Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 14

Trouble in Tokyo

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Sep 15, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Trouble in Tokyo

When a Japanese villain attacks Titans Tower, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy spring into action. When Robin finds out that Saico-Tek was sent by a mysterious and menacing Japanese criminal known as Brushogun, the Teen Titans travel to Tokyo to track the villain down. Meanwhile Robin and Starfire are considering that maybe it's time that they finally reveal their feelings for each other.


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  • Good movie, yet a great ending

    Now that the show is over, we're all sad that this show was replaced by an awful trashy show called Teen Titans Go! A show I would call a "horribly, black Warner Bros. vomit".
  • robstar happens!

    This is where robin and star kiss! Holy cherry pie robstar foreves

    love u guys teen titans #1 fan! YEAH!!!!!
  • best movie ever

    I love this movie.... But man terribly missing the series....
  • Great Movie!!

    When I heard about this movie I was so happy that the show was going to get a proper season finale but the best part about this film was when Robin and Starfire finally admitted their feelings for each other and FINALLY KISSED!!!! I just love this film soooo much I LOVE IT :D
  • Awesomeness

    This movie was really awesome and funny, especially when Beast Boy didn't know that "Otaku" means "geek" in japanese!
Yuri Lowenthal

Yuri Lowenthal

Scarface, Japanese Biker

Guest Star

Robert Ito

Robert Ito


Guest Star

Janice Kawaye

Janice Kawaye


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (38)

    • Raven can't read Japanese, so how did she read the story of Brushogun?

    • If Trouble in Tokyo takes place after "Calling All Titans," then the Titans could have called on Bushido, who is a Japanese Titan, for help.

    • While packing for Japan, Starfire uses alien technology to pack her clothes but in "Betrothed" she packs normally.

    • The person that does the voice of Commander Uehara Daizo in this movie also does the voice of Kaz from he popular TV show, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

    • Saico-Tek during the battle at the beginning, and the giant monster encountered by the Titans, both manage to regenerate extensive damage from Cyborg's sonic gun. However, during the final battle, relatively minor damage, which can't be critical by definition, simply causes the monsters to dissolve.

    • While the Titans are on the elevator with Commander Daizo, look carefully. The Titans are on one side at first, but when we zoom away and only see their shadows in the sunrise, they are on opposite sides of the elevator as they were before.

    • Referring to the part where Beast Boy is called an Otaku by the school girl. In Japan, Otaku is actually an insult, meaning extreme fan. These types of people usually revolve their lives around the series they are obsessed with.

    • When Robin is fighting Saico-Tek for the second time, when he gets kicked in the face, the ink on his face does not show until the next shot.

    • When Robin says, "Pack your things; we're heading for Tokyo" at the beginning, the wind is blowing his cape to the side, but not his hair.

    • Beast Boy's outfit was made to accommodate his powers, shouldn't the pink shirt he was wearing rip to shreds when he transformed?

    • At the end of the movie, Robin is dragged into the waterfall of ink as he tries to save Brushogon. When he comes out of the ink, his suit is dirty, but in the next shot, it is spotless.

    • When the Titans are on the stage after they save the day, Starfire's armband is missing.

    • When Starfire and Robin are in the arcade, you can see on one of the screens a figure dressed in white jumping over bricks that looks very much like Mario.
      And when Robin and Starfire were watching sumo wrestling, a guy was wearing a jacket from famous Japanese manga AKIRA.

    • Before the mayor gives the Titans the medals (at the end), you can see them on the screen; the Titans are standing pretty close together. But when the view lowers to show them standing on the stage, there is a gap between Cyborg and Robin.

    • When Raven is fighting that ghost monster, it makes black streaks on her cloak, however, when the monster wraps around her and drags her to the ground, the streaks are gone.

    • When Raven first gets the book about Brushogun, it is just like normal Japanese books, the spine on the right side of the book. But when she shows it to the rest of the Titans, it's an American-style book, with the spine on the left.

    • The character ' is transcribed as 'a'. As the mints were small and round and in a round tin, this could be a reference to Altoids, which uses a round tin for it's line of sour mints.

    • When Robin and Starfire were holding hands, Starfire was sort of leaning over, which made her the same height as Robin.

    • Robin should be able to differentiate between colored ink and blood by 1, the smell.

    • The chef in this movie looks like Mario from the game.

    • Starfire pulls three packs of breath mints out of her uniform. Does her uniform even have pockets?

    • After the first attempt to kiss, Starfire shouldn't be able to fly away from Robin. Her powers should have been affected like what happened in "Stranded."

    • If you look closely, when Starfire is playing that DDR Guitar Hero mix game, you see Beast Boy without green skin.

    • When Robin is talking to Commander Uehara Daizo on the bridge in the comic book place where Brushogun is, his cape is behind his shoulders. But in the next shot, Robin's cape is over his shoulders.

    • After the Titans are given the medals, in the next scene, suddenly the medals are gone.

    • Why when Robin was talking to Saico-Tek, Saico-Tek's mouth wasn't moving?

    • Robin's suit was pretty banged up after he fought Saico-Tek. Yet when Starfire gives it back to him, it is in mint condition.

      Although it could have been his spare clothes that he packed before heading to Tokyo. Remember that he leaves his clothes in a dark alley and Starfire couldn't have enough time to search for it in time to save Robin from the Tokyo troopers.

    • The tears in Robin's shirt disappear when he is seen in jail cell.

    • Leaving the T-Ship, Beast Boy was wearing his pink Hawaiian shirt and uniform pants, but not his uniform shirt and gloves. When the Titans are walking down the streets of Tokyo, his shirt and gloves appear once again.

    • When the T-Ship takes off from Titans Tower, the bridge in the background is missing its support cables.

    • Why is it that, when Raven throws the cars at the monster, they simply bounce off, neither breaking on contact or when they land on the ground?

    • If this movie was originally suppose to take place between seasons four and five, does that mean that Robin and Starfire were a couple in season five?

    • When Cartoon Network shows commericals of Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, Cyborg's voice sounds really different.

    • At the beginning, during the opening credits, Cyborg packs spare parts (including a spare head), Beast Boy packs a bunch of stuff, Raven packs only a toothbrush, Starfire packs with a Tamaranean creature, and Robin packs spare clothes, having to disturb Silkie's nap.

    • While in Japan, Starfire and Robin talk on top of some roof and express their feelings for each other. Robin uses breath spray in his mouth and fixes his hair in the reflection of his birdarang, and Starfire checks her armpits and takes a lot of breath mints, because they believe they're about to kiss. This is their first interrupted kiss, as Robin stops because he realized something about Brushogun. This devastates Starfire.

    • Brushogun is not just a legend. His story is as follows: "Long ago a manga artist fell in love with the woman he drew, so he used Japanese black magic to make her come alive from the pages, but demonic forces fused the magic into the artist forming the creature Brushogun who can make the colors of artist's ink come alive to form creatures, robots, ninjas, catgirls etc. into reality."

    • Each Titan sings a part in the theme song at the end credits. Raven does the part with "Teen Titans go..."

    • Robin and Starfire attempt to kiss twice, and finally kiss at the end when Robin saves Starfire.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Cyborg & Beast Boy: (together) Who's chasing you?? Chefs-Girls!!!!!

    • Starfire: Must we always be heroes? Are we capable of nothing else? Can we not, for a few moments be something.... more?

    • Starfire: (to Robin) Do not blame Robin for the wild chasing of the goose.

    • Robin: Hi.
      Starfire: Greetings.
      Robin: Starfire?
      Starfire: Yes, Robin?
      Robin: You know you're my...best friend, right?
      Starfire: And you are mine.
      Robin: I never want anything to get in the way of that.
      Starfire: Nothing ever could.
      Robin: I know.
      Starfire: Then...we have nothing to fear. (about to kiss)

    • Raven: (To Vendor) I know English, German, Latin, Romanian, Ancient
      Sumerian, and Sanskrit. Do you have anything I can read?

    • Robin: A hero is what I am, nothing more. If you don't like it...?
      Starfire: Robin, I like it more than you'll ever know.

    • Robin: So the criminals are all connected.
      Raven: Because they were all created by the same person.

    • Cyborg: I guess you're not a wanted man anymore.
      Robin: I wouldn't say that. (scene shows Starfire and Robin holding hands as he says it)

    • Robin: (after the detective is defeated) I think I was wrong before.
      Starfire: You do?
      Robin: Maybe, a hero isn't all that I really am. Maybe I could be, maybe we could be...
      : Robin?
      Robin: Starfire?
      Starfire: Stop talking. (Starfire & Robin finally kiss)
      Cyborg: Well, it's about time.

    • Robin: (to Starfire) Umm, Starfire? Why did you just... kiss that guy?
      Starfire: Oh, the people of my planet are able to learn any language instantaneously through lip contact.
      Cyborg: So you speak Japanese now?
      Starfire: Mm-hmm.
      Cyborg: That's great!
      Robin: Yeah. Great.

    • Nya-Nya: (giggles) Otaku?
      Beast Boy: Otaku? I think that means I'm cute...

    • Beast Boy: (singing karaoke) I will obey the traffic rules
      Teen Titans!
      I will eat everything without likes or dislikes!
      Teen Titans!
      Earthquakes, lightning, fire... dad!
      Grammar, math, science, social studies
      There is nothing I am afraid of!
      Teen Titans! GO!
      Hooooooler my name
      Teen Titans!
      Half your troubles will be gone!
      Teen Titans!
      Papa's schedule control
      Mama's weight control
      Wishes are endless!
      Teen Titans. Go.
      Teen Titans!
      Good night Tokyo!

    • Nya-Nya: (to Beast Boy in Japanese; translation) I love to discipline cute animals. I look forward to tormenting you. Close your eyes... this will hurt!

    • Cyborg: Think you can make a meal out of me? You don't have the guts.
      (the yellow robot eats Cyborg's sonic cannon)
      Cyborg: Or maybe you do have the guts.

    • Beast Boy: Ugh! How am I supposed to pick up hot Japanese girls with a big green stain on my shirt?
      Raven: Your skin is green, you have fangs, and your ears are pointed. You're really worried about the shirt?
      Beast Boy: Hey! Chicks dig the ears!

    • Robin: This doesn't make sense. People don't just disappear.
      Cyborg: I don't know what to tell you, man. The crime scanner's one of the only things we got working in this place, and it can't find him anywhere.
      Raven: I can't make psychic contact, either.
      Starfire: Perhaps this Saico-Tek possesses the power of teleportation?
      Robin: If he could teleport, he would have done it the moment he was caught.
      Beast Boy: Oh! Oh! Maybe he just wasn't waterproof.
      (Raven & Cyborg glare at him evily and growl)
      Beast Boy: I know. Not helping.
      (Note: Beast Boy was actually right, which makes this even funnier)

    • Raven: What a mess.
      Beast Boy: Aw, I really need a vacation.
      Cyborg: (Sadly) I can rebuild my car. I can repair my tower. But my sofa? (Starts crying) I can't even look.

    • (Beast Boy falls and hangs onto Raven's forcefield)
      Beast Boy: Okay, am I the only who's sick of these "explode-y" things?
      Raven: Does this look like a taxi to you?
      Beast Boy: No. It's way too flat and circular.
      (Raven creates a hole in her forcefield; Beast Boy falls)

    • Raven: Anybody got a clue what this genuis is after?
      Cyborg: Who cares what he wants? What he's getting is a helping of grade-A butt-whoop.

    • Robin: (to Saico-Tek) Since you're new in town, we're going to make this very simple.
      Starfire: Stop now.
      Cyborg: Yeah, man. The locals don't like it when you blow up their stuff.
      Robin: Put your hands in the air and--
      (Saico-Tek flies away)
      Beast Boy: Hands in the air, dude. Not your whole body.
      Raven: Tourists.

    • Robin: (distracting the monster in Japan from Starfire) Hey! Your mother was a salamander!

    • Beast Boy: Dudes, seriously... when was the last time we took a vacation?
      Robin: Never. We're heroes, Beast Boy. We don't take vacations.

    • Cyborg: Tokyo. We made it. (To Robin) Told you it was a left at Hawaii.

    • Robin: Pack your things. We're heading for Tokyo.
      Beast Boy: Sweet! We're going on vacation!

    • Beast Boy: Ohhh, yeah! Hello, Japan! So, when do we get to go see the Great Wall?
      Raven: Never. It's in China.

    • (Beast Boy & Cyborg are looking at a newspaper)
      Beast Boy: (about Robin) And he was telling us to stay outta trouble.

  • NOTES (61)

  • ALLUSIONS (19)

    • Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Robin
      The scene where Robin takes the mugger's jacket and sunglasses, and then proceeds to enter a bar, where he fights with the patrons and then takes a mans motorcycle is very similar to the opening scene of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 series)
      Raven slaps Beast Boy in the back of the head whenever he says or does something stupid. This is just like how Raphael slaps Michaelangelo when he does something stupid in Ninja Turtles.

    • Ancient Sumerian
      This is one of the languages Raven lists in which she can speak fluently, though Ancient Sumerian has been effectively extinct from around the turn of the 3rd and the 2nd millennium BC, but continued to be used as a classical language for two more millennia.

    • Mecha-Boi, Nya-Nya, and the yellow robot: Appearance
      Mecha-Boi, the blue ink boy Starfire fights, is an homage to legendary Japanese animated character Astroboy. Nya-Nya, the catgirl, is an homage to Ana Puma from Dominion Tank Police. The yellow robot that Cyborg fights is an homage to Boss Borot from Mazinger.

    • The Kiss
      In the final scene where Robin and Starfire kiss, Cyborg says, "Well, it's about time!" This scene is reminiscent of the scene in "Wild Cards Part 2," where Green Lantern John Stewart kissed Hawk Girl which is followed by those same words being uttered by a woman in a casino playing the slot machine. Notice also that this scene involves an Earth male and an alien female.

    • Woman: Appearance
      The woman Brushogun tried to bring to life in the story looked oddly like Madame Rouge, without the outfit.

    • Daizo: (jumps into a vat of ink)
      The scene in which Commander Daizo jumps into the vat of ink to escape Robin is reminiscient of the famous scene in which Batman causes the Joker to be created.

    • Akira
      One of the background characters seen in the movie wears a red jacket with a capsule logo on it, identical to the ones worn by members of Shotaro Kaneda's biker gang in the famous anime movie, Akira.

    • Brushogun: Transformation
      When the young artist was turning into Brushogun years ago, he sort of looks like Venom from the Spider-Man series (but without the spider logo on his chest).

    • Sakura: Boat Scene
      In the boat scene, the petals falling on Robin and Starfire are Sakura or cherry blossom petals, the Sakura flower is very famous in Japan.

    • Robin: Mugshot
      In Robin's mugshot, his booking number (DC 38-04-40) refers to the comic issue and date of the first appearance of Robin, Detective Comics #38 April 1940.

    • Monster: Appearance
      The monster Raven had to fight looks like No Face from the movie, Spirited Away.

    • Robin & Starfire: Japanese Style
      The scene just before Robin and Starfire kiss for the second time and are interrupted... focus mainly on the way they are sitting in the house and how Starfire gives Robin a new uniform. They are both kneeling traditional Japanese style, and the way Starfire gives him his new clean uniform resembles the first steps in greeting of a Geisha to her guest. (Starfire being the Giesha, and Robin being the guest. Oh, and the uniform being the politely handed cup of Tea.)

    • Karaoke Bar: Ganguro Kogal
      During the Karaoke Bar scene, where Beast Boy is singing amongst the other school girls, there is a tanned girl with blonde pigtails and hyper pink clothes, and white eye make-up: this type of girl is called a "Ganguro Kogal."

      Ganguro means "Dark Skin" (opposite of Ganguro Gals are "Ganjiru Kogals"). Ganjiru means "Pale Skin."

    • Vertical Electric Sign: Three Monkey Heads
      The sign depicts the Three Wise Monkeys. The two seen are Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil.

    • Arcade: Game
      The game itself is an interactive game, which is very popular in Japan. It combines both Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero to create a rock star game. Also, the stuffed animals for the destroying of the guitar look like Glen Murakami.

    • Commander Uehara Daizo: Appearance
      Daizo's outfit bears a striking resemblance to the wardrobe of Inspector Koichi Zenigata from the anime series Lupin III.

    • Headquarters: Star Wars
      When the Japanese Commander shows the Titans his headquarters, the troopers and their training courses are based on those of Kamino in Star Wars Episode II--Attack of the Clones.

    • The Green Monster: Appearance
      The green monster the Titans fight looks like a mixture of the Japanese monster Godzilla and the English monster Gorgo.

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