Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 11

Alpha Pact

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 12, 2013 on MTV - Music Television

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  • What a set up

    Scott levitating in the opening credits will never not be funny.

    If they ruin the friendship Stiles and Lydia are building with romance I'm gonna be so very pissed. Their scene in office was wonderful. I hope we see Heather's friend again.

    I wonder what Peter's plan is. And where Derek's Alpha powers will go after he helps Cora. Peter has a plan and it's no good. Though his scene with Lydia was amazing. Both Holland and Ian were so spot on.

    I liked that they all finally worked together though how they managed to find Acott and why Alpha Alpha would let him just wander away is beyond me. It took me out of the story pretty badly. But the cold bath scene were pretty lovely. They could have tried the memory retrieval with Derek but I do understand that he has bigger concerns right now. And we can't have someone else than Scott save the day, after all.

    Dere's only concern is Cora. It is understandable and it breaks my heart. Derek needs family and the fact the show keeps on denying him is making me rather angry.

    I wasn't particulary impressed with Isaac turning his back on Derek though I do agree with Peter's assesment of the situation. I liked the relationship that seemed to be building between Derek and Isaac and I hope this doesn't mean the end of it.

    Deaton to the rescue. He is cool but while I had a hard time trusting him last season I have a hard time liking him in this one.

    The opening scene of the episode was wonderful. I don't care what anyone says Tyler and Dylan just play off of each other wonderfully no matter the scene.

    Melissa is the best. I wonder who the girl in Papa Stilinski story was. And Chris is a BAMF. Their scenes were awesomesauce. We need more of those as well.

    I never really imagined Scott's father onbe way or the other but FBI agent was definitly not on the list. But I like the way they tied him to the story.

    I'm glad it was fully explained what Alpha Alpha wants from both Scott and Derek. Now I would appriciate if they told us what wants with Derek and we would almost be in the know.

    The mid-season finale is gonna be intense.

  • great episode

    Ok, as a newly obsessed teen wolf viewer I thought I'd give a stab at this whole comment thing and try to share some of my thoughts on the latest episode. First of all let me say that while this episode was less action packed then the last one it was still amazing and I loved seeing all the open threads starting to tie up together.

    Now, let's do this by characters shall we?

    Peter I know a lot of people hate Peter, but personally I LOVE PETER. He may be a self-serving son of a bitch but I like how we constantly need to re-examine every sentence he says and every actions he takes in order to try and figure out his ulterior motive. It makes him interesting and I like interesting. (plus it helps that I just love Ian Bohen)

    Lydia I've been screaming at the TV for weeks now about the tree drawing being the Nemetone Finally they figured it out!!!

    I loved the Stydia kiss itself (it's Stydia right? I'm getting the ship right?) but I didn't like that they kind of brushed it off as a way for her to stops Stiles from having a panic attack. I don't know why but it felt kind of like cheating, like the writers wanted to give the fan their Stydia moment without it bothering the future plot. I guess I'll have to see how they deal with it in future episodes to make a final judgment though.

    Chris Argent Total badass! What can I say? I loved the humor about all the hidden weapons I really hope they don't kill him off!

    Isaac I read a lot of people in the comments not getting why he was so angry at Derek, but I totally get it. It's been established that Derek knew about the alpha pack even before he started recruiting werewolves (remember at the end of season 2 when Isaac Derek and Peter were coming to the Hale house and Peter asked Derek why "he hasn't told them yet?"). Ever since turning into a werewolf Isaac had to deal with his father dying, his two best friends dying and constantly having to defend himself from alphas, hunters, Jennifer Yes, he did accept the bite willingly but he has a pretty good argument for not being shown the entire picture beforehand. I think Isaac only trusts very few people and through all of this he trusted Derek (and Scott), and now he's finally starting to realize that Derek had his own agenda in giving him the bite.

    As for the whole Isaac Allison relationship more on that later.

    Mr. McCall ok, totally didn't see that one coming Great twist! I heard Jeff Davis say on the comic con panel that we will get to meet Scott's dad but I really didn't think it would be this soon. I just hope that bringing him in doesn't mean that they're going to kill off Scott's mother. I know that it would make for a good story development (A boy losing the mother who knows his secrets and has been supportive all along and has to re-establish a relationship with his estranged father who by the looks of it might be much less open to the whole supernatural thing) but I love the interaction between Scott and Melissa. It's one of the most heartwarming portrayals of Mother-Son relationships I've seen on TV in a long time and I hope they don't mess with that

    Allison ok, let's talk about the Allison/Isaac situation and the whole love triangle thing. Personally, I don't mind love triangles. Like Jeff Davis said happy couples make for much less interesting TV. I happen to like the Allison Isaac thing. I have to give props for the writers they did a good job building them up slow enough so that it wouldn't feel rushed or forced and they managed not to drag it out for too long so the whole will they/wont they thing take up the whole show. You have to admit Isaac had been there for Allison quite a lot in the past season and they've had a chance to become close. These are teenagers they fall in and out of love pretty quickly. As to the whole debate about Allison breaking up with Scott because he was a werewolf Allison kept seeing Scott long after she knew he was a werewolf. The reason she broke up with him was because her mother died.

    One of my best friends lost her Mother when we were in our twenties and after that she dumped her boyfriend and pretty much replaced most of her friends. She told me it was like her whole life were divided into before and after her boyfriend and her friends were from the before period and being around them kept reminding her of that period it was too painful.

    I know a lot of people are hoping she gets back together with Scott because it was this first epic love but first of all: teenage epic loves don't always last and second, even if they do end up together I like the fact that the writers are making them work at finding their way back to each other.

    Derek oh, poor Derek. I have to say, Derek has only been one of my favorite characters despite, and maybe because, he's so deeply flawed. I love how we're seeing the more sensitive side of him, his feelings for Jennifer, his devotion to Cora his admission to Isaac asking him about him being lonely was such a great moment. I kind of sums up Derek to the core his basic motivation has always been him needing a family (whether his real one or one of his own creation). I'm curious to see how they're going to get him back to being an alpha (if they do)

    Cora I have to say I'm not extremely attached to Cora. There were too many questions unanswered about her and I never felt like we really got to know her that well. The only thing I'm curious about is how she's going to die We all know that Adelaide Kane is leaving the show, and now that Derek sacrificed his alpha powers to heal her I wonder what's going to happen with her

    Stiles What can I say, another stellar performance by Dylan O'Brien. Just the right amount of emotional impact and sass that makes Stiles one of the greatest characters on this show. The panic attack scene was incredible.

    Scott He had surprisingly low impact on this episode it seems like everyone is racing to do things, find things, track leads while he's just standing next to them trying to align himself with whoever has the most chance of finding the answers first I don't know. Everyone keeps referring to him as the ultimate hero but up until the end of the episode when he joined back with his friends to take his mother's place he hadn't really done anything that heroic in my opinion. I'm guessing they're saving his big hero moment for next week's finale.

    Other honorable mentions:

    1. Miss Morell throwing that perfect mountain ash circle

    2. Kali finally finding out that Deucalion is the one who killed Ennis I really hope they develop more on that next week

    3. Can someone give Jennifer a better explanation for killing people than "They're sacrifices" Yes Jennifer, we know they're sacrifices, we get the meaning of the word it still doesn't make it ok!

    4. Loved the conversation between the parental units at the root cellar and Chris's reaction when the Sheriff called him a wolf hunter after Melissa filling him in on the details

    Plus, I have a general question I know that Isaac survives to 3B (Crystal Reed talked about filming a make out scene with him for the next part of the season) which is really a load off because I love Isaac. But does anyone know if the Twins are sticking around? I know that the whole Alpha pack storyline is supposed to be resolved in 3A but is there a chance that the twins decide to stick around? Has anyone heard anything about the Carver's being signed for the next part of the season?