Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 12

Titans Together

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 14, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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With all Titans scattered across the globe, all seems lost. And with the Brotherhood of Evil taking down the young heroes one by one, everything may have finally fallen apart. But can one brave hero pull together his own team and make one last stand?

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  • Perfect Ending

    My gosh, this episode was simply superb. All of the titans gathering together and the perfect fight scene capped off a tremendous series. Blown away 100% - love all the little details that stick true to the characters' characterizations. Robin asking Starfire for a hand, Raven instructing her "kids", Beast Boy making that last joke... love it to death.
  • Beast Boy leads a ragtag group of Titans to take down the Brotherhood of Evil.

    Well, this should've been the series finale, it really should have been. The ending is perfect. With most of the Titans captured, Beast Boy must lead Mas, Jericho, Pantha and Herald and try to save their friends. Just like in the previous episode, it's all action, more or less. The huge battle at the end is very well done, if a bit too chaotic at times, and with so many heroes, the ones I would love to see fight get limited screentime to make room for the other Titans. This is a minor problem, since everybody has to get their "moment" and the supervillains start falling one by one and the Titans are in a vast majority, it doesn't become quite as unbelievably awesome as I would've liked. It's still cool though. I loved to see the return of Jinx and Kid Flash, but Jinx's sudden change becomes sort of lost in all the chaos. This is a fine way to end the series, and it's certainly a lot better as a series finale than "Things Change" in every single way imaginable.moreless
  • One of the best episodes ever.

    This episode had so much action and leading.Beastboy ladership skills prove to be amazing and excelllent.Jerico was reallly crepy but cool,Mas was great,Pantha was strong,mighty,weird looking,but fun.Whoever else was in Beastboy`s team was fun too.Madame Rouge and the Brain have a reelationship similar to Naraku and Kangra,only watered down(alot).

    Beastboy and Robin were kinda like a little brother/big brother dynamic when they were takin down the monkeyand whateve.Jinx,Hotspot,And Wilderbeast all took down Mademe ugly @@@ Rouge,getting their welll diserved revenge!Glimpses of other Teen Titans we neveer seened were swee too.Overall,this episode still misses atlast one great ,strong ,emotional Ten Titan:Terramoreless
  • Overall, dis my favorite episode of da whole series!

    I absolutly love dis episode!! Like I said earlier, dis is my favorite episode. I think they should've just left out Things Change and have dis 1 as da finale. Da Brotherhood of Evil saga finally comes 2 a close!! 2 bad though, I was really looking foreward 2 seeing Slade's face and figuring out who he is (I never read da comics so I don't know). They should bring da series back and then end it da right way! They should do what Robot Chicken did and add Beavis & Butthead. Dat should be funny! They should also change their stupid theme song! Here is how my idea 4 a theme song goes: 1,2 Freddy's comming for you, 3,4 Better lock da door, 5,6 Grab your crucifix, 7,8 Gonna stay up late, 9,10 Never sleep again. I know, dat's Freddy Krueger's song but its cool!moreless
  • the teen titans vs. every single villain they have ever faced,except slade,brother blood,the alien from lost,and the chrysilis hunter. The brother of evil is finally defeated.

    In this epic battle of every single teen titan vs. every single villain they`ve faced,the brain begins the episode of showing how each villain captured teen titans and destroyed some others. Soon Beast Boy finds himself alone in his safe base,then teams up with Mas,Pantha,The Harold,and Jericho.

    Soon they find cinderblock and jericho takes over cinderblock`s body,then the harold teleports them to paris,and jericho pretends to be cinderblock carrying 3 teen titans,and beast boy as a spider on cinderblock,then they use an ambush on adonis,private hive,mammoth,and le blanc.

    Then they find all of the villains,and cyborg,raven,starfire,red star,and others show up,and soon kid flash shows up with the newest teen titan,jinx!

    Soon all of the heroes defeat villains like hardac,ding dong daddy,steamroller,punk rocket,and control freak.

    Then beast boy defeats malla,and jinx,kid flash and speedy defeat madame rouge,and general imortus are defeated,then beast boy freezes the brain,and ends the end of the battle,by making a corny one liner,"hey guys check it out! BRAIN FREEZE",and everyone awes in agony of how stupid the joke was.

    This episode was cool,and am glad they ended the brotherhood of evil,and ended all of the other villains`s

    from the series by freezing them. Also it was weird seeing the puppet king in the crowd of teen titans and in 1 scene the xl terrestrial is in the crowd of teen titans,even after being frozen,it shows they shouldn't of rushed the 5th and final season.moreless
Hynden Walch

Hynden Walch

Madame Rouge

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong


Guest Star

Diane Delano

Diane Delano


Guest Star

Greg Cipes

Greg Cipes

Private HIVE

Recurring Role

Khary Payton

Khary Payton


Recurring Role

Glenn Shadix

Glenn Shadix

Brain/Monsieur Mallah

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (25)

    • Why didn't Kyd Wykkyd just teleport out? Although he could have escaped, since so little is known about him he could have used a power we have not seen yet to escape being frozen.

    • When Gnarrk first wields Kole, her arms change position while she is petrified. That shouldn't happen.

    • Tying in to the theme of the previous episode, the floor where the combat occurs has a chessboard pattern.

    • At the very beginning of the episode, it showed Starfire being taken hostage by Kitten and her big Moth, but then she appears free and unfrozen.

    • Look Hard: While Cinderblock/Jericho is carrying the other four Titans to the Brotherhood of Evil's base, his eyes can be seen glowing red for a split second, and then go back to green, showing he is under Jericho's control.

    • Notice that when a shot of all the villains is made, after they captured Beast Boy and 'his team', right before the other Titans arrive, Hotspot is standing among them, even though he's a hero and already frozen.

    • In the group shot at the very end of the episode, Mas Y Menos are nowhere to be found. We assume that they are still behind the machine, but why so? The villains are frozen and it would take merely a split second to run towards the others.

    • At one point, Lightning was drawn flying without his normal burst of lightning from the waist down. Is this an animation goof, or a new power?

    • Although it is hard to notice, Dr. Light is one of the villains fighting during the huge battle. So if he presumably was frozen with all the other villains, how was he able to be robbing a bank at the end of the episode?

    • Why weren't the Doom Patrol at the fight with the Brotherhood of Evil? These are their enemies and this was the perfect chance for them to defeat them for good. So where were they?

    • Wasn't it the Brotherhood of Evil's plan to freeze all the Titans? So, why did Mammoth leave Cyborg in that hole? Including others who were defeated, were the allies of the Brotherhood of Evil supposed to bring them back?

    • At the beginning of the episode, Jericho needed to make direct and absolute eye contact with a helpless victim to possess his/her body, a process that took much time. So, how was he taking control of so many villains so fast towards the middle of the episode?

    • In "Divide and Conquer," "Haunted," and various other occasions where the Titans have fought Cinderblock, he has been very enduring and capable of retaliating from an attack, namely from Starfire. In this episode, why would he have fallen unconscious so fast if he is so strong and the heroes who attacked him are clearly not as powerful as Starfire or the rest of the orginal team, who couldn't even take him down together?

    • In the first view of all the Titans, after they put the frozen villains up, Puppet King appears next to The Herald and Jericho.

    • How did the Titans know where Cinderblock was going to be when they went to find him?

    • Where did the Titans come from at the end to help out Beast Boy's team? At the beginning, several of them are clearly defeated - Starfire is overwhelmed by Kitten's bugs, Raven is helpless and tossed into Psimon's gateway, etc. Cyborg explains why Mammoth left him for dead, but what did the villains do with the other heroes they defeated like Raven and Starfire? Did Kitten just knock out Starfire with dozens of giant bugs, then leave her unconscious and go back to Paris?

    • Cheshire cut apart Speedy's bow in the previous episode, and the scene where Speedy is frozen confirms that he does not have it -- so why is he holding it when he is thawed out?

    • In earlier episodes, Madame Rouge was not able to get near Hotspot because she would melt. But here, she tackles him and is fine.

    • In this episode, Kole has red hair, when it should be pink, as it was in "Kole" and "Calling All Titans."

    • How did The Herald, Pantha, Jericho, and Mas know where the secret hidden base was for the Titans' one. They where never told and the communicators couldn't have said it, nor did they ever have the time to explain, so how did they find it?

    • Two questions regarding Red Star:

      1) How is he still alive if he blew up in outer space and couldn't have come down without dying on impact?

      2) He was fighting all-out against the villains, but his powers didn't overload. How is that possible?

    • At the end of the episode when all the villains are frozen and there is a shot of the good guys, you can see XL Terrestrial in the middle of them and the Puppet King.

    • When Beast Boy and his "team" are captured and it shows the villains surrounding him, when it shows Overload, the red disk that should be in his body isn't there.

    • Pantha knocked out Mammoth during the ambush-battle and he's clearly unconscious, but then in the main chamber The Herald takes him out again.

    • At the end of "Calling All Titans," it was shown that Aqualad was dumped into the pile of defeated Titans at the lair of the Brotherhood of Evil. However, at the beginning of this episode, it shows him and Tram fighting Trident and Plasmus.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Cyborg: (Nostalgically) It's good to be back!
      (Kid Flash appears behind him, reflected in the window; Cyborg starts)
      Kid Flash: Cool pad. (Zooms to the other side of the room) Got any eats?
      (The Titans survey all the other honorary Titans in their Tower and their jaws drop in an extremely comical manner)

    • Starfire: The Dr. Light?
      Raven: (Dryly) Somehow, that's not surprising.

    • Herald: How do you even know your twin is here?
      (Mas talks frantically in Spanish and a drop of water slides from Herald's forehead)
      Pantha: (Translates to the clueless Herald) He says it's a twin thing.

    • Brain: Sometimes the only way to win is to clear the board completely. In only a moment, this entire base will be gone. I am afraid you have simply run out of options. Pity.

    • (Looking at the winning Titans as the villains start to weaken)
      Raven: Is it just me, or is this getting easier?
      Madame Rouge: Children, when will you learn? You cannot hope to defeat me…
      (Rest of her sentence is lost as Hotspot and Wildebeest tackle her to the ground)
      Raven: (Dryly, turning to face the three other Titans behind her) Like I said.

    • (After the Brain ejects from his body and it turns into a bomb)
      Cyborg: It's a fusion device, and a big one (To Starfire) I have no idea how to shut it down, we need a miracle.
      Starfire: No, we need a friend. (flies back into the battle and two minutes later brings back The Herald)
      The Herald: Any requests?
      Cyborg: Far away would be good.
      (The Herald opens a portal into space and Starfire & Cyborg throw it through the portal, and the bomb explodes in space)

    • Madame Rouge: Any final words?
      Beast Boy: (Sees the floor under her starting to crack) Yeah, I wouldn't stand there if I were you.

    • Cyborg: (As the huge battle royal begins) I don't even know where to start.
      Beast Boy: I do. And I won't stop until the Brain is mine.
      Cyborg: Then let's get started.

    • Beast Boy: I'll take the monkey, you take the jar.
      Robin: Sounds like a plan.

    • Robin: It's over, Brain.
      Beast Boy: Isn't that obvious? Duh.

    • Brain: Patiently we watched you all, waiting for our moment to strike. You forged your alliance. You trusted without bars, and finally when you thought your world was safe, it fell apart before your very eyes. You are merely pawns in a game and you have played your part perfectly. There is nowhere you can hide and there is nothing you can do to stop us. Each small victory brings us closer to an even greater prize - the elimination of an entire generation of heroes. And we owe it all to you, Robin. Your network has been crushed, your friends have no way to communicate or follow your commands. Together you may be formidable, but apart, you are lost, powers mine. You will fall, one by one. Who among you can possibly stop me now?

    • (While Más Y Menos are freezing bad guys, Kid Flash deposits three or four villains beneath the freezing nozzle, saluting the twins)
      Más Y Menos: Ooh! Más rapido!

    • Menos: (After Mas saved him) Necesito chocolate caliente. (Put hands together) Mas Y Menos, si podemos!

    • The Herald: (Punk Rocket attacked him with his guitar) I don't like your music. (Blows into his horn, creating a vortex, Mas pushes him in)

    • The Brain: Little, green one. You always try so hard, and always fail so completely. This time will be no exception.

    • Jericho: (As Cinderblock) I'm here. He may have bricks for brains, but I can see enough. The Brotherhood base is in Paris.

    • Beast Boy: (To Mas, Pantha, The Herald, & Jericho) Look, this may not be the perfect team, but it's all we've got. We're the Teen Titans now! If we work together, we can accomplish anything. Soo... exactly what can you guys do? The Herald: My horn opens rifts in space. Pantha: I am strong. Mas: Anticipero rapido, pero si mano... (Sighs) Jericho: (Holds up two fingers and points to his eyes) Beast Boy: Ook... this might be tougher than I thought.

    • Jinx: (Snaps her fingers; ground below Madame Rouge crumbles) Oops! Did I do that?

    • (As the Titans continue fighting)
      Madame Rouge: Is this part of the plan, leader?
      Brain: A minor annoyance.
      (All frozen Titans become unfrozen)
      Madame Rouge: Your annoyance is no longer minor. I do things my way now.

    • Robin: This isn't over!
      Brain: For you, it most certainly is.

    • Private HIVE: Cinderblock, they're about to freeze Robin, Hurry or you'll miss it.
      (Cinderblock, possessed by Jericho, follows with the group)
      Private HIVE: By the way, nice catch, sir.
      Cinderblock: (Carrying Beast Boy, Pantha, The Herald, & Mas) Thanks.
      Private HIVE: (Realizes that he doesn't talk) Since when have you been able to talk... sir?
      (Jericho jumps out of Cinderblock and into Private HIVE)
      Private HIVE: Hey, get out of me!
      LeBlanc: What is the meaning of this?
      (Titans go out of their fake knocked out mode)
      Pantha: It is called... an ambush.

    • Kid Flash: (Appears on-screen as the HIVE Five is running away) Now's the time when you're probably thinking, "I shouldn't have hooked up with these Brotherhood guys." Hate to say it, but told ya!
      (Cyborg and Control Freak come on screen, fighting)
      Kid Flash: Sorry I'm late, I had to pick up a friend.
      (Jinx walks on screen; when she reaches the end of the stairs, Kid Flash looks at her and grins; she also smiles at him; the Hive Five freak out)
      Gizmo: You're with him?! Traitor!
      Kid Flash: You probably have some catching up to do. (Runs off to join the fight)
      Jinx: Nothing personal. (Attacks HIVE Five)
      Cyborg: Now, that was unexpected.
      (Control Freak nods; Cyborg punches him)

    • Beast Boy: You know, for a top-secret emergency outpost, it's actually kind of... homey. (Light bulb sizzles and pops, leaving Beast Boy in the dark) Argh...

    • Robin: "Beast Boy?"
      (Beast Boy emerges from behind a frozen Monsieur Mallah, dusting off his hands; Robin tosses him the Brain; Beast Boy freezes it and points to it, chuckling)
      Beast Boy: "Dudes, check it out. (Tosses the Brain under the machine to be frozen) Brain freeze! Haha haha haha ha…"
      (All of the Titans groan)

    • Cyborg: Maybe we ought to show him who he's up against.
      Raven: He's totally gonna freak this time.
      (Camera pans back to show entire Titans assemblage)

    • Raven: (To Timmy, Teether, & Melvin, who have looks that mean they want to fight) Okay, fine. Just stay away from anyone older than you.

    • Raven: So... does anyone actually have a plan?
      Starfire: Yes: we kick the butt.
      Cyborg: Just like old times.
      Beast Boy: Except better.
      Robin: Let's finish this.

    • Private HIVE: (While being possessed by Jericho) Quit hitting myself! Uhh! Quit hitting myself! Uhh!

    • Cyborg: (Bursts in with Kole & Gnarrk) Lesson #1 - never throw me down a hole unless you make sure I stay there.
      Starfire: (Bursts in with Bumblebee & Red Star) The lesson 2 - we never give up.
      Raven: (Bursts in with Melvin, Timmy, Teether, & Bobby) Lesson 3 - your secret lair isn't very secret.
      Beast Boy: Titans, together!

  • NOTES (57)


    • Kid Stuff
      Herald came from a dimension, which looks almost exactly the same like the one where Mordred banished all the adults in the Justice League Unlimited episode: "Kid Stuff."

    • Jinx: Oops, did I do that?
      At one point when Jinx (along with Hotspot, Wildebeest and others) is battling Madame Rouge, she utters the line, "Oops, did I do that?" A line made famous by the character Steve Urkel on Family Matters.

    • Control Freak: Light Saber
      When Jericho is inhabiting Control Freak during the big battle, he is wielding the quadruple light-saber Control Freak used in "For Real."

    • Beast Boy: Team
      Owing to Beast Boy's history with the Doom Patrol and the Brotherhood of Evil, Beast Boy's leading a team of extras against the Brotherhood is in keeping with what happened in the New Teen Titans comics when Beast Boy (in his other codename Changeling) went against the Brotherhood to rescue the Titans.

    • Titans Together: Titans, Go!
      In the comics, Robin would call out "Titans Together," instead of "Titans, Go" as he does on the show. The title of this episode is possibly a reference to that.