Teen Titans

Season 2 Episode 9

Winner Take All

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Mar 06, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are transported to an alternate dimension. There, the mysterious Master of Games invites our heroes and five other superpowered teens (Aqualad, Speedy, Gizmo, Hotspot, and Wildebeest) to participate in a Tournament of Heroes. As the contest rages on, Robin becomes more and more determined to win, while Cyborg becomes more and more worried about what happens to the losers after they disappear.moreless

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  • Some episodes focus more on the action than plot, this one is all about action and flashy fighting scenes, and it's actually a fun episode.

    Unashamedly action driven, this episode is all about the fighting scenes. The plot, Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Wilderbest, Hot Spot, Speedy and Aqualad are transported to another dimension to compete in a game where they fight each other in order to win. Sound familiar? Yeah, it's hardly an original premise. A couple of nice touches, I liked that the character weren't forced into fighting each other, they just do so out of competitive nature. But anyway, this episode is all about the action, does it deliver? Oh yeah, you bet it does. No complaints about the fighting scenes, which were fantastic. It's also interesting to see who will win, it's obvious that Robin was going to win, but I didn't know who would win in the earlier rounds, I was surprised to see Beast Boy out of the tournament so early on.

    The villain, though voiced by the talented voice actor veteran Jim Cummings, is a lame one. Also, the ending was awful, why? It's a complete tease and utterly pointless. Why have the super heroines about to engage in a battle tournament, and then proceed to not show it? I wanted to see another episode like this with the female heroes and villains. But oh well. Robin and his obsessive desire to win, even distrusting Cyborg, was a bit annoying, but nothing major and it didn't ruin the episode or anything. "Winner Take All" is an episode that delivers great fights, gorgeously animated and is just plain fun.moreless
  • The mysterious Master of Games has kidnapped the male members of the Teen Titans. But when he reveals that the competition is less than a tournament of heroes can Robin realise that winning isn't everything?moreless

    I'm not sure what to say about this episode, is was basically a filler that had no lead to any other episodes. The master of games was a fairly cheesy character and could have been replaced by many other members of the Titans villan array. It was nice to see some new characters (Speedy, Wildabeast and Hotspot) but only Speedy had much of the spotlight. I was astounded though of how good this episode turned out to be, Cyborg being the one with the bad feeling, Beastboy being the instant loser and Robin being the complete and utter competative jerk. Overall: A very good episode with some good highlights, avoid if you've not got much time.moreless
  • It was good, but mostly Robin gets the spotlight.

    So basically all the titans are playing this card game but Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg get transported to another dimension to partake in the tournament of hereos. Which is weird because Gizmo is there. But what they don't know is that if they lose they will become trapped within the Master of Game's jewel thing. So Beast Boy gets trapped first, and then Cyborg because he found out the Master of Game's secret. Robin gets too competitve against Speedy and wins but finally realizes the Master of Game's whole plan, so he and his friends fight and win against the Master of Game's. At the end the girls get transportated there. This episode was ok, but it wasn't too good because they didn't show what the girls did, I really would've wanted to watch that. That's my review.moreless
  • Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg get transported into the Master of Games' tournament and Robin gets too obsessed with winning.

    I did not realise Beast Boy was so weak. I certainly knew about Robin's paranoid tendency though, and it is nice of Cyborg to care about Beast Boy. This episode just aimed to combine all the superpowered (or not) boys of America and make them challenge each other. The Master Of Games does not have anything better to do. Well, the losers are sucked into his amulet and Robin who wins the competiton gets them out. He is such an uncaring freak that I cannot believe it is him. For goodness' sake conjure up a nicer Robin please, he does not deserve to win the tournament at all.moreless
  • robin, cyborg, and beastboy are transported to another dimension along with others to compete in the tournament of heroes...

    not bad. aqualad and gizmo make another appearance, and new characters, like speedy, are introduced. it was annoying, yet somehow amusing, how robin let his competitiveness(is that a word?) get the best of him.

    i wish they had let us see the results of the tourniment of heroines though. who competed? who won? how did they get out? jeez, it was frustrating... XP. it would've been interesting to know who would make it farther, starfire or ravenmoreless
Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

Master of Games

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Khary Payton

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Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Raven is shown knitting half-way through the episode.

    • Where was Terra at the start of the episode? Was she in her room, or was she even there? The only time we see her is at the end.

    • When Robin gave everyone a Titan communicator, he gave Aqualad one, but he already gave him one in "Deep Six."

    • When Robin is holding the gem, Aqualad's eyes become regular eyes instead of the black triangles they always are.

    • Towards the end of the episode, when Beast Boy throws the necklace to Robin, it goes from being perfectly fine in Beast Boy's hand to being ripped at the string when it gets to Robin.

    • If Beast Boy can change into any animal, why didn't he change into something that could fly after he fell through the bottom of the cage? It would've saved him at least temporarily from surrendering his powers to the Master of Games.

    • Sometimes the skin on Cyborg's arm (after he's in the Master of Games' gem) is brown, and other times it's gray. Look for the gray in the fight between the Master of Games and Robin.

    • Speedy and Wildebeast were the last two champions sent into the jewel, but Cyborg comes out first instead of Wildebeast.

    • Robin has four cards when he challenges Cyborg for the last card, but he plays one and says he has no more left.

    • When Cyborg knocks on Robin's door, Robin's hair is all messed up. In a later scene, his hair is normal.

    • The Titan killed by Wildebeest was Danny Chase, a powerful telekinetic. The Wildebeest Society created an artificial creature who was as their costumes made them look (and how the creature in this episode looked). However, I read somewhere that the one in this episode was NOT that Wildebeest, who was a member of the Titans after the organization was stopped. I'm not sure whatever happened to the creature. It could transform from a child-like form to the full-sized beast form.

    • Although the episode takes place between "Titan Rising" and "Betrayal," Terra does not participate in the card game - even though all the other Titans were. She does, however, appear for the Tournament of Heroines.

    • After Gizmo trapped Cyborg with his mechanical legs, a rocket launcher comes out from behind his head. When Cyborg "gives him the boot" it shows a quick shot of Gizmo before he gets blasted, and the launcher is nowhere to be seen.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Beast Boy: Aquadude, what's up! Ready to watch me win all those prizes?
      Aqualad: No. But after I win, I promise to let you have my autograph.

    • Robin: You lose.
      Speedy: But was it really worth it?

    • Robin: Hold on, I know what your doing.
      Cyborg: What am I doing?
      Robin: You're trying to trick me again like you did in the card game.
      Cyborg: I am?
      Robin: Sure. We'll go "investigate" and be up all night and find nothing, then you'll recharge you batteries in fifteen minutes, while I get no sleep.
      Cyborg: Say what?!
      Robin: When round 2 starts, I'll be fighting fatigue and you'll be that much closer to winning the prize.
      Cyborg: No, man. For real, I'm just worried about B.B. Come on, winning isn't -
      Robin: Right.

    • Master of Games: Robin, the combat-equipped, kung-fu trained, one-man army.

    • (Robin & Speedy look at each other, Robin sticks his hand out for a handshake)
      Robin: Speedy, I've heard you're real good.
      Speedy: Robin, likewise, great to finally meet you.
      Robin: So, what are those arrows made of?
      Speedy: Polarized materices of high energy electrons.
      Robin: Right. Same technology packs the punch in my electric disks. How do you overcome the quantom intanglement problem?
      Speedy: Borrowed some time on a prototype accelator...

    • Robin: As far as I'm concerned, you're all Honorary Titans.
      Gizmo: Cool!
      Cyborg: Gimme that! YOU'RE not a good guy, remember?

    • Starfire: This is part of the game?
      Raven: Uhhh...

    • Cyborg: (On Robin) Crazy, paranoid, hyper-competetive, spiky-haired little...

    • Hot Spot: (To Wildebeest) What's that smell... oh...

    • Master of Games: Welcome to the Tournament of Heroines!
      Starfire: Uhhh... Raven?
      Raven: Yeah?
      Starfire: I don't like the look of this...

    • Cyborg: It's time somebody gave you da boot!
      (Blasts him with his foot)

    • Starfire: I wish to... "Go the fish"!
      Beast Boy: Uh, you want to fold, Star.
      Starfire: "Fold"? That is good? I am victorious?

    • Robin: What happened to the losers?
      Cyborg: Yeah, where are our friends?

    • Master of Games: Gizmo, the nasty little boy with a big brain.

    • Speedy: May the best man win!
      Robin: I intend to.

    • Master of Games: I am invincible!
      Robin: How can you be invincible if you don't have the champion of champions?

    • Starfire: Be proud and cheerful, Robin. You competed well.
      Raven: Winning isn't everything.
      Robin: (Still fuming) Yeah, it's just the only thing that matters. I WANNA REMATCH!!!!
      Cyborg: Um, I don't know how to tell you this, but you're all out of cards.

  • NOTES (31)


    • Tournament of Heroes: Idea
      The whole Tournament of Heroes idea, is similar to the tournaments in the original Dragon Ball series, two heroes against each other, one winner, who can go to the next round.

    • Beast Boy: Wow, dude. Didn't know Robin had a clone.
      Beast Boy is more or less right with this statement. Speedy is the sidekick to the Green Arrow, and up until the 1970s, was a carbon-based copy of Batman, down to the headquarters (Batcave/Arrowcave), mode of transportation (Arrowmobile/Batmobile), and the red-costumed sidekicks (Robin/Speedy).