Teen Titans

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Feb 21, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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The beautiful alien Starfire has never thought much about her looks. But when a strange bump appears on her forehead, Star becomes concerned. Raven claims it's probably a zit. Starfire grows concerned, though, when she gains scales, grows tusks on her neck and long fingernails, pointy ears, and large, hairy feet.moreless

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  • A complete and utter misfire, it's not funny, just depressing.

    Rob Hoegee has written some good episodes, but he is also responsible for writing many of the weakest episodes, and of course this one, in my opinion, the worst. Starfire is the sweetest, nicest character on this or any other show, having her depressed and feeling alienated throughout is not exactly what I would call comedy gold. Starfire becomes "ugly", of course she's not, but the episode has her being chased away from various planets because she's too ugly, it's not funny, just sad. The puberty story could've been fantastic, but it's handled the wrong way, I felt bad for Starfire. The worst part, the most aggrevating part, when the Titans finally see her, they laugh at her. This is a confusing part, it's one of those weird anime big head parts, I can't figure out if they're really laughing at her, or if she's just imagining it or something. This is awful, okay I understand, she has to leave earth for the story to progress, but don't have the Titans laugh at her and ridicule her, what are you an idiot Rob Hoegee? Have some random group, I don't know, a bunch of kids, whatever, laugh at her, not the freakin' Titans. But again, maybe they didn't, regardless the whole scene is very confusing and unfunny. I really hated this episode, it wasn't funny or entertaining in the slightest. It does try to redeem itself with a sweet ending, by then it's too little too late. This is a mean-spirited episode. One positive thing though, Tony Jay is the narrator, the man has some voice alright, sing with me: "Like Fire...Hellfire..."moreless
  • Starfire beats the woes of insecurity.

    So at the beggining of this episode Starfire gets a zit. Shew then starts to develop other "symptoms" on her body(gross ones if I may add). She successfully covers it up with numerous clothing parts, but when they fight Plasmus she gets uncovered. Everyone sees her and laughs so she runs away to another planet. The other titans try to track her. She runs to a planet where this creature trys to eat her. The titans arrive just in time to rescue her, Robin breaks her out of her shell and she is her usual beautiful self with new eye beam powers. In the end Starfire learns that no matter how she looks on the outside, its the inside that counts. So it was a good episode.moreless
  • It was good and funny but the voice ruened it.

    Its a good episode but the voice really ruiens it.Its still funny though like the titans go after starfire and always usea best boy for everything and when Starfire trys to make that bump on her head go away and best bot really wants to go to the loo and starts couting the alphrbet(thats allbut i haven't done 100 words so iam just going to put down anythink|) lpl klikpok ijoujinh ujhkjunb uih uib uijhi oi 8ibikjh uihuji b n jj g d tt u i oop e r rd dt gg y y y 9oujmk iuyh ihi u 8yhmoreless
  • Starfire develops strange symptoms and leaves Earth to realise that she is only being Tamaranian.

    I find this episode better than Date With Destiny. We learn that beauty is only skin-deep and not to fret when you discover you look ugly, it is most likely only puberty. It was hilarious actually about Starfire's strange developments. Plus we learn how close their friendship really is. I like this episode and I wish Blackfire was here to see it, pity she is in jail. The writer of this episode is really familiar with how girls feel at puberty stage and I hope he brings out more good Starfire episodes. I do not know why people hate it so much.moreless
  • omg!!

    When I first saw this episode I thought,"Oh My God!!!Teen Titans are teaching Biology in a nut shell" with the whole:Zit,"weird" cravings and changing of the body.How weird,I mean 6 year olds or even younger are watching this.Arent they a little young to her what happenes inside a body during puberty?But it turns out it wasnt exctly like that.Star Fire was only going through "Teramand" puberty and gained a new power in the making.What's really weird is that she looks the same after she is out of the cacoon thingy.Not my favorite episode of the bunch.Only a waist of an episode.moreless
Tony Jay

Tony Jay


Guest Star

Catherine Cavadini

Catherine Cavadini

Alien Woman/Cirolneilien Chrysalis Eater

Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • Apparently, Beast Boy is a vegan since he substituted tofu for milk and eggs in one episode, yet he enjoys ice cream.

    • After Starfire's freakish form is revealed to the high school, among the people shown laughing at her appaerance is a blonde cheerleader who looks suspiciously like Kitten.

    • How was Raven able to create bombardments out of crystals?

    • How was Starfire able to shoot starbolts through the oven mitts?

    • Temperature check: In "How Long Is Forever?," Starfire clearly shows that she is cold in the snow (seemingly caused by a nuclear winter of some sort). Yet, when she's in space (proven to have temperatures way below that), she shows no sign of even a chill.

    • If the stuff under the football field mutates Plasmus when it touches him, why didn't it change him from his first contact with it?

    • When Starfire visits the tiny orange planet, she can barely fit on it, and the aliens are about an inch tall. When the rest of the team visits the same planet, the aliens are about two feet tall, and they are standing on a flat surface large enough for all of them.

    • When the football team is running away from Plasmus, the Gatorade bottles are knocked down, but they are set up a split second before Beast Boy hits them.

    • The last two scoops of Beast Boy's sundae repetitively change color from pink to brown.

    • When Starfire uses the eyebeams she claims she got the ability "just now," when in fact she used them to remove Fang's webbing in the previous episode, "Date With Destiny".

    • When Starfire cries, her tears are like the usual oval shape, but all liquids in space (0g) are round, not the usual 1g (gravity) tear shapes.

    • When Starfire goes through the transformation her feet grow big and grow fur on them. Her shoes burst, and when she exits the cocoon, her shoes are magically back.

    • Doesn't Titan's Tower have more than one bathroom?

    • To get the T-Sub into orbit they had to attach two huge booster rockets to it, which they dumped once in orbit. So, when they landed on planets to ask if anybody had seen Starfire, how did they get back into space?

    • During Beast Boy's humorous attempts to 'hold it in,' Robin is shown whistling while watering bushes. The island Titan's Tower is on does not have bushes, or any plant life for that matter.

    • When Raven is lifting the rocks in the beginning, her chakra is missing for a second.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Starfire: (about her transformation) My friends must not see how hideous I have become or they will surely think I am turning into some sort of horrible monster. I must never allow anyone to see me... ever again.

    • Starfire: I truly am a monster.

    • Starfire: Please, I am too repellent to be seen by one so glorious.
      Chrysalis Eater: Fear not, young Tamaranean. There is nothing wrong with you.
      Starfire: Nothing wrong.
      Chrysalis Eater: Come. All will be made clear shortly.

    • Chrysalis Eater: You are changing. Do you know why?
      Starfire: It is because I have a zit?
      Chrysalis Eater: Not quite, my dear. You are experiencing the transformation, a perfectly normal part of the Tamaranean life cycle.
      Starfire: But I do not understand. When my sister had Transformation, she merely turned purple for two days. Why have I...
      Chrysalis Eater: Transformation is different for each Tamaranean. And you, sweet child, are one of the special few who will transform into a chrysalis.

    • Starfire: (after being grabbed by Venus Flytrap) Let go now, please!

    • Starfire: (after her pimple gets turned into a horn) Oh, what is happening to me?

    • Narrator: So the happy, young girl returned home with her friends. (Cuts to a slow pan, tracking it)
      Narrator: And they all lived happily ever after… that is… (Pan stops)
      Narrator: … Until Beast Boy got the chicken pox. (A bubble pops up with Beast Boy acting like a chicken)

    • Starfire: (Trapped in the cocoon thing) How do you know these things?
      Chrysalis Eater: Because, my dear, I'm a Chrysalis eater!!

    • Starfire: Hello? Is anyone there? Your planet is most inhospitable. Perhaps I might be welcolmed here?

    • Raven: It's a zit... deal with it.
      Starfire: So, I am... normal? Oh, thank you, Raven! Now, I shall no longer be embarrassed or ashamed or...
      (Robin enters room)
      Starfire: (Slams hat on head) EEEEEE!!!
      Raven: Just so you know, that's not exactly dealing with it.

    • Beast Boy: Starfire, hurry up! You've been in there for twenty minutes, and I'm not paper-trained! (Turns into a whining dog)

    • Raven: (Sarcastically) Interesting fashion statement.

    • Beast Boy: Orange flavored bad guy... gross... and yet, strangely refreshing.

    • Robin: It doesn't matter what he is. He's a monster... and that means he's got to go!
      Starfire: (Standing in the background with her disguise, her eyes full of fear)

    • Robin: I'll hold her off! You get Starfire out of here!
      (Cyborg & Beast Boy look around)
      Cyborg: Starfire? Where?
      Starfire: Um... in here?

    • Beast Boy: A B C D E F G... H I J K... (Watches Robin watering a potted tree) L M N O... PEE!!!!

    • Robin: (Over his comlink) Cyborg, when will we be ready to launch?
      Cyborg: Oh, about five minutes after you QUIT ASKIN' ME THAT!!

    • Chrysalis Eater: Your friend is mine now... you can have her back when I'm done digesting her!!

    • Starfire: I fear there is something terribly wrong with me. I could have Erenian Measles, or perhaps my epidermis has become infested with Steiner Mites, or -
      Raven: (Slams book shut) Okay, what are you talking about?

    • Cyborg: (After blowing Plasmus out of his nose) Awww... man... I'm gonna be smelling that for a week!

    • Beast Boy: (When Starfire showed up) Umm... nice slicker?

    • (Chrysalis Eater grabs Raven & Cyborg)
      Chrysalis Eater: Since you have stolen my meal, I will devour YOU instead!!
      Starfire: (Attacks) Devour THIS!!

    • (When Plasmus comes out of the sewer)
      Cyborg: Ewwww!
      Raven: Just when you thought he couldn't get uglier.
      Beast Boy: That's sick! And not in the good way.

    • Cyborg: (To Plasmus) Come on, booger man, gimme what 'ya got!

  • NOTES (13)


    • Beast Boy: Cyborg! Time for the Beast Boy Blitz! (Transforms into an armadillo, gets picked up and thrown by Cyborg towards Plasmus, transforms into a rhinoceros while in mid-air, only to get knocked aside)
      The "Beast Boy Blitz" looked quite similar to the "Fast-ball special," a famous X-Men move. The technique consisted of an X-Man, usually one who had superhuman strength, picking up and throwing another X-Man towards a villain, hoping to do damage. One example of the similarity would be Colossus and Wolverine. Colossus/Cyborg picks up and throws Wolverine/Beast Boy, while in mid-air, Wolverine/Beast Boy will unsheath his claws/turn into a rhino and to try collide into the villain to cause damage.

    • Cirolneilien Chrysalis Eater: Appearance
      Her humanoid guise bears a strong resemblance to the appearance of Mysa Nal (a member of DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes known as the White Witch) adopted from 1982-89.

    • Cave: Star Wars
      The cave that the titans escape from, only to discover it is a monster, is a reference to Star Wars: Episode V.