Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 12

Titans Together

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 14, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Perfect Ending

    My gosh, this episode was simply superb. All of the titans gathering together and the perfect fight scene capped off a tremendous series. Blown away 100% - love all the little details that stick true to the characters' characterizations. Robin asking Starfire for a hand, Raven instructing her "kids", Beast Boy making that last joke... love it to death.
  • Beast Boy leads a ragtag group of Titans to take down the Brotherhood of Evil.

    Well, this should've been the series finale, it really should have been. The ending is perfect. With most of the Titans captured, Beast Boy must lead Mas, Jericho, Pantha and Herald and try to save their friends. Just like in the previous episode, it's all action, more or less. The huge battle at the end is very well done, if a bit too chaotic at times, and with so many heroes, the ones I would love to see fight get limited screentime to make room for the other Titans. This is a minor problem, since everybody has to get their "moment" and the supervillains start falling one by one and the Titans are in a vast majority, it doesn't become quite as unbelievably awesome as I would've liked. It's still cool though. I loved to see the return of Jinx and Kid Flash, but Jinx's sudden change becomes sort of lost in all the chaos. This is a fine way to end the series, and it's certainly a lot better as a series finale than "Things Change" in every single way imaginable.
  • One of the best episodes ever.

    This episode had so much action and leading.Beastboy ladership skills prove to be amazing and excelllent.Jerico was reallly crepy but cool,Mas was great,Pantha was strong,mighty,weird looking,but fun.Whoever else was in Beastboy`s team was fun too.Madame Rouge and the Brain have a reelationship similar to Naraku and Kangra,only watered down(alot).
    Beastboy and Robin were kinda like a little brother/big brother dynamic when they were takin down the monkeyand whateve.Jinx,Hotspot,And Wilderbeast all took down Mademe ugly @@@ Rouge,getting their welll diserved revenge!Glimpses of other Teen Titans we neveer seened were swee too.Overall,this episode still misses atlast one great ,strong ,emotional Ten Titan:Terra
  • Overall, dis my favorite episode of da whole series!

    I absolutly love dis episode!! Like I said earlier, dis is my favorite episode. I think they should've just left out Things Change and have dis 1 as da finale. Da Brotherhood of Evil saga finally comes 2 a close!! 2 bad though, I was really looking foreward 2 seeing Slade's face and figuring out who he is (I never read da comics so I don't know). They should bring da series back and then end it da right way! They should do what Robot Chicken did and add Beavis & Butthead. Dat should be funny! They should also change their stupid theme song! Here is how my idea 4 a theme song goes: 1,2 Freddy's comming for you, 3,4 Better lock da door, 5,6 Grab your crucifix, 7,8 Gonna stay up late, 9,10 Never sleep again. I know, dat's Freddy Krueger's song but its cool!
  • the teen titans vs. every single villain they have ever faced,except slade,brother blood,the alien from lost,and the chrysilis hunter. The brother of evil is finally defeated.

    In this epic battle of every single teen titan vs. every single villain they`ve faced,the brain begins the episode of showing how each villain captured teen titans and destroyed some others. Soon Beast Boy finds himself alone in his safe base,then teams up with Mas,Pantha,The Harold,and Jericho.

    Soon they find cinderblock and jericho takes over cinderblock`s body,then the harold teleports them to paris,and jericho pretends to be cinderblock carrying 3 teen titans,and beast boy as a spider on cinderblock,then they use an ambush on adonis,private hive,mammoth,and le blanc.

    Then they find all of the villains,and cyborg,raven,starfire,red star,and others show up,and soon kid flash shows up with the newest teen titan,jinx!

    Soon all of the heroes defeat villains like hardac,ding dong daddy,steamroller,punk rocket,and control freak.

    Then beast boy defeats malla,and jinx,kid flash and speedy defeat madame rouge,and general imortus are defeated,then beast boy freezes the brain,and ends the end of the battle,by making a corny one liner,"hey guys check it out! BRAIN FREEZE",and everyone awes in agony of how stupid the joke was.

    This episode was cool,and am glad they ended the brotherhood of evil,and ended all of the other villains`s
    from the series by freezing them. Also it was weird seeing the puppet king in the crowd of teen titans and in 1 scene the xl terrestrial is in the crowd of teen titans,even after being frozen,it shows they shouldn't of rushed the 5th and final season.
  • The Titans are scattered around the globe and are being attacked by the Brotherhood. Now its up to Beast Boy, Pantha, Más, Herald, and Jericho (the remaining Titans) to save the day and rescue the Titans. However, can they defeat the Brain?

    This episode was great!!! It had a lot of action and some adventure and suspense. I thought it was cool to see that the Titans have a secret base and it was interesting to see Beast Boy and the others working together. In this episode Beast Boy took command and guided the others, which I thought was excellent. It was also cool to see Jericho's powers. Not only that, but Jinx is a hero! I was so happy that she turned to the good side and it was a little twist. What kind of disappointed me was that the animators put some villains in the group of heroes. However, the entire episode itself payed for that and it was excellent!!! I just wish that Blackfire, Brother Blood and Slade could have joined the Brotherhood, too. This time every Titan showed up and I thought the way Beast Boy entered the Brotherhood's base was interesting. One of my most favorite parts was when Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg burst through the walls into the base with some Titans behind them. This was really a wonderful episode and an awesome way to end the final battle.
  • all of the titans together in 2 episodes this can't get any better.

    i thought this was a great episode and to tell the truth i like these characters better than the main ones i like kid flash robin/nightwing super boy(even though he is not in this series he still is a good comic book character) and to see all of them fighting together makes it even more enjoyable and i really dislike a lot of the main super heros (except for the flash batman and gambit) but on a bad note i think they should have made a few more seasons for this particular show and to know that justice leag went on longer than the teen titans made me even more upset.
  • Fine example of how cramming superheroes into 1-2 episodes turns out to be almost like Justice League Unlimited - focusing on characters you wouldn\'t want to care about.

    It\'s not hard to compare this show to JLU. But I tried my best not to focus on the similarities. However, my mind kept wandering to that fact and started getting pissed off at how characters like Green Arrow always managed to be in the spotlight of JLU just like Pantha, Herald, Jericho, and Mas (or was it Menos?) got to be in the number one spot for the majority of the episode.

    That said, I still want to point out how I let out a little squeal when I saw an amalgam of teen superheroes band together (my favorite being Kid Flash - how can you not deny the cuteness of his egotistical character?), and kudos to Beast Boy taking charge of the rescue team.

    In this episode, we get another glimpse of Raven\'s motherly/caring side for the Tyke Titans when she allows them to fight (only those that aren\'t older than them, of course). This episode had a lot of potential for extending the series. Too bad that it didn\'t give it the boost for a sixth season.
  • The best end game I've ever seen

    That was better than all the season finales of Power Rangers combined! It was just awesome! However, "Things Change" makes it anticlimactic and was no doubt put out there because of all the fans who wrote in asking about Terra. It happened with Blackbelt from 8-Bit Theater too. I thought Beast Boy's "brain freeze" crack was funny...y'know, until Terra thought it was funny. Stupid Terra. Stupid Slade.
  • The greatest Teen Titans episode ever made.It is also the last greatest episode ever made.

    I love the part when the titans have their final battle with the Brotherhood of Evil and their other enemies except Slade, Brother Blood and Blackfire.I wished that Terra was the one who saved the day.I wished the Brain died but he got frozen which kind of counts as dying.It would have been funny if they showed Dr. light freak out to see all the titan members.If you look closely, you could see Jinx with the titans.This is the greatest episode ever!
  • One of my favorite episodes!

    I thought this was a good episode, with all the titans coming together for one final butt-kicking eppy! I especially liked how Beast Boy took charge, to make a final stand against the brotherhood of evil even though he knew it might not go well. though i wonder where the doom patrol was, cause this was their enemy in the begining, but i guess we\'ll never know. My favorite part was when all the titans, honorary and original were waiting to kick Dr. Lights butt in the end,was it dr. light, i cant remember. hehe. All in all, this episode was great!!!!!!!!!!
  • Definately the best episode of season 5!

    WOW! Was all i could say when i watched this. This was the ultimate fight in Teen Titans. Nearly every hero and villain that you have seen on this show was in it, battling each other.

    At first the brotherhood of evil had the upper hand, but mainly thanks to Beast Boy, he helped unite a few Titans that remained and ambushed the Brotherhoods hideout in Paris.

    After the captured Titans were released, thats when the battle really started getting really exciting.
    The brain was finnaly defeated by the Titans and now the Teen Titans is not just Raven, Robin, BB, Starfire and Cyborg... now their team is huge and it was a good ending to Teen Titans.
  • During this episode Beast Boy rallies the few remaining Titans and manages to infiltrate the Brotherhood of Evil's base, and ultimately free the Titans to stop the Brotherhood of Evil.

    This is by far one of my favorite episodes ever, simply because we get to see almost all the Titans in action in one huge battle with the Brotherhood of Evil. It also shows a very good leadership quality in Beast Boy, that hasn't really been revealed before. I think it's fitting though, since he HAS been fighting the Brotherhood of Evil for years and gets to be the one to have a big hand in finishing them off. Another perk for me was getting to see not only the Titans working together, but also the villians once again. After the battle is over, the episode pulls off a nice finish with every single Titan in the screen to stop a bank robbery. A great episode all in all.

    Summary: All seems lost for young heroes across the globe - they have been spread far and wide, their lines of communication have been severed, and one by one, the Brotherhood of Evil takes them down. But as The Brain claims his victory is assured, five unexpected brave heroes manages to slip through the Brotherhood of Evil's grasp.

    Final Thoughts: Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow times infinite! This episode is one of the most amazing episodes I've seen in my whole entire life. First of all, the first half of the episode explained a lot, even though it was a bit slow. Then the next half just had plain action through out the episode! Sometimes in episodes, when you think things get dull, the solution is just to fight, fight, fight!

    Titans Together is definitely a must see episode. A must must must see see see episode. Amazing.
  • The greatest battle of the titans begin

    Watching this episode was a great plesure for me, the writers simply put thier all on this eppie to creat a massive 50 scene fight action and also making bb temporarily lead his own group! and omg! even surprising events apeared in this eppie like Jynx finally accepting Kid flash's offer and become a good girl too bad for her friends and seemore :( and the good bit of cource is at the last minute with dr light simply hilarius.

    this should ahve been the finale not things change
  • When this had finished, I knew the Titans were practically no more. But it was a fantastic way to end the season and the show (excluding Things Change)

    This episode was amazing. The fighting! The heroes as one! The plot! Nothing could have been changed. It was perfect the way it was.

    The battle scene at the end was intense and I love the way that all the characters powers came one after the other to create, in my opinion, the best battle sequence in the whole show. I loved it when Raven and Starfire joined hands and made their powers combine to make a huge swirl of black and yellow.

    The way that all the heroes were there, fighting for each other and for the world was soooooo cool. When Robin became unfrozen, everything just kicked off.

    I liked how Beast Boy got his chance to shine by taking charge and working along side Robin as leader to eventually bring down the BOE. And how he ended it with the joke 'brainfreeze' just showed that he was his usual self.

    The ending clip of all the Titans in all their glory made me want to cry, and afterwards I did because I listened to a sad song. This episode just reminds me that the show and season is almost over.

    When I first heard that 'Calling All Titans' and 'Titans Together' wasn't based on the original 5 heroes we all love, I was sad that the show was ending that way and was worried that the focus wouldn't be on them. But in the end I was happy to see some old and new faces fighting like the Teen Titans do best.
  • This episode really really sucked. I've seen better.

    This darn season is completely pointless! Some bad things about this season is that it's about Beastboy, it's kinda repetitive, and nothing is really that important. The Doom Patrol didn't show up much (which is pretty good cuz they're kinda annoying) and the new heroes introduced in a stupid way. I just think that they wanted to just show some stupid new characters before they get CANCELLED!! But CN probably won't cancel it because they're stupid like that. I used to like this show, but it got more tired and dumber each season. From now on, I'll just take Teen Titans off of my "Things to Watch" list.
  • Amazing episode really worthy of recignition.

    First now BB gets a chance to shine in the spotlight. All the heros fighting against the villians was amazing escpeically when they are fighting like mad and the theme song starts playing. Plus all the heros from the whole season return and finally all the cocky villians get finished off once and for all. There is one thing......I feel sorry for doctor light who in the end just had to rob a bank and go against all the titans. AMAZING EPISODE!!!!!!!
  • This should have been the last episode it was so good.

    During the first and second seasons when Slade was a mysterious mastermind and the majority of episodes featured a new villain, every instalment was a pleasure to watch. Overall the show held up well over its run with a couple of quirky, unnecessary and just plain odd episodes. \'Titans Together\' is one of the few episodes recently that brought the freshness back this season. The episodes with Terra conspiring and Slade emerging had this cinematic feel to them, and the last few minutes of Titans Together captured that and really reestablished the reason I came to value this show. And Beast Boy\'s corny joke at the end about \'Brain freeze\' was actually funny. Good show. Now if only it had been the finale.
  • That was so cool.

    This episode was cool as hell. It focused more around Beast Boy, which I usually like. The small team seemed so worthless at first, yet it showed them kicking some major booty.

    But what really stuck out in this episode was the action and fight scenes. Usually when it shows a small group trying to beat a much larger and more powerful group, it comes across as silly and unbelivable. This episode did the fight very well, and actually showed them starting to lose. Then everyone else begins showing up, and the tide begins to turn. I actually caught myself cheering at some points, which really shows how well they did.

    While I also love the comedy this show is able co come up with, I also love it when they get all serious and have these awsome fight scenes.Really a great installment to the show this episode.
  • awesome episode!

    call me cheesy but all of the "titan togetherness" made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. lol just kidding, sort of. no really, this is one of the best episodes ive seen. mostly focusing on beast boy, it was still pretty cool. i liked how everyone was there! even those little twerps raven had to babysit once. cute. and im ashamed to admit it, but when beast boy made that corny joke about brain freeze at the end, i thought it was hilarious. when they showed all the titans at the end, it made me wonder what future episodes will be like.
  • Simply put, amazing. A huge battle royal between Titans and villians. And my favorite character turns good.

    Amazing. At the beginning, we see a short summary of how the different Titans were defeated or captured, and Beast Boy blows up an entire pile of destroyed robots. When he goes to his own little hideout in a jungle, he meets up with Mas, Pantha, The Herald, and Jericho, and they form their own little team to save the rest of the Titans. After confronting Cinderblock, Jericho takes control of his body to get into the Brotherhood of Evil\'s base. When they get to the center of the base, The Brain shows them all the frozen Titans, and as theyare confronted by the villians, reinforcements arrive. Cyborg brings Kole and Gnaark, Raven brings Melvin, Teether, Timmy Tantrum, and Bobby, and Starfire comes with Bumblebee and Red Star. From there, the rest of the Titans are freed, and a huge fight begins. As the fight continues, Kid Flash arrives with a new friend and ally, Jinx. The villians are defeated and frozen one by one, eventually ending with Beast Boy freezing the Brain(including a trademark awful joke). This episode is great, a must-see, and ends quite humorously, with Dr. Light robbing a bank and ALL the Titans standing above him.
  • This was the greatest episode ever I have never seen before, full of fighting and for me the finale episode of the series.

    This was my favorite episode for the season and also for the finale series of teen titans.
    These episodes started with action and it ends with action, I like how best boy forms his own team to break into the brotherhood of evil base to rescue and stop the brain. This episode was better for the series finale.
  • awsome episode

    Yay!!!! jinxs is finally good, i knew she didn't have the heart of a villan (very pethetic, right?)what i don't get is why the BE let all those heroes go, they have very poor leader! Raven has turned into a real baby-sitter, she got the three kids again!!!this episode rocks!!!
  • Every single Titan against evry single member of the BoE. Let the showdown begin.

    Intense. Although the summary was wrong. Quite a few heroes escaped the BoE's grasp not just one. I was also hoping for a more exciting battle against Malchior. But Herald just got rid of him, oh well. Teleporting the bomb imto outer space was cool though. Personally, I think Robin should have let the Brain shatter on the floor, but that would be "unhonorable". Beast Boy loses his usual role of useless comic relief and actually does something right for once. Huh,what do know. Also, notice the excitement of the bad guys at Robin's freezing time. It proves the theory that he is by far the most hated and feared member of the Titans. His final defeat would be the thing of legend. But it failed, he broke out and defeated several members of the BoE
  • Wow...

    That was my second favourite episode. Jinx finally joined the light side! . I found it a bit weird that all titans came back when they were supposedly defeated, though.. What I liked about it was that all titans were seen together in one moment which was pretty cool. That was one of my fave eppys.
  • That episode TOTALLY rocked ass!

    I couldn't believe just HOW awesome this episode was!

    The infiltration, the quotes, the long line of Titans and villains, the new powers, everything!

    Why does Teen Titans have to cancel NOW!!!?

    I have absolutely NO complaints about this episode, it's now my favourite, of WHAT a way to end a season.

    Thank, you, Amy, Wolfram.

  • The titans kick some butt! Even though Kid Flash played only a minor roll...

    To be honest, I was hoping it would be Kid Flash who would step in and be the help the Titans needed at that critical moment. Oh well--if it couldn't be Kid Flash (who should be with the Titans anyway!) let it be BB, who gets little respect.

    This episode was full of action--a load of heroes fighting the good fight.
  • This was the best episode ever!! Everyone returns from every episode! The battle against the Brotherhood of Evil ends. The "special" hero that everyone was talking about is Beast Boy.

    We begin with the brain talking about how the BoE (brotherhood of evil) is killing off the generation of superheroes. We see differnt heroes fighting different villians. We also see Tram and Aqualad fighting Trident and Plasmus- which is weird because Aqualad was brought to the BoE's lair at the end of "Calling all Titans". The brain explains how it is all robins fault.

    We then see Beast Boy going in to the Titans secret outpost "tower" in some jungle. While BB is fixing a light in the tower, Mas, Pantha, The Herald, and Jerico arrive to help.
    Heralds power: His horn opens dimensional rifts
    Jerico can take over peoples body and read their minds
    Pantha is strong
    Mas can go fast(with menos)

    The new titans set a trap for Cinderblock and Jerico takes over his body. He finds out the BoE's lair is in Paris.

    They go there and break in, knocking some heads along the way. They make their way to the main room where they find ever supervillian. They also see the frozen forms of most superheroes, including robin and menos. They begin to fight the villians, and begin to lose. When Madame Rouge is about to finishe BB he notices a crack in the floor, he flys (as a fly) out of the way and Cyborg, Kole, and Gnark jump up. He tells them lesson # 1:

    " Never throw me down a hole, unless you make sure I stay there" (Mamoth pushed him down a hole"

    Starfire then breaks in w/ honeybee and someone else (i dont remember who) and tell them "the lesson # 2:"

    "We NEVER give up!"

    Raven then comes in w/ the 3 kid superheroes and the big bear. I forget lesson 3.

    They then begin to kick some butt.

    All the frozen superheroes unfreeze when mas unfreezes menos with his magnetic power and they break the machine. They continue to kick butt and start to freeze villians.

    Kid Flash then arrives with (You guessed it) Jinx! She startes HELPING the heroes and helps freezing madame rouge. Msr. Mala and the Brain begin to worry and flee. Brain does leave a big fusion bomb thing, and cyborg says they need a miracle, and star says "no we NEED a friend" I sooooooo wanted they "friend" to be Terra, but no, it was Herald. he used his horn to send the bomb to space.

    BB fights brain and robin captures brain. BB wins and freezes General Immortus and Mala. The heroes then freeze the Brain and Cheer.

    They titans can finally return home. But before long, the signal goes off. Its Doc Light robbing a bank. All of the heroes from around the world get ready to beat on him.

    This was my favorite episode of the series. I only wish they brought Terra back, and now they wont have a chance because the next episode is the series finale.
    Note: Herald and Jerico totally kick butt :)
  • It amazed me.

    First let me say: wow! I was totally awe inspired by this episode each individual Titan has truly become a leader in their own right. The composure that they conveyed under pressure was phenomenal and it showed that as time went on the show grew and the characters grew as well. How cool was it to see so many Titans together? It was unbelievable. When Teether and the gang showed up I knew it was over, The Doom Patrol was about to get their butts kicked. There are few episodes in a series that can truly make you glad that you were able to see them the first time. This is one of those episodes. The Teen Titans will be missed.
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