Teen Titans

Season 4 Episode 7

The Prophecy

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jun 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Makes you wonder, if Cyborg knew all this while he couldn't fly, you'd think a high-tech know-it-all like him would've looked into this matter, and perhaps built himself a jet-pack or booster boots like Iron Man has.

    • How could Beast Boy be running faster than everyone if in "Troq" he was the slowest.

    • When Beast Boy runs out of the middle corridor screaming, "NOT MOE, NOT MOE!!!!", Robin sees a different mark and they go through the same corridor.

    • Since when can Cyborg's sensors scan ghosts?

    • When Raven returns home, she is greeted by her mother, Arella. She says, "...you forever had the love of YOUR people." This does not mean that Raven is a princess, as some have speculated, but that the community of Azarath is very tight-knit.

    • When the Titans first encounter the apparitions, Robin and Cyborg say that they can't harm them, yet, as the episode progresses, Robin impales one with his bow-staff and it disappears.

    • At the end of the episode, when Raven reveals that Trigon is her father, the other Titans are surprised, but Cyborg and Beast Boy shouldn't be since they went into Raven's mind in "Nevermore."

    • When Cyborg jumps down the stairs after the others, both of his eyes begin to water due to the fast air rushing into them. His robotic eye shouldn't have been able to water for obvious reasons, and yet, it did.

    • Raven can easily beat Slade, although in "Birthmark" she seemed powerless against him.

    • At the beginning of the episode, during Raven's vision, Raven sees her friends' forms in stone. Robin's form is clearly wearing a mask, but during her vision in "Birthmark," his form is not.

    • Slade seems certain that the Prophecy will come to pass. Yet, he thought he could kill the Titans in the temple, when the vision he showed Raven in "Birthmark" showed that SHE would be the one who would kill them.

    • When Raven leaves the library, Robin cries out, "Wait!," but his mouth doesn't move.

    • The tape at the beginning of the episode misrepresents the events in "Birthmark"; the tape shows her running out of the collapsing factory, while in the episode, she had already frozen time and flew out in her "soul self" form.

    • When Beast Boy (rather noisily) spit down the hole, the sound came rather quickly and was of water splashing on water. Cyborg said that it was "pretty far," though the sound of the spit was quickly recovered. It also doesn't make sense that there is water at the bottom, seeing as the tunnel was made of rock and would erode in the presence of water (especially if the water had been there since before Jump City came to be).

  • Quotes

    • Raven: (sees Arella in the tower and flies up to her) Arella! No, wait! I've come back. Mother, please help me.
      Arella: You always had a home here, my child. But help, we could not give.
      Raven: (pulls out her book) The prophecy. It's happening. You have to tell me how to stop it.
      Arella: Nothing could be done. The promise of your birth was absolute.
      Raven: I don't believe you! There has to be a way! I don't want to be this. I don't want to help him. Mother, I'm afraid.
      Arella: You forever had the love of your people, Raven. Even knowing what you would become and what that would bring.

    • Raven: I'm not just a person. I'm a portal.

    • Robin: New powers? Cryptic threats? Targeting Raven? Slade's playing a whole new game now.

    • Robin: (Swings at a ghost) I can't hit them!
      Cyborg: (Gets knocked to the ground by a ghost) But they can hit us.

    • Raven: Leave my friends out of this.
      Slade: I didn't bring them into this. You did.

    • Slade: (Points to the mark on his forehead) You want to know about this, don't you? How many sleepless nights have you spent trying to unravel its secrets? Well, let me help you out: it's called the Mark of Scath, and it's about to become very popular.

    • Raven's Skeletons: The gem was born of evil's fire. The gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim, he comes to sire. The end of all things mortal.

    • Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Karazon Racashaus Endere. Vaserex Endrion Azarath! Azarath! Azarath!

    • Robin: Tell us, where is Scath?!
      Slade: I'd love to introduce you, but unfortunately, you won't be around that long.

    • Robin: What are you planning?
      Slade: I'm not planning anything.

    • Robin: We're not leaving without that gem!
      Slade: You don't understand. You're not leaving at all.

    • Slade: (About to kill 4 of the Titans) Trust me. This won't hurt a bit.
      (Raven appears)
      Raven: Wanna bet?

    • Beast Boy: Eenie, meenie, miney, (Shouts) MO! (Runs into tunnel, runs out of tunnel a few seconds later with ghosts chasing him) Ah! Not mo! Not Mo!

    • Cyborg: Um, maybe you didn't get the memo, Robin? Me and you can't fly!

    • Arella: It is too late for Earth, just as it was too late for Azarath.

    • Slade: You know, I actually like working for someone else. It lets me be a little more... hands on.

    • Robin: Raven, are you okay? You look, well... paler.

    • Beast Boy: This is some serious evil. Even for Slade.

    • Cyborg: I'm gettin' a serious déjà vu vibe here.
      Beast Boy: Not only that, but something about this place seems really familiar.

    • Raven: (Realizing Azarath is completely empty and silent) Not like I expected a parade, but...

    • Beast Boy: (To Raven) So, what makes you go all "glowy-in-the-dark"?

    • Cyborg: Doesn't Slade know this whole block is already slated for demolition?
      Beast Boy: Since when did Slade need an excuse to wreck stuff?

    • Slade: Tick tock, Raven. Time is running out.
      Raven: I'm not afraid of you!
      Slade: Silly girl. I'm not the one you should be afraid of... you know that.

    • Raven: I'm not afraid of you anymore!
      Slade: You may not fear me, but look who's afraid of you.

    • Beast Boy: Slade kicks butt, take 304.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Azarath: Barrier
      The barrier sealing the entrance to Azarath looks similar to the gates that monsters would appear from in the show, .hack//DUSK.

    • The Hand: Holding the Gem
      This hand is remarkably similar to the hand in FLCL. As the main character there put it, it seemed like the hand of God. In the Teen Titan's case, it is more like the hand of the devil.

    • Raven: Azarath, Azarath, Azarath!
      At the end of Raven's spell to get transported to Azarath, she says the location she wishes to travel to three times. This is a reference (perhaps accidental) to the film, Beetlejuice, in which to summon certain supernatural spirits, or to travel to different areas, supernatural beings (in that case, the dead) say the name of where or who they seek three times. Notable examples: "Home, Home, Home!" and "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"

    • Azarath: The Lost City of Atlantis
      Azarath in many ways is like Atlantis. For one thing, it is an ancient civilization that was highly advanced and has been wiped out completely. Another thing that is similar to it is it's island like appearance. It is also very similar to the floating city of Laputa in Miyazaki's Laputa, Castle in the Sky, for the same reasons.