Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 13

Things Change

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 16, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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After months of fighting the Brotherhood of Evil around the globe, the Titans finally return home. But a walk through the city reveals that things are not the same, and while Beast Boy wants things to be the way they used to, he has to face the fact that, in life, things change.moreless

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  • They should make another season

    The new teen titans go is lame how lazy are they .they should make another season .
  • Good Ending

    That's all I can say.
  • You call this an ENDING?

    This episode was NOT a good way to end the series. The creature not defeated yet, Red X's identity still not revealed, why Slade is back, who activated the reagent, Will Terra really have amnesia forever? These things must be answered before the series ends, and even then, I wouldn't want it to. They can't end the series with so many questions unanswered.
  • I See It Now

    Not going to lie - if I had rated this episode when it was released, all those years ago, I probably would have given it a 1. Maybe a 2.

    The writers took an entirely different approach with this one. They didn't make it simple and they didn't make it appeal to kids. They utilized this final episode of this fantastic TV show as symbolism: symbolism to show that life is never a one way track, that people you know and love will leave you, and that things really do change. It was so sad to see the series end like this, but in a bittersweet way. This ending represents getting over things and growing up - which, in essence, is what this show is all about. Kudos to the creators, writers, and everyone out there who put in their time and effort to construct such an amazing series. Love it.moreless
  • How can this be called a series finale when there are so many plot holes in it? The producers just gave us fans a big middle finger and hocked a loogie at usmoreless

    I don't know what was going through the heads of the writers for this final episode, but they weren't thinking straight that's for sure. The episode takes place with events occurring after fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, and the Titans are back home. The Titans face a monster and have trouble with it, and during the fight Beastboy sees Terra. Terra was once a Teen Titan turned villain who saved the Titans and killed Slade, but sacrificed herself and was tuned to a statue. When Beastboy talks to Terra though, she has no memory of any of the Titans at all and who she was once. All the while Beastboy is going after Terra to try to make her remember her life, but she shrugs him off. At one point Beastboy goes after Slade while the other Titans face the monster again. Beastboy faces Slade, but it turns out it was a robot and whether the real Slade was there is not is another mystery unsolved. We then cut to a museum where the robot is and without Beastboy, the Teen Titans lose and the monster gets away. Beastboy then decides to give up on Terra after she refuses a Titans communicator and she gives him a speech and says farewell, and Beastboy goes and joins the other team members. Yes, that is how the series ends. No to be continue, no filling in the plot holes, nothing at all. The series ends on a cliffhanger. Now this just makes me extremely mad. I mean honestly, what were the producers thinking? I watched this show and it ends like this? We don't learn anything about the events. How did Terra come back to life? Who was the monster and where did it come from? Did the Titans win? Who is Slade? What happened to the frozen villains? Who is Red X? What was in that briefcase? Is Slade dead? Where are the other Teen Titans? Dear Lord, I have never seen such a bad way to end a great show. There was no effort at all in this episode and this final episode deserved to end on a higher note. It's also so depressing since there is not a happy thing in this episode at all, and the usual humor this show has was not there. Also the Titans were really cold toward Beastboy and were not their usual selves. The producers need to get back together and at least create a TV movie or do the sixth season they were supposed to do to finally explain it all. I do not call this the series finale, now Titans Together was a perfect series finale and that's how it should have ended, not this. If you love Teen Titans, do not waste your time with this so called "series finale".moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • The librarian at Terra's school resembles Mother Mae-Eye when she's in her human form.

    • As this is the last episode of Teen Titans, we see that Slade never takes up on his threat to get Robin as his apprentice again.

    • Why didn't anyone seem to notice Beast Boy wandering around Terra's school? Surely they have heard of him, and if not, they should have at least been startled by his unusual appearance.

    • Apparently, Terra's name isn't Terra these days, since she keeps asking Beast Boy why he calls her that. We never find out what her real name is, though.

      However, if her name isn't Terra, or at least she doesn't go by Terra, then how come when Beast Boy first called out to her, her friends asked if she knew him?

      They saw him yelling "Terra!" to her, so they assumed it may have been a nickname perhaps.

    • A reference to Irineo Maramba, who storyboarded the episode, is a sign in the hallway of the school that says "Irineo4Prez."

    • When the Sladebot's reflections show up in the mirrors, each reflection is identical to the last one, even though the robot is standing in one place. How is that possible? And where was Beast Boy's reflection?

    • In the scene where Beast Boy is fighting the Sladebot, after he smashed all the mirrors, he pins the Sladebot to the wall, but the mirrors are only cracked not totally destroyed.

    • If the Titans and Slade didn't bring Terra back to life, then who did? They were the only people aware of her presence or who could have helped her and she couldn't have gotten out herself. Some believe that is was Raven who brought her back to life cause in "The End (3)" everyone who was turned to stone was transformed back to normal so Terra could have been revived throughout the Season 5.

    • In "Betrayal," Terra and Beast Boy had a film strip made of them in a photo booth. Why did Beast Boy not bring those out?

    • When Raven throws a log at the monster, the aura around it is white, instead of black.

    • Many questions remain unanswered in the series:

      1) Did they ever defeat the creature?
      2) Is Terra truly gone for good?
      3) Who was Slade really? Whatever happened to him?
      4) Who is Red X?
      5) Who triggered the robot in this episode?
      6) What is Robin's secret possession showed in "Revved Up"?
      7) What happened to some of the villains that were not frozen in the big battle?

    • The existance of this new Slade robot goes a long way towards explaining the visions Robin experienced in season 3's "Haunted." The robot could easily have triggered the trap within Slade's mask.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Beast Boy: Hey, Terra! It's me, Beast Boy! Sorry I haven't been here in a while. Uh... how's it going? You're gonna think this is crazy, but... I thought I saw you today. I guess it wasn't you because you're still a statue and all. (notices Terra's statue is no longer there) You're not still a statue! You're alive!

    • Beast Boy: Our city is the greatest city ever!
      Cyborg: Paris was pretty great, too, don't ya think?
      Raven: Paris?
      Cyborg: Once we made the Brotherhood of Evil freeze cells.
      Robin: I've gotta agree with Beast Boy. It's sure good to be back home.
      Starfire: I, too, have missed our glorious city! I cannot wait to rent the videos and feast on the worms of sour gumminess.

    • Beast Boy: I won't let you hurt her!
      Slade: You're the one who's hurting her. Let her go.

    • Cyborg: Why does it always have to be a sewer?

    • Terra: (To Beast Boy) Okay, you've got two minutes.
      Beast Boy: Maybe you don't remember, but I do. You're my friend. You're a Teen Titan.
      : You're wrong.
      Beast Boy: You don't belong here, Terra.
      Terra: Stop calling me that.
      Beast Boy: It's who you are.
      Terra: What do you want from me?
      Beast Boy: Why can't things just go back to the way they were? You were so happy then.
      : Things were never the way you remember. Leave me alone.
      Beast Boy: (Hands her his communicator) Here. Take this. In case you're in trouble, in case you need me, you can call me any time.
      Terra: I don't need it.
      Beast Boy: But...
      Terra: Time's up.
      Beast Boy: Terra...
      Terra: Things change, Beast Boy. The girl you want me to be is just a memory.
      Robin: (Over communicator) Come in, Beast Boy. We need your help!
      Beast Boy: Come with me.
      Terra: You go. You're the Teen Titan. That's who you are. That's not me. I'm not a hero. I'm not out to save the world. I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period and I haven't studied. (Bell rings; students come out in between the two; Terra walks away)
      Beast Boy: Beast Boy to Robin. I'm on my way. Over.

    • Beast Boy: Are you gonna keep running away from me?
      Terra: I'm not running from anything. Go home.
      Beast Boy: Not until you talk to me.
      Terra: You can't keep following me.
      Beast Boy: Why not?
      Terra: It's the girls' locker room.

    • Raven: Where am I gonna buy my books?
      Beast Boy: I don't remember any book store.
      Raven: That's because you never bought a book.

    • Raven: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish Beast Boy were here.

    • Robin: We need Beast Boy.

    • Beast Boy: Terra?
      Terra: Sorry, you've got the wrong girl.

    • Slade Robot: (To Beast Boy) She doesn't want to see you anymore.

    • Robin: Things sure have changed around here. We've been gone too long.

  • NOTES (37)

    • Terra only appears in six episodes throughout the entire series, not counting her cameo in "Winner Take All."

    • Apparently, Beast Boy can track down certain things that Raven can't sense and Cyborg can't track.

    • Considering that Slade was able to send another robot double of himself after Beast Boy, it could be a sign that Slade is on the road back into power.

    • The official Teen Titans site labels the monsters fought by the Titans in this episode as "The Thing."

    • Since this is the last episode, this means we never find out who Slade is.

    • Slade has appreared one way or another in every season.

    • This is the third episode that refers to "Aftershock (2)." The first was "Haunted," and the second was "Birthmark."

    • All the seasons had a total of 13 episodes each. Including this season.

    • When Beast Boy tells the Titans of Terra's return, Robin says, "Sometimes you want to see things that aren't really there." This was a reference to "Haunted," where he was seeing Slade, but Slade wasn't really there.

    • Cyborg and Raven suggest that Terra's freedom may have resulted from an earthquake, or the effects of the entrapment in the rock may have just worn off.

    • A few moments before Terra knocks her water over, she clenches her fists when Beast Boy tells her something and the ice in her cup tightens together, a lot like the rocks in season 2. Terra would clench her fists to bring lots of little rocks together with her powers.

    • We learn that Raven never really wanted Beast Boy around during a battle.

    • The reason that Terra is completely different from the comic book, is because, the producers didn't want to go that deep, just for Terra's return. They never do the same thing with a comic book with a series.

    • Villain(s): Un-identified monster & Sladebot.

    • This is the only season where Raven never turned into "White Raven."

    • Following "Titans Together," the only villains now existing in the Teen Titans world are:

      Brother Blood
      Dr. Light
      Red X

    • Beast Boy is the only Titan to have any interaction with the new Terra.

    • In the comic book series, Terra actually did come back to life. Something called the Time Trapper brought her back to life and injected false memories into her mind. Terra, or Terra II, thought that she was an orphan girl from the future injected with the Real Terra's DNA and had reconstructive surgery to look like her. Then when she and her Team, the Team Titans (not teen, Team) decided to go on a mission to go 10 years into the past to prevent a notorious villain from being born, they get stranded there and it is revealed that Terra II along with another member of the group is really from this timeline. Terra II had no memories of her past, and she unearthed Terra's coffin (she originally was buried in a coffin like any other person) to find it empty. To find out once and for all if she was or wasn't the real Terra-which she didn't want to be-she had the Marvokian Scientists conduct DNA experiments. Her brother, Geo-Force, read her the results and mercifully told her that they read negative. However, they were positive. She was indeed the real Terra. Geo-Force was currently the only one who knew that information.

      So there are 3 big differences in how Terra was brought back to life from how it was done in the comic book series.

      1) There was no indication that the Time Trapper was involved.
      2) She was not a part of a Team of Superheroes who all thought they were from the future.
      3) They never reveal that she has family, let alone a brother.

    • Signs pointing to Terra knowing who she is:

      1) When Terra asks Beast Boy why he would want to be friends with someone who did what she did in season 2, he says he doesn't care what she did in the past. During this she is clenching her fists.
      2) She continuously looks at her reflection again and again, much like in "Titan Rising" and "Betrayal."
      3) She says that the girl he remembers is only a memory, much like what Slade says in "Betrayal" about her being an illusion.

    • Every time Beast Boy hits on a memory Terra doesn't want to remember, the animators show a red street light or a street light changing from green to red. This was used in the anime Kare Kano frequently to convey certain emotions without words. Green for positive gains and red for "road blocks." In fact, the entire episode had a feeling like Kare Kano as if the writers and storyboarders spent way too much time watching this anime before tackling the episode.

    • Ron Perlman reprises his role as Slade's robot from Season 4.

    • Things that have changed:

      1) All the Titans' favorite places have disappeared.
      2) There is a new, unrecognizable enemy.
      3) Terra has returned but changed in a way Beast Boy can't deal with.

    • Terra's room was kept exactly the way it was when she left.

    • Apparently, Cyborg and Raven were working on cures for Terra, but all of the spells and diagnostics they tried just weren't enough.

    • Terra has chosen to lead a new life now, not remembering her powers, Beast Boy, or her days as a Titan.

    • Beast Boy uses the same joke about brainfreeze he used in "Titans Together," however, Terra liked it.

    • Running Gags: 1) Beast Boy trying to get Terra to remember who he is. 2) Everyone telling him to be quiet in the library.

    • Almost all of the Titans' favorite hangouts and other stores, including the movie store, have been shut down and destroyed. The pizza parlor, however, apparently remains intact.

    • Slade returns, but it is only a robot supposedly controlled by him.

    • Beast Boy visits the desert area, where Terra fought the scorpion, from "Terra," the amusement park and diner from "Betrayal," and the volcanic chamber where Terra became stone, from "Aftershock (2)" in this episode -- all areas involving Terra.

    • The monster that the Titans fight can shift its form depending on what it touches.

    • Starfire is the only Titan without a season arcs, which every other Titan has:

      Robin - Season 1
      Beast Boy/Terra - Season 2
      Cyborg - Season 3
      Raven - Season 4
      Beast Boy (again) - Season 5

    • This episode marks the return of Terra. Her last appearance was in "Aftershock (2)."

    • Premiered during its Miguzi timeslot on Monday, Jan. 16th as a "New to the 'Guz" episode.

    • Beast Boy episode.

    • This episode marks the end of the fifth season and the series.

    • This is the first time that a season didn't end with a multiple-part episode.


    • Monster: Final Appearance
      When the monster absorbs the oil and transforms into a fiery form, the form resembles that of Heat Blast from Ben 10.

    • Piano Song: Tune
      The tune to the piano song we hear at the beginning before the theme song sounds similar to the "Pen Your Eyes" track from the anime, Witch Hunter Robin.

    • Beast Boy: Beast Boy to Robin. I'm on my way. Over.
      Beast Boy utters the last word in this episode, "over." This alludes to the fact that this was the final episode of the series and hence the series is now "over."

    • Creature: Abilities
      The abilities of the creature whom the Titans fight throughout this episode are similar to those of the Marvel character The Absorbing Man, a regular foe of the Incredible Hulk. However, its appearance is nothing like the Marvel character, who appears fully human when he is not absorbing the properties of his surroundings.

    • Creature: Terminator 2
      When the Titans are fighting the creature in the lead plant, Robin attacks it with his staff. He strikes it on the shoulder and it goes all the way through to its side. The creature then pulls the pole out of its side. The same thing happened between the T-1000 did The Terminator during the fight in the lead plant.

    • Creature: Appearance
      The creature's appearance was very similar to an angel in Neon Genesis Evangelion, as well as various hollows's appearances in Bleach.

    • Napoleon: Appearance
      When the bell lets out before the end of the episode and the student walk by, you can see Napoleon from Napoleon Dynamite. He is also seen throughout the school campus. Also, a "Vote for Pedro" sign can be seen in the school hallway, another reference to the movie.

    • Murakami School: Name
      The name "Murakami School" is in reference to the producer, Glen Murakami.