Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 12

Titans Together

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 14, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Continuation of Calling All Titans



Core: 5

Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven

Honorary: 25

Bumblebee, Speedy, Aqualad, Más Y Menos, Tramm, Kole, Gnarrk, Thunder, Lightning, Jinx, Kid Flash, Red Star, Melvin, Timmy, Teether, Bobby, Kilowatt, Wildebeest, Pantha, Hotspot, Jericho, Bushido, The Herald, and Argent.

Brotherhood: -A lot-

Cinderblock, Professor Chang and his scientists, André LeBlanc, Adonis, Mammoth, Private HIVE, Plasmus, Kardiac, Wintergreen, Madam Rouge, Mad Mod, Punk Rocket, Overload, Fang, Cheshire, Killer Moth, Mumbo, Control Freak, Steamroller, Psimon, Phobia, Ding Dong Daddy, Master of Games, Billy Numerous, the Brain, Monsieur Mallah, See-More, Immortus, Trident, Gizmo, Katarou, I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R., Johnny Rancid, Angel, Kid Wykyyd, Puppet King, Mother Mae-Eye, Malchior, XL Terrestrial, Atlas, Kitten, and an unknown HIVE Student.

Villain (Not in Brotherhood): 1

Dr. Light


As the Brain gloats from his secret underground base beneath Paris, the Brotherhood takes down many of the Teen Titans. Tramm and Aqualad battle Trident and Plasmus and are captured. Kole and Gnarrk slowly lose ground with Billy Numerous and Gizmo. Bumblebee takes on Punk Rocket and is trapped in Angel's wings. Raven fights Psimon and Kyd Wykyyd, desperately regaining control of her powers. Starfire is helpless in the throes of Kitten and Killer Moth. Kilowatt fighting Control Freak and the Puppet King and falling back. Speedy's bow is broken by Cheshire. Bushido starts to slow with Katarou on his tail. Lightning and Thunder fighting and losing against duo giants. Más Y Menos are separated from each other by Johnny Rancid. All around the world, as Robin looks helplessly on, the Titans are losing, outgunned and outnumbered. All of the captive Titans are frozen and added to the Brotherhood's "collection" of heroes right before his eyes. Robin can only watch, powerless.

Jeeringly, the Brain explains how Robin has aided their conquest playing a key part in the downfall of himself and ultimately, the rest of the Teen Titans. Every mocking word leads Robin to plunge into even deeper despair.

Brain: (To Robin) "Patiently we watched you all, waiting for our moment to strike. You forged your alliance. You trusted without bars, and finally, when you thought your world was safe, it fell apart before your very eyes. You are merely pawns in a game and you have played your part perfectly. There is nowhere you can hide and there is nothing you can do to stop us. Each small victory brings us closer to an even greater prize - the elimination of an entire generation of heroes. And we owe it all to you, Robin. Your network has been crushed, your friends have no way to communicate or follow your commands. Together you may be formidable, but apart, you are lost, your powers mine. You will fall, one by one. Who among you can possibly stop me now?"

His question is soon answered.

Titans Together

Beast Boy crawls out of the sea and onto a deserted beach. Collapsing on the white sands, he raises his hand, clutching a remote. Pressing the red button on it, his portion of the T-ship explodes into fragments, creating a fiery cloud.

Beast Boy: (Panting) "No one can find me now."

Dragging himself up, Beast Boy stumbles across the shore and past heavy foliage in the dense tropical forest bordering the sands. Brushing past the thick greenery hiding a circular doorway with the familiar insignia T on it, he murmurs to himself.

Beast Boy: "I never thought I'd actually use this place."

Beast Boy walks into the secret Titan lair, an underground top-secret emergency outpost. The room is very much furnished like the control room in the Titan Tower. He flops back on one of the sofas and sighs. Suddenly, a black-out occurs. Beast Boy is taken by surprise and hurriedly rummages for a ladder to fix the light. Grumbling crossly as he works, the lights finally flicker back to life.

Beast Boy: "You know, for a top-secret emergency outpost, it's actually kind of... homey."

(Light bulb sizzles and pops, leaving Beast Boy in the dark)

Beast Boy: "Oh man."

Turning around, he discovers that he is not alone in the lair. He almost bumps into an honorary Titan an inch away from his face while Más unblinkingly stares back into his eyes. Yelping in shock, the Titan discovers that Más is not alone as he lurches back. Pantha strides in, proclaiming her strength and ability to defeat her opponents, no matter the strength or the numbers. The shock at these new arrivals are further heightened when a rift appears and Jericho, accompanied with The Herald, steps out. Overcome by this sudden deluge of fellow Titans, Beast Boy is taken back, but not for long. Hearing that their fellow comrades have individually been lured and trapped, locked in losing battle, the others are discouraged. Beast Boy takes command of the remaining Titans, urging them to take heart, to fight for the release of their fellow Titans and so rallies his new team.

Pantha: "So how come you're in charge?"

Beast Boy: "… Because I am a Teen Titan. And I alone know what we're up against…."

Listening to Beast Boy gives the remaining Titans new-found courage to work together as a team, however unlikely the odds. And for the first time, Beast Boy leads his own team consisting of Más, Pantha, The Herald, and Jericho. So heartened, Beast Boy questions the abilities of his team.

Beast Boy: "Look, this may not be the perfect team, but it's all we've got. We're the Teen Titans now! If we work together, we can accomplish anything. (Pauses) So… exactly what can you guys do?"

The Herald: "My horn opens rifts in space."

Pantha: "I am strong."

Más: "Anticipero rapido, pero si mano..." (Translated, Más is probably talking about his speed)

(Jericho smiles nonchalantly and holds up two fingers)

Beast Boy: "Okay… this is going to be harder than I thought."

Undeterred, he formulates a plan with his teammates to discover exactly where the villain base is…

Standing a lone figure on a street, Más calls out in Spanish. Pantha, The Herald, Jericho and Beast Boy wait silently, concealed in different places around him. A tense silence ensues as the Titans wait, only broken by the rustling of the cold wind. After a while, still nothing happens. Más becomes depressed, voicing his opinion that the plan is not working.

Just then, Cinderblock takes the bait. Hook, line and sinker.

Beast Boy: "Titans, go!"

Cinderblock erupts from underneath the gravel road, bursting through the street. Immediately, the Titans, with exception of Beast Boy, spring out of their hiding places to confront the villain. Más cheekily sticks out his tongue at the villain and instantaneously speeds through the gap between his feet. Enraged at this sign of disrespect, the furious Cinderblock follows Más's passage, bending in double. His eyes meet those of a charging ram. Barely a second later, he is knocked flying. The Herald swiftly blows on his horn and Cinderblock soars into a rift.

The Herald: (Holding his horn) "Jericho, get ready!"

Another blast on his horn and Cinderblock flails his arms wildly as he plunges from another rift. He thuds heavily on the ground, temporarily winded. Jericho seizes the opportunity to leap onto the fallen body, landing on all fours. His eyes bore directly into Cinderblock's pupils. The whites around Jericho's green irises dilate and grow black. Within seconds, he sinks, fading into the stone body.

The Herald: (Apprehensively approaching the fallen villain) "Jericho? Are you in there?"

(Jericho blinks Cinderblock's eyes and sits up, in full control of the host body)

Jericho-as-Cinderblock: (In Cinderblock's rough, gravelly voice.) "I'm here. He may have bricks for brains, but I can see enough. The Brotherhood base is in Paris."

The Titans cheer and The Herald opens a portal to Paris. The rift shows the dark, eerie setting of the lair before the Titans step into it.

Jericho-as-Cinderblock takes the other three Titans in as "prisoners" in order to gain entry without arousing suspicion. A green spider scuttles around Cinderblock's head as the three hang limply, apparently unconscious, in Cinderblock's arms. Striding confidently through the metal gates, the guards wave Jericho in. The Titan waits till the guards swing the entrance shut and a metal door slides smoothly down, hiding the Titans from view. Then, he sets the Titans down and Más homes in on his twin, taking them through the complex. The clueless team follows Más, who has both his hands outstretched and eyes closed, apparently feeling for Menos.

The Herald: "How do you even know your twin is here?"

(Más talks frantically in Spanish and a drop of water slides from The Herald's forehead)

Pantha: (Translates to The Herald) "He says it's a twin thing."

Just then, Más stops short, whispering "Menos." An image flashes in his mind and he realizes that Menos has been frozen by the villains. Más wipes a tear from his eye and explains to the Titans in broken Spanish the reason he has lost the connection between him and Menos. The Titans try to comfort him when Pantha hisses that she can hear someone coming from the passage before them. She turns out to be right as several villains run by Cinderblock with his supposedly comatose prisoners. One of the passing villains calls out that they are on the way to Robin's freezing and for Cinderblock to hurry along before they miss it. Obediently, Jericho thunders behind them. When Private HIVE congratulates Cinderblock on his catch, however, Jericho unfortunately lets a "thanks" slip out.

Private HIVE: "Cinderblock, they're about to freeze Robin. Hurry or you'll miss it."

(Cinderblock, possessed by Jericho, follows the group)

Private HIVE: "Oh and by the way, nice catch, sir."

Cinderblock: (Growls) "Thanks."

(The villains abruptly skid to a stop.)

Private HIVE: (Suspiciously) "Since when have you been able to talk... sir?"

André LeBlanc: "What is the meaning of this?"

(Titans go out of their fake knocked out mode)

Pantha: (Grinning, showing her teeth) "It is called... an ambush. "

(Jericho jumps out of Cinderblock and into Private HIVE)

Private HIVE: "Hey, get out of me!"

The villains realize something is amiss and as Cinderblock is confronted, the "unconscious" Pantha, The Herald and Más "wake up" and grin at them. The shocked villains barely have time to ready their battle stances when the Titans attack. Jericho leaps out of Cinderblock, who crashes to the ground, to dive into the villain that congratulated him, Private HIVE.

Private HIVE: (Hand banging repeatedly against his body) "Ow! Quit hitting myself! Ow! Quit hitting myse... OW!"

Beast Boy morphs into different fighting animals while Más plagues a villain by repeatedly kicking him before speeding off. Pantha uses her brute strength to thoroughly wind Mammoth and The Herald sends a villain into a different dimension altogether. André LeBlanc, seeing his comrades in crime defeated, turns to escape and faces a snorting bull towering over him. He collapses to the ground in terror and Beast Boy morphs into his human self, a satisfied grin spreading over his face.

The scene changes and the Brain and core Brotherhood reveals the imprisoned and bound Robin to the other villains. An ugly, triumphant yelling erupts as the villains cheer in victory. Robin, though completely at the mercy of his enemies, courageously tells the villains that they will be stopped somehow by the Titans. The Brain callously delivers the death sentence to freeze Robin, and as the villains believe, wipe out the Titans with their leader.

Robin: (Defiantly) "…This isn't over yet, Brain!"

Brain: (In a cold, emotionless, metallic voice) "For you, it certainly is."

The Titan leader is frozen and added to the Brain's collection amidst howls of jubilation. Any hope now seems spiraling slowly out of reach for the Titans, and the entire race of teenage heroes.

After taking out the villains, the Titans quickly head for the main chamber. Unfortunately, the villains have anticipated their arrival and are waiting for them. Madam Rogue jeers at the small team, pointing out the obvious fact, they're surrounded and outnumbered.

Brain: (Condescendingly) "It is the green one. Little green one, you always try so hard and always fail so completely. This time will be no exception."

The Brain arrogantly reveals his display of the other frozen Titans and the enraged Titans charge. The Brain has his core Brotherhood stay back and let the other villains take on Beast Boy's team. The team appears to be gaining the lead and succeed in taking several bad guys out of action. However, superior numbers begin to take their toll and the team goes down. The Titans are unceremoniously deposited captive in front of the Brain, and Madam Rouge eagerly volunteers to dispose of Beast Boy. Arm snaking out, she grasps the changeling and lowers herself to the ground. Adding insult to injury, she mocks him as she prepares for the final death stroke. It seems hopeless for the makeshift Titan team when Beast Boy notices a crack beneath Madam Rouge's feet.

(During the fight, Punk Rocket attacks The Herald with his guitar)

The Herald: "I don't like your music." (Blows into his horn, creating a vortex, Más pushes him in)

Madame Rouge: (Sweetly) "Any last words?"

(Floor underneath her feet starts to crack)

Beast Boy: "Yeah. I wouldn't stand there if I were you."

(Morphs into a bee and ground below Madame Rouge explodes)

The crack explodes and to his delight, the original Teen Titans are back in action.

Cyborg: (Emerging from the hole with Kole and Gnarrk) "Lesson Number 1: Never throw me into a hole unless you make sure I stay in it!"

(Apparently, what Mammoth did to stop Cyborg is exactly the same thing that Terra did to defeat him in "Aftershock1")

(Ceiling cracks open to reveal Starfire with Bumblebee and Red Star)

Starfire: (Hands shimmering with green fire) "Lesson Number 2: We never give up!"

(Ground explodes to reveal Raven, Timmy, Teether, Melvin and Bobby)

Raven: "Lesson Number 3: Your secret lair isn't very secret."

Beast Boy: (Grins happily) "Titans, together!"

The floor blasts open and Cyborg, Gnarrk, and Kole make their entrance. Starfire's powers leave a gaping hole in the roof as her companions, Bumblebee and Red Star (who lived after the ending events of "Snowblind") follow her through. Raven's magic enables an entry from the hard floor, powers also encasing Timmy, Teether, Melvin and Bobby. With the power of the Titans behind him, Beast Boy takes charge once again.

Amidst the chaos, Más speedily seizes his chance to climb up the shelves of the Brain's display. Two guards notice him and let fire, but Más is determined to reach his twin. Climbing up to the top shelf, he locates his brother and runs towards him. Resting his hand against that of Menos, blue sparks twist around the frozen Titan, and he slumps on the ground, grinning weakly at his twin.

Menos: (After Más saved him) "Necesito chocolate caliente."

(Loosely translated: The first thing that Menos said was that he needed hot chocolate.)

Más Y Menos: (Put hands together) Más Y Menos, si podemos!

Overjoyed to be reunited, the two join hands and dash to the controls that manage the freezing device. They knock down the guards that had fired at Más earlier on the way. Chattering rapidly in Spanish, Menos briefly instructs Más, and after a swift discussion, they speedily tap on the controls. They manage to locate the right buttons, and as battle rages on, the frozen Titans are melted and freed. They each charge right into battle, wielding their weapons or powers. From then onwards, an actiony version of the theme song is played.

Meanwhile, the core Brotherhood is debating the best course of action as the Titans plainly succeed in individual battles.

(As the Titans continue fighting)

Madame Rouge: (Mockingly) "Is this part of the plan, leader?"

Brain: (Angrily) "A minor annoyance."

(All frozen Titans become unfrozen)

Madame Rouge: "Your annoyance is no longer minor. I do things my way now."

(Jumps down to join the fight and is almost immediately taken out by Starfire, who pins Madame Rouge to the wall.)

Robin: "Starfire!"

(Starfire looks up at Robin still perched on the shelf.)

Robin: (Smiling) "I could use a hand."

With so many Titans surrounding them and apparently winning, the HIVE 5 decides to make a quick escape while they still can. They are unfortunately prevented from doing so by an old nemesis and his friend.

Kid Flash: (Appears on the steps before the escaping HIVE 5, smiling) "Now's the time when you're probably thinking, "I shouldn't have hooked up with these Brotherhood guys." Hate to say it, but told ya!"

(Cyborg and Control Freak come on screen, fighting)

Kid Flash: "Sorry I'm late. I had to pick up a friend."

(Jinx walks casually down the steps beside him. When she reaches the end of the stairs, Kid Flash looks at her and grins and she also smiles at him. The HIVE 5 freak out.)

Gizmo: (Yelps) "You're with him?! Traitor!"

Kid Flash: "You probably have some catching up to do." (Runs off to join the fight)

Jinx: (Smiles) "Nothing personal."

(Clicks her fingers and a purple streak of fire knocks the HiVE Five flying.)

Cyborg: (To Control Freak) "Now that was unexpected."

(Control Freak nods and Cyborg punches him.)

The scene changes to Pantha, who triumphantly shouts,

Pantha: "I have defeated you! By my right, I claim my trophy!"

The victim slides to the floor, winded. Pantha bends down, meaning to dispose of the villain, but four eager hands are waiting. Más Y Menos grab the villain in a streak of red-and-white, depositing him on the ground below the freezing device. With broad grins, they simultaneously press two buttons, the villain is frozen. Turning to each other, they give a high-five.

As Starfire sets Robin down on the ground, the original Titans meet again, reunited as one. Time is limited as they exchange casual talk, and the Titans are brief, but the expressions on their faces show the happiness of finding each other when they thought all hope was lost. United, the core Titans charge into battle to finish it once and for all.

Raven: (Addressing the four Titans) "So… does anyone actually have a plan?"

Starfire: (Hands pulsing with green fire) "Yes… We kick the butt!"

Cyborg: (Grimly smiling) "Just like the old times."

Beast Boy: "But even better."

Robin: "Let's finish this. Titans, go!"

They dive into battle and Más Y Menos play their part now. Freezing one villain after another, they finally get to meet Kid Flash and are in awe of him. While Más Y Menos are freezing bad guys, Kid Flash deposits three or four knocked-out villains beneath the freezing nozzle, and then smartly salutes the twins.

Más Y Menos: (Impressed) Ooh! Más rapido!

Everywhere the villains look, the tide is turning and the Titans are holding their ground. It is them that are being driven back. As the huge battle royal begins, two core Titans pause to catch their breath.

Cyborg: (As battles around them are won and lost) "I don't even know where to start."

Beast Boy: (Determinedly) "I do. And I won't stop until the Brain is mine."

Cyborg: (Cracking a smile) "Then let's get started."

The duo charge at the core Brotherhood. Cyborg is taken out by a villain as the bad guys try to stop their advance, but more Titans chip in to help and Beast Boy heads directly for the brain behind the entire operation---literally. As the core Titans speed over to join Beast Boy, fighting their way across the room, Raven yet again exhibits her motherly side by telling the kids to fight but stay away from anyone older than them.

Raven: (To Timmy, Teether, & Melvin, who have looks that mean they want to fight) "Okay, fine. Just stay away from anyone older than you."

Sensing trouble, the Brain sends his trusted aide, Monsieur Mallah, into the fray. Again taking out Cyborg and a few other Titans, Monsieur Mallah finally meets his match… something bigger than him. An enraged Melvin cries "Go Bobby!" and Mallah is out of the game. As various battles are carried out and good is triumphing over evil, the Titans meet again at the center of the room, running towards the Brain. With the other three Titans at her heels, Raven fights her way through to the mastermind, but Madam Rouge intercepts them.

(Looking at the winning Titans as the villains start to weaken)

Raven: "Is it just me, or is this getting easier?"

(Madam Rouge jumps unexpectedly before her, shaking her head)

Madame Rouge: "Children, when will you learn? You cannot hope to defeat me…"

(Rest of her sentence is lost as Hotspot and Wildebeest tackle her to the ground)

Raven: (Dryly, turning to face the three other Titans behind her.) "Like I said."

Madam Rouge retaliates to Hotspot and Wildebeest's attack, but a former HIVE student is the one that brings her down. As Madam Rouge prepares to use her powers, Jinx appears. She snaps her fingers and the ground below Madam Rouge crumbles, sending her to slam hard on the floor. This is a twist in the events where in "Lightspeed", Jinx respected Madam Rouge and treated her as an idol.

Jinx: (In a sweet tone) "Oops. Did I do that?"

Meanwhile, the Titans have confronted the Brain and his devoted servant Monsieur Mallah. Seeing no other escape route, the Titans reckon they have the Brain good and cornered. Readying for battle, they wait for the Brain's next move. A split second later, hundreds of robots towering over the heroes fill the entire room. The silent and deadly machines hoist lethal weapons, posing a certain threat to the Titans. Stunned at the unexpected newcomers, the Titans react too late. Brain ejects from its body, its head cradled by Monsieur Mallah. Swiftly, the giant ape swings itself up the metal beams and starts to climb. The machines choose to act at this moment and fatal bullets whistle through the air to target the core Titans. Raven takes quick action, creating a black force field to shield them from the missiles. After the bullets bounce harmlessly off the protection, Raven reclaims her power and the Titans glance at the machines. Reaching an unspoken agreement, Raven, Starfire and Cyborg dash towards the attacking robots, leaving Robin and Beast Boy free to deal with the two escaping villains. The two glance at each other briefly and start climbing as fast as they can. They catch up with the escapees in a matter of seconds, coming to rest on the steel crossbeams. Robin calls for the Brain to give up, saying that any more fighting is pointless, the Brain is going down no matter what.

Robin: "It's over, Brain."

Beast Boy: "Isn't that obvious? Duh."

Brain: "Sometimes the only way to win is to clear the board completely. In a few seconds, this entire base will be gone. I am afraid you have simply run out of options. Pity. "

However, the Brain reveals a deadly secret, boasting that he can and will escape and that the Titans instead will be lost forever. His body is actually a…

(Cyborg notices lights winking on the brain's body. Starfire flies over to see what Cyborg is doing as he inspects the metal device.)

Cyborg: (Sounding pale) "It's a fusion device. And a big one. I have no idea how to shut it down. We need a miracle."

Starfire: (Brightly) "No, we need a friend!"

(Interval of two minutes and Starfire drags The Herald up.)

The Herald: (Huskily) "Any requests?"

Cyborg: "Far away would be good!"

(Herald blows his trumpet, and opens a portal into outer space. Starfire & Cyborg throw it through the portal, and the bomb explodes there, harming no one.)

The camera switches back to Beast Boy and Robin.

Beast Boy: (Decisively) "I'll take the monkey, you take the jar."

Robin: (Smiling) "Sounds like a plan."

As Monsieur Mallah prepares to make a getaway from the roof, a giant green ape leaps in front of him, growling. Starting back, the villain growls and bounds in the opposite way to meet Robin, whose weapon is at the ready. With a swift move, Robin dislodges the Brain from Monsieur Mallah's arm and the Brain plummets toward the ground. Howling "Master!", Mallah tries to recover his boss, but is prevented from doing so. Snarling at the green ape before him, Mallah tackles Beast Boy with astonishing ferocity, making full use of his surroundings to climb, kick and other attacks. Beast Boy proves equal, however, rising to the occasion. He delivers several harsh blows to the villain, and finally dispatches him with a quick but efficient hit. Mallah tumbles to the ground, screeching his fury and anger. Robin has been busy as the fight rages. Without even making sure his bird-a-rang is looped securely around the beam; Robin launches himself out and down. Swooping down to catch the falling Brain, Robin makes a spectacular dive feet away from the ground. The Brain firmly in his grasp as Robin touches down, he calls out anxiously for his fellow Titan.

Robin: (Worriedly) "Beast Boy?"

Beast Boy emerges from behind a frozen Monsieur Mallah, dusting off his hands. Robin grins and casually tosses him the Brain. In an instant, Beast Boy flings it beneath the freezing device and freezes it. Then he slides on the ice towards the Brain and points to it, chuckling.

Beast Boy: "Dudes, check it out. (Tosses the Brain under the machine to be frozen) Brain freeze! Haha haha haha ha…"

(All of the Titans groan.)

The scene changes and Cyborg is gazing out of the windows of the Titan Tower, his image partially reflected in the glass.

Cyborg: (Nostalgically) "It's good to be back!"

(Kid Flash appears behind him, reflected in the window. Cyborg starts.)

Kid Flash: "Cool pad. (Zooms to the other side of the room) Got any eats?"

(The Titans survey all the other honorary Titans in their Tower and their jaws drop in an extremely comical manner.)

Just then, the T insignia vibrates to life on the screen and the Titans sharply turn towards it. Footage of Dr. Light robbing a bank appears and the Titans dash to the scene.

Robin: "Dr. Light's robbing a bank downtown."

Raven: (Dryly) "Somehow, I'm not surprised."

A doorway explodes and a cackling Dr. Light bursts out of it, cash notes spilling from bags packed to overflowing. The original Titans are perched on a rooftop, mere blocks away.

Cyborg: "You know, maybe we ought to show him who he's up against."

Raven: (With a slight trace of humor) "He's totally gonna freak this time."

(Camera pans back to show entire Titans assemblage)

The camera zooms out to show the rest of the honorary Titans ready and waiting to go into battle against Dr. Light, all twenty-five of them grouped around the original Titans.

No arguments there.

Robin: (As screen fades into the T-shaped insignia) "Titans, go!"

-The End-
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