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Let me preface with I appreciate that as a rule, our heroes always communicate with each other and keep everyone in the loop. However, sometimes I get really annoyed that there seem to be conversations or revelations to other characters that we don't get to see at all. For instance, did Noshiko find out Scott was a werewolf because she just recognized a fellow supernatural creature or because Kira and Scott told her? I suspect they told her, basically because Noshiko didn't recognize Satomi as a werewolf and wasn't as snarly toward Scott when he came for dinner as she was during her exposition tale. But, how did that go? And does Kira know that Scott is an Alpha and what that actually means? I mean she may have seen Derek's eyes, but in De-Void was the first time she would have seen Isaac's.

Or, for instance, when on earth did the group go from distrusting the twins to giving them a second chance and when, and how in the hell, did they ever convince Isaac to go along with that one? He's been in a coma for the past three episodes and before that they were looking for Stiles. I mean talk about when there would have been a time that Isaac missed Stiles as he agrees with Isaac on that one.

I don't know this was just bugging me today. It is snowing out again and I think I am easily annoyed. I think I was thinking along the lines of, it appears that the unexpected adversary that Kira finds herself facing next week is actually her mother and while her mother would know she might be dealing with Scott at the same time, she might not understand that then means, she is fighting almost all the other werewolves in town at the same time.
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