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Nearly midway through Season 3, I wrote a post titled "Best Music Moments in MTV's Teen Wolf" (here) in appreciation of the excellent music MTV has been using in its scripted series. It's been a year, and it's time to revisit.

10. Hayden Calnin “Coward”Melissa stresses over bills, Scott shares Garrett’s blood-money with Stiles in “Orphaned” (S4ep6)

“Coward” feels heavy. Its percussion drags even as it trips forward, weighing down Hayden Calnin’s echoing and distant vocals and its ethereal triangle chimes. Real-life, human problems, like the financial struggles of a single parent, have been a major theme of Season 4. Calnin’s opening lyrics chime in—“Break down/On your knees and drown”—and give a somber melody to Melissa McCall’s very mundane but very real problems and Scott’s sense of helplessness as he overhears her difficulties.

9. Korn (feat. Noisia) “Burn the Obedient” — Kali and Jennifer showdown in “Lunar Eclipse” (S3ep12)

“Burn the Obedient”’s dubstep flavor certainly accords with Teen Wolf’s soundtrack character, but Korn’s metal roots lend a distinctive personality to darach Jennifer’s bitter clash with her former alpha Kali. It’s at once a revenge fantasy and a paean to freedom born from violence.

8. Mourning Ritual (feat. Peter Dreimanis) “Bad Moon Rising” — Onis rip apart the hospital in “The Divine Move” (S3ep24)

It’s not at all subtle, and the single glutted television in the last year after being featured on both The Walking Dead and The Following, but this sinister cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s swamp rock classic is an atmospheric stunner. It translates Fogerty’s vibrant, melodic (if apocalyptic) vision into a deep, ambient nightmare. And Dreimanis’ scratchy, bellowing, rich vocals give the track a fitting tone of gloom.

7. Magic Man “Every Day” — Garrett, Violet and Mason get off the school bus in “The Benefactor” (S4ep4)

It’s hardly a revolutionary moment of Teen Wolf, but “Every Day” is a throwback to high-school frivolity, a carefree appeal to youthful exuberance to match Garrett’s insistance that they do anything but stay in and watch a movie. That they're words spoken by an angel-faced, sociopathic hitman is retrospectively ironic and truly sinister and just the kind of pall that characterizes Teen Wolf's horror.

6. Hozier “Like Real People Do” — Kira stays over at Scott’s in “De-Void” (S3ep22)

“Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips/We should just kiss like real people do”. She may need to invite him onto his own bed twice, but once Scott finally joins Kira on the bed, their chaste flirtation finally crescendos into their first kiss. The lilting pop-folk ballad by Irish songwriter Hozier is their soft, acoustic theme among a soundtrack riddled with fiery electronic tracks.

5. The Miracals “I Could Love You More” — Stiles and Malia 'study' in “Muted” (S4ep3)

It’s a strange ditty, simultaneously full of romantic delight and reservation, abandon and self-preservation, but it’s “I Could Love You More”’s boppy guitar riffs and whimsical tempo that capture Malia’s sweetly insatiable attraction to Stiles. It’s a rare glimpse of teenage normalcy between two lovers whose affection is growing even as we get to watch. [Honorable Mention: Stiles stumbles on Malia showering in the men’s bathroom at Eichen House to the seductive cadence of “No One’s Here to Sleep” by Naughty Boy (feat. Bastille) in “Echo House” (S3ep20).]

4. Jamie N Commons and X Ambassadors “Jungle” — Braeden escorts Scott to La Iglesia in “The Dark Moon” (S4ep1)

She’s been around since rescuing Isaac from the alphas at the beginning of Season 3, but Braeden emerges here as a bona fide badass. She rocks Teen Wolf’s best scars, knows Derek perhaps even better than he knows himself, and earns every bit of swagger she projects with her leather jacket, motorcycle, and shotgun. Despite its ubiquity this summer, its electric growl, pulsing bass, and invitation to lawlessness make “Jungle” the perfect anthem for its most lovable mercenary. “Won’t you follow me into the jungle,” indeed.

3. Harleighblu “Let Me Be” — Aiden models for Lydia after hours in “Riddled” (S3ep18)

It’s a pop-inflected soul plea from British R&B ingenue Harleighblu, a tribute to a lover you just can’t let go. It could be a little dire, but like the song, the scene never abandons the delectable flirtation that makes sexual infatuation so thrilling. It’s just enough dangerous and just enough mischievous. The charm of Aiden’s brassy invitation to look him over is surpassed only by Lydia’s coy reluctance to look right at him after his jeans catch her in the face. [Honorable Mention: Oh Mercy’s “Fever”, a decidedly more carnal track from Lydia and Aiden’s aborted hookup in the guidance office in “Galvanize” (S3ep15).]

2. James Vincent McMorrow “Look Out” — Allison dies in “Insatiable” (S3ep23)

Its lyrics are beyond cryptic, and McMorrow’s delivery is all but indecipherable anyway, but his delicate falsetto and soft piano echo are deceptively and hauntingly rich and full. It’s a quiet, sweet, and unforgettable death lullaby for one of Teen Wolf’s most beloved characters.

1. Churchill "Change” — Isaac and Allison’s flirtation escalates in “Galvanize” (S3ep15)

Allison and Isaac had been dancing around an obvious attraction for weeks. He might have been the one making tentative advances and slyly intimating at their magnetism, but she was the one fantasizing about him in her dreams. “Changes” is Isaac’s offer, simultaneously a leap of faith and a demonstration of vulnerability as he slides off his own shirt for her: “You hold me just out of reach, but you keep me pounding the beat/To get all the soul you can get".


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