Teen Titans

Season 1 Episode 5

The Sum of His Parts

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Aug 23, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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A day of fun in the park is cut short when Cyborg freezes in the middle of a game. Using a spare battery, he comes along during a wild junkyard battle with the Amazing Mumbo. Cyborg's battery goes dead, when things take a turn for the worse. Fixit, a cybernetic hermit, finds Cyborg - and has a big plan for him. Bigger than what Cyborg is.moreless

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  • First episode with Cyborg as the main focus, it's not that bad compared to some of the others he's had. And Mumbo Jumbo, a great and funny villain is introduced.

    Cyborg...Cyborg, Cyborg. Man, some of the episodes where he's been the main focus have been quite bad. This? Actually, it's not that bad really. It's basically an episode of two halves, the parts with Mumbo Jumbo are basic Teen Titans inspired goofiness and fun, the other part with Cyborg and Fixit is dark and serious. And really, the two don't mesh that well. Every time you're back with the Cyborg plot, you wish to go back to the Mumbo Jumbo stuff.

    That being said, the plot with Cyborg and Fixit is not worthless, far from it. It's not great either, but it's decent and Tom Kenny is really good in his double duty as Mumbo Jumbo and Fixit. The part with the kid and the prostetic arm was a nice touch and the final comment was a good way to end it. But the ending is not flawless, the way the Fixit plot ends is really dumb, then Cyborg promises to show him the beauty of the surface world, okay, why wasn't there a scene showing this? It felt unresolves in a way.

    "The Sum of His Parts" is...I guess, a decent episode, but it's far from being the best the series has to offer.moreless
  • Loving everything about this episode, but the plot runs a little thin...

    So this is a good installment of the show, it has all the aspects of a great episode: well-drawn and well-colored, getting to know the characters a bit more, while introducing a very...magical, new villian, and a look into the Titans lives outside of crime fighting, in the beginning at least. But the plot isn't really strong or something that would make me say 'I want to watch that again!' (though, really, I'd gladly watch any Teen Titans episode anytime!) Cyborg's battery dies and, to prove that this isn't a handicap for him, tried to fight alongside his friends against the ultimate trickster, Mumbo, but gets lost beneath a dump and found by Fix-it... but I'm not even sure myself what Fix-it is! A robot? A human? A hybrid like Cyborg? It's never clearly revealed... and, to get the other Titans out of the way in this Cy-centric ep, the others go after Mumbo, who they think took Cyborg, when in truth, he didn't! My summary: We discover more about Cyborg and his human side, with robotic difficulties, and how he tries to prove to someone like him that you can be as human as you feel.moreless
  • This was a good episode but to Teen Titans standards it was mediocre.

    The Titans are all enjoying a well deserved day off at the park. Cyborg gets a low battery and was supposed to go home and change. I liked the crazy magician dude because he was hilarious. It was an expected thing for me to see and it was great. Cyborg stupidly tries to battle with others despite his condition. He finds himself somewhere with all of these other advanced robots. Where did the idea for this episode come from, its so off the wall. The strange robot tries to make repairs to Cyborg and give him a new brain and everything. As usual he is saved and thats about all that happened. It was a good episode though.moreless
  • Cyborg's battery dies and Mumbo Jumbo attacks the city.

    The Titans are at a picnic and while they are playing football, Cyborg's battery dies. Cyborg then wakes up and tells the Titans it's dying and he has to go back at the tower. Meanwhile on his way home, he meets a kid with an artifical arm and meanwhile Mumbo robs a bank and goes to the junkyard so no one would know he was there. But the four Titans get there and start battling. Cvborg comes and Mumbo sprays water on his battery causing it to die. He then gets thrown into the trash. Cyborg then gets taken away. Cybrog wakes up and finds Fixit. Meanwhile, the other Titans are trying to find Mumbo and they find his hat. Meanwhile, Cyborg's battery is charged and he tries to leave and Fixit says that he cannot. Meanwhile, the Titans are chasing Mumbo and finally stop him. He turns back into a human and they go back into the junkyard and down in the trash. They keep walking and face some robots. Meanwhile, Fixit is trying to upgrade Cyborg and the memories are too painful to watch. Then, Cyborg reforms Fixit and then the Titans are at the picnic and the kid comes up with another kid and tells how Cyborg is just like him. Overall, a really good Cyborg episode.moreless
  • Really did no justice for the show; or episode's main character at all.

    Teen Titans; an extremely great show hits its lowest at a most vital time; aired near the start of the show; if any attempts to find fans; this episode will do no justice.

    Cyborg's battery runs out; and is taken in by 'Fixit'; a robotic 'fixing' machine in which tries to remove all biological parts of the world; by starting to try and help Cyborg by removing his biological parts.

    Has entertaining parts in it occasionally; like Starfire's mustard, and also Beastboy who offers Raven as she so elegantly put it 'fake meat'; but other then that it really did no help for the TV show; with an unentertaining plot; and close to no humour.moreless

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