Teen Titans

Season 2 Episode 8

Titan Rising

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Feb 28, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Terra returns to Titans Tower, and this time, she's ready to join the team. But after what happened the last time they saw her, the Titans aren't sure that's such a good idea. When Slade unveils his latest diabolical plot, Terra gets her second chance. Can Terra win the Titans' trust and become a full-fledged member of the team?moreless

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  • Terra returns in this awesome episode.

    I slammed the series finale, and I felt that it sort of ruined the previous Terra episodes a little, since we know this storyline will remain unresolved. Well, maybe I was wrong, because I had a blast watching this episode again, Terra is a great character, and I love her powers. The Murakanime moments in this one were great, best one? Actually, I thought the short dig dug esque scene where Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy chase the drillers was very funny, and really it came out of nowhere as the action scenes here are not of the silly kind but more on a grand scale. Oh yes, Teen Titans delivers the goods again, fantastic action, stunning animation and funny moments.

    The Beast Boy and Terra romance wasn't heavily featured here, but that's good, this is the first episode after she left, the main thing should be about trust, and that's exactly what it was about. Raven is the suspicious one, and it's hinted that she may be jealous of Terra's powers, or at least her ability to control it all of a sudden, where as she has to meditate constantly to achieve basic control of her own powers.

    Slade returns as well, but he didn't really do anything, he showed up and fought Robin, and that's about it. No real insight into his latest scheme. But this episode was pretty much everyhting I could've hoped for. "Titan Rising" is an awesome episode that continues the Terra storyline.moreless
  • I liked it for some reason!

    The whole Terra thing was pretty awesome. I loved the fact that it took a whole episode just for Raven to get used to Terra and "trust" her(although it pretty much gets destroyed later on). The fight scenes were awesome, and I just loved how Raven gets all angry at Terra because Raven has actual discipline while Terra just comes out of nowhere and displays a light show so all the other titans will trust her. Basically, I think this episode(for me) showed how Raven can sometimes be the only in the loop titan, while all the others are just too trustworthy(even though in the end Raven did believe her... I think.) So great episode.moreless
  • Terra comes back and wins everyone's trust.

    Yippee! Terra is back and she seems to have mastered her powers and is back to serve the Teen Titans! No one is happier than I am, except Beast Boy I guess. She seems to be really strong now and the paranoid Raven distrusts her. Well, she got proven wrong all right! I wonder why Slade did not approach her after this time. Well, six Titans now, they are undefeatable. This episode is really good and it narrates how Terra manages to win everybody's trust in a very exciting way. I am thrilled for more Terra adventures now that she is a permanent member of the team.moreless
  • Terra's back! What's more there is to say?

    PLOT IN SHORT: Terra returns and claims she finally gained control of her power. Total control. Now she wishes to join the Titans once more. And just in time as Slade is up to his "dirty tricks" again. This time he's aiming for Titans Tower! Will Titans with Terra's aid manage to stop him? Or will they be able to even trust the blonde girl?

    The scheme thought off by Slade is cool, but sadly the plot itself isn't anything special. terra's comeback is a nice touch and there's a lot of action, however not much comedy. This episode also circles around an important issue that you can't expect people to trust you without moving a finger.moreless
  • Another great episode from the makers of Teen Titans...

    I loved this episode... really loved it! Terra coming back raised questions, which was good.

    I liked it when Raven had that little flashback sequence about Terra when she brushed past her and how Robin was concerned. It showed that something bad was going to happen.

    Raven obviously is threatened by Terra, which I can't believe because Raven is the greatest! She's worried that Terra will take away her friends and in a way replace her.

    I love the way that Raven is testing Terra and thought it was good when Raven and Terra were asigned by Robin to help him find Slade. You instantly knew that there would be friction.

    I loved the plot in general, the whole thing about the tower going underground, the arguments between the 2 characters, the 2 seperate missions... it ended up being a great story. My favourite scene is when Raven explains that Terra has to earn her trust, as she has to meditate everyday to control her powers. And also, how at the end, Beast Boy assumed that it was all Terra's doing that saved their home, before Robin pointed out about Raven helping too.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh I loved this episode!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • Near the end, Raven says that it took her a year to stop hating Beast Boy. Later, in the episode "Go", we see that Raven admits that Beast Boy is "kinda funny" and doesn't show any dislike towards him.

    • When the rock crashed on the computer, couldn't Raven or Terra have stopped the rocks from doing so before?

    • Frequently throughout the episode, Terra's goggles change from being roundish in shape to being square.

    • When the Titans are cheering at the fireworks Terra makes, Raven's chakra is missing.

    • When Cyborg attatches himself to the worm, he gasps because it begins tunneling down sharply. However, it doesn't go down for at least three seconds after he gasps.

    • Terra's gloves changed colors a bit too much throughout this episode. True, they appear darker in the dark, but in the light they appear bright yellow, whereas in a cave they are almost the color of her old gloves, if not completely identical.

    • When we first see Terra float up on a rock in the opener, she is seen in a large shot of the side of the roof Raven was meditating on, but Raven is nowhere to be seen.

    • When Raven dodges the volleyball for the second time, she moves out of the way at the last second and is right at the edge of the roof. However, in the next shot, we see the ball travel at least a few feet over empty roof when it should have passed her.

    • When the worms are using their laserbeams to attack Titans Tower, the first minute there are four and the next there are three.

    • When Starfire uses her laserbeams to trap the worm when Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire are chasing the worms, her eyes and the laserbeams are yellow instead of green.

    • When Robin says, "It means we could use your help," the gemstone is missing from Raven's forehead.

    • When Terra is first demonstrating her new improved power to the Titans, the rocks come flying at each other, then rise above the Tower. You can clearly see her shape on one of them as they continue flying up incredibly fast and incredibly high up in the air. In the next shot, she lands on the roof and throws her hands up, making the rocks smash each other, when, had she jumped from the height we last saw her at, she should have fallen and died on impact of the roof of the Tower.

    • If Slade's robots cut through the rock causing the Titan Tower to sink, what would be the point of Terra and Raven pushing it back up, as it would only fall down again.

      Response: Well, presumably once Terra and Raven had successfully pushed it back into its original position, Terra could keep the tower in a stable position while Raven used her powers to restore the foundations and keep the tower stable.

    • When Terra and Raven blast through the slab of rocks to the lair, Terra's eyes are a little off set.

    • When Terra was doing her trick, you get an aerial view of the rocks rushing at them. There are eight, two on each side. When she throws them up for the fireworks, there are four.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Cyborg: Whatever their target is, they're hitting it with everything they've got. Robin, it's the Tower! They're attacking Titans Tower!
      Robin: It's not just under attack. It's about to be underground.
      Starfire: Our home!
      Beast Boy: Slade's trying to sink it!
      Cyborg: One drill's going up and the other going down. If either of them breaks through we're going to need a new place to live!
      Starfire: I LIKE where we live!

    • Robin: You missed the bus!
      Cyborg: Looks like you'll just have to take a cab!
      Raven: Azarath Metrion—
      Terra: I got it!
      Terra: Beast Boy!
      Robin: Good work, Terra! Now help me get to its base.

    • Raven: Dead end.
      Robin: Not necessarily. I'm picking up a signal from deep inside the rock.
      Cyborg: Way deep. Electronics… and a heartbeat!
      Robin: Slade.
      Terra: How about we dig down there and see what's up? (Works her powers, a large rumble ensues. She glares at Raven, who is staring pointedly at her.) Are you going to give me that look every time there's an earthquake?
      (The worms come out)
      Robin: Titans, ready!
      (The worms go past them)
      Beast Boy: Hello! The good guys are over here! Dude, we got snubbed!
      Starfire: Because we're not their target.
      Cyborg: Three of those worms together could wreck anything in the city!
      Terra: We have to stop them!
      Raven: We have to stop Slade!
      Robin: Split up! Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, go after the worms. Terra and Raven, we're going after Slade.
      Cyborg: Star, BB, let's move!
      Terra: I can make a tunnel on my own. Shouldn't she go with ---
      Robin: No. Raven's almost as good at moving earth as you are. We'll be digging through solid rock. I'm going to need you both.
      Raven: Nice try.
      Robin: I've got a fix on the signal. 40 degrees down, 600 meters deep.
      Raven & Terra: No problem.
      Terra: Is that as fast as you can go?
      Raven: Not even close.
      Robin: Careful. This rock isn't stable. Just take it a little -- (He notices that Raven & Terra have already blasted a tunnel about fifty feet and are already vanishing from sight) -- slow.

    • Raven: (Sarcastically) Super!

    • Starfire: This worm has left a very long trail. This tunnel continues for at least 2 more cliffdoors.
      Cyborg: And we're nearly 300 meters below sea level. What is it doing down there?
      Robin: Whatever Slade tells it to.
      Terra: So… sorry about our little tug-of-war back there. You know I wouldn't have let anyone get hurt.
      Raven: Whatever.
      Terra: Okay, look, I don't know what your problem is, but get over it. If I'm gonna be a part of this team, we HAVE to get along.
      Raven: You're not part of this team. Not yet. And if you endanger my friends again, you never will be. The next time I tell you something's too dangerous - TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!
      Terra: (To Beast Boy) Umm... why does she hate me?
      Beast Boy: Nah... she kinda hates everybody. It'll be fine. Raven just needs time to get used to you. I think she's still getting used to me.

    • Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos…
      (Beast Boy hits volleyball straight towards Raven's head)
      Beast Boy: Raven! Heads up! (Ball stops two inches from her head and flies back knocking him over. Raven catches the ball with her telekinesis and sends it back) Thanks. Uhh… Good save.
      Robin: Are you sure you don't wanna play, Raven?
      Starfire: Yes! Please! You must volley the ball with us!
      Cyborg: Come on! I'll play with one arm behind my back!
      Raven: I can't. I have to meditate.
      Beast Boy: (Does a hard serve with the volleyball) Heads up! Again! (Raven moves out of the way, and ball flies off the roof)
      All 4 Titans: Oh no!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!
      Beast Boy: I'll get it.
      (Ball flies back up, Terra floats into view standing on a big rock)
      Terra: So, which team am I on?

    • Robin: Not even a scratch! If we can't break the drill, hacking this computer is our only shot at shutting it down.
      (Slade appears, engages Robin in a fight)
      Raven: Robin!
      Terra: Hang on!
      Robin: Forget about me! Shut down the drill!
      Slade: Good, Robin. Now I have you all to myself.
      Terra: Looks like it's just you and me.
      Raven: (Running to the controls) We have to hack in.
      Terra: (Levitating a rock) Why hack? Smash.
      Raven: (Stopping the rock) No! We don't know how this thing works. Destroy the controls and we might never be able to stop it!
      Terra: But we might stop it sooner! And save our home! Why can't you just trust me!
      Raven: (Holding back one of Terra's boulders) Because you don't deserve it! I have to meditate every day to keep my powers under control! And I'm supposed to believe that you can just suddenly control yours? Trust is something you have to earn!
      Terra: But how?! How do I earn it?
      Raven: You can start by trusting me!
      (They stop fighting and unfortunately, a huge rock crushes the computer controlling the worms, which causes the worms' lasers to amplify in power several magnitudes)
      Terra: Okay... maybe crushing the computer was a bad idea.

    • Beast Boy: (Does a hard serve with the volleyball) Raven! Look out!
      Raven: (Catches the ball with her telekinesis and sends it back)
      Beast Boy: (On the next serve) Raven! Look out! Again!

    • Raven: No!
      Terra: What are you doing?!
      Raven: It's too dangerous! Someone could get hurt!
      Terra: I know what I'm doing! Trust me!
      Robin: Look out!
      Terra & Raven: Way to go.
      Robin: Come on! It's getting away!
      (Slade appears on Robin's comlink)
      Robin: Slade.
      Slade: Robin. Good to see you again. I do hope I haven't called at a bad time.
      Robin: The worm. What are you planning?!
      Slade: Well, now, Robin, if you're so very curious, why don't you come down here and find out?

    • Terra: So, friends?
      Raven: Close enough.
      Terra: Sorry we kinda got off to a rocky start.
      Raven: Actually, I thought things went pretty well. It took me a year to stop hating Beast Boy.
      (Raven & Terra both laugh)
      Terra: Um… where are we?
      Raven: Your room.
      Titans: Surprise!
      Terra: You guys did all this?! For me?
      Beast Boy: Yeah, since you helped save our home and all. We thought you deserved your own room.
      Robin: You also deserve one of these.
      Terra: So I'm…
      Robin: A Teen Titan! Glad to have you on the team!
      Cyborg: Oh, yeah! Very nice!
      Beast Boy: This is the best thing that's ever happened to me!
      Starfire: Welcome, new Titan!
      Raven: Congratulations, Terra. You earned it.
      Cyborg: All right, there's only one way to commemorate such a momentous occasion. Waffles!
      Robin: Mmmmmm...
      Starfire: Perfect!
      Beast Boy: Can it be non-dairy waffles?
      Terra: Sounds good! I'll catch up in a minute, okay? (Rest of the Titans leave) I don't believe it. They actually trust me...

    • (Raven gets flashes through her head and gasps)
      Robin: Raven, are you okay? (Puts hand on her shoulder)
      Raven: Can't tell...

    • (Starfire hugs Terra)
      Starfire: Oh, hello long-lost friend!! You remember me, yes?
      Terra: (Strangled voice) Of course, Starfire. I still have bruises from the last time you hugged me.
      Beast Boy: Terra! You're… I mean, I… how's it… what's up?
      Cyborg: Well, if it isn't my favorite little rock and roll girl.
      Terra: Cyborg! Robin! What's shaking?
      Robin: Good to see you again.
      Beast Boy: What?! Is he kidding? It's great to see you again! I didn't think I'd ever see you again! Raven! Wake up! Terra's back! Isn't that awesome!
      Raven: (Sarcastically) Super. Just help yourself to anything in the fridge, and don't forget to lock the door when you leave.
      Terra: Actually, I kinda wasn't planning on leaving this time. I'm ready to take you guys up on your offer. I wanna be a Teen Titan!
      Beast Boy: Uhh…
      Terra: (Upset expression) Got it. Sorry. Didn't realize the offer had an expiration date.
      Robin: The offer didn't expire, we're just… concerned.
      Beast Boy: Yeah, it's cause… umm… last time, when you kinda freaked out and ran away? You didn't exactly... uh… you couldn't completely…
      Raven: You couldn't control your powers!
      Beast Boy: Ahh!
      Terra: Hello? That's why I left! Robin said I needed practice, so I've been practicing! Check it out.
      (Interval where she is riding on the rocks)
      Starfire: Glorious!
      Cyborg: Whoa!
      Robin: Check it out!
      Beast Boy: Dude, she really has gotten better!
      Raven: She learnt a few new tricks… doesn't mean she's any less dangerous.

    • Terra: (Referring to Raven) Are you going to give me that look every time there's an earthquake?

    • (Beast Boy hits volleyball straight towards Raven's head)
      Beast Boy: Raven! Heads up! (Ball stops two inches from her head and flies back knocking him over)
      Robin: Are you sure you don't wanna play, Raven?
      Cyborg: Yeah, I'll play with one arm behind my back!
      Raven: No, I need to meditate.
      Beast Boy: Okay. (Ball flies towards Raven again) Raven, head up again! (Raven moves out of the way, and ball flies off the roof)
      All: Oh, no!!!
      Beast Boy: I'll get it...
      (Ball flies back up, Terra floats into view standing on a big rock)
      Terra: So, whose team am I on?

    • Cyborg: Fantastic!
      Terra: See? I've got everything under control.
      (There is a small tremor)
      Terra: (Blushes) Wasn't me!
      Robin: Earthquakes. Small ones, but they're happening all around the city.
      Terra: Too many to be natural.
      Robin: That's because they're not earthquakes. They're a trail. Something is moving under the city. We need to find out what! Titans, go! Are you coming or not?
      Terra: Does this mean I'm on the team?
      Robin: It means we could use your help.
      (Raven gets flashes through her head and gasps)
      Robin: Everything okay? (Puts hand on her shoulder)
      Raven: I can't tell... Are you sure it's safe to have her around?
      Robin: Not entirely, but everyone deserves a second chance.

    • Beast Boy: Guess I won't need to cut my nails for a few years.

    • Beast Boy: I think Raven's still getting used to me.

    • Beast Boy: (When Terra becomes an official Teen Titan) This is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me!

    • Starfire: I LIKE where we live!

    • (Starfire hugs Terra)
      Starfire: Oh, hello long-lost friend!! You remember me, yes?!
      Terra: Of course, Starfire... I still have bruises from the last time you hugged me...

    • Terra: Soooooo, friends?
      Raven: Close enough.
      Terra: Sorry we kinda got off to a rocky start.
      Raven: Actually, I thought things went pretty well. It took me a year to get used to Beast Boy!
      (Raven & Terra both laugh)

  • NOTES (17)


    • Starfire & Beast Boy: (Race over to Terra)
      When Star and BB are racing over to Terra, the background has little Terra heads on it. If you look at them the heads look more like Ike Broflovski's head, only with long blond hair. Ike is a character from the hit show, South Park, he's the little brother of the main character Kyle.

    • Starfire, Beast Boy, & Cyborg: (Chase mecho-worms)
      When Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are chasing the mecho-worms through the earth, in a cutaway side shot they pass through a series of different colored levels, which correspond to the different colored level in the arcade game "Dig Dug."