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I mean, last year was when Allison died. 3A is when they led into the ritual (which let's be honest, that whole episode made the season make sense and then the season finale while cool, didn't make a lot of sense until the Darach/Deucalion fight). But then I am distracted by the fact that the season finale is an extra fifteen minutes long and then the mysterious rumored title sounds like it could be kind of dramatic.
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I completely agree. I found the past two "pre-finale episodes" to be the best of seasons 3a and 3b, but with this episode I felt kind of let down....maybe that's just because I liked 3a and 3b more than I like season 4.
Yeah, it was kind of a let down, but it might actually look to be an excellent season finale which, well, you know has always been the let down before. My favorite season continues to be Season 2, and I couldn't tell you what happened in its penultimate episode.

I felt this episode did some interesting character development with secondary characters, which was interesting. Liam's story was very interesting (and I sort of presume Mason will be let in on the secret because, well, as they said maybe once, it is a full moon tomorrow and unless they drag him to Mexico, there aren't actually any shapeshifters to help him out in Beacon Hills besides Satomi's pack).
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