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So, just because, I decided to rewatch all of Season 3 this weekend (you know, except for a couple that really only had one or two pieces of info in them, i.e., Visionary, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Tattoo, Echo House), I was once again reminded of a question I had from Tattoo onward. How on earth did Deucalion hear about any of the possibilities of what Scott could be? Or how did Jennifer know it?

Now, most of the season I was waiting to hear of some sort of prophecy that somehow Scott was fulfilling (see Buffy). But, as the season wore on, and the show in general, it just doesn't seem too prophecy based. Sure, they have their reference materials, but usually those seem more along the lines of recordings, like on Grimm.

That lead me to another thought, Deaton. Now, the only reason he seemed to think Scott could become a True Alpha, or at least what he told Scott, was that Scott was basically a good and responsible kid. As screwed up as his father was with his drinking and everything, if Deaton knew Scott's parents, they are basically two good people who dedicated themselves to helping people professions. All of that seems reasonable for Deaton to think, hey, if anyone has the basic make up to become a True Alpha, its this kid who is a good little worker for me (I mean, seriously, that has to be the cleanest vet's office anywhere and as Deaton is very rarely there, Scott does most of that). But that doesn't answer the question of how anyone else knew.

I mean, sure, he might have shared his thoughts with his sister, but he also had to know she was obligated to Deucalion at that point and even though she would act against him, she wouldn't hide things from him. And Deaton knew that Deucalion had lost it after he was blinded by Gerard. So, I have doubts he would have told her. But even if he did, how did Jennifer know? I might be willing to go with, how on earth did Noshiko just know that Scott was a wolf because Kira never told her, but whatever, kitsune's that old can see a lot and the Darach might have similar abilities. But I will get to that point in a second.

So, here is my thinking...I think Deaton must have some other druid friends. But, he might not trust them anymore.

And Scott, I know you were in the hurry the hell up Noshiko in your story, but did you have any inclination to say, well, I am a bitten wolf...
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