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Teen Titans

Season 4 Episode 2

The Quest

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 29, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

When Robin is defeated by the malicious martial artist Katarou, our hero decides that if he wants to be the best - he needs more training. So he embarks on a difficult quest to seek a mysterious, legendary teacher known only as... The True Master. But getting to the true master isn't as easy as it seems.moreless

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  • Robin goes on a journey and tries to find the true master after being defeated once by Katarou.

    My opening review: Amy Wolfram are one of those writers who are best at writing episodes for1 or 2 characters, in this case it is Starfire and Terra. But in this episode she proves that she is able to write a episode for another character.

    Amy has done terrific episodes like "Terra" and my personal favorite "Sisters". And this episode does not upset.

    Summary: When Robin is defeated by the malicious martial artist Katarou, our hero decides that if he wants to be the best - he needs more training. So he embarks on a difficult quest to seek a mysterious, legendary teacher known only as... The True Master. But getting to the true master isn't as easy as it seems.

    Final thoughts: Enjoyable episode. But it isn't perfect. The action scenes were okay. But the animation and music was fabulous. I recommend this episode to just about everyone.moreless
  • Wonder Boy, you take life a little too seriously.

    Let me start off by saying if I returned home after a hard trip, and everyone is wearing my outfits, I'd probally kill them all, so Robin took it alot better than I would have. The ending was funny. Anyway...

    It was a waaaaaaaaaaaayyy cool episode. It made me think Robin is cooler than I thought he was at first (and not because he wears a mask). But like I said, he takes life way too seriously. Ya lose one fight, big deal, not the end of the world. Oh well. And its nice to finally see him out his usual uniform. And it was cute when Star was sitting on the couch all depressed about the Boy Wonder leaving. It was corny, it was romantic. It was....CORNMANTIC! I just made up a word, cool.moreless
  • Robin goes on a journey to train with the True Master, while he's gone the other titans fill his position by dressing up as him. Hilarious!

    This was a very good episode. It was funny, yet adorable seeing the flashbacks of the ferris wheel, the balcony, and the slow dance. Starfire really did miss him. I loved Raven dressing up as Robin, and when he admitted that the mask made him feel cool, you couldn't help but laugh. Starfire's quote, "Robin calling Robin!" Beast Boy: "Robin here!" Starfire: "No, not you Robin, the other Robin." Cyborg: "What's up, Robin?" That was sooo funny!moreless
  • Robin tries to learn martial arts after getting defeated by a villain named Katarou. But along the way to the True Master, he faces lots of challenges, including working for a lazy old lady. Meanwhile, the other titans play dress up with Robin's wardrobe.moreless

    This was a great character developement episode for Robin. It had lots of epic action and interesting obstacles Robin had to overcome on his quest. As for plot, it was average. The plot wasn't some amazing thriller, but it was an okay story. There were lots of not funny parts in it, but those didn't really bother me. I thought this episode was nice mainly because of the action, which I would perfer less than plot, but this episode was great action wise. The ending was a nice ending, but the True Master part was kind of predictable. So in my opinion this episode was great only because of action, meaning it was pretty nice, but not perfect.moreless
  • Robin tries to seek the True Master, who is actually an old woman.

    Teen Titans really makes super comedies. Robin searches for the True Master and realises that if he took things a bit more lightly, he would have been less troubled. I would've classified this as character development but I doubt that Robin would continue being this light-hearted for the rest of the show. It wouldn't be interesting if that was the case. Meanwhile, as a filler scene, the other Titans dress up as Robin. Once more, we see that Starfire is really in love with Robin. She would never be so gloomy if other Titans went away, like Cyborg. Little RobxStar stuff and plenty of hand-to-hand combat.moreless
Keone Young

Keone Young

Guardian of the Trees/Katarou

Guest Star

Takayo Fischer

Takayo Fischer

True Master

Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Guardian of the River/Guardian of the Cave

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • How could Robin's clothes have possibly fit the other Titans? Beast Boy and Raven would be too small for them, Starfire would be too tall and thin, and Cyborg would be far too big. Yet the clothes appear to fit all of them perfectly...

    • How could Robin possibly pick up and throw a 750-pound bear?

    • It was never stated who the statue of the warrior was. It could of been made in honor of a hero to the people. It wasn't said to be the True Master, and if it was, it could of been current True Master's teacher.

    • Robin is short and a little skinny, but Cyborg is big and buffed. How did Robin's costume fit him?

    • Why didn't the True Master tell Robin to take off his mask? It would have been a great distraction to his quest if he kept one thing from his world on, and if Robin really doesn't have a secret identity, then why won't he take his mask off?

    • When Cyborg is wearing Robin's costume, his left eye hole is entirely red, despite the fact he is wearing a mask and that his eye is not that big.

    • Robin went half-way across the world, but without any sort of provisions (food and water), just weapons. Not a very good plan.

    • How could it be day in both parts of the world in this episode? Remember, Titans Tower and Jump City are in America, and Robin went across the world.

    • How long exactly did it take Robin to go to the other side of the world and how?

    • Why did the statue of the "true master" look like a man if it is really a woman?

    • Where is the other side of the world? Because it all depends on where you are. So, how did Robin know exactly (or it seemed like exactly) where to go?

    • Beast Boy's a vegetarian, so why exactly did he grab a slice of pizza when it had pepperoni's on it?

    • In the final battle, Katarou drops his staff, and Robin picks it up and gives it as a gift to the True Master. But that staff is the antique Katarou stole at the beginning of the episode! Shouldn't Robin return it to its rightful owner? Giving stolen loot to your friends isn't a very super-heroic thing to do.

    • At the beginning of the episode, the door to Robin's room slid open and shut in two parts. However, when Starfire walks by before discovering Beast Boy, the door opened from right to left in one piece.

    • Silkie's eyes are shown through his mask.

    • Robin's smoke pellets brought out white smoke, not green.

  • QUOTES (25)

  • NOTES (29)

    • Apparently, Starfire has become a very good puppeteer to manipulate her puppet as she does.

    • Although we saw part of it in "Switched," this is the first time we see a full view of Robin's room.

    • Villain Debut(s): Kitarou.

    • When Cyborg is wearing Robin's uniform, his left eye is red despite being covered by the mask.

    • There were 4 signs throughout the episode that told you that the old woman was the True Master.

      1) When she threw the beet at Robin with such precision and accuracy, despite the fact that she was not facing him.
      2) When Robin got past the bear, she was already there on the mountain.
      3) When she carried the water, she didn't appear to have any trouble, yet when she gave it to Robin he struggled to get it onto his shoulders.
      4) When Robin got knocked down the stairs, she commented on all of his battles with the Bear, the Snake, and the Monkey.

    • Opener: Robin faces off with Katarou when he attempts to steal some very valuable jewels. Robin fails to stop him, but Katarou tells him to seek the True Master if he wishes to defeat him.

    • The guardian of the river and cave are voiced by the same person.

    • YTV airdate: May 4, 2005.

    • The symbol on the monkey guardian's chest means "Ki," which is Japanese for "tree."

    • Each of the three guardians tested a different aspect of the martial arts. The bear tested strength, the snake tested the senses, & the monkey tested balance.

    • In the final scene, when the Robins are all enjoying pizza, we see a jar of mustard with a straw in it in front of Starfire, indicating that mustard remains her favorite beverage.

    • In a bit of continuity, we see that Silkie does eat pizza, the one food Starfire didn't offer him in "Can I Keep Him?."

    • According to the credits, The True Master's real name is Chu-Hui.

    • When Starfire dresses in Robin's uniform, she still manages to turn the shirt into a halter top like her own costume.

    • An added note to Beast Boy's parody of the cover of Detective Comics #38 (in which Robin debuted). The words that appear above Beast Boy say "The Sensational Character Find Of 1965!" The character of Gar "Beast Boy" Logan first debuted in Doom Patrol #99... in 1965. This is a play on the "The Sensational Character Find Of 1940!" message that appears on the original Robin story.

    • Villain(s): Katarou.

    • Robin's recurring line "I've learned from the best" could be a reference to Batman.

    • We see Robin's room for the first time, and surprisingly, it doesn't reflect him as much as the other Titans' rooms do.

    • The scene where Starfire holds a hoop that Beast Boy jumps through is a re-creation of the cover of the first Batman comic that Robin was in. The wording says "Introducing Robin, the Boy Wonder!" When Starfire catches Beast Boy wearing Robin's uniform, Beast Boy tells her to call him "Beast Boy Wonder." The shot of him bursting through the paper hoop thing was the cover of Detective Comics #38, Robin's first appearance. Except on the cover, obviously it is Batman holding the hoop, not Starfire. The year reads "1965" for Beast Boy (which was the year Beast Boy made his first appearance in the DC series The Doom Patrol. The Doom Patrol was a team that Beast Boy worked with (though never completely joined), and that's when he first went by the name Beast Boy. The year on the actual comic with Robin is 1940.

    • Robin's suit is actually two pieces.

    • Robin wears his mask because it makes him feel cool and, of course, to hide his identity.

    • Look Hard: In the ending scene, where the Titans are eating pizza, Silkie can once again be seen on the table eating pizza, all dressed up in his mini Robin suit.

    • Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven dress up like Robin in this episode.

    • Starfire's puppet from "Switched" makes another appearance.

    • The dance Robin and Starfire shared in "Date With Destiny" that wasn't shown can be seen in Starfire's flashback.

    • Starfire remembers scenes with Robin from "Sisters," "Date With Destiny," & "Betrothed."

    • When the Titans each try being Robin, the costume tends to fit them differently. Beast Boy's hangs off him, because he's shorter than Robin; Starfire's gets stretched, resulting in having a halter top because she's taller than Robin; Cyborg's seems to be ripping apart since he's bigger than Robin; Raven's tends to fit her fine, because she's probably closer to Robin's height and build.

    • Robin episode.

    • Guardians:
      Guardian of the River - Bear
      Guardian of the Cave - Snake
      Guardian of the Trees - Monkey

  • ALLUSIONS (12)

    • Beast Boy: Boy Wonder
      When wearing Robin's costume, Beast Boy tells Starfire that he's Beast Boy Wonder. The exact same pose, but saying Robin the Boy Wonder was used in Robin's first appearance in detective comics.

    • Kitarou: Appearance
      Kitarou looks a lot like Deadman, from the Batman comics.

    • River Guardian: Appearance
      The River guardian was almost identical to Rave Master's Dearhound.

    • Robin: (Howls when fighting the River Guardian)
      There's a moment after Robin kicks the Bear Guardian where he makes a "Wooooooooooooo!" noise and thumbs his nose. The noise and fighting stance are evocative of martial arts legends Bruce Lee, who punctuated his moves with bizarre howls and shrieks. More Info

    • Robin: Guardian of the Trees
      The fight with the Guardian of the Trees is taken from the final scene of the movie, Iron Monkey. The major give away is that they are fighting atop bamboo sticks, and when Robin falls, he is able to save himself in a similar way to the way Iron Monkey stops himself in a similar fall.

    • Robin: Sleeves
      Robin's martial arts uniform looked very similar to Ryu's outfit from Street Fighter. Kitarou also somewhat resembles Sagat.

    • The True Master: Inspiration
      Given her role combined with her general attitude, the True Master may have been inspired by Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid movies.

    • Animal Spirits: Mythological Base
      The True Master's three servants (the Bear, Snake, and Monkey) are what Japanese folklore call "tengu." Tengu (or goblins) were supposed to be nature spirits that took the form of animals or half-human/half-animal creatures. In mythology, there were good, evil, and indifferent tengu.

    • Master of the Trees: Characteristics
      The Master of the Trees acts exactly like Rafiki from The Lion King movies.

    • Robin: Red Archways
      Robin passes under red archways repeatedly in this episode. They are called Tori Gates, and are meant to lead the way to spiritual places such as shrines.

    • Snake (Guardian of the Cave): Look beyond what you see...
      In The Lion King 1 ½, Rafiki constantly repeats that line.

    • Robin: Uniform
      Robin's white martial arts uniform is a "Gi," a standard karate uniform. The white belt given to him by the true master signifies a beginning and purity.