this is my home, and you are not welcome here!

    • Young Raven: You may have created me... (She transforms into White Raven) ... but you were never my father.

    • Trigon: Go forth and conquer. One by one, worlds shall fall until every being in this entire dimension falls down to worship Trigon the Terrible!

    • Cyborg: (To lava creatures) Screech all you want! We're not goin' down without a fight!

    • Slade: Ah, my own flesh and blood. (Looking at defeated guard) Don't get up. I'll let myself out.

    • Robin: Raven, it's me, Robin... remember?
      Young Raven: I'm lost...
      Robin: I know... but I found you. You don't need to be afraid anymore. I can help you...

    • Robin: Yeah, it's the end of the world. But so what? We're still here, still fighting, still friends.
      Young Raven: Look at me, Robin! There's nothing I can do! There isn't any hope!
      Robin: Then I guess... I'll just have to have enough hope for the both of us.

    • Robin: This is the story of Raven. She was my very good friend, and she was very brave. Together, we fought evil. We beat monsters, and villains, and we kept our city safe. But even though she was doing good, Raven was always afraid that deep down inside, she was bad. See, from the day she was born, people told her that some day, something terrible was going to... (Lava creatures interrupt him)

    • Trigon: Some remnant of my daughter may yet exist, but the Raven you knew is lost forever.

    • Evil Starfire: I laugh at your pain! Ending your existence is most amusing!
      Starfire: This is not the end!

  • NOTES (30)


    • Beast Boy/Evil Beast Boy: Dinosaur Form
      The scene where Beast Boy and his inner demon are fighting in Tyrannosaurus (Beast Boy) and Spinosaurus (Inner Demon) form resembles the fight that takes place between these two dinosaurs in the Steven Spielberg movie, Jurassic Park 3. With a similar outcome as well.