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Season 5 : Episode 20

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MTV's reboot of the classic 1980s cult movie Teen Wolf. Scott is a typical high school student until one night he is bitten by a strange animal while walking in the woods. His best friend tries to help him understand the changes he's going through as he becomes a werewolf.

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  • Actors Vs Plot

    For the first few seasons, I truly enjoyed Teen Wolf. The writing was a little cheesy at times, but decent there was obviously thought by the script writers, and care by the actors to play their part. Which worked for the show. Sadly as time went on, and the series picked up more viewers, the writers of the series, including Jeff Davis took it upon themselves to try to make the series far more dark and in-depth. The issue being that they strongly overlooked continuity. Major parts of each seasons plot were either glossed over, or ignored, in favour of action sequences. The Teen Wolf series also shot itself in the foot, when those in charge overlooked the acting ability of many of the cast members. To the point that the actors chose to end their contract with MTV, rather than spend another year hoping for something that just wasn't going to happen. Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), one of the lead characters is focused on so strongly at times, that more important characters or plots fall to the wayside. The regrettable part, is that Tyler Posey can't carry the weight of a television series on his acting ability. He doesn't have the acting chops to be the soul focus of the series. But the series didn't lose me as a viewer until it decided to decline that two of the sexual assault victims in the series weren't actually raped, it was just 'harmless fun', even though both times the male characters could not give consent. Then they chose to kill off characters, simply because the head writer Jeff Davis didn't know what to do with the character anymore. Even after he himself admitted that other writers on the show suggested great things for the characters. A television series that is run by a man who refuses to believe men can be victims of rape, isn't a series I'm going to waste my time watching or paying for. Which hurts me to say, as I deeply enjoyed watching Holland Roden, Arden Cho, Crystal Reed, Gage Golightly, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes, Daniel Sharman, Sinqua Walls, Keahu Kahuanui, Ryan Kelley, . Bourne, Ian Bohen, and Linden Ashby. Who all gave 110% to their character, no matter how little plot, subtext, or lines they may have had. Including what the hell their characters first name is. Which has happened to two characters. Two characters who have been regulars on the series since it's first episode. Shame.moreless
  • The show to pick to watch when there is nothing else to watch

    The plot makes no sense at all. Things keep happening and the explanations they give are contradicting things that already have happened in the show. Unlike nearly every other supernatural show, this one has no set of rules and they keep improvising as they go.

    Spoiler Alert

    Every seasons finale of Teen Wolf is like watching Bugs Bunny. Scott wins only because the director says he wins, there is no logical (supernatural or mundane) reason.moreless
  • going without the 'flow' of the wolves teen.

    I have been a fan of Teen Wolf since the very first episode. It struck just the right balance between horror, humor and characters that you really wanted to survive into the next season [or not]. From dark brooding Derek to beautiful intense Allison. At 13 episodes it was balanced just right to deliver enough each week to keep me on the hook. Then they extended the season - and it still worked as they split it into what I see has been called a and b.

    The Season 5 arrived. I kept checking my snail mail for the drugs to arrive that I'm sure would've helped me enjoy this season - but they didn't. Instead we had 5a which was like one long drug trip, without the drugs - then the long break and the arrival of 5b. I started watching and was so confused I stopped, accumulated all the episodes [except for the finale obviously] then watched up to ep 19. A bit of the confusion cleared up a bit, here's hoping the finale will be decent - but I'm not holding my breath.

    Anyway, before I climb off my soap box, let me finish off by saying that season 5 has felt like I was drowning in slow motion [you must admit that ALL of those slow motion scenes get a bit much after 20 half the time the show feels like it's trying to pull off season 5, and build the foundation for season 6. TW S5 feels like a beast dragging 2 heavy loads - one being the current season, the other, setting the scene for season 6. Previous seasons have started afresh, which is something I've really enjoyed - instead of sitting there and thinking to myself, is this relevant to the beast, or season 6, hey oops, I just missed something, maybe I it, hey look navel lint.

    I really enjoy TW - I will continue to watch until I either make sense of what's happening, or I lose the plot so badly that even google maps can't find me.moreless
  • Great Show To Watch!

    This is one of the shows that keeps you on your toes ! With all of the action, mixed with comedy,thriller,drama and love makes it great ! The cliffhangers that they leave at the end of seasons will keep you up at night, and the way they clear everything up when the new season starts with a whole twist is just great!

    Job well done to the whole Cast and Crew.moreless
  • Teen Wolf

    "Teen Wolf" may just be on its fifth season but MTV has already renewed the show for season 6. Tyler Posey, who plays Scott McCall, in the series, however, may just be replaced in the coming episodes.


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