Teen Titans

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Sep 04, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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There's a new thief in town - Robin's former evil alter ego, Red X. Robin feels that this is all his fault, and must stop X from getting his hands on an unstable element known as Xenothium, which is the power source for the Red X suit. Robin stops at nothing to catch his former alter ego - but it turns out that there may be a even bigger villainous plot clogging up the arteries of justice.moreless

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  • redx is back and its not robin who can it be?

    redx is back but we dont know who i like this episode but not as much as the episode apprentice or haunted for some reason but heres a big question who stole it and how he came through the secreaty? is he slade? thats what botheres be. in the end they should have showed who it was. but besides that it was a pretty good episode i like the way redx and robin fight and i like the ending when redx plays the good guy and joins robin and then robin stole redx belt and redx needed to runs away i rate this episode a 9.5/10 (because of what i said before about whos redx)moreless
  • Red X returns and it is not Robin. Robin must sure regret inventing X in the first place...

    Robin episodes are usually action-packed and maybe a little brainless, but this one is slightly different. As action-packed as ever, but not at all brainless. Robin's alter-ego returns as somebody else. Many loose ends to this idea, though. Why did Robin not keep his costume properly? Just who is Red X and what does he want? Why is he stealing people's stuff and ideas? The answer perhaps never struck the creators. The typical recklessness present in this story, and a possible irony about Starfire's opinion of Robin. When Chang remarked that Robin would not dare to risk her life, she replied that he takes risks willingly. That kinda shows she knows he wouldn't care about her, huh?moreless
  • Red X is back.

    Red x is back and oh boy this is an exiting episode. I don't think I've seen a more exciting episode. No episode tops this one. I loved how they played all the way with Robin's conscience with him knowing that he was the old Red X. He is without doubt the main character of this episode. They are all in the episode a lot but Robin is in the episode. Just how many gadgets and weapons does Red X have? This is probably the first night I have seen Robin used a Batman style interrogation technique.

    Overall: One of the best episodes I've ever seen.moreless
  • Red X returns, and it isn't Robin.

    As the episode begins Red X is trying to find this thing that can find any Zinothium Ore in a ten mile radius. The titans put up a good fight but Red X puts up a better one and defeats them, than runs away. They split up to find the Zinothium before he does but when Robin finds the location Cyborg gets captured. The 4 remaining titans split up inside the place where the Zinothium is. Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy also get captured. Robin finds Red X but then these other guys come and zap them unconcious. Robin gets to the guys place only to find a giant laser cannon. In the end they stop him, and take Red X's belt, and Robin locks it up. I thought this was a relaly good Robin episode, and loved the action. So good episode altogether.moreless
  • In this episode, Red X returns. Red X is trying to steal Zinothium at the same time the titans are trying to capture him. They realize that Red X is not Robin and that someone else stole the suit. The identity of Red X is not known.moreless

    Red X and the Titans fight. Red X is very powerful and has a lot of weapons.At the same time, Professor Chang wants to be in control of the production of Zinothium. He caputers Starfire, Raven, BB and Cyborg. Red X is trapped by Robin within a cage. Meanwhile, Robin sets out to find Professor Chang and wants to stop him from handling a weapon of mass destruction. He goes and fights Professor Chang. Later, Red X comes and helps Robin out. He frees the Titans that are trapped within Professor Chang. Together, they stop Professor Chang and Red X grabs Zinothium. Robin takes his belt thus Zinothium is useless. Red X flys down and vanishes in thin air. Meanwhile Robin still wants to know whom Red X is.

    Episode is 10/10. I Lov lov this episode and how Red X is so mysterios!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • Beast Boy seems unable to change quickly in this episode, as we see when he stays a rhino when attached to Raven for a while, and when he turns into a hippo and falls off the beam.

    • We've seen Robin get hit much harder than what Red X does to him, yet he seems to be unable to move.

    • Beast Boy attempts to guess the origins of the new Red X by theorizing that Red X is a bionic monkey infused with Robin's DNA, if he isn't Robin's evil twin.

      Other theories that Beast Boy put forward in his visual presentation, but did not mention were:

      1) Red X is Nightwing (Robin's future alias - See Season 2 Première episode 'How Long is Forever?') who has travelled back to the present;

      2) Red X is 'part of a clone army' and is in fact Larry the Titan (See episode 'Fractured'), an inter-dimensional imp;

      3) Red X is Robin's long lost brother;

      4) Red X is Jason Todd (The 2nd Robin in the comic books, Dick Grayson's successor to the Robin guise). Given that Larry's name & DNA suggested that Robin's real identity is that of Dick Grayson, this is unlikely. In the comics, Jason became Robin when Dick quit being Batman's sidekick and became Nightwing.

    • Raven can use her powers to remove, move, lift things, right? Well, why didn't she take off Red X's mask?

    • Only the Titans and Slade seem to know Robin's connection to the original Red X. So, there's a possibility that the new Red X is someone who once worked for Slade. That also explains how he knew how to use his gadgets, how to break their security system (see trivias about it), and how he knew what kind of fuel he had to get. Still, about the other trivias, he could be wearing another mask before getting Red X's outfit.

    • When the Titans fight Red X, he easily takes them all down. So, how did he know how to use the gadgets in the first place?

    • If the Titans have such high security, how did someone break in? Especially at night? And why didn't they just look at a surveillance tape to the guy's face before he put on the suit?

    • When X is about to leave the Xenothium vault, he has the case with the Xenothium in his hand. Seconds later, he is zapped by one of Prof. Chang's henchmen without the case in his hand, but the case isn't anywhere near him, and he was never shown putting it down.

    • How exactly did the Beast Boy and Starfire show up on Cyborg's communicator? They have their own TT communicators, but if you look closely, they both have their arms down at their sides, and would be unable to hold the communicator up that way.

    • During the battle with Red X, Beast Boy transforms into an animal that resembles an Orangutan, but it is blue and green. Beast Boy has never been a shade of blue in any other animal form he has ever been in.

    • When Cyborg is yelling at Robin about the Xenothium, the 'R' on Robin's costume is lowercase.

    • When Robin is knocked down by the "moonmen," his mask develops two dots, which then turn to horizontal lines.

    • Dr. Chang has 5 canisters in his lab. He only needed 4.

    • Red X's cape was ripped in "Masks," yet it is here in "X." Also, the cape disappears as Red X jumps off the mountain top.

    • After leading Robin through the "laser room," Red X leaves through a rectangular door. In the next scene, Red X enters the Xenothium vault through a round door. Robin then burns through the door with the laser, and the laser room is directly on the other side of it.

    • Like in some other episodes, at the end it has a close up on the team, and Raven and Starfire are next to each other. Then it zooms out to show Red X, and they are switched.

    • During the scene on top of the building, when Robin is saying how it's his fault, Raven is standing to Starfire's right, our left. When the shot shows the group, Raven's cloak is closed, but it is open on close shots showing Raven and Starfire.

  • QUOTES (33)

    • Robin: Better luck next time.
      Red X: Not bad, kid. Not bad. (Smashes the Xenothium on the ground, which explodes)

    • Red X: Time to get what I came for.
      Raven: Time's up.
      Robin: Thanks for the help, X, but don't think this means you can help yourself. (Holds up a disk)
      Red X: No problem, kid. This should keep me up for a good long time.
      Robin: That won't do you much good without this. (Holds up belt that powers Red X's suit)

    • Robin: You don't even care, do you? A low-life maniac has just got his hands on enough Xenothium to disintegrate the entire city, and it's your fault!
      Red X: Don't you mean our fault?
      Robin: At least I'm going to DO something about it. And if you care about anything other than yourself, you'll be helping.
      Red X: Sorry, kid, some guys don't like to play the hero.
      Robin: Then I'll be back to take you to jail.

    • (After Prof. Chang's men attacked Red X & Robin)
      Red X: (Recovering) Ugghh... Ughh... Uhh... Oh... Okay, who were the moon men? (Gets trapped in a cage) Huh?!
      Robin: Criminals! Just like you.
      Red X: Come on, kid, you don't really think this little play pen can hold me.
      (Robin electrifies the bars of the cage, which electrifies Red X)

    • Robin: The scanner Red X stole will locate any Xenothium in a ten mile radius.
      Starfire: So, we must locate it first.
      Cyborg: X isn't the only one with a scanner, I'm downloading the molecular signature and transmitting to your communicators.
      Robin: Thanks, but I won't need it.
      Cyborg: How are you going to find the Xenothium without a scanner?
      Robin: The same way I found it the first time.

    • Red X: Lighten up, chuckles, I'm not such a bad guy once you get to know me. (Hits Robin with an X, but Robin gets up and kicks him to the ground) Play time's over, kid. Back off or I'll trigger the power core and the power core triggers the rocks. I don't think you want that on your conscience.
      Robin: And I don't think you want to be disintegrated.

    • Red X: Xenothium ore! Enough to power the suit for a good long time. I love it when the good guy wins.
      Robin: (Breaks through the vault) You're not going to win. (Kicks Red X)
      Red X: Kid, you're taking life way too seriously.
      (Both of them fight)

    • Red X: After you. (Pushes Robin into a trap)

    • Raven: And now, I smell like Rhino butt.
      Beast Boy: (To Robin) Dude, you think you gave this guy enough gadgets.

    • Beast Boy: So, you're pretty much kicking yourself for not getting rid of that Red X suit when you had the chance. Huh?
      (Robin shudders)
      Beast Boy: Uh... forget I said anything.
      Robin: I couldn't destroy it, the Xenothium power core is too dangerous to dispose of. It was supposed to stay locked away.

    • Robin: Xenothium! Where'd you get it?
      Prof. Chang: Nowhere. Suppliers skipped town months ago. There's no way to get any. Unless...
      Robin: Talk!
      Prof. Chang: There's a tech company under South-in. Legend is that they keep a generous supply of Xenothium ore in their vault, but it's not for sell and they keep it locked up tight. You would have to steal it.
      Robin: Not interested. But I know someone who is.

    • Starfire: And when Robin returns, he will help us to discover who.
      Robin: It doesn't matter, I created Red X. Every system, every weapon. Whoever's inside that suit, he's my responsibility.
      Cyborg: Well, if we are going to catch him, we at least need to know what's he after.
      Robin: I already know. He's looking for Xenothium, the fuel that powers the suit.

    • Cyborg: But who is he? I mean, if Robin's the ex-Red X, then who's the new guy?
      (Beast Boy knocks Cyborg away with a white board)
      Beast Boy: Okay, if he's not Robin's evil twin, then he's obviously a bionic monkey infused with Robin's DNA.
      (Raven uses her her powers to make the white board knock Beast Boy away)

    • Robin: (Voice-over) I'm suppose to be one of the good guys, to always do the right thing. The line is suppose to be clear. But for me back then, it wasn't.

    • Robin: Red X was a mistake, a mistake I won't ever make again.

    • Robin: I won't let you get away...
      (Red X shoots an X which ties Robin's legs together)
      Red X: Better luck next time, and thanks for the suit. (Tries to teleport, but can't) Come on, come on!
      (Robin breaks free of the X)
      Red X: Oh, great. (Runs)

    • Red X: (When he connects Cyborg's sonic canon and Raven's power) Looks like you got your wires crossed.

    • Robin: (Voice-over) There is good, and there is evil, but the line between them can be almost impossible to find. Does one good deed make him a hero? Am I to blame for all of it because of a single mistake? All I know is that the answers don't come easy. It's supposed to be simple, but it's not.

    • Robin: (Voice-over) It is simple: there is good, and there is evil; there are those who commit crimes, and those who stop them. The two sides are opposite, as different as day and night, and the line between them is clear. Or, at least, it's supposed to be.

    • Robin: Why did you steal the suit? What are you planning to do with it?
      Red X: ... Whatever I want.

    • Robin: I'm responsible, Starfire, for everything that's happened.
      Starfire: No, Robin. The error you made, it is in the past. You are no longer the one inside that suit.
      Red X: (Appears out of nowhere) And, personally, I think it looks much cooler on me.

    • Red X: Not everybody likes to play the big villain, kid. I'm a thief. I'm not threatening your precious city. Just lookin' out for number one.
      Robin: So you're not psychotic. You're just selfish.

    • (Starfire pokes Robin in the arm)
      Robin: Oww! (Grabs her hand) Star, that hurts.
      Starfire: Then you are not a hologram?
      Robin: No.
      (Looks at him questionably and starts to continually poke him)
      Starfire: The last time we fought the Red X, you were him, and you were not really there.
      Robin: Ahhh! Starfire! Cut it out!!
      Starfire: He is not a hologram!

    • Beast Boy: But he could be a robot! (To Cyborg) Check him for batteries.
      (Cyborg puts glove on his hand)
      Robin: Wait! Please! It wasn't me, I promise!

    • Robin: He's looking for Xenothium, the fuel that powers the suit.
      (Starfire gasps)
      Raven: No!
      Beast Boy: Aww, man! I never understand anything.
      Cyborg: Xenothium?! You powered that suit with Xenothium?! Are you crazy, man?! That stuff is dangerous, and unstable! Please tell me you are not stupid enough to go messing with it!

    • Beast Boy: Red X? I thought Robin was Red X!
      Red X: Think again!

    • Red X: What's the matter, kid? Don't you want to play? After all, they're your toys.

    • Red X: (To Starfire) You know, cutie, the only crime here is that you and I haven't gone out on a - (Starfire uses eye lasers on him)

    • Robin: Prof. Chang! Remember me?!
      Prof. Chang: Ah, yes... the good, little boy who loves dangerous toys! How could I forget?

    • Raven: Face it, Red X could be anyone. Anyone smart enough to take the suit and dumb enough to take it for a joyride.

    • Red X: Come on, kids. (Points to X on shirt) X marks the spot.

    • Robin: Who are you?
      Red X: If I wanted you to know that, would I be wearing a mask? (Knocks Robin unconscious)

    • Robin: I thought you didn't like to play the hero.
      Red X: Doesn't mean I don't know how.

  • NOTES (21)


    • Molecule by Molecule: Danny Phantom
      When Professor Chang is talking to Starfire in her frozen state, he says "Ever seen someone ripped apart molecule by molecule." A hand motion accompanies this where his fingers on both his hands make the zero sign while touching one another and then are pulled apart. This is an allusion to the Danny Phantom movie "Reality Trip," where a running gag were those words along with the hand motion.

    • Professor Chang: Appearance
      Professor Chang looks very similar to another James Hong character, Dr. Chew, from the sci-fi classic Blade Runner.

    • Reference: Dove
      When Red X and Robin are working together in Prof. Changs HQ, a dove flies by. A dove is often a symbol of friendship to most people.

    • Red X's Identity: Jason Todd (Theory)
      One of the theories Beast Boy presents is that the new X is Jason Todd. Jason is the second Robin (after Dick Grayson, before Tim Drake) adopted by Batman in the comic book series. He is not acknowledged in any of the DCAU shows to date. This is possibly the only appearance of "Jason Todd" in the cartoons.

    • Red X: Character
      Red X is simiar to Carmen Sandiego from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? because they are both thieves and do good and bad things. "Thieves with honor" like saving people.

    • Red X: Zorro
      Red X is loosely based on Zorro. Red X's symbol is X, while Zorro's is Z. Also, the hispanic music strengthens the similarities.

      The way Cyborg was screaming at Robin, he kind of looked like one of those weird Canadians from South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut.

    • Red X: If I wanted you to know that, would I be wearing a mask?
      This whole episode is like a John Woo movie. John Woo is a director who is famous for action-packed films. In "X," there is a high-action theme, asian woodwind soundtrack, and a white dove appears during the battle - a John Woo signature.