Teen Wolf

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 06, 2012 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Gotsomeshots

    Best show ever
  • I loved it

    The part with the dog was the most beautiful scene I have seen in this whole series. When I saw him cry and smile after taking the dogs pain away, I couldn't help but smile with them. Beautifully framed! Awesome work! Oh and Stiles was totally badass in the game
  • Battlefield

    Battlefield was a superbly entertaining episode of Teen Wolf. I really enjoyed watching because Gerard makes a bold move while Allison plays the enraged huntress and Scott along with Issac try to help their friends as best they could. The action was awesome, the drama was intriguing, and the ending was suspenseful. It was cool to see Derek reunite with his Uncle and also to see Scott's mother dealing with what she learned about her son. I liked the part where the Vet teaches Issac and Scott how they can help others in pain. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next as things seem to be getting darker!!!!!!!!!
  • Another fine episode

    Battleground had an incredible opening with Stiles narrating to the guidance counsellor whom I believe is related to the vet somehow. It continued from there with a lot of tension and made Grandpa Argent even more evil then Peter was last season. I am so relishing his death next episode, more so then even Peter's death last season. It was not a superb episode because Allison's sudden turn to the dark side seemed contrived, and the two lone wolves from Derrick's pack were made to look way too weak. Yes her mother was killed, but nearly killing two wolves, Erica and Boyd, that had nothing to do with her mother's death seemed out of character for her. SHe played ruthless good I might add, but it just didn't seem proper when comparing this Allison to last season's Allison.

    Now on to the good things. I like the back and forth between Isaac and Scott. I don't know what other people think, but Posey's acting has improved over last season, and Isaac has become a more likeable character too. It's good to see the writers are giving his character a chance, and I would hope they do the same for Erica and Boyd in time, if they survive that is. Right now they are just victims to Allison's sudden craziness.

    Papa Argent has gone way over the edge and is playing it to the hilt. He was always a little crazy, but this sudden shift beyond has made him one of the most hated characters on the show right now, and he's no longer boring as I was finding him before. As the main antagonist this season, he's even more evil then Peter was last season. Hope CHris see's this. He sure seemed to notice Allison's change in behavior, and didn't like it much.

    I also enjoyed the interplay between Derrick and Peter this episode. We were given some more answers and also found out there might just be a cure for Jackson and his Kanima alter ego. Peter has a great sense of humor, and he's a pretty good actor also. I hope he lives into season 3, which I think he will. Don't know what his plan is, probably something bad, but I guess will see.

    A fine episode. Outside of the issues with Allison shifting into full out crazy and making the two werewolves she attacked weak, this was a good night of television. The finale is going to be pretty exciting.
  • * A Brilliant Beginning that Kinda Fizzled *

    I also thought the opening sequence featuring Stiles as this week's Narrative Tool was an awesome way to attempt to calm everyone down and gather the troops after all the CRAZY in the previous episode. But I did find my mind wandering a bit, and thought it was about 2 minutes too long.

    I also enjoyed how they handled Scott's mother getting her head (almost literally) into the whole creature feature game. But I thought Allison's trip into the dark side was a bit overplayed as her assault on the two wayward wolves didn't ring genuine. Would the Allison of Season 1 and early Season 2 really be so brutal? And why are the werewolves so weak all of a sudden? What happen to the super speed, etc.?

    The writers also seem to have let the pulse of the overall story get away from them. Again, they haven't done a great job of keeping clear the motivations of the characters. I get that Grandpa Nasty is upset about his daughter ....but dude, you ain't gonna find Derek playing a championship game of lacrosse. [What was the whole point of the lacrosse game?] And Allison never seemed that close to her mom, so her ongoing rage is starting to feel a bit contrived. Wouldn't you think her father would be the most upset? My guess is that neither of them really cared for crazy mom all that much to begin with (lol)!

    Ok. As always, more later. (smile)

  • I don't know what to think but I'm loving this

    Even though it was heart stopping and I almost started to bite my nails. I liked how the suspense and drama was balanced out with a bit of levity. While I don't know what to think of Peter I do appriciate his sense of humor. Chris is really the only sane Argent. I think he is realizing he created a monster in Allison. who needs a good shaking to get her head out of her ass. I really liked Isaac and even and Erica and Boyd here. the bonds between the kids are getting stronger and it is nice to see. I really hope Lydia manages what Peter is suggesting. I loved the opning sequence with Stiles, Dylan was on top of his game and the camera work was brilliant. this episode showed, at least to me, how fragmented they truly are and how much stronger they would be if they actually worked as a pack as Derek has been suggesting since the beginning. love the Wise Vet and I wonder what role the Wise GC has in all this because if the opning talk wasn't foreshadowing then I don't know what is.