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So, based on an EW article, Scott is still an Alpha and the season premiere takes place in Mexico. I must confess, the first thought was something that crossed my mind yesterday when I kept reading that the dynamics of the group will change. But then today I read two things, one, Jeff Davis' article where he said that now that Scott has solidified his Alpha status and then Dylan O'Brien's article (cited by @lifeofpi) where he says Malia is part of the pack next season. That makes me just think someone who isn't becomes a werewolf tonight.

My second thought is that either our heroes are searching out Mariah's group of hunters (deciding to take offense versus defense) or there can't be any reasonable explanation for Allison's death and maybe they have to go on the run? That might be fun. They might also be on the run to protect Malia from the hunters searching for a she wolf (her being the present closest definition to that term).

I know the first episode is called The Dark Moon or something like that and it is being named for a time of grieving and reflection, so it wouldn't surprise me to find that our heroes are potentially just returning home after being on the run.

I don't know, I have a few weeks to kill before Orphan Black returns before Season Four likely starts (as far as I know while I think they are a couple episodes into Season Four production, I don't know when exactly they will start but I am going to assume the first Monday in June per usual).
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