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  • Season 5 Episode 14: Trouble in Tokyo

  • Raven can't read Japanese, so how did she read the story of Brushogun?

  • If Trouble in Tokyo takes place after "Calling All Titans," then the Titans could have called on Bushido, who is a Japanese Titan, for help.

  • While packing for Japan, Starfire uses alien technology to pack her clothes but in "Betrothed" she packs normally.

  • The person that does the voice of Commander Uehara Daizo in this movie also does the voice of Kaz from he popular TV show, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

  • Saico-Tek during the battle at the beginning, and the giant monster encountered by the Titans, both manage to regenerate extensive damage from Cyborg's sonic gun. However, during the final battle, relatively minor damage, which can't be critical by definition, simply causes the monsters to dissolve.

  • While the Titans are on the elevator with Commander Daizo, look carefully. The Titans are on one side at first, but when we zoom away and only see their shadows in the sunrise, they are on opposite sides of the elevator as they were before.

  • Referring to the part where Beast Boy is called an Otaku by the school girl. In Japan, Otaku is actually an insult, meaning extreme fan. These types of people usually revolve their lives around the series they are obsessed with.

  • When Robin is fighting Saico-Tek for the second time, when he gets kicked in the face, the ink on his face does not show until the next shot.

  • When Robin says, "Pack your things; we're heading for Tokyo" at the beginning, the wind is blowing his cape to the side, but not his hair.

  • Beast Boy's outfit was made to accommodate his powers, shouldn't the pink shirt he was wearing rip to shreds when he transformed?

  • At the end of the movie, Robin is dragged into the waterfall of ink as he tries to save Brushogon. When he comes out of the ink, his suit is dirty, but in the next shot, it is spotless.

  • When the Titans are on the stage after they save the day, Starfire's armband is missing.

  • When Starfire and Robin are in the arcade, you can see on one of the screens a figure dressed in white jumping over bricks that looks very much like Mario.
    And when Robin and Starfire were watching sumo wrestling, a guy was wearing a jacket from famous Japanese manga AKIRA.

  • Before the mayor gives the Titans the medals (at the end), you can see them on the screen; the Titans are standing pretty close together. But when the view lowers to show them standing on the stage, there is a gap between Cyborg and Robin.

  • When Raven is fighting that ghost monster, it makes black streaks on her cloak, however, when the monster wraps around her and drags her to the ground, the streaks are gone.

  • When Raven first gets the book about Brushogun, it is just like normal Japanese books, the spine on the right side of the book. But when she shows it to the rest of the Titans, it's an American-style book, with the spine on the left.

  • The character ' is transcribed as 'a'. As the mints were small and round and in a round tin, this could be a reference to Altoids, which uses a round tin for it's line of sour mints.

  • When Robin and Starfire were holding hands, Starfire was sort of leaning over, which made her the same height as Robin.

  • Robin should be able to differentiate between colored ink and blood by 1, the smell.

  • The chef in this movie looks like Mario from the game.

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