Teen Titans

Season 3 Episode 13

Titans East (2)

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 22, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In the Titans East tower, Robin talks with Cyborg, trying to convince him to change his mind about quitting his team. Cyborg declares he's staying in Steel City to lead the Titans East, and that's the end of it. Robin asks why, and Cyborg adds that he's ready to be a man. Robin expresses his concern over what he's getting himself into. Cyborg thinks that Robin thinks he can't handle it, although he never said it, and then asks why he just can't be happy for him. Robin tells him he's already on a team, but Cyborg has quit, apparently because he's had enough of being told what to do. Robin lashes out at him, calling him a spoiled child if he can just turn his back on his friends, but Cyborg again declares that he's staying and cuts him off. Elsewhere, the mind-controlled Titans East inform Blood that Cyborg has broken contact with the Titans. In the lower levels of the tower, Blood prepares to undergo some kind of surgery, and the man performing it is Professor Chang, who is under Blood's control. The next morning in Titans Tower, Robin has already informed the others that Cyborg isn't coming back. Despite their feelings, Robin tells them they should let him go, and that Cyborg can take care of himself. Back in Steel City, Speedy gets a transmission on his H.I.V.E. communicator, just as Cyborg calls him over. He's prepared them some spaghetti as thanks for being made their leader, but Speedy shoots him with an arrow. Their ruse is over. They attack, and eventually Cyborg is running through the halls. As she chases him, Bumblebee stops and fights against her mind control. Aqualad, Mas y Menos, and Speedy attack, sending Cyborg crashing to the outside. He sends a distress call to Robin, but the signal is being jammed. Before he can fire on them, Bumblebee knocks him out. He wakes up in the tower, restrained. Blood appears, revealing that he is now fitted with Cyborg's technology. He intends to use it to boost his mental powers, but he also wants to add the same implants to his students, which would probably make them unable to resist his control. Blood orders his mind-controlled Titans East to take Cyborg apart, but the remaining Titans arrive attack, destroying the H.I.V.E. robots. Blood teleports out with his students as the Titans are sealed in and Starfire frees Cyborg. It turns out his signal was garbled but they knew he needed help. Robin decides to allow Cyborg to lead them for the time being as they go after Blood. He built the tower, and he'll tear it apart. As they move through the tower, Cyborg informs his team that his electronic eye can't see in low-ultraviolet, meaning that a simple blue-shift should make them invisible to the H.I.V.E. robots. Cyborg uses his light to do that and it works like a charm. Down below, Blood is about to experiment on the Titans East, but Bumblebee appears to be resisting the mind-control. Blood puts a stop to that, but the Titans attack. Blood disappears, leaving the Titans to face the Titans East. During the battle, Blood teleports in and then back out, with Cyborg. The battle continues. Atop the tower, Blood faces off with Cyborg one-on-one. Cyborg is mostly on the offensive here, but unable to land a blow. Cyborg and Blood leap up high and attack each other, but the result is Cyborg losing his sonic cannon. As that fight goes on, Beast Boy manages to defeat Mas y Menos, then Starfire takes out Bumblebee. Raven has her hands full with Speedy, while Robin pins Aqualad, who calls for help. The H.I.V.E. robots enter, outnumbering the Titans. Cyborg is fighting a losing battle above, but it gets worse when Blood rips off his chest-armor, then slices off his left arm, the rest of his right arm, both his legs, and at his gut, leaving him immobilized. Blood declares that even though he's defeated, he won't be alone, and teleports in everyone, holding them in mid-air with his powers. He levitates Cyborg, telling him he should've accepted his first offer to make him a man, just as two of his robots appear behind him. Cyborg is about to tell him what to do with his offer, but Blood shuts him up. Blood grabs at Cyborg's exposed circuits, angry over the fact that he can't control him, wondering what allows him to resist. Then Cyborg glows with a blue aura, realizing it's not the circuitry nor the machine that allows him to resist. It's his spirit that he can't break. Somehow, Cyborg taps into Blood's power, using the robots to rebuild himself, declaring that he is a man. Blood attacks him, but fails to hurt him. Cyborg then grabs his enemy's fists and crushes them, destroying his cybernetic arms. A jumping spin kick later, and Brother Blood is defeated, freeing the Titans. Later on, Bumblebee thanks Robin for the help, deciding to stay in Steel City in case Blood breaks out of prison. Cyborg decides to leave, saying that the Titans East already have a leader, Bumblebee. As he loads up his T-Car, Cyborg admits to Robin that he always felt he was missing something, but Blood taught him he's not missing a thing. The T-Ship rises up, with Beast Boy piloting. It's time to go home. Robin rides home with Cyborg.