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Well friends, if you’ve read my “recap” of Teen Wolf Season 1, then you know that I stumbled into this delightful masterpiece late in the game. Obviously as soon as I got hooked, I marathoned all three seasons in a matter of days (I DO SO have a life - you are the… one that… *sigh* okay, I don’t have a life).

I usually write my reactions about any and all shows to my good pal, but she (tragically) has not yet seen the wonders of this heart pumping supernatural teen adventure, so I wrote my reactions to YOU.

Thus, I give you, Toni Watches Teen Wolf Season 2:

Holy shit, Season 2, you are NOT messing around! It is scenes like that that make showers terrifying. I mean seriously, how are we, as a society, supposed to just take relaxing showers when there are horrifying scenes like THAT on tv?? HMMMM??? Lydia just pulled hair out of some black goo pooling at the bottom on her shower because, yeah, that’s what I’d do too (I would not do that).


Fine, I forgive you. That was awesome. Lydia is now the most interesting character on this show.

Who’s the best, though? Stiles.

OMG, you guys, this guy who’s currently digging a grave for Kate IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT should talk to his union rep, because it seems unlawful to have a teen working heavy machinery at night in a graveyard in a town that welcomes werewolves. Just saying.

Also, Scott just had his head out the window like a dog. Hilarious.

Hello Grandpa Hunter!! Did you get bored on New Caprica? This guy is awesome. He cut a guy in half for no reason.

Is the Douche Bully Guy a werewolf or not? Black stuff is coming out of his every orifice. Serves him right? Hot Werewolf seems pretty grossed out by it, and fair enough.

Whoa! You guys! Season 2 is bringing it’s A game! There’s a new werewolf who used to dig graves! Douche is NOT a werewolf. Haha, that guy. The weirdo hunters kidnapped and tortured the principal because test scores were low, and made Grandpa Hunter the principal. I mean… WHAT? How? Never mind, I don’t care, this is awesome.

Oh, and there’s a new LIZARD MONSTER.

Yes. Just, bravo, Teen Wolf, BRAVO.

Is it just me, or is Obligatory Girlfriend kicking ass lately?

The best part of this episode? Stiles and Hot Werewolf are best friends forever!! They broke into a jail! Hot Werewolf laid out the charm for a lady cop, and then he ditched her to save Stiles life. Why? Because they’re best friends! When Stiles looked at him with awe and asked, “how’d you do that?” and he turned around all, “I’m the alpha”, like it ain't no thang. Man, that was great. More of this please!

The new werewolf kind of annoys me already, but I feel like I have to give him a chance because he was abused by his father. Like, I would be a dick if I was mean to this guys, ya know?

Mama Crazy Eyes just cut herself to go see Scott’s mom at the hospital.


My question is, how did she know she was on shift?? How did she know she’d get her specifically? It just doesn’t seem like a very well thought out plan.

Also, Lydia is going crazy.

I don’t understand the Douche’s story arc. Basically he’s super upset that he’s a human? Or am I missing something? He was just angrily practicing lacrosse, because… *sigh* okay. Then his uber-expensive truck got stuck in the mud and he got real upset about that, then he lifted his truck and seemed to be pleased. How did he lift his truck? We are as yet unsure. I hope he doesn’t have powers. I hope it was adrenalin or something, because this guy with powers is gonna be annoying.

Just as annoying as Derek and our Hero pretending they don’t like each other. You guys! Just work it out! You’re Stiles’ two best friends! I kinda don’t get why our Hero is so upset that Derek is turning people. I mean, it’s not like he’s doing it against their will. He’s asking nicely. And their lives ARE better for it. Yes, they’ll be hunted and get all cranky at a full moon, but whatevs. That’s their decision to make, Scott, stop micromanaging. Scott has sort of been a dick to Hot Werewolf this whole series. Should it maybe be time for a little bro-love please??

Ha, the wacky antics of Hot Werewolf and Stiles strikes again! This time in a pool!
Is it just me, or is this show getting funnier? I also love how they keep playing with the homoerotic nature of the Styles / Scott relationship.

scott and stiles.jpg

Whaaaaa? This show just keeps getting cooler! The Lizard is Jackson! Oh good, maybe he’ll die soon. It made me angry that Lydia would still kiss him after the way he’s treated her. Girls, ammiright?

But more importantly, WHO is in the car that did the heartfelt prison-like hand-on-the-glass with Lizard Jackson??? Is the fact that Jackson is adopted going to come into play at all? Is that going to be his real daddy??

Also, big news guys… I’m going to start calling Obligatory Girlfriend by her actual name because she’s earned it. ALISON IS THE COOLEST. She covered the arrow in slime to paralyze Boobs McWerewolf, and it was outstanding.

Lydia is awesome and someone better fill her in on everything that’s happening, because it’s bugging me that the smartest person in the group is the only one that doesn’t know what’s up.

Okay, so he doesn’t remember that he’s a weirdo lizard, Jackson is still a huge douche and should probably just die soon.

Also, what is the skinny teacher’s DEAL, you guys??

If Boobs McWerewolf complains one more time about what a loser she used to be, I’m gonna… keep watching, but seriously dislike her.

Ugh, and who is this seriously sketchy dude all up on Lydia?? Doesn’t he know that Lydia and Stiles are the best characters on the show, and thus are destined to be together? He’s giving off a suuuuuuper creepy vibe, guys. Does he have a van?

They’re all in detention together! It’s a Teen Wolf Breakfast Club!

OH MY GOD could things please stop crawling/slithering in and out of Jackson?? That has GOT to have a lasting effect.

jackson snake.jpg

BAH! Holy shit! That was the creepiest / coolest last shot! Lydia made out with an imaginary creepy dude who turned out to be PETER! And now she looks all crazy and they slid down to where Peter is slumbering IN THE GROUND. Why is he vertical, you guys? Don’t people usually get buried lying down? You know what, I DON’T CARE, that was awesome.

Oh, and are they setting up a romance between Stiles and Boobs McWerewolf? Cause, no.

BAHHAHAHAHAH Mamma Crazy Eyes just saw our hero kissing Alison and it was both terrifying and hilarious!!!! Also, remember when she asked Scott if he was having sex with Alison, while she SHARPENED PENCILS? Man, this woman is bat-shit, and it’s awesome.

And the vet’s back! WHO ARE YOU?

Mama Crazy Eyes just tried to KILL our hero! With a vaporizer! (LOL) And then Hot Werewolf crashed in and saved him, and carried him princess-style out of there, and then sat by his bedside (ish) like a true werewolf friend, and he BIT Crazy Eyes, and I guess Stiles is magic now??

*contented sigh*


Missed Lydia, though. Where you at, Lydia? Still sitting in that creepy house with your inappropriately aged ghost boyfriend?

Haha, what? Why does the photographer guy all of a sudden come off as evil?
My heart just broke. Everyone is hallucinating at Lydia’s party, and Stile’s hallucination was his dad after his mom’s funeral, blaming him. “You killed your mother, and now you’re killing me.” Ugh. That is just amazing writing and character development right there. If you didn’t already love Stiles more than chocolate and fluffy pillows (which, how?), then you just fell in love with him in that moment. THAT’S what that kid is carrying around? Ugh, the look on his face. I want to hug him.

Also, I guess Crazy Eyes is going to kill herself. That’s too bad, she’s a terrifying character.

And why isn’t Scott turning into a Werewolf? Isn’t it the full moon?

Ugh, for crying out loud! Crazy Eyes just killed herself on ALISON’S BED! I mean, have the decency to do it in your own room! She probably got blood all over everything. Alison has to sleep there, Lady!

And what the hell did Lydia just do to Hot Werewolf??? By the way, Hot Werewolf is getting hotter with each passing episode. Honestly. Remember at the start when I was like, “this guy is okay”. What a fool I was!

Holy shit! Lydia just raised Peter from the dead! And it was surprisingly easy! I don’t really understand what the magic hallucinogenic punch had to do with any of it. All she had to do was knock out Increasingly Hot Werewolf and make him hold hands with his uncle. Like… easier than a 3 ingredient cookie!

Oh, and the creepy photographer is the Douche’s Master.


OH, and when Douche was all, “you don’t want me there” to Lydia, does that mean he’s starting to remember what a monster he is? Or is he simply realizing that he’s a huge douche that no one likes?

K wait, what? That cold open flashback with Matt and Jackson / Lizard Monster was super cool, but I am still SO CONFUSED! Did they mind-meld with their hands?? How did Matt immediately know what Jackson was?? How did he see what he did to Issac’s abusive dad? Ugh, I don’t know.

Haha, I love it when villains monologue. It’s such a stupid thing for them to do, and yet it’s so essential for the narrative! So, basically, this guy almost drowned, but DIDN’T, and now he’s all butt-hurt because no one tried to save him. Except… Isaac’s dad DID save him. He pulled him out of the water and now he’s still alive. I get that Isaac’s dad was a dick, but everyone else? I dunno… this just seems a bit weak for a season-long revenge plot.

Also, can we talk about Stiles getting paralysed and falling on an also-paralysed Derek? My heart leapt. I love this friendship.

derek and stiles.png

Oh, and I guess Alison is some badass hunter chick now who wants to kill Hot Werewolf. I see why they did this, but is she going to find out that Hot Werewolf bit her crazy-eyed mother because she was KILLING HER BOYFRIEND?? Also, crazy eyes didn’t HAVE to kill herself. That’s the result of their crazy ass family. She could have just lived as a werewolf. Just saying.

DAMN! Alison just shot Lizard Monster (aka Jackson) in the head, and then he PULLED IT OUT.

Bah! Holy shit! Scott’s mom knows he’s a werewolf, and she was kind of a jerk about it. Then Grampa Battlestar DROWNED A TEENAGER in a nearby pond, and then took over Jackson with Uncle Peter just watching like it was Shakespeare in the park!

You’re insane, show, and I love you for it.

Oh man, the vet is awesome.

I don’t want Isaac to go! He super annoyed me at first, but now he’s all healing a dog and crying about it and being nice to Scott… just stay and be Scott’s little buddy, okay Isaac? I’m sorry I thought you were annoying at first! I said I’m SORRY!

Whoops, judgmental Mom in the locker room. Is that allowed?

Hey, Isaac came back! And Stiles is all of a sudden good at lacrosse? Okay!

OMG OMG, so many things! My new favourite (besides Styles. And Lydia. And Hot Werewolf) okay ONE of my favourites ISAAC almost got cut in half! Then Scott saved him! Yay for friends! Then Evil Uncle Werewolf told Super Hot Werewolf that Lydia can save Jackson from being the lizard monster! (Ugh, gross, I don’t even like that guy, I don’t care, he doesn’t deserve Lydia). Then Jackson KILLED HIMSELF by stabbing his tummy with his own gross fingernails (I hope that’s for real – it’ll be the first and last nice thing he’s ever done), and now THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE Stiles is MISSING.

No, show. NO. (Except yes – this show is so good!)

Grampa Battlestar said he was going to leave Scott’s best friend bloody and beaten, and Stiles just waltzes home with a scratch on his cheek? Not that I’m complaining, no one should ever touch a beautiful sarcastic hair on my beloved Stiles, but… really?

Ha, when did Evil Uncle Peter get HILARIOUS? Cause guys… he’s a riot.

Oh, and I guess Jackson is going to turn into something more terrifying than a high school douche. Ugh.

BAH! Was Jackson naked through that entire scene??

lizard jackson.png

Lydia was all “I do still love you” (Barf) and then he became a werewolf finally (eye roll) and then she hugged him and everyone stood around watching, and he was NAKED. The whole time.

Now, I know most of you are cursing my name and probably out buying eggs right now to smush into my hair as I sleep because I don’t like Jackson, but hear me out. He’s a dick. He’s mean. He doesn’t actually care about Lydia. So, no, I DON’T like Jackson even a little bit. I DO, however, like Colton Haynes. I know he’s currently on Arrow, so my hopes for his death are not just because I want Jackson to get his comeuppance for being a douche, but also because I know this actor deserves better than this shitty, awful, terrible douche. Moving on!

Why did Evil uncle Peter stay in the sidelines until the very last moment? He’s got something up his sleeve, no? I mean, a werewolf doesn’t go through all the trouble of seducing a teenage girl and having her bring him back to life, just to sit around and be hilarious.

Oh, and our little hero is growing up! He had a plan, you guys! A really intricate, kinda GOOD plan! He gave Grampa Battlestar some sort of pills (don’t know) that meant that when he was bitten (so Scott figured the whole time that he wanted that? Never mind, don’t care), it would turn him into goo… or something. You know what, the important part is that Scott had a plan, and it worked. Good for you, Scott!! Have a treat!

Also, Styles’ dad is hella awesome. If he ever dies I’m rioting. Like, actually.

And I guess hot werewolf and Scott are good buds again? Please? Cause Scott was redeemed from “betraying” them… right?

Oh, and no big deal, but now there are a PACK OF ALPHAS COMING THIS WAY.

Oh season 3, you are going to be a giant shit show, and it’s going to be outstanding.
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Aug 05, 2014
Needed to read this. Season 2 is still my favorite season because that's when I fell in love HARDCORE with this show.
Apr 22, 2014
Hey, where is Season 3 stuff? This was so fun for Seasons One and Two! If you are overwhelmed, do the same thing the show did. Even if part of it in Season 3B is ..................what? Or the final thought...um, did they actually need to do that in the first place? They really kind of just ended up following Isaac's hearing.
Apr 22, 2014
Haha, it'll be up by tonight!
Apr 22, 2014
Oh, I meant 3A....the more I think of it, what the hell with Motel California. That was an interesting episode, but...what?
Apr 19, 2014
Totally agree with you about Jackson! Hated him, especially with Lydia.

FYI: Originally Isaac was suppose to die in the locker room scene with Gerard (Grandpa Battlestar). He was saved because he became a fan favorite. :)
Apr 18, 2014
I'm so happy to see love for Lydia, she is slowly becoming my favourite character i'm ashamed to say. Well maybe co-favourite, Stiles can do no wrong.

In a show of SO many great characters i thing Pete's is the most intriguing and fun one though. He is also the smoothest one, Derek ain't got nothing on him even though he thinks he does.

To your point regarding Gerard letting Stiles go, upon a second viewing i think it was Chris who let him go after seeing how Gerard manipulated Allison.

To your question why did Scott get mad at Derek for turning kids into werewolves (I was pretty pissed off too actually) it was because he did it so they would fight for him in his war against the Argents when he knew full well they wouldn't be ready and most likely end up getting killed. Being a werewolf in Beacon hills seems to be extremely dangerous, don't you think?
Apr 17, 2014
- That was the point with Matt. It was a really stupid reason to kill people and go through all that. He's a psychopath with stupid reasoning skills. Scott's face during that whole monologue is "Um...that's it?"

- Mrs. McCall is one of my very favorite characters, she just freaks out when her son turns, but deals with it, and comes back better than ever!

- Why do you like Derek? He's really the worst. And he gets even more terrible in season 3A.

- Allison was lead to believe that Derek out and out killed her mom. They don't tell her about the suicide thing until later.
Apr 17, 2014
"Now, I know most of you are cursing my name and probably out buying eggs right now to smush into my hair as I sleep because I don’t like Jackson, but hear me out. He’s a dick. He’s mean. He doesn’t actually care about Lydia. So, no, I DON’T like Jackson even a little bit." Haha I dislike him at the beginning, but them sympathize with him a little because of the whole adopted thing.

"Not that I’m complaining, no one should ever touch a beautiful sarcastic hair on my beloved Stiles, but… really?" Styles is the heart of the TW fandom :)
Apr 17, 2014
I just discovered the show too! LOVE it so much! Every season, they kick it up another notch! I only have 3 more eps to go & then the wait for S4 begins. Love Stiles ( of course!), Derek, Uncle Peter & Allison!
Apr 17, 2014
Prep the tissues and some major fist pumping action, the last three episodes are on a new level of brilliance.
Apr 16, 2014
After reading your recap of first season I was waiting for your opinion about the 'obligatory girlfriend'. Totally expected the same reaction. Best thing which teen wolf did, apart from introducing Stiles, was the evolution of Allison Argent. Leave aside being just a love interest she became such an kick ass character by the end of this season that I thought her own spin off made in the same mold as SUPERNATURAL could have been equally successful. And God thanks again for reminding me why I hated Jackson so much. An amazing character like Lydia deserved much better.
Apr 16, 2014
I really like these recaps! I love seeing people's first reactions to my favorite shows, especially when that person kind of makes fun of it at first and then gets totally sucked in by how good it actually is.
My favorite bit: Then Grampa Battlestar DROWNED A TEENAGER in a nearby pond, and then took over Jackson with Uncle Peter just watching like it was Shakespeare in the park!
And I totally agree with you about Jackson. Ugh.

Apr 16, 2014
This was totally awesome (I know people complained about Matt and everything but he was crazy of course his reasoning was going to be crazy and he was also turning into another kanima at the time, so he was a little freaked).

Peter is a mystery, even now (though I do kind of think he is a target in season 4 for someone....). But yeah, I think one of the best highlights was that post fight conversation with Derek, "I'm not a total psycho" and then the whole anchor thing actually seems weirdly relevant now. I will posit my biggest inquiry about Peter when you post your season 3 reaction (its relevant for 3a).

I am so glad you have the same feelings toward Jackson as I did, I always kind of felt like I just had to bite my tongue in relation to him. His like only redeeming character trait was he was best friends with Danny, but it made me question Danny a bit. After season 3, I'm kind of glad they didn't kill him for Lydia's sake though.

I am not a Sterek fan, but they are very funny together.

I tended to feel the same way about the Scott/Derek dynamic as you, season one it was all Derek give the poor kid a chance to adapt, Scott stop assuming the worse. Second season it was like, trust each other you fricking idiots, and oh, Derek what are you doing....hey, Scott can pull out a long con!! I think by far the most useful thing one of the bad guys does in Season 3 is point out what their dynamic is and to perhaps remind them that Derek said it in the pilot, they are brothers.

Apr 18, 2014
I never, EVER could bring myself to like Jackson or even really find one remotely positive thing about his character. Every once in a while I would catch a brief spell of confusion and think I might see something redeeming and then I would immediately be reminded of how much I truly disliked him. Not due to lack of trying I assure you! I didn't want to hate him, but he was really so easy to hate, and not even the love to hate kind of way. Just the downright hate way.
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