Teen Titans

Season 4 Episode 7

The Prophecy

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jun 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Slade Keeps Coming Back

    I loved this! More anticipation arrives as things get ugly when Slade comes back to warn the Titans. Raven slowly accepts her role in the prophecy but starts to rely on her friends as well. Can't wait to watch the End, ah...
  • Another great episode! The Prophecy answered alot of the questions that Birthmark left lingering in the air before they decided to teporarily stop showing Teen Titans in the middle of the season.

    I got rather irritated when they stopped airing in the middle of the season. But i was happy again when it started right back where it left off. The producers did an excellent job portraying how Raven dealt with her destiny and how her friends(yes, including Beast Boy) were by her side trying to help her as best as possible. This episode also taught Raven that she can count on her friends more than she ever thought she could and that's a lesson everyone should learn every now and then.
  • Wow!!!!!!!!!! This one was sooo good!!!!!

    This one was so freakin' awesome!
    Although it continued the story begun in "Birthmark," it didn't scare me as much as Birthmark did. I think that's becuase it revealed more,so I wasn't so in the dark about what was going on. (That was mostly what made Birthmark so creepy). I already had an idea of what was going to go on, because I'd seen reviews, descriptions, pictures, and even a clip on the internet. Still, I couldn't help gasping a little when Raven's mom came on. Okay, I'm having trouble just summing this one up because it was so great it's hard to know exactly what to say. Oh, one more thing though... I thought the underground place at the library reminded me of a mix between The Chamber of Secrets in Harry Potter, The wooden staircase beneath the church in National Treasure, and Moria in Lord of the Rings. 5 (out of 5) stars.
    Favorite line: "Uh... maybe you didn't get the memo, Robin, but... you and me can't fly!" -Cyborg
  • The returned Slade continues to haunt the Titans

    What makes this episode so good is that it, unlike all its predecessors, is macabre and haunting. With a new Slade, with fire powers and a weird symbol on his mask, he has become much cooler. Another good point of this episode is that the scenes are darker and scarier, like the library sequence, and the scene where Starfire makes out that Slade has demolished a whole block to make the symbol. The aura of mystery hanging about this episode adds to its mystique, as does ravens visit to her homeland and her conversation with her mother. It even ends well, with the revelation of raven lineage.
  • raven's SECRECT!

    raven reveals that she has a dad that is a really powerful. so powerful even where starfire use to live he is scary. also slade almost got killed by raven and her powers. and slade is working for raven's dad. i wonder why raven has a mom that is good and a dad that is bad. and she has all of these tatoos (not really tatoos). that glow when her dad is coming soon. also raven said that she is the only one who can stop him. but the rest of the teen titans are going to help her. don't worry raven the other guys have your back for the battle between you and your dad.
  • The mystery surrounding Raven deepens...

    This was an episode of major character development for Raven. We find out more secrets of her past, including more information about her mother and father, and the purpose of her existence as well as the red gem in her forehead. This episode sets us up well for the season finale, and makes us look forward to the climactic encounter between Raven and her father, and to see if the prophecy truly will come to pass. The mystery surrounding Raven only deepens, and you get the feeling that even the Titans might not be able to stop this prophecy from coming to pass. It really makes you look forward to the season finale.
  • This was as good as "Birthmarks"

    Summary: Ever since Slade's return, the Titans have been searching high and low for answers, including looking for theories as to the "S" mark on his forehead. However, Raven knows why he's back, and the Titans are about to discover the truth themselves after Slade launches another attack.

    Final Thoughts: I highly enjoyed this episode. I recommend this episode to everyone. Espicially the Raven fans. And if you don't like Raven, give this episode a try. I bet you'll like this episode as much as I did.

    This episode sets up the season finale. And seeing this episode gives me a very very high expectation for "The End Parts 1-3".
  • Great episode, but would have been as good as Birthmark if it didn't spend the first ten minutes going absolutely nowhere.

    "Birthmark" was an episode that was not only made infamous for its ravage fanboy spawn, but its complete and utter badass-ness. Fans literally could not wait for the next installment of the epic arc. "The Prophecy" spends its entire first act basically repeating and going over everything that happened in "Birthmark". Naturally, this entire sequence is pretty much a waste that goes nowhere, other than Slade torching the city to resemble the symbol of Scath (Raven's birthmark).

    Fortunately, after the first act, the episode starts to really pick up the pace (I mean REALLY pick it up). Raven realizes there's no escaping her destiny on earth, so she attempts to escape to her home planet, Azerath. Meanwhile, the rest of the Titans stumble upon an ancient chamber in an abandoned library, the only structure in the center of town not demolished (Destroying everything but the library? Dang, Slade really IS evil!). There, they hear a mysterious prophecy that speaks of a "Gem born of Evil's fire". The four pursue deeper into the chamber, but are counteracted by angry spirits that cannot seem to be defeated. They continue further down the hole, following the symbols they believe will lead to the gem. Eventually, they reach the final chamber, only to find Slade ready to give them a good pummeling.

    Meanwhile, Raven's mother (who also received her own fair share of fanboy whoring) tells Raven that nothing can be done to prevent her destiny from coming true (i.e. Causing the Apacolypse). She isn't prepared to give up, however, and returns to Earth to give Slade the greatest thrashing he's received over the entire course of the series (which is also the most awesome moment of the entire episode). once Slade retreats to the underworld, she exposes her dark secret to the rest of the Titans, although they aren't going to let her give up without a fight. The ominous closing sequence involves Slade striking a bargain with Trigon, the incarnation of evil. Trigon receives freedom, and Slade receives "what he has lost". The viewer is then left in the dark until the next installment in the arc.
  • Good, but the censorship was too obvious.

    I love this show, and read the comic once or twice and this episode was GREAT! Fantastic plot exposition...but the only thing that bugged me was censorship. Don't get me wrong, I understand that CN is a kids network, but changing "Satan" to "Trigon/Scath" sorta bugged me, basically if you read this comic, then this episode may make you write an angry letter to something.
  • The Prophecy was a great episode that revealed more of Raven's past...

    The Prophecy was a great episode that revealed more of Raven's past...It´s incredible see how she fights against her destiny.Slade´s so evil with her,I´m very angry witj him,and I´m praying for Raven´s,may she be okay...I love this episode,it´s very,very good!Raven rules on this episode!Raven is the best!Raven forevermore!Azarath Metrion Zinthos!
  • we finally are able to get some much need info on Ravens past

    after watch Birthmark, and then this episode all I can say is wow. It seems Slade is working for Ravens father to get something he really needs and can't obtain by himself. We even are able to see Raven's mother, even though she's only in a very small portion of the episode. Well I think this episode set up the events for season final rather nicely
  • Not as good as Birthmark, but an excellent episode nonetheless.

    This is a great episode, but it's lacking in one area.

    That area is the importance of the episode. They could have revealed all of the prophecy in Birthmark. But they wanted to do another episode for the storyline. Some people do argue that this episode is very important because Raven decides to stand up and fight. However, while I understand the argument, I don't necessarily agree with it. Even so, this is still an excellent episode and the sole flaw detracts very little from the entertainment value.

    Onto the good. Voice acting: what'd you expect? It's Slade. I mean, come on. He ROCKS. Raven does an excellent job, along with Trigon and the other Titans.

    The animation is typical of Teen Titans: extremely good. One of the best shots in the whole episode is when the Titans are fighting the ghosts and their attacks are going right through the ghosts. Otherwise, the episode is great in animation.

    I already talked about the storyline. Overall, this episode is very good, but not quite one of the best. 9.9/10.
  • Possibly the greatest Titans episode ever. When Slade comes back to see Raven again, we get a much better view on Trigon, and learn alot about the relationship between him and Raven.

    This episode defines the Teen Titans series. It takes you on an adventure and you learn a lot about Raven and her destiny. This is also great for any person who has never read the actually comics. Great action, and makes you want to sit in your couch until the series finale, "The End" comes out. The cliffhanger at the end is one of the greatest in Titans history, and I must say, this episodes gives Teen Titans a great name. I am not sure of ratings in the real world, but if i could rate this episode as anything, it would be 5000. In end, a Masterpeice!
  • It just keeps adding on to Raven's Destiny. Another great episode to add on to the suspence of Trigon and the world's fate.


    I personally loved this episode. We kept learning more and more and discovered what the mark of Trigon was...the mark of "scath". The titans also dicovered what Raven's destiny really was and that Trigon is Raven's father. Another thing we have NEVER seen in a Teen Titan episode was that we met on of the titan's mother. Raven's mother to be exact. We even get to see Raven's home, Azarath. There was so much we finally dicover and see in this episode. It just keeps getting better and better...a great installment to the series.
  • The Prophecy is a riveting, thrilling, awesome, amazing television experience. This episode is one of the "holy grail" episodes of Teen Titans.

    After watching The Prophecy I could only mutter one word: "wow." I did not believe an episode could top the awesomeness that was Birthmark. I was wrong.

    The Prophecy is everything a television episode should be. It was great in every aspect, including plot, comedy, level of suspense, surprise, and animation. Plus, unlike Birthmark, it had a plot. (Don't get me wrong, Birthmark's no plot worked fine)

    Starting out with the Titans watching a replay of the fights that had happened in Birthmark, and Beast Boy's line "Slade kicks butt--Take..." or whatever it was were the perfect way to open the episode. That was quickly followed by Raven in a vision chasing Slade (I believe...), followed by a great moment to end the opening act. This first part had me glued to my seat.

    Another part I liked was defiantly Raven going back to her home world, and talking with her mother. I was not expecting us to see Azerath, or at least not this early.

    And then of course there was the best part of the episode: Raven kickin' some butt. Raven and Slade's fight scene (although Slade didn't and couldn't do anything) was nothing but sweet. It was completely awesome to see Raven actually blast out more of her power and totally kill Slade (he would have been dead, if it wasn't for the immortality). And Slade's line: "You may not be afraid of me, but look who's afraid of you," was classic.

    However, I did have to subtract a few points for the moment before the ending. For one, it was too rushed. Also, which many people have already pointed out, Beast Boy's last line, while appropriate, had way too happy a tone to it. However, the very end of the episode with Slade and Trigon was great. I can only wonder what Slade wants back. Terra, his mortality... both of those don't really make sense in many ways.

    There are many great parts of the episode that I left out, but I just don't have the time to review it all. but believe me, 95% or more of the episode, I liked.

    My Score: 9.5
  • Raven's past is revealed

    This episode it's about Raven's past, her mother's face was first seen and Trigon's name was first mentioned. She revealed to the other titans that she was a portal and she was the only way in which Trigon could reach the mortal's dimension. Slade highlights again that he is missing something, and it seems that Trigon can return it back (probably his life because Terra in the episode 'Aftershock (part 2)', kills Slade [and herself too]).I think this is the best episode in all the Teen Titans series (well compared with the other episodes except for birthmark).
    The way in which all the Raven's secrets are revealed is outstanding. I enjoyed every seccond I saw it.
  • Awesome! Just... plain... awesome...

    This is one of the best episodes in the entire series! In fact, I plan on taping it when it's next on, which will probably be about a week from now. I mean, it's hot when an anime girl gets in a near-death experience. I'm referring to the part when Raven is engulfed by the flames. This is like... the second or third time (Correct me if I'm wrong.) that she has truely been terrified of something, but this IS the first time that something happened to be death. I just love watching girls sink in quicksand, get eaten, or get trapped in something. Anyway, this is a very informative episode and I loved it!
  • Birthmark was awesome. THis is just sticking with the awesomeness.

    Alright, I watched Birthmark. I loved it. Then i watched this episode and i was blown away. It revealed so much about Raven, without cramming it all into 30 seconds. True the beginning as some say was a little slow, but it was worth it. It set up the ending beautifully, and I loved watching every minute of it.
  • So Sexi

    I Don't Mean that as a Lesbian/Gay thing, But this episode was the best yet! It was just so good ... it was... Sexi!!

    I Mean it tied into "Birthmarks" so well!! And it WILL fit into "The End" Good Too (hopefully)I guess I justlove Raven episodes, especially ones that have to with her family/destinie!!
  • This episode wasn't as good as "Birthmark" but it was still a shining episode.

    This episode was revealing information about a certain favorite character. The beginning was a little slow but the ending made up for it. With the last seasons being a little slow, this is a brilliant story for sesason 4. This episode makes me desperate to see what's coming up next. Bring on more!!
  • Prelude to "The End"

    I've seen a lot of episodes, but this one perhaps has proved most important in the course of the season's main story arc. Now, everyone knows the truth, that Trigon, through Raven, will breach his way through to Earth and destroy the world. I would say that while a good part of this episode spent time explaining everything, the rest of it was a real surprise. Raven made it clear to Slade that she's not going to let him jerk her around, but while that was good, there was a little mystery at the end. Slade is serving Trigon because he wants something back, but it is unknown what. It could have something to do with Terra, or perhaps Robin.

    In the meantime, I rate this episode 9 out of 10.
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