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There was once a time in my life when I saw promo trailers for Teen Wolf and rolled my eyes, like a damn fool. Oh, how ignorant I was to the wacky, sexy, thrill ride of this teen adventure!

I started watching Teen Wolf because I ran out of things to read by Price Peterson. There are certain shows I watch (that may or may not involve vampires) simply to partake in his delightful recaps.

With shows of this eye-bulging magnitude, I enjoy writing my reactions to my good pal via facebook, because she usually sees TV before me (she’s from the future). Television is more fun when you’re enjoying it with someone else. However, disaster struck when I learned my best chum had NOT seen this masterful piece of storytelling genius!

So, like any other sane person, I decided to enjoy this show with YOU GUYS. I wrote down all of my reactions in order to share them with you.

And before you hack the internet to find my home address to break eggs into my hair, please be advised that it took me a few episodes to warm up to this show. Remember, I came into it skeptical!

Thus, I give you, Toni Watches Teen Wolf - Season 1

This is happening. Teen Wolf, season 1, here we go.

Haha, really, show? The very first shot we get of our hero is shirtless? Okay, I see what this is.

Wow, show, you didn’t waste any time in making our hero a werewolf. What are we, like, 7 minutes in? Well done.

Obligatory goofy best friend, check.

Obligatory heightened senses… check.

Aaaaaand Obligatory love interest, check.

Great! Let’s get this party started!

Baaahahahaha, he works in an ANIMAL CLINIC? Perfect.

Can he talk to dogs?

Why is the coach such a dick?

A sort-of hot older werewolf protector! A mysterious arrow-shooting-werewolf hunting gang of middle aged men! Teen Wolf, I underestimated you. Do you think the werewolf hunters have a clubhouse? I hope so!

OF COURSE love interest’s dad is the main hunter. Because why WOULDN’T he be?

Okay, so Stiles is the best. Obviously. Was that obvious to everyone else? So far, Stiles for the win.

Ugh, because why WOULDN’T obligatory love interest go searching for her new beau in an inexplicably darkly-lit BOYS locker room? She literally hid out of fear, then KEPT GOING to find him weirdly leaning and breathing heavily, then made out with him. *sigh* Please, for the love of Athena, write women better, show! I mean, that chick who only cares about winning? Is that a thing? Is there a person in the world like that?

Wait, what town do these people live in? Our wolf hero just rode up to work and left his bike outside UNLOCKED. What? I get this is a supernatural show about werewolves, but c’mon, let’s try to base at least something in reality.

Also, he may have killed a guy on a bus. Meh.

There’s a lot of people mysteriously appearing behind other people.

I don’t know if it’s too early to say this, but this show is genuinely creepy. And funny. Huh. Who knew?

Ohhhhh there’s an alpha. Things are getting interesting!!

Does anyone else find it unnerving that the Obligatory Love Interest looks like our Hero’s mom?

allison.jpgmelissa 1.jpg

Okay, show, make up your mind. You keep flip-flopping between Just Another Stupid Teen Show, to Physch! Not Just a Stupid Teen Show! WHAT ARE YOU???

First you tantalize me what that bitching cold open in the fourth episode where I literally rolled my eyes at a woman driving along, listening to her tunes, being hot and minding her own business. So, obviously she was gonna die. I actually thought to myself, “did I stumble into Mystic Falls accidentally? Is there going to be a shot of a crow for no reason?” and then BAM, Bitch pulls a shotgun and starts YELLING ‘C’MON’ at the WEREWOLF.

Yes, show. YES.

But then Obligatory Love Interest gets talked into having sex after one date by her (secretly smart?) really dumb “best friend” because… high school?

Now Vapid Ginger is taking selfies in the car while her jock bully boyfriend is forced to rent The Notebook, but actually is met by something a little less scary… a werewolf.

C’mon, show! You were doing so well!!!

Also, a video store? Are those still a thing?

Although I must say, one good thing that came from the last episode is the banter between Stiles and Kinda-Hot-Older-Werewolf as the former almost died from a magic bullet (for reals). Do I smell a best-friendship forming??? I hope so!! Oh, the wacky hijinks those two could get into. *sigh* I mean, almost cutting a guy’s arm off is a GREAT best-friendship origin story!!

Is there anything interesting about our hero walking in the forest with Obligatory Love Interest? No. There isn’t.

You know what IS interesting? The hot literal sparks that were flying between Kick Ass Aunt and Kinda Hot Werewolf!!

kate and derek.jpg

I mean, the scene started with him shirtless and working out in jeans, so immediately my eyes were a-rollin’, but then she busts in and hits him with an electric stick and then drops the bomb that the alpha killed his sister… I mean, if they had stopped the scene to have sexy-times right then and there, I would NOT have been upset! I think Kinda Hot Werewolf just graduated to Actually Hot Werewolf. Congratulations!

Also, is the vet kinda creepy? I can’t tell.

And is Stiles the best? YES.

Hahahahahaha, what’s with the heavy music and super meaningful looks between ALL the characters over a dead mountain lion??? And who GOT a mountain lion to run around a parking lot?? OH, SHOW, you kill me.

Why are all the adult males on this show super sketchy? I mean… stop leering, skinny teacher with glasses!

Ahhhhhhh!!! Is Hot Werewolf DEAD??? Holy shit! Does that mean the vet is the alpha?? What is HAPPENING????

The Alpha werewolf just threw their car battery through the window. … Awesome.
I don’t care how in love you are, don’t hold hands while you run! In what way could that possibly speed you up?? Also, this episode is like a bad teen horror film, and I love it.

Scott and Obligatory Love Interest just broke up and I can’t decide if I care or not.

In other news, Stiles is still the best.

Oh, and apparently the Handsome Jock Bully has a thing for Alison. Um, okay. And Vapid Ginger is really smart, but still very vapid.

Okay. Great. Our hero becomes a total dick during the full moon. Ugh.

Also, HOT WEREWOLF is alive! And he stopped our hero from becoming a murderer! Naturally, the first thing our hero did was express his happiness at his quasi-friend’s survival and apologize for incriminating him as a MURDERER… oh wait, no he didn’t. He asked about a stupid cure, like a wiener.

Whoa! Shit just got serious! Hot Werewolf’s uncle is the Alpha! And Stiles is in danger!


If this show was only about Stiles and Hot Werewolf’s zany friendship – I would watch it for eternity.

Okay, I’ll admit I’m on board with our Hero now. When Hot Werewolf was going to kill the Douche Bully and said “no one cares if you’re the captain of the lacrosse team”, and our hero showed up and said “excuse me, co-captain,” I wanted to applaud. That was cool.

But seriously guys, is there a place in the world that cares about lacrosse as much as this town does? Like, actually?

Also, what is Hot Werewolf’s DEAL? Obviously he’s going to turn into a full-fledged good guy and he’s going to swap homemade friendship bracelets with Styles, but until that happens, this show is trying really hard to make him a mystery. Is he working for his Alpha uncle? Is he conflicted? Is he just pretending to side with the alpha in order to save Scott? WHAT’S GOING ON???

Wait, whaaaa? Did the Vet just become AWESOME? He has powers I guess? Cool.


Hey, a school dance! I bet it’ll be super fun and totally free of any supernatural disasters.

Ugh, Douche Bully, why don’t you go stumbling into the woods totally drunk when you KNOW there are werewolves about. Great idea. Is this guy gonna die soon? Please? Remember when they tried to make him interesting and relatable when his teacher was all, “he’s adopted and feels he has something to prove”? And then they totally dropped it, and he continues to be a dick-face even though our Hero saved his life? *sigh* I have no patience for this.

Oh my! It seems every major character on this show now knows that our Hero is a werewolf. Except for Lydia, who is the smartest. Irony?

Oh, and the “hunters” appear to be about to commit vehicular manslaughter on our poor little love-sick werewolf. I’m confused – why did Obligatory Love Interest break up with our Hero in the first place? She seemed pretty cool with letting him talk his way back in.

Gasp! LYDIA WAS BIT! Is she going to be a werewolf???? That is AWESOME. Please let this be a thing.

I love Obligatory Girlfriend’s mom. She’s got crazy-eyes.

Huh, guess it’s a good thing for the bad guy that AT&T has such a great product! And Blackberry, and Mac! This bad guy really knows his electronics.

Also, Scott just found Hot Werewolf by howling. Are you seriously telling me the big bad didn’t think of that?

Oh wow, guys, has Obligatory Love interest become useful?? Yay! She just shot the Molotov cocktail and now the werewolf is a-burning. They’re all working like a team out there, and it’s paying off.

Oh, and have I mentioned that Stiles is the best?

Okay – so many things to say! Firstly, Big Bad killed Hot Werewolf’s sister in order to become the alpha, right? Does that mean that Hot Werewolf’s sister was the alpha before? That’s awesome. Way to be a feminist, show!

Second, I think the romance I wanted between Awesome Aunt Kate and Hot Werewolf isn’t gonna work out. Mainly because she’s dead now. Ah well.

Also – HOT WEREWOLF IS THE ALPHA NOW. Wicked. I mean, dick move not letting Scott cure himself, but really, if Scott cured himself, there wouldn’t be a show. So…


WHAT is Lydia? Not a werewolf, obvs *eye roll*, that would’ve been so much fun.
Oh, Styles’ cool dad figured out that Awesome Bitch Aunt was the arsonist, we assume, because he found the necklace. I like that he’s actually a good cop. Take notes Sheriff Forbes!

And I like Scott. Sorry for being an a-hole about you earlier, Hero, I just, ya know, … sorry.

Now MORE hunters are coming to town to be the Big-Bad threat for season 2, and Hot Werewolf will likely cause some problems, and I guess Douche Bully is going to be a werewolf now. Ugh, that’s gonna get super annoying, I bet.

On to Season 2!
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Apr 16, 2014
If this show was only about Styles and Hot Werewolf’s zany friendship – I would watch it for eternity. Who knew back then that teen wolf will do exactly the same. More than romance its friendship which was and still is the major driving force of this show. Loved your reactions - made me realize once again how Teen wolf took some stereotypical character and situation and gave its own twist and made it something far more superior than any typical teen age drama, supernatural or not on television right now.
Apr 15, 2014
Welcome to the TW Community. I think the TW Community in TV.Com is very active. You will love Price's Recap for the TW episodes and the discussions. We share info, our opinions, theories, etc is pretty fun. We also agree and disagree in many things especially in the mythology, but always in a respectful way. Hope you post your reactions for season 3A and 3B in different post, because basically this seasons were different seasons, but this is if you have time. :)
Apr 15, 2014
Just wait until you get to Season 2, season 2 is the absolute best (mind you, you spend the whole season going, Lydia, WTF and they don't actually tell you until Season 3, Episode 9, but she is pretty damn awesome in season 2 and her totally bitchiness disappears). And Allison...wait until you see the journey she takes. And the feeling that grows throughout Season 2, Derek we love you, but stop trying to make decisions (the journey you expect takes a little longer but he gets there). And Season 3, well, you have to sit through the first 12 which are interesting enough to get to the awesomness of the latter 12, at which point you should come back here and, well, you smile and get weepy at your reactions.
Apr 15, 2014
This is an apt summary of the seasons!! :) I've actually already marathoned all the way to the heart-crushing end of Season 3. I have my reactions, I just have to collect them and add some pictures. Season 2 should be up today!
Apr 15, 2014
Ah...I usually will marathon it before the season starts again, but I am actually, well, a little morose about the idea. Like, I think I could sit through Scott and Allison's first meeting in the class room fine, but I actually think Allison and Lydia's first meeting in the hallway might get to me more. And then I don't know how I am going to control my rage at Gerard at the end of season 2 (from what I understand they are going back to basics in season 4 and god, I almost hope he gets his comeuppance more than Kate does, she and Peter should just be locked in a cell somewhere and whoever is the winner we'll just deal with, but Gerard, the manipulative bastard). And while Stiles should be effected, I hope he is not just guilt ridden sad, you know like Derek, all the time.
Apr 14, 2014
This was the greatest bit of snarky nostalgia ever.
Apr 15, 2014
Yeah, same here. Reading this was a recall to all of this feelings.
Apr 14, 2014
;( ;( ;( ;( mmmmmmmm I miss this show.
Apr 14, 2014
You predicted sterek !
Apr 15, 2014
I said the same literally "he is talking about Sterek". I like Sterek like a frienship or bromance. Their scenes always are funny.
Apr 14, 2014
Just to be clear I don't like sterek but it is still cool.
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