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Important Info From SDCC 2013

1- Season 3B will start shooting in August.

2- JD announces that Season 3B will premiere January 6, 2014.

3- We will learn what Lydia is in episode 3:9. Episode title is: The Girl Who Knew Too Much. Thanks God! Keep Calm and wait for episode 3:9.

4- Blue eyes will explain in Episode 3:8 next Monday. We all know that.

5- JD announces a new character for Season 3:B. Kira an Asian-American student at Beacon Hills.

6- Trailer for episodes 9-12. Spoiler Alert. I personally didn't watched it. This are the last 3 episodes and I want that everything take me by surprise. hahhaha.

Full House

If I missed some information feel free to post.

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