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  • Season 5 Episode 13: Things Change

  • The librarian at Terra's school resembles Mother Mae-Eye when she's in her human form.

  • As this is the last episode of Teen Titans, we see that Slade never takes up on his threat to get Robin as his apprentice again.

  • Why didn't anyone seem to notice Beast Boy wandering around Terra's school? Surely they have heard of him, and if not, they should have at least been startled by his unusual appearance.

  • Apparently, Terra's name isn't Terra these days, since she keeps asking Beast Boy why he calls her that. We never find out what her real name is, though.

    However, if her name isn't Terra, or at least she doesn't go by Terra, then how come when Beast Boy first called out to her, her friends asked if she knew him?

    They saw him yelling "Terra!" to her, so they assumed it may have been a nickname perhaps.

  • A reference to Irineo Maramba, who storyboarded the episode, is a sign in the hallway of the school that says "Irineo4Prez."

  • When the Sladebot's reflections show up in the mirrors, each reflection is identical to the last one, even though the robot is standing in one place. How is that possible? And where was Beast Boy's reflection?

  • In the scene where Beast Boy is fighting the Sladebot, after he smashed all the mirrors, he pins the Sladebot to the wall, but the mirrors are only cracked not totally destroyed.

  • If the Titans and Slade didn't bring Terra back to life, then who did? They were the only people aware of her presence or who could have helped her and she couldn't have gotten out herself. Some believe that is was Raven who brought her back to life cause in "The End (3)" everyone who was turned to stone was transformed back to normal so Terra could have been revived throughout the Season 5.

  • In "Betrayal," Terra and Beast Boy had a film strip made of them in a photo booth. Why did Beast Boy not bring those out?

  • When Raven throws a log at the monster, the aura around it is white, instead of black.

  • Many questions remain unanswered in the series:

    1) Did they ever defeat the creature?
    2) Is Terra truly gone for good?
    3) Who was Slade really? Whatever happened to him?
    4) Who is Red X?
    5) Who triggered the robot in this episode?
    6) What is Robin's secret possession showed in "Revved Up"?
    7) What happened to some of the villains that were not frozen in the big battle?

  • The existance of this new Slade robot goes a long way towards explaining the visions Robin experienced in season 3's "Haunted." The robot could easily have triggered the trap within Slade's mask.

  • Season 5 Episode 12: Titans Together

  • Why didn't Kyd Wykkyd just teleport out? Although he could have escaped, since so little is known about him he could have used a power we have not seen yet to escape being frozen.

  • When Gnarrk first wields Kole, her arms change position while she is petrified. That shouldn't happen.

  • Tying in to the theme of the previous episode, the floor where the combat occurs has a chessboard pattern.

  • At the very beginning of the episode, it showed Starfire being taken hostage by Kitten and her big Moth, but then she appears free and unfrozen.

  • Look Hard: While Cinderblock/Jericho is carrying the other four Titans to the Brotherhood of Evil's base, his eyes can be seen glowing red for a split second, and then go back to green, showing he is under Jericho's control.

  • Notice that when a shot of all the villains is made, after they captured Beast Boy and 'his team', right before the other Titans arrive, Hotspot is standing among them, even though he's a hero and already frozen.

  • In the group shot at the very end of the episode, Mas Y Menos are nowhere to be found. We assume that they are still behind the machine, but why so? The villains are frozen and it would take merely a split second to run towards the others.

  • At one point, Lightning was drawn flying without his normal burst of lightning from the waist down. Is this an animation goof, or a new power?

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